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How To Get Lugia In Pokemon Go

Giovannis Team And Counters

How to get SHADOW LUGIA in Pokemon GO

This time around, Giovanni will always use the following:

  • Persian
  • Kingler, Rhyperior, or Nidoking
  • Shadow Lugia

We recommend the counters below, though you dont have to use these Pokémon to win. Just make sure you make use of type advantages.

Pokémon Go guide: Type strength and weakness chart

Pokémon GoPokémon Go

Persian is normal-type, making it weak against fighting-type Pokémon. We recommend any of the following:

  • Machamp with Counter and Dynamic Punch
  • Lucario with Counter and Power-Up Punch
  • Tyranitar with Smack Down and Crunch

How Do You Get Misunderstood Mischief

Misunderstood Mischief was made available to Pokémon GO players for free during the Season of Mischief event in Pokémon GO.

The event was a follow-up to Pokémon GO Fest 2021, which included a storyline based around Hoopa that saw the Pokémon summon legendaries and later introduce multiple eighth-generation Pokémon.

A follow-up special research is set to come out in December, revolving around the Unbound version of Hoopa. Players can purchase a ticket for the event, but can receive the special research for free by completing Misunderstood Mischief before December 1.

How To Get Lugia On Soul Silver Without Cheating

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Catching Lugia on SoulSilver isn’t that hard, even without cheating! This wikiHow teaches you how to catch Lugia on SoulSilver.

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Suggested Pokmon Todouse Moltres

The Fire- and Flying-type Moltres is weak against Electric-and Water-type attacks, and it’s especially weak against Rock-type attacks.Moltres will use only Fire-type moves, further increasing the effectiveness ofRock- and Water-type Pokémon. Focus on using your Rock-type Pokémon first,then your Water-type Pokémon, and finish up with Electric-type Pokémon ifMoltres’s flames still haven’t been extinguished. Stay away from Bug-, Grass-,Ice-, and Steel-type Pokémon, as they’ll quickly be incinerated bysupereffective Fire-type attacks.

Golem is the best choice to get your offense rolling. It’sone of the only Rock-type Pokémon that can learn a Rock-type Fast Attack, andit has solid stats, too. You’ll have to cut corners from thereTyranitar andRhydon have great stats but can’t learn Rock-type Fast Attacks. Sudowoodo andMagcargo crucially learn the Rock Throw Fast Attack, but their stats aresignificantly weaker than rock stars like Golem. Use Charged TMs to help yourRock-type Pokémon learn Rock-type Charged Attacks and make the most of youradvantage.

Everything You Need To Know About Shadow Lugia In Pokemon Go

Shadow Lugia?!

Shadow Pokémon are the most potent offensive options in all of Pokémon GO, and legendaries like Shadow Lugia are particularly fearsome.

The cover monster for Pokémon Silver has arrived in Pokémon GO in Shadow form in the Misunderstood Mischief event. This gives players the chance to add another overpowered psychic-type Pokémon to their lineup.

Of course, thats much easier said than done. Its an ordeal getting through the Misunderstood Mischief questline, then its difficult to defeat Giovanni, and then its difficult to know how to handle the Pokémon and make the most of it. Heres how to add Shadow Lugia to your team and what you should do with it.

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Dragon Tail + Sky Attack And Aeroblast*

With the Season 8 buff to Dragon Tail, its incredible damage output now makes it the superior option to Extrasensory despite having slightly less energy gain. Dragon Tail is especially preferred in Master League due to the ubiquitous use of Dragon-type Pokemon.

Sky Attack is a very efficient move, benefits from STAB, and costs the least amount of energy. Future Sight requires a steep 65 energy cost, and is generally not preferable due to this cost unless Psychic-type coverage is highly needed. Hydro Pump takes longer to charge, has lower base damage per energy, and lacks STAB, but it does allow Lugia to perform better against a number of potential threats, such as Steel- and Rock-types. The addition of Aeroblast from the Nov 2020 Animation Week event is a debatable but nonetheless welcome addition to Lugia’s kit, demanding an expensive 75 energy cost but in return offering a massive 170 base power . With STAB, Aeroblast when resisted performs almost identically to Hydro Pump, which makes Lugia’s signature move more preferable due to its minor chance to proc its +2 ATK buff, despite not offering additional coverage.

