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How To Downgrade Google Play Services And Block The Auto

PGsharp-How to Use Google Play Store- Pokemon Go Spoofing on Android
  • Open ApkMirror and download and version of Google Play Services .
  • Go to Settings and disable âthe Find My deviceâ option.
  • To uninstall Google Play Services updates, go to settings, and click on the right corner. Tap on âUninstall Updatesâ
  • Going back to the Google Play Services app, disable the background data.
  • Restart the device after clearing the data for Pokémon Go and Google Play services.

What Should You Do If Your Pokemon Go Account Isnt Functioning Properly

Check for a solid network connection on your mobile device, or wait a few moments before attempting to log in again. Close and reopen the Pokémon GO app if the problem continues. Your login provider, whether its Google, Facebook, Apple, Pokemon Trainer Club, or Niantic Kids, keeps track of your account password.

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Make Friends Exchange Gifts And Trade Pokmon

Get connected with your real-lifefriends in Pokémon GO, and you can interact with them in a variety of excitingways. After exchanging Trainer Codes, you will see your friends on your FriendList.

One way that you’ll be able to playwith your friends in Pokémon GO is by giving Gifts. When you spin a Photo Discat a PokéStop or Gym, you have a chance of collecting a special Gift. Althoughyou can’t open these Gifts yourself, you can send them to someone on yourFriend List. The Gifts contain a variety of helpful items and come with a postcard showing where the Giftwas collected.

You can increase your Friendshiplevel with others by sending Gifts or participating in a Raid or Gym Battlewith them. As your Friendship level rises, bonuses can be unlocked.

There’s another way to build yourFriendship level, and that’s by trading Pokémon! If you are near a friend andhave a Trainer level of 10 or higher, you can trade Pokémon with them.Completing a trade requires Stardust, but it earns a bonus Candy for thePokémon you traded away, and that bonus increases if the Pokémon the two of youtrade were caught in locations far apart from each other.

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Catching ’em All Takes Time

For the chart below, we analyzed our proprietary usage data to visualize how Pokémon GO users are spending time in the app compared to five of the U.S. App Store’s current most popular apps across all categories: , Snapchat, , , and, the viral sensation we previously covered in our look at April 2016’s top mobile games.

As you can see, the average iPhone user spent 33 minutes in Pokémon GO on Monday, July 11, more time than in any of the other apps we analyzedeven :

By comparison, the average user spent just over 22 total minutes in yesterdaystill a considerable amount of timeand about 18 total minutes in Snapchat, the third-most-used of the apps we analyzed., which spent more than two weeks at No. 1 on the U.S. App Store’s downloads ranking, was used about 10 minutes on average during the same one-day period.

How Can I Contact Pokemon Trainer Club Customer Service

Pokémon Go is live on the Google Play Store

You may contact Pokémon support via the Pokémon Support website for more information on Pokémon Trainer Club. Niantic Children: Select Sign-in Issue from the dropdown menu when contacting us using this form. Are you still experiencing issues? Send us an email!

The pokémon go trainer club is a website that allows users to sign up for Pokemon Go. The website also offers other guides, such as the How do you catch pokémon? and the How do you evolve pokémon?

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Detailed Guide On Pokmon Go Spoofing

If you thought that Pokémon go spoofing using Google play service is tricky, you are in for a treat because itâs not. Here is how you can do Pokémon go spoofing Google play services style:

Step 1: that is supported by your current device. To use Google Play Services for Pokémon Go spoofing, use a version older than 12.6.85 or even older. Then, find the same-looking variant that matches your current Google Play Service version.

Step 2: Download and install a suitable spoofing app that enables you to spoof your location without root access.

Step 3: Disabling the âFind My Deviceâ option in your Android device because you won’t be able to downgrade Google Play Services without disabling this feature.

Now, go to Settings > Security > Device Administrators > âFind My Deviceâ option > deactivate

Step 4: Then, you need to uninstall Google Play Services updates and set them to the default factory version.

Go to Settings > apps > tap on âShow all system appsâ > Google Play Services > Go to menu and select âuninstall updates.”

Step 5: Now, you need to access the older Google Play Services version you have already downloaded. To install this older version on your device, go through the following steps:

Open File Explorer > Download Folder > Select the downloaded âGoogle Play Service apkâ file > Select âInstallâ > Done.

Step 6: Then, you have to disable the Background Data usage of the Google Play Service to prevent it from auto-updating.

How Can I Play Pokmon Go Without Login

So, what if you still want to play Pokémon Go, you just want to do it privately and securely, without giving Niantic access to your main Google account? Well, you can. You can do just that by making a new, empty Google account to do it with. Call it a secondary account, a dummy, a throw-away, a burner whatever.

