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How Do You Get Candy In Pokemon Go

How To Get More Candy And Rare Candy In Pokmon Go


Once you get a taste for Pokémon Go, you’re going to want to start evolving and powering up your Pokémon as fast as possible. To evolve you need Candy. A lot of it. To power up you need more Candy . To power up hard-to-find, maybe even Legendary Pokémon, you’ll even need the new Rare Candy you can win at Battle Raids.

The amount you need starts small but grows as you get to higher levels. So, how do you get as much Candy as possible to evolve and power up as much as possible? Here’s the breakdown!

How Do You Get Rare Candy Xl

Rare Candy XL, unlike normal Rare Candy, is a limited resource. There is only a certain number that you can possibly acquire in the game .

In total, you’ll be able to acquire 31 Rare Candies XL, obtained in only two ways:

  • Some are received as rewards for leveling up between level 40 and level 50
  • When you reach levels 43, 45, 48, and 50, you’ll be given access to Special Research missions that reward Rare Candies XL once they are completed
  • It goes without saying that you should save these until you’re very confident about which Pokemon to use them on. Hopefully, Pokemon GO will add new ways to obtain Rare Candy XL in coming updates.

    How Much Mega Energy Do I Need To Evolve A Pokemon

    Mega-evolving a Pokemon isnt a simple task. You need to earn 200 Mega Energy of a corresponding type to mega-evolve a Pokemon for the first time. Subsequent mega-evolutions require only 40 Mega Energy, though.

    Beedrill and Pigeot are cheaper to mega-evolve, costing 100 Mega Energy for the first time and 20 Mega Energy for subsequent mega-evolutions.

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    How To Easily Get Pokemon Go Candy

    Now that you know how to get your rare candy, this is how you can use it. As part of the game, you can assign a Pokemon as walking buddy to get a new rare candy. Some of the candies might require traveling for longer distances to drop the rewards and get the candies for the pokemon. For this to be implemented, the best way is to simulate the GPS movement with iMyFone AnyTo.

    iMyFone AnyTo is a tool designed to help you change your current location to anywhere you wish to in the world. It can support both iOS ï¼iOS 15 Supportedï¼ and Android devices. It also can support to manage the GPS Location on five different iOS devices. You can simply simulate your movements as well as spoof your location in a hassle-free way. Let us know how you can do this.

    Step 1: Download and install the tool on your computer. Now, launch it and click on the âGet Startedâ button to start the process.

    Step 2: Connect your iOS or Android device to the PC with the help of USB cable. Once connected, tap on the âTrust this computerâ option on your device.

    Step 3: You will be directed to a map page. Here to customize the route, select the âTwo-spot Modeâ which is the first one on the upper right corner.

    Step 4: Now, on the map, tap on the place where you want to start the journey and plan the route. You can use the speed bar to slide and customize the speed among walking, cycling or car speed.

    Now, watch the video to get more Pokemon with iMyFone AnyTo.

    Which Pokmon Should You Choose For Your Rare Candy

    Getting and converting rare candy is easy, knowing what to convert it to is hard. It could be because you don’t have much and you’re terrified of wasting it. Or, it could be that you have a good amount and really want to start making use o fit. Or, it could be because you have so much it’s clogging up your storage and you need to figure out what more to do with it.

    The first step to figuring out where your rare candy should go is figuring out where it can help you the most.

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    Where Is The Rarest Pokmon

    Top 7 Pokemon Go Locations for Catching Rare Pokemon

    • 1) Circular Quay, Sydney, Australia.
    • 2) Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, United States.
    • 3) Big Ben or Savoy Hotel, London, United Kingdom.
    • 4) Central Park, New York, United States.
    • 5) State Library of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia.
    • 6) The Colosseum, Rome, Italy.