Attention: How To Catch Lugia Pokemon Go

How to catch Lugia Pokemon GO? I have been playing Pokemon GO for a few months now, but I am unable to catch the legendary Pokemon called Lugia. What is Lugia Pokemon GO weakness, and how to capture it easily?

There are a few monsters in Pokemon GO, such as Lugia that are challenging to find or catch. However, if you have some tricks up your sleeves, like the ones we will discuss in this guide, then you can quickly make it part of your team. Follow this guide to learn the strengths and weaknesses of Lugia Pokemon GO.

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How To Find Giovanni In November 2021

Persian is a Pokémon that has usually been closely linked to Giovanni, thats why the boss always take it out as the first confrontation. Luckily I wont make things too difficult for you.

Getting Shadow Lugia In Pokemon Go

HOW TO CATCH SHADOW LUGIA IN POKEMON GO! New Giovanni Battle Tutorial 2021!

Pokémon Go players have been indulging themselves in the Festival of the Lights celebration and alongside this celebration Team GO Rocket will now be making their appearance on Tuesday the 9th of November which is today as of the time of writing. The team is led by Giovanni and battling alongside the leader is the revered pokémon Shadow Lugia who players can now catch and add to their roster of greatly earned pokémon. This guide will take you through everything you need to know about how to get Shadow Lugia in Pokémon Go this week before the event ends on Sunday, November 14th.

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How Many Players Does It Take To Beat Lugia In Pokmon Go

Lugia is a tough Raid because its defense is just so high. Beating the clock is the real challenge here. Even with top level Trainers and the best circumstances, you’ll still need three, but for lower level Trainers or those without Mega or Shadow counters, you’ll want at least four or five.

Weather Conditions that could impact this Raid include:

  • Windy Weather will boost Lugia’s Dragon, Psychic, and Flying type moves.
  • Rainy Weather will boost Lugia’s Water type move, as well as your Electric type counters.
  • Fog will boost your Ghost and Dark type counters
  • Snow will boost your Ice type counters
  • Partly Cloudy Weather will boost your Rock type counters.

Is Shadow Lugia Banned

Shadow Lugia isnt banned in Pokémon GO, but it is banned from the Pokémon TCG.

A promotional jumbo Shadow Lugia card was made available to players in the United States and Japan for the Nintendo Gamecube title Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness. It was never released as a regular card and therefore was never legal in tournament play.

If it had been, the card would have been absurdly powerful, with 300 HP and an attack that does 1,000 damage for four psychic energies. It isnt an EX, GX, or V card either, so players would only get one prize for knocking it out.

Even by todays standards, the card would have been wildly overpowered but when the card was first introduced in 2005 it would have been even moreso. The card was never released in regular sizes, which is likely for the best.

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Is There A Shiny Shadow Lugia In Pokmon Go

Shadow Lugia is not currently available in shiny form.

As of this writing, Shadow Lugia is exclusively available in Pokémon GO through the Misunderstood Mischief event and it seems as though the Pokémon is shiny-locked. This means it cannot be a shiny encounter, and this is unlikely to change anytime soon.

The good news is that Lugia appears as a five-star raid boss relatively often in Pokémon GO, and raid bosses typically have a rare chance of being shiny encounters. If players get lucky, they can get a shiny Lugia even if it isnt shadow.

How To Beat Giovanni Pokemon Go Shadow Lugia

Best Pokémon Go movesets for Mewtwo, Zapdos, Moltres ...

Giovanni will always start the bout with Persian. This Pokemon will always attack with dark and normal-type moves. To counter it, you want to have a solid fighting type Pokemon in tow. Machamp and Lucario are two great choices. This should not take too much of your energy.

The second Pokemon is a little more complex. This could be one of three Pokemon: Kingler, Rhyperior, or Nidoking. Each needs a different approach.

Kingler is weak to grass and electric attacks. It has quite a wide range of moves, any of which could appear. Magnezone, Vileplume, Torterra, and Zapdos are a few selections you can use to fight against it.

