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What’s The Max Level In Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go: Level Requirement Guide

Pokemon Lets Go Max Stats and Candy’s explained

Pokemon GO players new to the game have plenty to figure out, and accessing the full functionality of the game is a priority.

Unlike many mobile games, Pokemon GO encourages players to progress significantly before giving them full access to the game’s modes and mechanics. Instead of just letting players loose after a short tutorial, trainers have multiple game unlocks based on what their trainer level is.

Though most of these function unlocks will be available fairly quickly, one in particular is quite late in the leveling process. With Niantic raising Pokemon GO’s level cap to 50 recently, players have had an even more daunting climb to the top.

The Title Legacy 40 For All Players Reaching Level 40 Before The End Of The Year

Trainers who reach level 40 before Thursday, December 31, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. will obtain the Legacy 40 title and will win exclusive rewards, such as Timed Research to obtain a Gyarados Hat for avatar and a Legacy 40 medal!

  • To help Trainers reach level 40 faster, a double catch XP bonus will be available from Wednesday, November 18, 2020 at 1:00 p.m. until Thursday, December 31, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. local time.

Pokemon Go Level 50 Tasks

XP needed: 30 million

  • Make 999 Excellent throws
  • Catch a Legendary Pokemon in your next five Legendary Pokemon encounters
  • Defeat a Team Go Rocket Leader three times using only Pokemon with 2,500 CP or less
  • Reach Rank 10 in the Go Battle League

Rewards: 50 Ultra Balls, 50 Max Potions, 1 Elite Charged TM, 2 XL Candy, 5 Incense, 5 Lucky Eggs, 5 Super Incubators, 5 Lure Models, 1x Level 50 jacket

Give me a game and I will write every “how to” I possibly can or die trying. When I’m not knee-deep in a game to write guides on, you’ll find me hurtling round the track in F1, flinging balls on my phone in Pokemon Go, pretending to know what I’m doing in Football Manager, or clicking on heads in Valorant.

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Pokemon Go Best Pokemon

These are the Best Pokemon GO CP Tier List Pokemon based on their Total Combined MAX CP Attack Defense Stats.

Best Attack Pokemon

Best Gym Attackers

Pokemon GO Tier List | Pokemon Go List Best Pokemon For Each Type

Pokemon Go Best Pokemon for each type based on their overall stats Pokemon GO MAX CP Per Level Attack HP Defense.

You can Select/Click which pokemon type you are interested in seeing the Best Pokemon GO Pokemon.


S Tier | Pokemon Go Tier List Gain The Max CP Per Power Up. These are the most Powerful Pokemon Go Max CP Chart Pokemon Available.


A Tier | Pokemon Go Tier List Gain A High Amount CP Per Power Up. These are ranked slightly below the Best Pokemon Go Max CP Chart Pokemon.


C Tier | Pokemon Go Tier List Gain A Decent Amount of CP Per Power Up. Average Pokemon Within This Pokemon Go Max CP List.


F Tier | Pokemon Go Tier List Gain The Lowest CP Per Power Up. These Are Among The Weakest In The Pokemon Go Max CP List

How To Get Pokémon Go Max CP & IVs

Step 1: Pick a Pokémon with High CP Per Level Gains from this Pokemon Go MAX CP Chart List.

Step 2: Once you have chosen use our Pokemon GO Spawn Locations Guide to Find and Catch it.

Step 3: Determine if the mon You have Caught hashigh enough IVs .

Step 4:Using The Appraisal System You Can Easily Figure Out Your IV Ratings.

For Example, 97% IV Rating means it is 97% Perfect and 100% would mean it has Perfect Pokemon GO Max CP, Attack, Defense & HP Stats.

Cost Per Level

New Format For The Go Battle League

Your top 12 Highest CP Pokémon

The GO Battle League has multiple leagues for players to participate in with the mainline ones mostly limiting entered Pokemon based on CP amount. With a Pokemon’s maximum CP reliant on a player’s level, the increase of max level will additionally increase the maximum CP of many Pokemon.

Out of all the leagues, the Master League is the highest with no proper CP limit for players to compete. Below it however is the Ultra League which has a limit of up to 2,500 CP per Pokemon. These increased maximum CP amounts however could cause a new league to form to decrease the gaps in Pokemon that compete in each league.

With some of the current highest CP amounts being in the 4,000 range, further levels could lead to a new league with a limit of up to 3,500 CP. Considering that each of the leagues are named after different Pokeballs, it is unknown what this new league would be named, but there are plenty of Pokeball names to experiment with.

Pokemon GO is available on Android and iOS.

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How To Get Higher Cp Pokemon In Pokemon Go

When it comes to Pokemon GO’s battle system, CP or Combat Power is one of the main factors that determine how powerful a Pokemon can be in a fight.

Finding Pokemon with high CP can be tricky, as plenty of behind-the-scenes factors come into play to decide the form that a spawning Pokemon takes.

Although Pokemon GO players can power up their Pokemon by using candies, some may want to find more high CP Pokemon in the wild to conserve their resources. Though there are no concrete means of making high CP Pokemon appear on demand, there are ways to seek them out and encounter them more often.