    What Are The Advantages Of Having A Mega Pokemon

    Mega Pokemon get a temporary Combat Power boost, which is useful in Gym Battles, Team GO Rocket Battles, PvP Battles with friends, and Raids. However, you cant leave a Mega Pokemon as a gym defender and cant use it in PvP battles against users outside of your friends list.

    When using a Mega Pokemon in Raids, all your team members will receive an attack boost.

    Additionally, a Mega Evolved Pokemon in your Pokedex lets you collect Mega Energy from walking with a buddy Pokemon of the same species.

    Lastly, some mega-evolved Pokemon receive extra perks due to the change of their type. For example, Charizard is a Fire/Flying Pokemon, but Mega Charizard is a Fire/Dragon Pokemon.

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    Curveball Throws And Berries

    Although a simple straight throw will be enough to catch many common Pokemon, you’ll have better luck capturing monsters by pulling off curveball throws. Spin the Poke Ball in a circle a few times, then swipe upward at an angle to curve your throw. This will further increase your odds of capturing the monster if you’re able to hit it.

    Feeding the wild Pokemon a berry will also boost your chances of catching it. Berries come in several varieties. Razz Berries, for example, make a Pokemon easier to catch, while Nanab Berries make the Pokemon move around less — helpful for catching jittery monsters like Zubat. However, berry effects don’t stack you can only use one berry at a time, and if the Pokemon manages to break out of the ball, the berry’s effect will be nullified, so you’ll need to use another one.

    Is There Anything Else To Be Aware Of


    Candy isnt a particularly complex resource, but its quite important, so knowing everything you can about it is quite useful.

    That said, most of the Candy gathering methods are well known to the majority of players, so its quite hard to break through with anything astounding here. Still, hopefully at least one of these was a surprise to you Trainers, even if it was simply the berrying Gym Pokemon method.

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    How To Get Mega Energy Without Raids In Pokemon Go

    The most efficient way to earn Mega Energy is to defeat mega-evolved Pokemon in Raid Battles. Of course, its also the most challenging method. Since you cant use a mega-evolved Pokemon in Raid Battles, the fight is somewhat unbalanced. Thankfully, there are other methods of earning Mega Energy that doesnt require you to battle.

    One of them is walking with your Pokemon buddy. However, this method only works if youve previously mega-evolved the same Pokemon species. So, to earn Mega Candy from walking with Bulbasaur, you need to have a Venusaur in your Pokedex already.

    If you havent mega-evolved any Pokemon yet or wish to collect Mega Energy for a different Pokemon species, you could complete research tasks.

    The tasks change regularly with new Events, and not every task gives you Mega Energy. Most of them will only earn you Stardust, Poke Balls, Razz Berries, or other more common items. At the time of writing this article, the following research tasks are active and will earn you Mega Energy:

    Rare Candy Explained In Pokemon Go

    Just as in the mainstream video games, Rare Candies are collectible items that can be used to level up a Pokemon by one level.

    In Pokemon Go, if you give your Pokemon one, it automatically turns into one of that Pokemons original candy. So, if you give a Charmander a Rare Candy, it magically transforms into Charmander candy.

    They can also be used on Legendary Pokemon, so keep this in mind if you fancy showing off the power of your Legendaries to your friends.

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    How To Get Mega Energy In Pokemon Go

    Aaron DonaldRead more October 27, 2021

    Mega evolutions were added to Pokemon Go in August 2020. The feature has been a part of the game for a while now. But its rules still arent clear to many players. If youre struggling to understand how to collect Mega Energy while others are killing you in battles with their Mega Pokemon, were here to even the odds.

    In this guide, well explain how to obtain different types of Mega Energy. Additionally, well answer some of the most common questions related to Mega evolution in the game, like which ones can evolve, how long it lasts, and why you should do it. Keep reading to make your Pokemon stronger than ever.