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How To Protect Yourself

If you are concerned that your device might be infected with this Trojan, remove the malicious app and scan your device with Kaspersky Antivirus & Security for Android. Its free. Our security solutions detect the Trojan as

While you catch #pokemons, cybercriminals try to catch you on #GooglePlay

To protect yourself in the future, follow these rules:

1. Keep in mind that even if you download apps only from official stores, nothing is 100% secure. Criminals sometimes bypass the protections of Google and other companies Guide for Pokémon Go is a good example.

2. Promptly install security patches on your smartphone . Cybercriminals pounce on vulnerabilities in both mobile and desktop OSes.

3. Remember that reviews and ratings on Google Play are not necessarily reliable criminals can fake them using special malware. For example, Guide for Pokémon Go malware had four stars on Google Play.

Field Research And Special Research

Fix Your device isn’t compatible with this version in Google play store|Pokemon go

Professor Willow, your guide throughthe world of Pokémon GO, needs collaborators to help with his research as heinvestigates mysterious events all over the world. There are two types ofresearch that Trainers can help with: Field Research and Special Research.Field Research tasks can be found by spinning the Photo Disc at PokéStops andGyms. You will receive objectives to complete, such as discovering and catchingcertain Pokémon or engaging in battles. Professor Willow will present theSpecial Research himself with story-driven activities that will take youfurther into the world of Pokémon GO than ever before!

There’s no limit to the number ofresearch tasks that can be completed each day, and they grant rewards such asuseful items. The more difficult the task, the greater the reward, sohard-working Trainers will benefit quite a bit.

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Remove Your Google Account From Your Device

When you remove the account, your email, contacts, settings, and other information associated with the account is removed from your local storage until you add the account back to your device. Be sure that you complete these steps with adequate time to allow for your account data to download.

  • Open the Settings app on your device.
  • Tap the Accounts menu option.
  • Select your account. If you have multiple Google accounts, select the Google account you used to log into Pokémon GO.
  • Tap Remove account.
  • Open the Settings app on your device.
  • Tap the Accounts menu option.
  • Tap Add Account.
  • How To Safely And Quickly Spoof Pokmon Go

    What app can you trust and use with Google Play Services for Pokémon Go spoofing that offers safe and quick spoofing?

    The answer is simple: iMyFone AnyTo.

    iMyFone AnyTo has all the features you need for safe Pokémon spoofing. It is a multi-purpose tool that allows you to edit your videos with the fast video-editing Mode, let you prepare slideshows and Gifs, and even let you do spoofing in Pokémon Go enabling you to improve your playtime and joy. With its intuitive and user-friendly interface and high safety levels, the software is a first-choice among users for all the right reasons.

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    How To Fix Pokmon Go Unable To Authenticate

    If you see Unable to authenticate. Please try again error when logging in your Pokémon Go account, dont worry. Its fixable.

    If you see Unable to authenticate. Please try again error when logging in your Pokémon Go account, dont worry. Its fixable.

    When youre unable to authenticate in Pokémon Go, in most cases its caused by the temporary server issue, or your connection problem. So if youre experiencing the same issue, make sure your Internet connection works properly.

    Try these solutions:

    How Can You Get Started With Pokemon Go

    How to Install Pokemon Go From Play Store in Any Country


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    Is There A Way To Merge Pokmon Go Accounts

    Can I transfer Pokémon from my Pokémon GO account to multiple different Pokémon HOME accounts, such as mine and those of family members? Yes. In Pokémon GO, you can choose what Pokémon HOME account youll transfer Pokémon to by linking to a Nintendo Account that is also linked to the desired Pokémon HOME account.

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    How It Stacks Up Against Other Games

    We also analyzed how the average total time spent in Pokémon GO yesterday looked compared to other popular mobile games on iOS. Here it wasn’t the most-used app, but it still fared quite well. It ranked below the hardcore juggernaut of MZ’s Game of War at nearly two hours of total daily usage for the average user, and King’s Candy Crush Saga, which has an average total daily usage of about 43 minutes.

    Mobile gamerswhether they considered themselves one before last Wednesday or notare clearly devoting a lot of time to their newfound pursuit of Pokémon. Now we just have to wait and see what developer Niantic does to keep these users engaged, and this momentum maintained, for the long haul.

    Sensor Tower’s platform is an enterprise-level offering. Interested in learning more?

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    To Link An Additional Account:

  • In Map View, tap the Main Menu
  • At the top right, tap Settings
  • Under the Account section, select the Not Linked checkbox next to the login provider you would like to connect.
  • Follow the prompts to link your account. Once your account is linked, you can use that login provider to sign into your Pokémon GO account.
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    Unlinking A Login Provider


    To disconnect a login provider from your account, deselect the Linked checkbox next to the login provider you would like to disconnect. After you unlink, you will no longer be able to sign into your account using that login provider. Note that you cannot remove the login provider you used to sign into your current gameplay session.