Pokemon Go Level 44 Tasks

XP needed: 11 million

  • Win 30 Trainer Battles in the Great League
  • Win 30 Trainer Battles in the Ultra League
  • Win 30 Trainer Battles in the Master League
  • Battle in the Battle League 20 times

Rewards: 20 Ultra Balls, 20 Max Potions, 20 Max Revives, 20 Razz Berries, 1 Incubator, 1 Premium Raid Pass, 1 XL Candy

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Fleeceking Becomes First Legit Player To Reach Level 50 In Pokmon Go

There are some caveats, but he didn’t cheat to hit the milestone.

With the addition of the Go Beyond Update, Pokémon Go players have slowly been grinding their way from the previous level cap of 40 to the new goal of level 50. And just a day after some of the first players started hitting the level 48 mark, the first recorded trainer has reached level 50 in the game.

Pokémon Go enthusiast and streamer FleeceKing made history by becoming the first player in the world to hit level 50 today. There might have been other players to reach the milestone before him, but as of now, hes the earliest player with documented proof that he hit the new level cap since he posted on Twitter and streamed the event live.

This meteoric jump to level 50 from level 48 was partially due to an error in the game where players couldnt earn XP once they hit level 48. Niantic was quick to respond, but instead of simply trying to get the players their lost XP, a handful of them, such as FleeceKing and Lauren Bertoni, jumped right to level 49.

We apologize for the inconvenience, Lauren! Could you please get back to us via DM with your Trainer Nickname and email address? We’ll have this checked and get back to you at the earliest. ^SR

Niantic Support

This jump saved multiple players a lot of time in the race to level 50, letting them skip having to grind out distance-locked trades, receiving 50 Lucky Pokémon through trades, and sending 500 Gifts to friends.

Pokemon Go Events: Are There Any Other Ways To Get Double Xp

Pokemon Go Quick Guide: Fastest Way to Level! | 1000 XP / MIN! | by Rion

XP multipliers have been offered for several Pokemon Go events to date.

All XP gained during some of these events received a 2x multiplier, making it feel like a continual Lucky Egg for the entire event.

Additionally, using a Lucky Egg increased your XP by four times.

There have been events in Pokemon Go where the XP multiplier for catching, hatching, or any other action was based on that action.

You must pay attention and concentrate on the exact actions in the game that award these bonuses.

In the same way that Lucky Egg multipliers work, so do these.

Observe them and be on the lookout.

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What Happens When You Hit Level 40 In Pokemon Go

With Niantic somewhat increasing the max level a trainer can achieve in Pokemon GO around the end of 2020, players who haven’t yet reached the previous cap are curious what all comes with completing the level 40 milestone.

The leveling system is altered a bit after a trainer reaches level 40. Not only will players need to gain a certain amount of XP, but they’ll also be required to complete specific challenges at each level from 41-50.

Here’s what happens when you reach level 40 in Pokemon GO.

Get Gold In All The Medals

Pokémon Go offers bronze, silver, and gold medals for achieving certain goals.

The first set of medals are for achievements. You get them for walking, registering Pokémon to your Pokédex, capturing Pokémon, evolving Pokémon, hatching Pokémon, visiting PokéStops, battling in Gyms, training in Gyms, catching tiny Rattata, catching Pikachu, and catching big Magikarp.

Earning them is their own reward, because Pokémon Go currently offers nothing else. Still, not everyone will walk, catch, hatch, evolve, battle and train that much, so there are bragging rights at least.

The second set of medals are for catching but by Pokémon type: Normal, flying, poison, earth, rock, bug, ghost, fire, water, grass, electric, psychic, fairy, fighting, steel, ice, and dragon. As you go through bronze, silver, and gold, you get bonuses to catch those types of Pokémon: x1.1, x1.2, and x1.3 respectively. Since Pokémon Gen 1 has only one steel type, only three dragon type, and only a handful of ice type, getting some of the medals can be a real challenge.

Getting all the medals yeah, thats a win.

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Bonus: Get Fit And Have Fun

If you let it, Pokémon Go can also help you live a better life. I know it sounds corny, but if you get out, walk your buddy, hatch some eggs, and catch some Pokémon, you can get some fresh air and exercise. You can also go out with friends and family and play together, or meet new people who also enjoy the game.

So many games keep us glued to our sofas, desks, or phones. Pokémon Go forces you out to have your fun. So let it!

The Possibility For More Level Rewards

Best Pokémon to level or evolve for gyms in Pokémon Go

As players level up in Pokemon GO, new special abilities are given to players, such as the ability to suggest new PokeStops. No such special ability is available for level 50 though, despite how much it takes for players to reach it. Upon making it to this level, players will get 50 Ultra Balls, 50 Max Potions, an Elite Charged TM, two XL candies, five incenses, five Lucky Eggs, five Super Incubators, five lures, and a special level 50 jacket for their trainer.