    The Official Methods To Get Rare Candy

    For starters, to get all the Pokemon, you need to have the app open to view which Pokemon are nearby. So There are many ways to get the rare candy for playing the Pokemon Go. But let us see the official methods that can help to get the rare candy:

    • The first method is to get the rare candies by winning the raid battles and this can be achieved by beating the raid boss. For this you need to club with the fellow Pokemon Go players and attack the raid boss.

      The no. of rare candies will depend on the power of the Raid Boss. For example, if you beat a tier 1 Raid boss you will get 1-2 candies and when you beat a tier 5 legendary you may get 12 rare candies.

    • Putting efforts into the Field Research tasks is another way to gain rare candy. Keep in mind that, Pokemon Go has 2 research types â Field Research and Special Research. If you complete the Field research task like visiting Pokestops, the game will be more rewarding. This research includes almost every activity in the game. Also, harder the tasks, better the rewards! For instance, try to find rare Pokemon.

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    How To Get More Rare Candy In Pokmon Go

    Generally, PokéStops are the one common spot for all consumables in Pokémon Go. For Rare Candies, though, youll need to look somewhere else.

    They are usually awarded for completing raids. Going through raids is one of the most consistent ways of obtaining more Rare Candy. Theres a Raid type for all difficulty levels, and you may even have some Rare Candy stacked from your old Raid runs.

    Considering Raids are available all year, theyll be the most reliable way of obtaining Rare Candies. Alternatively, you can also check out the list of available Special Research and Time Research Tasks to see if theres one that rewards players with Rare Candy. These tasks usually appear during events and most should be completed before the event wraps up.

    If youre looking to make the most amount of Rare Candy, you may want to consider only using them for legendary Pokémon and those you just cant collect Candy for. This way, youll only consume your Rare Candies whenever you need them the most and you should always have a stack waiting for your next evolve from Raiding.

    Pokemon Go: How To Get Candy

    Pokemon GO puts quite a bit of significance on a few different items. One of these is candy, but it can be difficult to find. Heres where to get it.

    Candy plays a pretty important role in the development of your Pokemon. Its specific to each Pokemon evolution family and is required for both powering up and evolving your Pokemon.

    There are two surefire ways that you can guarantee youre going to get Candy in Pokemon GO. The first is through catching Pokemon. Each time you catch a Pokemon, whether youve caught it before or not, itll come with some Stardust and some Candy. With Candy being specific to an evolution family, youll need to catch the same Pokemon multiple times in order to get enough Candy to evolve them. There is, however, another way to further increase the amount of Candy youre acquiring.

    So youve caught your fifth Weedle of the day and theyre filling up your Pokemon inventory. In order to clear it out, and get yourself some more Candy, simply tap on the Pokemon and select the Transfer option at the bottom of the page. This will transfer the Pokemon to Professor Willow and give you a piece of Candy for that evolution family.

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    Candy Types And Differences

    While exploring Kanto you’ll be able to find three kinds of candy: Rare Candy, species-specific candy, and stats candy. The stats candy aren’t officially called that, but as those have no known name, we’re calling it that for now. All candy change a chosen Pokemon‘s stats.

    • Rare Candy – Like past games, Rare Candy is a special item that instantly raises a Pokemon‘s level by one. As its name suggests, these are rare and hidden throughout Kanto.
    • Species-specific Candy – This candy type is the kind you’d find in Pokemon Go. These candy are named after the Pokemon species they can be given to. It increases all stats by +1. These can be found by combo catching a Pokemon and are generally dropped sparsely.
    • Stats Candy – As you catch Pokemon and send them back to Professor Oak, you’ll get candy that can increase a single stat of a Pokemon.

    A Pikachu Candy was used in the screenshot above.

    How To Get Rare Candy In Pokemon Go

    Pokemon GO – How To Get 100k Stardust & Candy FAST & Why They Are Important

    As the name suggests, you cant just go to the store and pick up some of these elusive rainbow sweets. Instead, you need to be ready to grind to snag as many as you can.

