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What Pokemon Can Be Shiny In Pokemon Go

What Is A Shiny Pokmon


A Shiny Pokémon is an incredibly rare version of a normal Pokémon with a special coloration. For example, a Shiny Gyarados is a deep red as oppose to its traditional blue colour.

The different colours aren’t always so pronounced though, and sometimes the differences can be as small as different eye colours. It really depends on the Pokémon.

Aside from this unique appearance, there’s nothing special about a Shiny Pokémon. Statistically they’re the same, and have no advantages in combat or anything like that.

How To Find Every Shiny Deoxys Form In Pokmon Go

Beginning in mid-February, players can find and capture every Shiny form of Deoxys in Pokémon GO through five-star raids, but only for a limited time.

Deoxys is one of the rarest Pokémon that can be found in Pokémon GO, and for the time being, only its Normal form has a Shiny variation. Shiny Pokémon are difficult enough to come by as is, but Deoxys’ rarity makes it even harder for players to find a Shiny variation in Pokémon GO when compared to most other Pokémon. In February 2022, however, all four versions of Deoxys will have a Shiny variation in Pokémon GO.

While Deoxys in Pokémon GO is stuck in the form it is found in, the standard games see Deoxys change forms with the help of a meteorite. Whenever players interact with the meteorite, a Deoxys is given the ability to change forms that will boost certain stats. For example, Deoxys attack form typically increases its Attack and Special Attack stats, while the Defense form increases the Defense and Special Defense stats. In both cases, these forms decrease the opposing Deoxys form’s stats as well.

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Pokemon Go’s Lunar New Year Event Will Add A New Shiny To The Game

This week, Pokemon Go‘s Lunar New Year event will kick-off, and it will see Shiny Litleo obtainable in the game for the very first time! The event will begin on February 1st at 10 a.m. local time, and will run through February 7th at 8 p.m. During the event, players can expect an increased chance of getting a Lucky Pokemon via trades, double Stardust from gifts, an increased chance of becoming a Lucky Friend, and one extra Special Trade each day. The following Pokemon will be found in the wild during the event:

  • Litleo
  • Combusken
  • Gyarados

Hisuian Voltorb’s presence in the Lunar New Year event should be good news to those that haven’t caught the new Pokemon just yet! The variant from the Hisui region was surprise released in Pokemon Go this past Sunday, just two days after debuting in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. The Pokemon was accompanied by new Special Research tasks, which were available for a limited amount of time.

Completing Field Research over the next few days will result in encounters with Litleo, Magikarp, Darumaka, Espurr, and both the Galarian and Alolan variants for Meowth. Players can also earn Mega Gyarados Energy, as well. Timed Research will be available, which Niantic says will center on “catching and friendship.” Encounters with Litleo and Espurr can be earned through this method.

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Missing Shiny Hoenn Pokemon

The Hoenn region is also missing a number of Shiny Pokemon originally from the region. These missing Pokemon are:


Like with Heracross, the Shiny form of Palkia will be released on August 6, 2021 at 10:00 AM in players’ local times. This is once again due to the Space Ultra Unlock Part Two event starting at that time and date.

Of the above Pokemon, Phione, Manaphy, Shaymin, and Arceus are not available in Pokemon GO in any form. It is still unknown if or when they will be implemented into the game fully.

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Shiny Pokmon Guide And Complete List For Pokmon Go

Pokemon Go Fest 2021 Shiny Pokemon Debut

Gotta catch em all, and all the shiny versions.

Shiny Pokémon are extremely rare to capture in any Pokémon game, and Pokémon Go is no different. All players have a chance to capture them, but its an extremely low possibility for it to happen. You will know when you encounter a shiny Pokémon, not only because of its different colors, but because of a unique icon when you catch them.

How to catch shiny Pokémon

Theres no precise method to encountering a shiny Pokémon. You wont be able to tell theres one in front of you until you click on it and attempt to catch it. When you do, several stars sparkle around the Pokémon. It wont have the same colors as the traditional Pokémon. It should have different shades. For example, if you encounter a shiny Charmander, it wont look red and yellow, it should have a black outer layer and a yellow stomach.

