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What Pokemon Are Good Against Giovanni

Pokemon Go: How To Beat Giovanni


Giovanni, the Team Rocket Go leader, is back in the game to ruin the current Festival of Lights event.

His appearance is a part of the Misunderstood Mischief Special Research task that has been going on since September 2021.

According to Go Sunoob, Giovanni will always start the battle with Persian, who will always attack with dark and normal-type moves.

To fight back, you will need to equip yourself with a solid fighting Pokemon like Machamp and Lucario.

The Best Team To Use Against Giovanni In Pokemon Go In May 2021

As of May 2021 in Pokemon GO, Giovanni has changed his lineup of Pokemon to defeat, including the long-awaited Shadow Moltres.

Giovanni is the villainous Team GO Rocket Boss of Pokemon GO. Trainers can battle Giovanni after they have defeated Arlo, Cliff, and Sierra. However, they will need to complete the Looming in the Shadows research tab in order to obtain the Super Rocket Radar. After locating Giovanni, trainers will need a specific lineup of Pokemon in order to defeat him and get the chance to catch the Shadow Moltres.

Pokmon Go Shadow Lugia Counters

Now confirmed for Pokémon GO, these are the best Shadow Lugia counters.

The next Pokémon GO Giovanni appearance is confirmed to bring Shadow Lugia to Pokémon GO real soon. In past appearances, Giovanni has had many different Legendary Pokémon cycling through his team Zapdos, Articuno, and Moltres from the Bird Trio, the dogs from the Dog Trio, and Ho-Oh from the Tower Duo. With Shadow Lugia, the master of the Bird Trio, now confirmed, each set is complete. The battle won’t be easy, but here’s how to beat it.

As with any Giovanni encounter, players will need to take on two of the Team GO Rocket Boss’ Pokémon to start. After that, the third Pokémon is always the shadow legendary that Giovanni has contained, whether it’s for research or for an event.

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How Do I Challenge The Leaders Of Team Go Rocket

While Team GO Rocket Grunts have been taking over PokéStops since July 2019, beginning in November 2019, their leaders have joined the fight. By fighting six Grunts, you can collect Mysterious components, which can, in turn, be used to create a Rocket Radar. Once in possession of a Rocket Radar, you can track down Team GO Rocket Hideouts, and challenge one of three Team GO Rocket Executives.

These Executives are much stronger than the Grunts and actually know how to use their Shields, so prepare for a tough battle and prioritize burning through their shields early. Each of the three executives will reward you with their first Shadow Pokémon, which has the potential to be Shiny, and a Strange Egg, if you have room in your bag.

Additionally, if you defeat all three Team GO Rocket Executives, you can be rewarded with a Super Rocket Radar once per month that will lead you to the Boss of Team GO Rocket: Giovanni! For more details on how to get to the Team GO Rocket Executives and Giovanni, check out our Looming Shadows guide.

How To Beat Giovanni In July 2021


UPDATE: Giovannis team was changed this month. We have updated this guide with the new counters.

The Team GO Rocket Boss Giovanni doesnt change his team often but Pokémon GO players who didnt fight him last month may be surprised in July 2021. Thats because hes switched to Shadow Ho-Oh, but all fo the usual tips still apply. Just like with the Team GO Rocket Leaders, you should try to burn off his two shields as quickly as possible. And with this comes the tip to always put your actual first Pokémon in the second or third position and switch to them as soon as you can. This causes a delay in Giovannis attacks, as does using a Charged Attack against him. Use this to power up your counters as listed below.

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Rewards For Defeating Giovanni In Pokmon Go

You will receive a variety of rewards for defeating Giovanni. This includes 5000 Stardust and a variety of healing items, such as Max Potions and Max Revives. There’s also a chance that you’ll receive a Unova Stone.

Best of all, however, you’ll be given the opportunity to catch a Legendary Shadow Pokémon.