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    Play Store And Galaxy Store Pokmon Go Installs Can No Longer Use Separate Accounts On A Single Device

    In classic Niantic fashion, the studio has upset fans of one of its games once again, and this time around, the kerfuffle surrounds the Galaxy Store version of Pokémon GO. Apparently, before the update to version 0.157.0 on the Galaxy Store, users could play both the Play Store version of the game in tandem with the Galaxy Store version when using separate accounts, all from the same device. Clearly, this loophole was unintentional, and so was taken advantage of by cheaters by running two apps at the same time, but there was also a legitimate use for families that share devices, which is why so many people are upset with this change.

    Galaxy Store reviews for Pokémon GO have taken a nosedive over the last few days, with fans voicing their concerns with one-star reviews. Apparently, many of these users were playing the Galaxy Store version with a secondary account, typically for a child of a parent already signed into the Play Store version. This simplified the login process so that users didn’t have to constantly sign out of their accounts just to let someone else sign-in on the same device. So this change is understandably inconvenient when you consider that players used to have the option to run two separate instances of the app from two different stores.

    How Do I Get Mew

    To catch Mew in Pokémon GO, you have to complete the Special Research quest A Mythical Discovery. This is located in the same place as your Field Research quests. Tap on the binoculars icon, then visit the Special column. Complete all of the objectives for the Special Research Quest and youll collect Mew at the end.

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    Solution : Check The Server Status

    If your Internet connection works properly and you still receive the Unable to authenticate error in Pokémon Go, you should, first of all, check the Pokémon Go server status. If the servers are temporary down or under maintenance, you cant connect to the server and log in successfully.

    You can go and check the Pokémon Go server status here, or check their Twitter account. If the servers are down or unstable, you can do nothing but wait for it to recover, then you can log in later. If the servers are good and youre still unable to authenticate, head to the next solution.

    Solution : Reconnect To The Internet

    Guia N

    If the Pokémon Go servers work properly and you cant log into your Pokémon Go account, you should check your Internet connection.

    1) Open other applications such as Google Chrome or Facebook, and see if your Internet connection works.

    • If there is no Internet connection for other applications, its the network issue that causes your Pokémon Go problem, and you should check your cellular data or WiFi connection to make sure it works.
    • If your Internet connection works perfect but you still cant authenticate, disconnect and reconnect to your network.

    2) If youre using cellular data, try connecting to WiFi network in your smartphone and log in. If youre using WiFi in your smartphone, switching to cellular data or connecting to another WiFi to see if it works.

    3) While youre on the login screen of Pokémon Go, turn on the Airplane Mode in your device. This will disconnect your network and signals for a while. Then turn off Airplane Mode and your phone will reconnect to network. Then try to log in again to see if it works.

    If this method doesnt work for you, dont worry. There is something else to try.

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    Linking An Additional Login Provider To Your Account

    • If you created an account using a non-permanent email address that you may lose access to in the future.
    • If the single login provider youve chosen is experiencing an interruption in service, you will be able to log in using a different provider.
    • If you choose to change the login provider account to which your Pokémon GO account is linked.

    *Note about Sign in with Apple: Note about PTC accounts:Note about child accounts: Important note if you play other Niantic games:

    Why Use A Google Account Over Pokmon Trainer Club

    At the moment, it seems that signing up for a Pokémon Go account is easier and more reliable with a Google account, as the option for Pokémon Trainer Club is often overloaded or on some devices entirely disabled.

    If you dont have a Google account already, it may be a good idea to create one while signing up for Pokémon Go since it may be useful in the future. Signing up for a Google account is only available to those over 13 years old in the U.S. and all other countries . If you are under 13, please talk to a parent before signing up.

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    How To Spoof Game In Pokmon Go Using Imyfone Anyto

    To safely spoof in Pokémon Go using iMyFone AnyTo, go through these simple 3 steps:

    • Step 1: To enter the gaming mode, turn on the âGaming Modeâ option in the software. If you cannot see the gaming mode, wait for a while until you are allowed to get access to the Gaming Mode.
    • Step 2: Next, you will see a progress bar showing that will start loading your progress. The app may ask for permissions during the process.
    • Step 3: Once the process is completed, a pop-up menu will appear telling you the process is completed.
    • Step 4: Now, you need to login into your gaming account through your phone.

    Mobile Users Are Spending More Time In Pokmon Go Than Facebook

    How to fix pokemon go for Samsung store and Google play

    Usage data shows how the hit title from Niantic and The Pokémon Company is engaging users compared to the most popular mobile apps on iOS.

    Sensor Tower’s Store Intelligence has already provided the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and others with the first metrics on Niantic’s and The Pokémon Company’s phenomenally successful U.S. launch of Pokémon GO. As the app passes 15 million installs on the App Store and Google Play, we decided to take a look at its performance from another perspective: user engagement. In this post, we’ll look at how the runaway hit stacks up in terms of the amount of time users are spending in it compared to iOS’ other most popular apps.

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