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How To Beat Mewtwo Pokemon Go

Which Pokmon To Use In A Mewtwo Raid

How to Beat Giovanni SHADOW MEWTWO Team in Pokemon GO

As a Psychic-type Pokémon, Mewtwo is weak to Bug-, Ghost-, and Dark-type attacks. When choosingsix Pokémon for your Mewtwo Raid Battle lineup, it helps to choose Pokémon thathave a Bug-, Ghost-, or Dark-type Fast Attack and Charged Attack if you want todeal maximum damage as quickly as possible. APokémon that matches its attack type will benefit from a same-type attackbonus, which will allow these attacks to deal an additional 20% damage.

Remember that the faster you defeatMewtwo, the more Premier Balls you’ll receive to catch it, so be sure to bringyour strongest Pokémon team and battle with as many other Trainers as you canto defeat Mewtwo as quickly as possible.

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How Do I Get Shadow Mewtwo

And be sure to take a snapshot for a surprise! Youll also be able to gain access to a new Special Research story called An Inter-eggs-ting Development! Completing this Special Research will lead to a confrontation against Giovanni himself. Defeat him in battle, and youll have a chance to rescue Shadow Mewtwo.

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Mewtwo Weaknesses In Pokemon Go

Mewtwo has long been one of the most popular Pokemon, as one of the original Legendaries with a terrific backstory and incredible power behind him.

That said, while hes a strong and intimidating foe, Mewtwo does have its weaknesses. As a pure Psychic mon, you wont want to tackle it with another Psychic-type Pokemon, but Bug, Dark, and Ghost-types are optimal.

To capitalize on Mewtwos weaknesses here are a few mon you should consider going up against him with during the Kanto Tour event.

How To Beat Giovanni In Pokmon Go December 2021

ToyLab: How do you beat Mewtwo? Pokemon Go

Giovanni returns to Pokémon Go with a new team during December 2021. He has five different Pokémon, including a legendary one, to choose from.

Giovanni returns to Pokémon Go with a new team of powerful Pokémon for December 2021. This holiday season, trainers will be able to participate in the Pokémon Go holiday event. As players explore the world, they have a chance to find special holiday-themed Pokémon, including a Santa Hat-wearing Pikachu. Now and again, Niantic will reintroduce Giovanni into the game for trainers to beat. He acts as the final boss of Team Rocket and has a challenging team that requires good counters. This is often how players capture shadow forms of legendary Pokémon in the mobile game.

When Team Rocket was first introduced to Pokémon Go, trainers were also introduced to shadow Pokémon. These are creatures with the light snuffed out of their hearts. They were created by Team Rocket to be used as fighting machines. They are incredibly dangerous to battle, but trainers can capture them and purify them using Stardust. Pokémon that are purified will have the chance to have a higher CP than regular Pokémon. So, for example, trainers looking to find and capture a Shadow Lugia will need to defeat Giovanni and take it from him.

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How To Catch Mewtwo In Pokemon Go

Aaron DonaldRead more July 27, 2021

Mewtwo is one of the most popular Legendary Pokemon in the series history. There were movies made focusing on its origins and often portraying how powerful it is. In Pokemon GO, Mewtwo is also incredibly powerful and hard to catch.

Before you can catch Mewtwo, you need to learn how to defeat it. A lot of preparation and strategizing is required to capture it successfully since it is a Legendary Pokemon. Below is a general overview of Mewtwo.

Best Counters For Mewtwo In Pokemon Go

  • Gengar: Gengar is one of the Pokemon that can do the most damage to Mewtwo, albeit he is weak against Psychic moves, which could prove a problem. To make the most of Gengar here, it will need to know Lick or Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball to maximize its efficiency though dont expect it to last too long.
  • Darkrai: A good Darkrai is effective against most Pokemon, but theyll come in super handy when taking on Mewtwo. With Snarl and Shadow Ball, Darkrai is a supremely effective counter, and should help seriously whittle down the Mewtwos HP.
  • Chandelure: Chandelure can pack a serious punch when its got a high CP and the right moves, and could be very helpful against Mewtwo. Hex and Shadow Ball are the moves youll want to take on Mewtwo with.
  • Yveltal: Kalos Legendary Yveltal is another great counter to Mewtwo. If you teach it Snarl and Dark Pulse, the Dark/Flying hybrid type can do some serious damage.