Rhyperior is arguably the easiest to defeat as it has many weaknesses. It is 2 x weak to grass and water attacks, and 1 x weak to steel, ice, fighting, and ground. It does have a wide range of moves. You need to get in quick with high damage attacks and finish it off before it can cause damage. Torterra, Cobalion, and Excadrill are all possible choices.

Nidoking has ground, water, ice, and psychic attacks as its weakness. Aloha Sandslash, Empoleon, Stunfisk, and Excadrill are all good choices. Beware of its Iron Tail move.

Of course, the final battle is with Shadow Lugia. Luckily, it is weak to a host of attacks. Ghost, dark, ice, rock, and electric can all take it down. For the best results, stick with electric and rock-type Pokemon. Raikou and Terrakion are two excellent selections.

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Which Pokmon To Use In A Lugia Raid In Pokmon Go

As a Psychic- and Flying-type Pokémon, Lugia is vulnerableto Electric-, Ice-, Rock-, Ghost-, and Dark-typeattacks. When choosing six Pokémon for your Lugia Raid Battle lineup, it helpsto choose Pokémon that have an Electric-, Ice-, Rock-, Ghost-, or Dark-typeFast Attack and Charged Attack if you want to deal as much damage as possible. A Pokémon that shares a type with these attacks willbenefit from a same-type attack bonus, which will allow these attacks to dealan additional 20% damage.

Remember that the faster you defeatLugia, the more Premier Balls you’ll receive to catch it, so be sure to bringyour strongest Pokémon team and battle with as many other Trainers as you canto defeat Lugia as quickly as possible.

Mascot Of Pokemon Silver With Shiny Available Through Raids

Lugia will be the boss of 5-star raids from Wednesday, September 1, at 10:00 am local time to Tuesday, September 14 at the same time. The shiny form of Lugia will also be available in these raids.

In addition, there will be two raid hours featuring Lugia on the first two Wednesdays in September, giving trainers plenty of opportunities to look for this shiny through raids. The raid hours last from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm local time.

Catching a Lugia from one of these raids will be special, not only because it might be shiny, but also because it will have Aeroblast, its signature move. Aeroblast is a powerful Flying move that Lugia has been destroying Pokemon with since Generation II.

In Pokemon GO, Aeroblast is almost stronger than it was in the main series games. This move has 180 base power, putting it amongst the highest damaging moves in the game.

Trainers should be warned, though, that the fight against Lugia will be long and difficult. This Pokemon has 310 Defense and 235 Stamina, which means it will take hits from weaker Pokemon all day. Lugia is so bulky that the Pokemon with the fastest time to win cant beat Lugia in under 700 seconds.

The best way to consistently beat Lugia in raids , is to use strong Ghost, Dark and Electric-type Pokemon.

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Pokemon Go: How To Catch Lugia This Month

Lugia has long been one of the most beloved legendary Pokemon, and Pokemon Go players now have the opportunity to capture it in the game once again. Lugia can be found in Pokemon Go now, and it will be available until November 16th at 1 p.m. PT. The legendary Pokemon has started to appear in Five-Star Raid Battles, so players will want to keep their eyes peeled for Lugia appearing at gyms nearby. Thankfully, players have a fairly significant amount of time to obtain it, which should work out well for anyone that might not have had the opportunity during previous events!

Players will have a number of chances to capture Lugia throughout the next 11 days, but the best opportunity might be during Pokemon Go‘s weekly Raid Hour event. These occur on Wednesday evenings for one hour, starting at 6 p.m. local time. During that timeframe, the highlighted Pokemon will appear more frequently during Raids, so players should have multiple chances to obtain one. Of course, players might want to stock up on Remote Raid passes ahead of next week’s Raid Hour, in case they need to participate in Raids that are farther away.

Lugia that knows Aeroblast is now available in five-star raids until Monday, November 16, at 1 p.m. PST ! Remember to play responsibly and to use a Remote Raid Pass when necessary.

Pokémon GO

Is Shiny Lugia In Pokemon Go


Good news, players Shiny Lugia is in Pokemon Go. The only way to get it is by participating in five-star raids where you have a slim chance of it being the rare variant.

If you defeat the Legendary mon and it isnt Shiny, youll need to fight another until you get one. Best of luck!