Every month brings a new Shadow Legendary Pokémon. This means that, if there’s a particular Shadow Legendary Pokémon you want to add to your collection, then you must complete the Team Go Rocket Special Research quest for that month.

Completing The Take-Over Continues in January 2020, for example, would reward you with Shadow Moltres, but, if you completed the same story-line in another month, you’ll find yourself facing a different Shadow Legendary Pokémon.

Here are the Shadow Legendary Pokémon Giovanni has had in his team:

Giovanni Shadow Legendary Pokémon so far:

  • Shadow Articuno – November 2019 and March 2021
  • Shadow Zapdos – December 2019, April and June 2021
  • Shadow Moltres- January 2020 and May 2021
  • Shadow Raikou – February 2020
  • Shadow Entei – March to July 2020
  • Shadow Suicune – July 2020 and from July to October 2020
  • Shadow Mewtwo – October 2020
  • Shadow Ho-Oh – June 2021

Defeating Giovanni will also help you level up the Ultra Hero medal, which records how many times you’ve defeated the boss of Team Go Rocket.

Thanks to Chrales from Twitter, we know what this clothing looks like:

new giovanni avatar items

Pokmon Go: Cliff Sierra Arlo And Giovanni Best Counters August 2021

Editor’s Note: Due to the global pandemic and amount of travel required to complete Team GO Rocket battles at PokéStops, Team GO Rocket monthly Special Research has been far more limited. As of July 7, 2020, Team GO Rocket hot air balloons can now spawn on the map, allowing players to once again challenge Team GO Rocket in a safe way while social distancing. Please follow your local health department’s recommendations, and don’t risk getting sick over a game.

Team GO Rocket has invaded Pokémon Go. Executives Sierra, Cliff, and Arlo are here and you’ll have to fight your way through them to get to the head honcho himself, Giovanni. These fights are tough and it’s gonna take more than a handful of recommended Pokémon. But, if you can beat Giovanni, you’ll get the chance to catch your very own Legendary Shadow Pokémon! Right now, that Shadow Pokémon is none other than Shadow Mewtwo, the most powerful, game-breaking Pokémon in all of Pokémon Go!

Even well-seasoned players, like myself, have struggled against the leaders of Team GO Rocket. Fortunately, we here at iMore know exactly what you need to take on each of these big bads! And make sure to check out our best Pokémon Go accessories, so you an be fully equipped on your Pokémon Journey!

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Best Counters For Shadow Lugia

THIS Pokemon ROCKS Giovanni Shadow Moltres Team in Pokemon GO

Finally, if you survive the first two battles, youll be up against Shadow Lugia. As a Psychic and Flying-type Pokémon, Lugia is weak to a number of types including Dark and Bug. However, your best bet will be to take a Pokémon into battle with Rock or Electric-type moves. A Steel-type Pokémon would also be good due to its resistance against both Flying and Psychic.

  • Melmetal with Thunder Shock and Rock Slide
  • Magnezone with Spark and Wild Charge
  • Raikou with Volt Switch and Wild Charge
  • Tyranitar with Smack Down and Crunch

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Earning Or Purchasing Rocket Radars To Challenge Team Go Rocket

After you’ve constructed your first Rocket Radar, additional Rocket Radar can be purchased in the PokéShop for 200 PokéCoins each. While $2 worth of PokéCoins might seem like a small amount to pay for a Rocket Radar, previous Community Days have featured paid special research that included a Rocket Radar among the generous rewards for only $1 and other events have rewarded Rocket Radars as well. You will still need to track down the right Executives to battle, but if you don’t have to fight your way through several grunts each time, this could make completing the Team GO Rocket Special Research a little more doable.

How To Beat Giovanni Pokemon Go Shadow Lugia

Giovanni will always start the bout with Persian. This Pokemon will always attack with dark and normal-type moves. To counter it, you want to have a solid fighting type Pokemon in tow. Machamp and Lucario are two great choices. This should not take too much of your energy.