Some of those options might be quite hard to obtain, so here are a few more entry-level options if your Pokemon Go career hasnt quite netted you some of the above Legendaries yet:

If youve got a good selection of the above Pokemon and the moves specified, you should be able to comfortably take on Mewtwo providing you have a few buddies alongside you. As well as these listed, if you already have a Mewtwo with Shadow Ball, theyre going to be particularly effective here.

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How To Catch Larvitar In Pokmon Go Johto Celebration

You can easily find one through three different methods.

The final regional celebration leading up to the Pokémon Go Tour: Kanto is now live. Players will see an increased number of Pokémon native to the Johto region from Jan. 26 to 31.

Among those Pokémon that are appearing more frequently is the Rock/Ground-type Larvitar, which youll need to capture to complete all of the bonuses within the Johto Celebration event.

There are several reasons you might want to try to capture several Larvitar during the event, including the fact that shiny Larvitar are appearing. And if you fully evolve one into a Tyranitar, itll know the previously event-exclusive Community Day move Smack Down.

Larvitar is usually a rare Pokémon, but you can encounter it in several different ways during the Johto Celebration. Its appearing more frequently in the overworld, which means you might just end up running into one. But you can also hatch one from five-kilometer eggs you received during the event or battle it in one-star Raids.

The easiest way to find it would be in Raids, especially if you have friends who play Pokémon Go and can get an invite directly to a Raid featuring Larvitar.

Youll need to at least capture one Larvitar to complete the Johto Collection Challenge, but it shouldnt be too hard to accomplish this.

Best Counters Against Armored Mewtwo

How To EASILY Beat Mewtwo In Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu & Let’s Go Eevee

Darkrai with Snarl and Dark PulseOrigin Forme Giratina with Shadow Claw and Shadow BallHydreigon with Bite and Dark PulseChandelure with Hex and Shadow BallGengar with Shadow Claw or Hex and Shadow BallMewtwo with Psycho Cut and Shadow BallTyranitar with Bite and Crunch

You should lean more toward the ghost type Pokémon if he has Dynamic Punch or Rock Slide. Switch to the others for any other moveset. And thats how to beat Armored Mewtwo in Pokémon GO using the best counters.


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Find And Beat The Team Go Rocket Boss And Catch Shadow Zapdos

The Team GO Rocket Boss Giovanni is back for another battle in April 2021 for Pokémon GO. This time youll be able to catch his Shadow Zapdos, but only if you can find and beat him. The process remains the same as last month, but if you missed out or decided to skip it youll have some questions. To help, heres how to find and beat Giovanni, the Team GO Rocket Boss in Pokémon GO for April 2021.

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List Of The Best Pokmon To Beat Mewtwo Armored

Since it is a psychic type Pokémon , it is important to consider the type table. The best pokémon to defeat the legendary must be ghost, sinister or bug. Next, we leave the list with the best ones.

  • Giratina: Shadow Ball and Shadow Claw
  • Gengar: Shadow Ball and Shadow Claw
  • Mewtwo: Psycho-cut and Shadow Ball
  • Tyranitar: Bite and Grind

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Pokemon Go: The Best Pokemon You Need To Beat Mewtwo


Pokemon GO recently announced their Ultra Bonus for trainers completing Professor Willows Global Research Challenge. But it wasnt just a bonus, it was an Ultra Bonus Event. As part of the event Mewtwo will be available to battle and capture in Legendary Raids across the globe. He will no longer be exclusive to EX Raids.

In order to get you prepared to take on Mewtwo, weve put together a guide of the best Pokemon you will need.

But before we get to that lets break down Mewtwo and what you will be up against.

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What Happens If Mewtwo Beats You

If Mewtwo, Zapdos, Articuno, or Moltres beat you in battle, all you need to do is quickly beat the Elite Four and go back to where you encounter them. They will have respawned, which will give you the opportunity to fight them again. So dont worry if Mewtwo is gone. He will return once you beat the Elite Four again.

How To Beat Giovanni In December 2021

And now we come to the true question of how to beat Giovanni in Pokémon GO for December 2021. To do it you will need solid counters, which we list below. More than that though, you need to strategize using his own tactics against him. First off, make sure your Persian counter isnt in your first slot. Swapping Pokémon will cause Giovanni to pause his own attacks for 2-3 seconds, letting you do damage and gain Charged Attack energy. And youll then want to use that energy to burn off Giovannis two shields. Hell use them against your first two Charged Attacks so dont worry about damage or type matchups with them. Just fire them off so that your later counters actually hit.

