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How Do You Get Eggs On Pokemon Go

Fix Your Phone On A Drone And Play Pokemon Go

How To Get More Eggs In Pokémon GO? Egg Collecting Tips and Tricks

Apart from a location spoofing app, there are a handful of other ways to learn how to hatch eggs without walking in Pokemon Go. Most of the eggs in Pokemon Go would need you to walk 2, 5, or 10 kilometers. The good news is that an average drone can easily cover this distance. Firstly, get a working drone on which you can easily place your phone. It is recommended to get a lock so that your device wonât fall while it is on a drone. Once your phone is successfully attached to a drone, just use it to cover a substantial distance. Make sure that the speed is minimal so that Pokemon Go would believe that you are walking instead.

Things to Remember

  • While doing so, donât forget about the safety of your phone as it can get stolen by someone if it goes too far.
  • Use a lock and make sure that your phone wonât fall from your drone.
  • Enable the Find my Phone service on your Android or iPhone so that you can locate your phone if it is lost.
  • Move your drone slowly so that Pokemon Go would not detect that you are using a drone or playing the game while driving.

How To Hatch Four Eggs In Pokmon Go For Field Research Tasks

During Adventure Week, which runs from June 7 to June 12, players are tackling various tasks and timed research projects. There are two Field Research tasks involving the need to hatch eggs. Well detail them below, along with the reward they come with:

  • Task: Hatch 2 Eggs || Reward: Aerodactyl encounter
  • Task: Hatch 4 Eggs || Reward: Tirtouga or Archen encounter

So, once you figure out how to hatch four eggs in Pokèmon Go, youll be able to get both of the rewards. Also, both Archen and Tirtouga have the chance to be Shiny. So, its worth pursuing these tasks.

First of all, to hatch eggs, you need to have them. Go ahead and start spinning some Pokèstops if you have no eggs.

Once you do, simply do as youve always done to hatch eggs in Pokèmon Go. Go to your Pokèmon menu and select eggs. In this case, it doesnt matter what type of egg you hatch, as the Field Research task doesnt specify it. So, feel free to choose any egg youd like.

When you do, place it in an Incubator. If you have no eggs to hatch in Pokèmon Go, simply buy them from the Shop.

With the egg in place, now its time to walk. Remember to keep your app open, so your movements are tracked. Once youve walked enough, youll see the app menu change, and your egg will soon hatch.

Now, just do this four times to hatch four eggs to get the reward in Pokèmon Go. From here, youve increased your chances of encountering Aerodactyl, Tirtouga, and Archen.

Use Pokmon Go Gps Drift

You can also use GPS drift to hatch Pokémon Go eggs without walking. This is an app that allows you to move around with less than accurate GPS. In doing so, it allows you to find nearby Pokémon that would otherwise be too far away for you to catch.

But it is worth noting that this trick seems to work better on Android devices such as Samsung Galaxy than on iOS devices. Users report that they are able to hatch more eggs than before when using GPS Drift but iPhone users have said that short walks can fail to register.

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Exchange The Friend Code

As you may already know, you can add friends on Pokémon Go and then send them gifts. If you have a lot of friends, you can send them eggs. There are also a lot of online resources that allow you to exchange the friend code on Pokémon Go.

Here how to add friends on Pokémon Go:

Step 1: Open Pokémon Go on your device and then go to your profile, Tap on the Friends section.

Step 2: You will see a list of the friends you already have on Pokémon Go, plus the option to add more. To add a friend, you will need to enter their code and you can find these codes on numerous online Pokémon Go forums.

Step 3: Once youve added the friend, go to their profile, and send them a gift or trade.

If your friend walks a lot, you can simply open Pokémon Go on their phone and let them cover the distance for you.

Make Use Of Your Bike Or Skateboard

Pokemon Go Egg Chart

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book to learn how to hatch eggs in Pokemon Go without walking. You can just place your phone carefully on your bike or skateboard and cover the needed distance to hatch more eggs. While you would still have to go out for this, the effort needed would be far less than walking.

Just make sure that you stay safe while riding your bike or skateboard. Donât focus too much on catching new Pokemons. Instead, just cover the needed distance to hatch the egg. Also, ride your bike or skateboard slowly to make sure Pokemon Go wonât detect any fast movement.

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How Can You Tell Which Exact Pokmon Is In An Egg

You cant. Not until you hatch it. While Pokémon Go determines what youre getting in an Egg the moment the Egg is granted, until that Egg hatches, there is no way to tell for sure what is inside.

That means it doesnt matter where you are or what you do after you get an Egg. Whats inside is already decided. Its also why, when Pokémon Go makes a change to Eggs for an event or any other reason, it wont affect Eggs you already have, only ones you get from that point on. This is especially important for players trying to hatch Regional Pokémon from Eggs. If you dont pick up the Egg in the particular region where that Pokémon can be found, it cannot be in the Egg.