    Heres the best ways to get a Rare Candy in Pokemon Go:

  • Raids Rare Candies are normally a prize for winning raid battles, so its worth grabbing a team and hitting a few raids every day.
  • Bosses will drop between 1 3 candies.
  • PvP Battles Getting those sweet Ws on other trainers arent just great for bragging rights. Winning trainer battles also drop Rare Candies from both basic and premium tracks.
  • Field Research Tasks Field Research will also drop Rare Candies, so make sure youre doing relevant tasks.
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    How To Get Altaria Mega Energy In Pokemon Go

    Mega Altaria is the mega-evolved form of Swablu, a dual-type Dragon/Flying Pokemon. To add it to your collection, youll need to obtain 200 Altaria Mega Energy. Subsequent mega-evolutions cost less, only 40 Altaria Mega Energy. There are three methods of collecting Altaria Mega Energy:

    • Defeat Mega Altaria in a Raid Battle. You cant know in advance which mega Pokemon youll have to fight, but you can earn 35-90 Altaria Mega Candy if youre lucky.
    • If youve already mega-evolved Altaria previously, make Swablu your buddy. Youll receive 5 Altaria Mega Energy for every kilometer walked.
    • Make sure to check new research tasks each time Niantic introduces an event. None of the tasks can earn you Altaria Mega Energy as of this writing, but this may change in the new Event.

    Pokemon Go Xl Candy Explained

    XL Candy is triangular in shape as opposed to the traditional spherical shape of regular Pokemon Candy, but will have the same coloring as its regular Candy counterpart. Like regular Pokemon Candy, XL Candy is used to power up Pokemon.

    Past a certain combat power threshold, Pokemon will no longer be able to powered up by normal means and can only be powered up by using XL Candy. The CP threshold differs for each Pokemon, but every single Pokemon requires 296 XL Candies to reach their fully maxed CP, Legendary Pokemon included.

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    What Is Pokmon Go Candy & What Can It Do

    Candy is the Pokémon Go resource that can be consumed to power up Pokémon. You can find Pokémon Candy from hatched eggs. The Candy is undoubtedly essential in Pokémon Go to evolve the character and boost its strength to level up. A Candy is not worth an upgrade you will require a certain number of these Candy to level up.

    The Pokémon Candy requirement varies from ones needs. If you are looking to upgrade Pidgey to Pidgeot, you will require 12 of those Candy. Also, to evolve to Raichu, you will require the 50s of the Pikachu Candy. Similarly, to grow higher, you will need Pokémon Go rare Candy. You can use the rare Candy to power up any Pokémon. The drop-rate of Pokémon using rare Candy is unknown to date. It was first introduced in the 1st generation and has evolved recently. In the recent 5th, 6th and 7th generations, rare Candy is used to cure wounded Pokémon.

    In a nutshell, get more Candy in Pokémon Go so you can evolve and power up faster.

    Pokemon Go Xl Candy: How To Get More

    XL Candy is fairly common and is rewarded a few different ways. The first and easiest way to get XL Candy is by catching Pokemon. You get XL Candy from catching high CP Pokemon from the wild, raids and research tasks. What is considered high CP for a Pokemon varies, but a good rule of thumb is to prioritize catching Pokemon with a CP at least over half of its max.

    Catching Pokemon doesnt always give you an XL Candy but there is a good chance youll get one if the CP is high enough. Wild-caught fully-evolved Pokemon give you at least two XL Candies and if you catch a Legendary Pokemon it will yield you at least three XL candies. Note: Using a Pinap berry in normal circumstances doubles the amount of Candy you receive from a Pokemon, but when it comes to XL Candies, Pinap berries have no effect.

    Transferring Pokemon to the professor and trading Pokemon between friends will sometimes yield XL candies. Its not guaranteed, but the chance of getting one is relatively high and occasionally there will be events such as the Season of Heritage Event that guarantees XL candies from every trade done with another player.

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