You do have a chance of catching shiny Pokémon from field research tasks. While theres a guaranteed encounter with particular Pokémon, some rarer than others, it does not guarantee it will be shiny when you encounter it.

When you do capture a shiny Pokémon and have it in your inventory, three stars will be above their portrait on the upper left corner.

What are the odds of obtaining a shiny Pokémon?

What are the benefits of a shiny Pokémon?

Complete list of all available Shiny Pokémon in Pokémon Go

Here are all of the potential Pokémon you can obtain, and their evolutions:


  • Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, and Venusaur

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Missing Galarian Form Shiny Pokemon

While all of the Alolan regional forms of Pokemon have their Shiny forms implemented in Pokemon GO, the same cannot be said for the Galarian forms. Many of these forms additionally have their own exclusive evolutions that can have Shiny forms of their own. The missing Shiny Galarian forms and their evolutions at this time are:


Do Shiny Pokmon Show Up On Nearby Or Sightings In Pokmon Go

No. While all Pokémon show up on Nearby or Sightings, they look normal just like they look on the map.

It’s only revealed as a Shiny when you tap on it and go to the catch screen. So, if you see a normal Magikarp or Pikachu on Nearby or Sightings, don’t discount it once you tap on it, it could be a Shiny. And that list of possible Shiny Pokémon gets longer all the time, so make sure to Shiny check them all!

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Can Hisuian Voltorb Be Shiny In Pokmon Go

Shiny hunters are already looking to get their hands on Shiny Hisuian Voltorb.

Pokémon Go added Hisuian Voltorb to the game just days after Pokémon Legends: Arceus released.

Naturally, any time a new Pokémon is added to Pokémon Go, players want to Shiny hunt for it. Many are wondering if the Hisuian version of Voltorb will be Shiny when they open up their games.

Those looking to capture this new form Shiny will be disappointed since there doesnt seem to be a Shiny version of the Pokémon in the game right now. Pokémon Go usually tells players when a Pokémon it adds will also be Shiny, and there was no indication from The Pokémon Company or Niantic that Hisuian Voltorb would come into the game with a Shiny form.

Pokmon Go: How To Catch All Shiny Deoxys Forms

NEW Shiny Druddigon Event in Pokemon GO // *Kyurem Black & Kyurem White* get ready!

Like all Shiny Legendary Pokémon in Pokémon Go five-star raids, the only way to figure out if a Deoxys Form is shiny or not is by beating Deoxys to ready it for capture. Shiny Legendary Pokémon only reveal their alternate colors once the Pokémon has been defeated, so it’s impossible to know if the raid pass was used on a Shiny Pokémon beforehand in Pokémon GO. Furthermore, the only way to participate in Pokémon GO Raids is by using a raid pass, so any player without one is out of luck for catching Shiny Deoxys.

Deoxys is a Psychic-type Pokémon and is weak to Ghost-, Bug, and Dark-types. Pokémon like Gengar, Chandelure, and Darkrai are best suited for countering Deoxys, and they can deal up to 160% damage with moves that are super effective against Deoxys in Pokémon GO. These are the dates and times that each Deoxys form will be available in Pokémon GO, and there is no telling when they’ll be back again once their raids are finished.

  • Deoxys Normal: Feb. 16 through Feb. 19
  • Deoxys Attack: Feb. 19 through Feb. 22
  • Deoxys Defense: Feb. 22 through Feb. 25
  • Deoxys Speed: Feb. 25 through March 1

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All Increased Spawns Shiny Pokmon And Event Raids For Pokmon Gos Mountains Of Power Event

It’s time to catch Mega Aerodactyl.

Pokémon Go is kicking off 2022 by continuing its Season of Heritage. The newest event, Mountains of Power, is set to start on Jan. 7, and as the name suggests, it will focus on rock and steel-type Pokémon. It is also set to bring a new form to the game, Mega Aerodactyl, in addition to a ton of shiny Pokémon and raids.