However, as of April 2021, players can see the complete pool of possible Pokémon in an Egg. The pool will reflect what could be in that Egg at the time it was picked up, so two 5 KM Eggs picked up a month apart will have different pools.

Pokmon Go Super Incubator

  • 0

The super incubator was a new type of incubator introduced in Pokémon GO back in the September equinox event. As you might suspect, it speeds up hatching by applying a distance multiplier, which basically requires you to walk less to meet the hatching requirements.

In this guide, were going to go through exactly how the super incubator works, how to get it, and tips on how best to use it to hatch your eggs more efficiently.

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Celebi Research Step 4 Of 8

  • Walk 10 km with Eevee as your buddy
  • Evolve Eevee into Espeon during the day
  • Send 20 Gifts to Friends

Rewards: Eevee Encounter, 2,500 Stardust, and 1 Metal Coat

If you havent evolved an Eevee into an Espeon yet, you can name the Eevee Sakura to turn it into an Espeon, guaranteed. Otherwise, you have to walk 10 km with Eevee and evolve the buddy Eevee during the day. Keep in mind that the Eevee has to remain your buddy as you evolve it. Swapping buddy Pokémon before evolving the Eevee will ruin the process.

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Pokemon Go Hatching Eggs

5 Things You Need to Know About Hatching Eggs in Pokemon Go

Once you have acquired an egg, you will need to hatch it by placing it inside an incubator. Each player starts the game with one incubator in inventory, but more can be bought as the game progresses.

In order to place an egg in incubator, you simply need to select it and place it inside any available incubator. This is not all!

Once you have done placing an egg in an incubator, you will need to walk a certain distance in order to hatch an egg. One important thing that you need to note here is that the egg will not hatch if you are walking without it inside an incubator.

The distance that you need to walk in order to hatch a Pokemon Go egg varies from egg to egg. As a general rule of thumb, you need to walk somewhere between 2km-10km in order to hatch an egg. The rarer a Pokemon, the more you will need to walk.

Another important thing that you need to keep in mind is that travelling in a car will not make the eggs hatch faster. The game requires you to walk and not use any other means of transportation.

In order to hatch an egg, you need to check your Pokemon list and select the tab named Eggs. In this menu, you will be provided with a complete list of eggs at your disposal. Now you simply need to select an egg and place it inside an incubator and begin the process.

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How To Catch A Pokmon

  • To catch a Pokémon in the Pokémon Go game online, you have to walk around your neighbourhood and city or your apartment corridors with your app open on your device, and the app itself will trigger you when you have a Pokémon nearby.
  • Once you tap on the Pokémon in this free online game that will show up on the map, you will be redirected to the catching interface.
  • Also, the Pokémon will be accompanied by a ring surrounding the Pokémon. This will indicate how difficult it will be to catch the Pokémon. For starters the toughest Pokémon will have a red ring, an intermediate Pokémon will have a yellow ring, and a green ring indicates that the Pokémon is the easiest.
  • You will also find Pokémon of varying Combat Power or CP levels if you play Pokémon Go online. To increase the CP of any Pokémon, you will have to acquire two resources, namely Stardust and the Candy associated with the specific Pokémon in this free online game. The further you try, the further you can increase the CP of your Pokémon in Pokémon Go online.

Use Fake Gps Free App

If you are using Android devices you can just install the Fake GPS Free app to spoof the location on your Android device.

Please note that if you are running Android 4.2 or newer, you may need to enable developer options before you can use the app to change your location. To do that, go to Settings > System > About Phone and then tap on Build Number 7 times.

Once Developer options is enabled, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Install the Fake GPS Free from the Google Play Store.

Step 2: Tap Enable to turn on mock locations.

Step 3: Now, go to Developer Options and then tap Select Mock Locations app and select Fake GPS Free.

Step 4: Go to the Fake GPS free and search for the location that you would like to move to. Tap on the play icon to enable the new location. You should see the message, Fake location engaged.

Now open Pokémon Go and you should be able to hatch eggs in the new location.

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Know What Berries And Items Can Do

Since the game originally launched, Niantic has added a number of new items to the game which you can use in your quest.

The most common of these are berries. Razz Berries , increase your catch chances to 1.5x . Pinap Berries double the amount of candies you get from catching a Pokémon and finally Nanab Berries calm Pokémon down to make them easier to hill with your Poké Balls.

There are also a number of items that offer exclusive evolutions for your Pokémon. These will drop randomly from PokéStops, but you can increase your chances by getting the daily PokéStop bonus seven days in a row.