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Gengar And Giratina Are Best

Tap or click a Pokemons icon for more detailed information.

Recommended Pokemon To Counter Mewtwo
Gengar Giratina

Gengar and Origin Forme Giratina are our two main recommendations vs. Armored Mewtwo. Both of them have very high base attack and powerful STAB Ghost-type moves.

Gengar Is Weak To Psychic

Gengar is a Ghost/Poison type, meaning hell take massive damage from Mewtwos Future Sight and Confusion moves.


Tap or click a Pokemons icon for more detailed information.

Recommended Dark-Type Pokemon
Tyranitar Weavile

Dark types are also an excellent choice vs. Armored Mewtwo, as they take reduced damage from Psychic moves and deal super-effective damage against Mewtwo!

Watch Out For Super-Effective Moves

Unfortunately, since Armored Mewtwo has more than just Psychic moves, youre still very likely to be hit with a super-effective move if you bring the above two Pokemon. We recommend bringing a pure-ghost type as your primary Pokemon for this fight.


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Who Can Defeat Arceus


10 Non-Legendary Pokémon That Can Defeat Arceus

  • 1 Hoopa: Runs Rings Around Its Opponents.
  • 2 Unown: The Enigmatic Pokémon.
  • 3 Ditto: The Tricky Transformer.
  • 4 Steelix: The Steel Train With Mega Force.
  • 5 Melmetal: A Tough Nut To Crack.
  • 6 Lucario: The Perfect Combination of Steel and Speed.
  • 7 Duraludon: The Durable Dinosaur.
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    How To Beat Team Leaders In Pokemon Go

    If youre looking to take on the other Team Go Rocket Leaders, check out our guide to take down Arlo, defeat Cliff, and finally, our guide to beat Sierra.

    So, there you have it, everything you need to know about the best counters to beat Giovanni and Shadow Lugia in Pokemon Go for December 2021.

    For all of the best tips and tricks to become the very best, make sure to check out our other guides:

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    Mewtwo Versus Armored Mewtwo

    Armored Mewtwos armor is pretty stylin, but thats not the onlydifference between it and regular Mewtwo. Each learns some different movestheregular Mewtwo learns many attacks that are special attacks in the PokémonRPGs, while Armored Mewtwo learns many attacks that are physical attacks. Thetwo also perform differently in battleregular Mewtwo is nearly peerless atdishing out damage but also takes more in return, while Armored Mewtwo is muchsturdier but at the cost of attack strength. This often makes regular Mewtwo abetter choice for Raid Battles and Armored Mewtwo a stronger option for TrainerBattles.

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    How Strong Is Psystrike

    Mewtwo in Pokémon GO: how to defeat it in raids and better ...

    Mewtwo and Armored Mewtwo know the Psychic-type Charged Attack Psystrikeonly when they’re caught during special events. Is it worth powering up a Mewtwoor an Armored Mewtwo that knows Psystrike if you already have one that doesn’t?If you’re looking to deal hefty Psychic-type damage, the answer is a resoundingyesover the course of a battle, Psystrike deals far more damage than Psychicor Future Sight does.

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    Go Back To Cerulean Cave

    After capturing Mewtwo, head back to Cerulean Cave, youll encounter your Rival and tell you about a girl who went into the cave.

    Find Green Where Mewtwo Was In The Cave

    Youll find Green standing in the spot where you captured Mewtwo. Talk to her to initiate the battle.

    Rematch with Green After Beating her in Cerulean City

    After beating Green in a match, she will relocate to and can be fought again in Cerulean City. She can be battled again every time you beat the Elite Four.

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    Pokemon Go: Mewtwo Raid Counters And Weaknesses For July 2021

    Players are going to have to bring their elite game to raids now that Mewtwo is a raid boss in Pokemon GO.

    Mewtwo is well known for being solidly overpowered ever since it rested in Cerulean Cave in Generation I, and Niantic clearly tried to make it just as powerful in Pokemon GO. Of course, the 300 base Attack is a good indicator of its prowess.

    What really makes Mewtwo strong, though, is its moveset. It learns about half a dozen great coverage charge moves that deal with all of Mewtwos counters. Trainers are definitely going to want to have some of these Pokemon going into this raid battle.

    Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinion of the writer


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