During this event, a bonus will be in place to help you earn hearts with your Pokémon buddy faster. This bonus completely halves the required walking distance.

As usual, there is timed research to complete, which will score you an encounter with a few different Pokémon. Heres everything that you can catch during the Mountains of Power event in Pokémon Go.

Pokemon Go Lunar New Year Event: Shiny Litleo Hisuian Voltorb And Event Bonuses

Pokemon Go is celebrating the Lunar New Year from Feb. 1 to Feb. 7.

You’ll have your first chance to catch shiny Litleo during Pokemon Go’s Lunar New Year event.

February is here, and Pokemon Go is kicking off the month with a Lunar New Year celebration. The event runs until Feb. 7 and features a handful of special bonuses and Pokemon spawns, including players’ first chance to catch a shiny Litleo. Here’s everything you need to know about the event.

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Pokemon Go Snover Spotlight Hour Bonus

For the Spotlight Hour on , players will snag Double Catch XP as part of the event bonuses.

This 2x Catch XP bonus will apply to any Pokemon, not just Snover, so now is the perfect time to make sure youre stocked up on Poke Balls and Berries to help you catch as many Pokemon as you can.

We always recommend using an XP-boosting Lucky Egg during Spotlight Hours. Since December 2020, Pokemon Gos level cap was increased from level 40 to 50, so you wont want to miss out on this chance to score some easy points.

All Shiny Pokmon In Pokmon Go

Como capturar mais Pokémon Shiny em Pokémon GO

Below, we’ve included a list of all of the Shiny Pokémon in Pokémon GO, what they look like, and the means with which they’re encountered. It’s important to note that there is no guarantee that you will encounter a Shiny Pokémon even if you follow the instructions. You simply have a chance, and a slim one at that.


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How To Prepare For Litleo Spotlight Hour

Since the reward is just Double Evolution XP and not something as useful as Double Stardust or Catch XP, you dont need to do too much preparation this week unless you really want to stock up on Litleo Candy or test your luck and see if you can find a shiny one. Heres what you should do to prepare ahead of time.

  • Stock up on Poke Balls so you dont run out.
  • Clear space in your Storage Box for Litleo.
  • Buy Incense to further boost spawn rates.

Those are the main things you should do to prepare for Litleo Spotlight Hour. Remember, time is limited and every second counts, so you dont want to waste time buying Poke Balls or managing your Storage Box.

Pokemon Go is available now on mobile devices.


Pokemon Go Shiny Shadow Pokemon List

Shadow Pokemon are the ones that are captured by Team Go Rocket and exploited to the maximum by the evil members. They are easily recognizable by their red eyes and dark, flaming auras.

These Pokemon can be saved from Team GO Rocket by engaging in a battle with them and defeating them. The rescued Shadow Pokemon can then later be purified and brought to a more normal state.

As we mentioned before, you can rescue a Shadow Pokemon only by defeating a Team Rocket Grunt or a Team Rocket Balloon, which we all know, appears every six hours.

The best part is that these Shadow Pokemon can be Shiny too, but unfortunately, out of 39 released Shiny Shadow Pokemon in Pokemon Go, only three are currently available in the game.

If you are wondering which Shiny Shadow Pokemon is released, take a look at the list we made.

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Pokmon Go How To Catch Hisuian Voltorb

While there is technically special research tied to Hisuian Voltorb, you can easily catch one in the wild, too. In general, both Voltorb and Hisuian Voltorb will spawn in the wild from 10am local time on Jan. 30 until an unspecified date and time.

When we signed in this morning, we immediately encountered two Voltorb and two Hisuian Voltorb . As a result, simply adding this Pokémon to your Pokédex should be a breeze.

Pokemon Go Snover Spotlight Hour Date & Start Time

This New Shiny Pokémon Can * ONLY * be Caught in Pokémon GO!

On Tuesday, December 21, 2021, the Pokemon Go Snover Spotlight Hour will take place.