Here are the specific uses for each of the evolution items:

  • Sun Stone: Evolve Gloom to Bellossum or Sunkern toSunflora
  • Kings Rock: Evolve Poliwhirl to Politoed or Slowpoke to Slowking
  • Metal Coat: Evolve Onix to Steelix or Scyther to Scizor
  • Dragon Scale: Evolve Seadra to Kingdra
  • Up Grade: Evolve Porygon to Porygon 2

Hatch When Youre Tired

How To Get 7km Eggs In Pokemon Go

Not everyone has time, or the energy, to walk 10 km to hatch their eggs, but there are other solutions. Theyre technically cheating, but theyre options.

One great way to hatch your eggs is to keep the game open while you ride the city bus. The bus typically goes slow enough that the game thinks you are walking, and you should be able to even turn some PokeStops along the way.

Pro tip: No need to scream that you need to get off the bus when passing a Snorlax or a Pikachu. Just quickly tap on the Pokemon to draw it into battle, slide the AR toggle switch in the upper right-hand corner and start battling. This will turn off the AR and allow you to catch the Pokemon without stopping.

You can even lay your phone on a record player or tape it to a ceiling fan to rack up distance, but be careful doing this. It may crack more than just some eggs.

When the game was new, these cheats were easier, but lately Niantic seems to be cracking down on players who try loopholes in the game. If you go too fast while playing Pokemon Go, a notice will pop up and ask if you are a passenger to confirm that you arent driving. This is a nuisance, but there is an even bigger problem.

When you go too fast, the GPS system in the game gets confused and the incubator count stays the same instead of getting higher. What is too fast? I have been experimenting and it seems that you need to stay under 10 to 15 miles per hour to keep the counter working.

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Here’s How To Get Eggs In ‘pokmon Go’

Pokémon GO is an augmented reality game developed by Niantic in collaboration with Nintendo. This free-to-play mobile title allows players to use their smartphones to explore their environments to catch and train Pokémon. The game tracks your movement through your phone and lets you encounter random Pokémon throughout your walk! Notable landmarks become PokéStops to collect items, and you can even battle for domination in Gyms placed around you. It’s as real a Pokémon experience as it gets.

You can capture all kinds of Pokémon out in the wild, but you can also hatch different species from Eggs. The game features several kinds of Eggs with different levels of value and rarity. You won’t necessarily know what Pokémon will pop out, but the more Eggs you have means the more chances you have to fill out your PokéDex. So how do you get more Eggs? Luckily, there are a number of ways for players to collect different kinds of Eggs.

One of the most common places you’ll obtain Eggs is by visiting Poké Stops in your area. These are marked on your map with big PokéBall shaped symbols over them. If you spin the picture on the Stop, you can obtain two, five, and 10-kilometer Eggs from them. You can also obtain 12-kilometer Eggs by beating Team GO Rocket leaders around you.

Eggs are also provided as weekly rewards for walking over 25 kilometers, and you can get seven-kilometer Eggs from friends as gifts.

Pokemon Go Pokemon Eggs Guide

There are basically two types of eggs in Pokemon Go one is called the Pokemon Eggs and the other one is called Lucky Eggs. Pokemon Eggs are the ones that provide trainers with a chance to increase their Pokedox while the Lucky Eggs are meant to gain a short XP boost and is highly useful when it comes to leveling up fast.

Our Pokemon Go Eggs Guide details everything you need to know about Pokemon Go eggs, how to hatch them, differences between Pokemon Eggs and Lucky Eggs, and how to get wild Pokemon out of them.

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Do You Have To Have Pokmon Go Open While Youre Traveling

Not anymore! With the implementation of Adventure Sync, you can now hatch eggs just by having your phone on your person and turned on, without Pokemon Go running. Go into the Settings menu and make sure Adventure Sync is turned on, and your game will track distance and prompt you to hatch eggs when you open the app next.

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How Do You Get Axew Pokemon In 2020


How to catch Axew in Pokemon Go? The best approach to get an Axew in Pokemon Go is attempting to discover it during its spotlight hour. The utilization of lure at a pokestop and incense while strolling around will likewise expand the odds for the player to get a Pokemon Go Axew for their assortment.

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How Fast Can You Walk To Hatch A Pokmon Egg

Its currently believed the optimal speed for hatching a Pokémon Go is 10.5 KM/H . Go slower, and itll just take you longer to hatch. Go faster, and Pokémon Go will discount the distance youre traveling or, if you go fast enough, ignore it altogether.

If you reach 35 KM/H , youll get the speed-lock popup. At that point, little if any of your distance will be counted.

Are There Any Other Ways To Get Double Xp In Pokmon Go Events

Absolutely. Pokémon Go has run several events so far that have offered XP multipliers. During some of them, it was a blanket 2x multiplier for all XP essentially a constant Lucky Egg all day, every day, for the duration of the event. And yes, if you used a Lucky Egg at the same time, you got quadruple the XP.

Pokémon Go has also run events where the multiplier for XP was specific to catching, hatching, or some other action. Its essential to pay attention to what specific action in the game grants these bonuses and focus on those. Like other multipliers, these also stack with a Lucky Egg.

Keep an eye out for them.

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