If the maximum level were to be raised to level 60, there is one item from the mainline Pokemon games that many players would want to see in Pokemon GO. This item is the Shiny Charm, and would be the perfect prize for going through even more challenges and collecting all the XP necessary for the task.

The Shiny Charm is an item that greatly increases the chance of players encountering a shiny Pokemon. It won’t make it so every encounter is guaranteed to be a shiny Pokemon, but it will make the collection process much easier for any of the shiny collectors out there.

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Pokemon Go Requirements For Levels 40 To 50

There are now additional obstacles linked to leveling up, rather than merely earning a particular amount of XP, as was the case up to and including level 40.

Between levels 41 and 50, each level has its own unique set of responsibilities tied to it.

Pokédex achievements can include catching a specified number of Pokemon in a given amount of time, as well as completing difficult raids and trainer battles several times.

However, some of them can take a long time, but the extra work is well worth the time spent.

Youll also receive a variety of wonderful goodies, like new postures and apparel for your avatar, as well as rare candy XL, which is required to level up your Pokemon past level 40.

Not many players have been able to reach 50 yet, but with the requirements now publicized, it shouldnt be long before this number becomes the new standard of achievement.

Bonus: Get in shape and have fun!

Pokemon Go has the potential to improve your quality of life if you let it.

Getting some fresh air and exercise is possible if you head outside and walk your dog, hatch some eggs and capture some Pokemon.

I know it sounds cheesy.

With friends and family or new people you meet, you can play the game together and have fun.

There are a plethora of games that keep us attached to our couches, desks, and mobile devices.

To have fun, Pokemon Go compels you to go outside.

So go ahead and enjoy it!

Complete the Pokédex for Your Region.

Pokemon Go Level 50 Challenge

  • Make 999 Excellent throws
  • Catch a Legendary Pokemon in your next five Legendary Pokemon encounters
  • Defeat a Team Go Rocket Leader three times using only Pokemon with 2,500 CP or less
  • Reach Rank 10 in the Go Battle League

Experience required: 30,000,000

If you manage to earn that insane amount of experience and fulfil these level challenges, then youll have earned yourself all of the following items:

  • 50× Ultra Ball
  • 5× Super Incubator
  • 5× Lures

Some of these challenges, such as collecting Lucky Pokemon or making a total of 999 Excellent throws arent exactly difficult,but they are going to take quite some time to achieve, if only due to the sheer scale and odds involved in the process.

At least the team achievement is limited to using a team of all unique Pokémon species in raids, and not completing the dex of all unique Pokemon species in your Pokemon storage or something crazier. Youll still need to make use of raid passes for it though, whether that be the free remote raid passes or premium raid ticket and premium raid pass items instead.

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Pokemon Go Level 40 To Level 50 Requirements

Rather than simply having to earn a certain amount of XP to level up as is the case up to and including level 40, there are now some additional challenges attached to leveling up. As well as a huge XP requirement, each level between levels 41 and 50 has its own set of unique tasks attached to it. These can range from catching a certain number of Pokemon within a set period of time to beating difficult raids and trainer battles multiple times. Some of them can be incredibly time-consuming, although its definitely worth the extra effort.

As well as increasing the potential of your Pokemon, every new level will grant a selection of fantastic rewards, which include new poses and clothing for your avatar as well as Rare Candy XL, which is needed to level up your Pokemon beyond level 40. There arent too many players who have been able to reach the big five-oh so far, but, now that the requirements are known, it shouldnt take too long for 50 to become the new norm.

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How About Cheats Can You Beat The Pokmon Go Xp System


Some people try to force-quit the Pokémon Go app once an evolution starts, betting their phone is fast enough to relaunch before the evolution animation would have otherwise ended.

Others try to use multiple phones to get multiple concurrent evolutions at the same time. That kind of stuff can get your account banned, though, so you’re better off taking the huge amount of XP you can get legitimately and leaving it at that. While it might be appealing to get even that little extra XP out of your Lucky Eggs, there are plenty of legitimate ways to level up fast that don’t run the risk of getting banned from the game.

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Niantic Confirms Level Cap Increase For Pokmon Go

Level 40 is so last year.

Longtime Pokémon Go players can finally look forward to reaching new heights. Niantic officially confirmed today that the games level cap will be increased in the near future.

This update has been in the works for quite a while because data for the increased cap was found in the games code back in April.

The current max level in Pokémon Go is 40, and it has been that way for years. Now, it appears that Niantic will up that number to at least level 50, with completely new level up rewards too.

The EXP requirement for level 40 is five million, meaning the jump to level 50 would likely require players to amass 10 million EXP playing the game. Similar rewards will likely be included on the grind to level 50, with tens of Ultra Balls and high-level healing items or rewards like Incense, Lucky Eggs, or Lure Modules.

Anyone hoping that all of their progress once they hit level 40 will carry over and instantly shoot them up to the new level cap will probably be disappointed, however. It looks like everyone will start from the base five million EXP and have to grind from there to reach the new max.

There was no timeline given for when the level cap will be increased, but Niantic has confirmed that it is coming sooner rather than later.

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