The limited-time event kicks off at its usual time at 6 PM and runs until 7 PM local time, meaning no matter where you are in the world, the event starts at that time.

This is the third Spotlight Hour of December 2021, so get ready to catch some Snover!

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Are Shiny Rates Boosted During Spotlight Hour

Shiny rates do not appear to be boosted during Spotlight Hours, based on data gathered by Pokémon community The Silph Road. However, the sheer number of Pokémon that spawn during the hourlong weekly event will give you an improved chance of clicking on a random shiny. The more Pokémon you click on, the more opportunity you have to catch a Shiny Pokémon.

Whats The Odds And Rates For Finding Shiny Pokmon

According to the dedicated researchers over at The Silph Road, the regular Shiny rate is about 1 in 450. Rare spawns like Scyther or Pineco have a higher Shiny rate of 1 in 64.

The Shiny rate from Legendary raids is around 1 in 20, if that Pokémon has a released Shiny form.

Community Days have an increased Shiny rate for the featured Pokémon, sitting at approximately 1 in 25.

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Can Litleo Be Shiny

Yes, Litleo can be shiny in Pokemon Go. Shiny Litleo made its debut in the new Lunar New Year event, so its a brand new addition to the game. Its evolution, Pyroar, can also be shiny as well. A Spotlight Hour is the best time to catch shiny Pokemon due to the increased spawn rate, so keep an eye out for a shiny Litleo once the event starts in your region.

Ok Fine Just Tell Me How To Catch ’em All

Pokémon Go

First, you have to find as many Pokémon as you can. That means finding spawns or nests where those types of Pokémon are common. Then tap, tap, tap away and see if you encounter a Shiny.

For eggs and babies, collect as many as you can. Walk as much as you can. And hatch, hatch, hatch.

For the Raid Pokémon, the story is the same. Find the Raids. Beat the Raid Boss. Hope the one you get is Shiny.

Field Research. Find the tasks that give you a Pokémon with a Shiny form, then work with your community to find the PokéStops giving away the right tasks, and then complete as many as you can.

Shiny Field Research Pokémon have a 0% flee rate, but for everything else, remember your basics:

  • ABC. Always be curving. Once you can nail Curve Ball every time, you’ll get a 1.7x bonus every time.
  • Max out your medals. Some are easier to get than others but they consume no resources like Great or Ultra Balls or Razz Berries, so once you get them, that 1.1x to 1.3x is automatically applied each time.
  • Consistency counts. Aim for the smallest target you can nail every time. If that’s Nice, it’s nice. If that’s Great or Excellent, even nicer. But better the bonus you get then one you miss, and that extra 1.3 to 2x also doesn’t consume resources and can make a difference.
  • Razz for real. Use Razz Berries when you need to. Unlike Great or Ultra Balls, you can’t miss with a Razz Berry and its 1.5x bonus will last until you hit. For the new Golden Razz Berries, it’s 2.5x!
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    How To Get Shiny Pokemon In Pokemon Go

    If you’ve been playing Pokemon Go for a long time and never stumbled across a shiny, don’t be surprised. The Pokemon Go shiny odds are roughly 1 in 450. This means that every time you tap on a Pokemon to catch it in Pokemon Go – if it has a shiny version – there is a 1 in 450 chance it will be shiny.

    However, these odds are dramatically increased on Pokemon Go Community Day to 1 in 25. Community Day happens once a month in Pokemon Go, when a specific Pokemon will flood the streets and appear almost everywhere. Along with the other benefits usually found during Community Day, Pokemon Go shinies become much more popular and you’d have to be considerably unlucky to not find a shiny during Community Day.

    You won’t know if you’ve found a shiny Pokemon or not until you tap on it and enter the encounter. If the colour change is subtle, you’ll also know you’ve found a shiny if a bunch of sparks fly out from the Pokemon before you throw the first ball. Once you’ve caught a Pokemon Go shiny, you can search for “shiny” in your list of Pokemon to show you your full Pokemon Go shiny list.


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