Thats everything you need to know about beating Lugia! To become the ultimate Trainer, check out the rest of our Pokemon Go guides below:

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How To Catch Lugia And Articuno

Both Lugia and Articuno can only be found in what are called Legendary Raids. While these special Raids normally require a Legendary Raid Pass, they are currently accessible with a normal pass. Take advantage of the opportunity while you can.

Like normal Raid bosses, Legendaries have a five-minute timer, and after you defeat them, you’ll be rewarded with 13,000 XP. To best these two powerful foes, make sure to bring a roster of your strongest Pokemon. In addition, round up at least 10-12 people to fight alongside you you’re going to need as much as help as you can get.

During the capture phase, make smart use of the Golden Razz Berries you just earned from the battle to make it easier to land your Pokeballs. They dont guarantee youll catch the legendary creature, but every little bit helps! After all, you’re only given five balls to capture a Legendary, so make it count.

Have you discovered any additional tips or tricks to landing these elusive catches? Let us know in the comments below.

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How Many Trainers Are Needed

Lugia is a tanky Pokémon, so you can’t pop in unprepared. The minimum to take Lugia down is four trainers, and that’s with the best counters. Going in with a party of six good trainers or more is the best bet.

Using the Circle Lock Technique to guarantee Great or Excellent throws, along with Golden Razz Berries, is the best way to catch Pokémon. Be aware though that Lugia has an odd catch circle and may be difficult to it when it’s higher on the screen.

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Pokemon Go Lugia Raid Guide

From September 1, popular Gen II Legendary Lugia will be available in Pokemon Gos five-star raids. If you wish to defeat it, youll need to understand its moveset, vulnerabilities, and counters. The Season of Mischief begins on September 1st, immediately following the Ultra Unlock 2021: Sword & Shield event. It not only includes new Research, spawns, and Hoopas long-awaited arrival, but it also includes the return of Lugia.

With the Aeroblast move, the beloved Psychic/Flying-type will be in five-star raids for a limited time. Heres all you need to know about defeating it, including its vulnerabilities, counters, and moveset, among other things.

What Are The Best Moves For Shadow Lugia

[Pokemon Go] Shiny Lugia on the 2nd raid today! : ShinyPokemon

The best moves for Shadow Lugia in Pokémon GO are Extrasensory and Aeroblast.

Extrasensory gives Shadow Lugia a potent fast move that has STAB damage and solid coverage. Because Extrasensory is a psychic attack, which is resisted by steel, dark, and psychic types, its worth rolling with another type for the charge move. Aeroblast is the best option in this regard, with strong damage to go alongside a STAB boost.

With those moves, Shadow Lugia is a very strong threat in every PVP format its eligible for and can be raised up to be a devastating force in raids with enough candy. This is a great Pokémon and every Pokémon GO player would be well served in building theirs up.

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Make The Most Of Premier Balls And Berries

After a Lugia raid, you’ll have alimited number of Premier Balls you can use to catch Lugia, so make each onecount. You can earn extra Premier Balls for battling with friends and defeatingLugia more quickly.

In an encounter withLugia, your chance of catching it is greatest when the target ring is smallenough for you score Excellent Throws. Throwing Curveballs can improve yourchances even more. But work within your abilitiesif you don’t think you canreliably make Excellent Curveball Throws, aim for Nice Throws or Great Throwsrather than risk missing the target ring completely.

Lugia isn’t going to make it easy on you by sittingstill while you’re trying to catch it. Don’t waste your Premier Balls bythrowing while it’s moving around. Watch Lugia to get a feel for itscycle of movement and the pauses in between that cycle. During one of thesepauses, wait for the target ring to reappear, and then throw as it starts togrow smaller to increase your odds of making a Great Throw or an ExcellentThrow.

Berries can help you catch Lugia. A Razz Berry willmake Lugia easier to catch, and a Golden Razz Berry will make it much easier tocatch. If you find yourself failing to land any throws, a Nanab Berry will calmLugia, making its movements less erratic and allowing you to make precisethrows more easily. If you need extra Lugia Candy, using a Silver Pinap Berrywill make Lugia easier to catch and grant you extra Candy when you catch it.


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