The second Pokemon is a little more complex. This could be one of three Pokemon: Kingler, Rhyperior, or Nidoking. Each needs a different approach.

Kingler is weak to grass and electric attacks. It has quite a wide range of moves, any of which could appear. Magnezone, Vileplume, Torterra, and Zapdos are a few selections you can use to fight against it.

Rhyperior is arguably the easiest to defeat as it has many weaknesses. It is 2 x weak to grass and water attacks, and 1 x weak to steel, ice, fighting, and ground. It does have a wide range of moves. You need to get in quick with high damage attacks and finish it off before it can cause damage. Torterra, Cobalion, and Excadrill are all possible choices.

Nidoking has ground, water, ice, and psychic attacks as its weakness. Aloha Sandslash, Empoleon, Stunfisk, and Excadrill are all good choices. Beware of its Iron Tail move.

Of course, the final battle is with Shadow Lugia. Luckily, it is weak to a host of attacks. Ghost, dark, ice, rock, and electric can all take it down. For the best results, stick with electric and rock-type Pokemon. Raikou and Terrakion are two excellent selections.

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How To Find The Team Go Rocket Boss Giovanni

Before you can beat Giovanni you have to find him first. This can be pretty easy once you have the tool necessary to do it. What is that? Its the Super Rocket Radar you can receive from various Special and Timed Research quests. Were still waiting to see if a new one comes around, but for now players can complete the first few stages of the A Seven-Colored Shadow Special Research quest to get one.

Once you have it just activate it and Giovanni wont be too far off. You can either leave it active and just check the Team GO Rocket PokéStops that appear near you, along with any balloons that float by. With this youll eventually find him, but you may want to tap the Super Rocket Radar to use it to locate potential Stops hell be at. Visit them and one will be the correct, but some may be decoys. Just keep searching and youll find Giovanni eventually though. Once you do just be prepared with a solid team of counters.

How To Find Giovanni In Pokemon Go


The first thing you need to do on the quest to beat Giovanni in Pokemon Go is complete the first four stages of the Pokemon Go Looming in the Shadows research. You know the Rocket Radar you’ve been using to find the Rocket Grunts in the buildup to this point? Yeah, now you’ve got a Super Rocket Radar! This nifty tool works in the same way as the normal Rocket Radar, except it will show you the location of Giovanni.

Kind of. In a last ditch attempt to thwart your plans, there’ll be plenty of disguised Rocket Grunts located at various stops. To uncover their disguises, you thankfully don’t have to defeat them all simply spin each stop to find the real Giovanni.

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All Giovanni Weaknesses And Best Pokmon Counters In Pokmon Go For November 2021

Giovanni has never been better.

Image via Niantic

Giovanni has returned to Pokémon Go, and for November 2021, hes captured shadow Lugia. Youll have to do battle against him to catch this Pokémon and add it to your collection. You only have one opportunity to battle Giovanni, and you need to use a Super Rocket Radar to find him. For November 2021, youll need to complete all of the Misunderstood Mischief Special Research project, the month-long Special Research for the Season of Mischief event. Heres what you need to know about fighting Giovanni, and all of his weaknesses, and the best Pokémon to counter him.

Pokmon Go: Best Counters For Sierra

Sierras potential team members:

  • Carvanha Water/Dark type
  • Porygon-Z Normal type
  • Hippowdon Ground type
  • Mismagius Ghost type
  • Houndoom Dark/Fire type
  • Flygon Ground/Dragon type
  • Walrein Ice/Water type

It may be worth having at least one Grass pokémon to contend with not only Carvanha, but in case Sierra has Hippowdon and/or Flygon in her team. Fighting types will also be your best friend, since they can counter Carvanha, Porygon-Z, Houndoom, and Walrein.

Should she have Mismagius, youll ideally want a tough Dark type. The legendary Darkrai is a good pick, but if youre lacking in legendaries, you could fall back on something like Tyranitar, since it would resist most of her teams attacks.

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Kangaskhan Garchomp And Nidoking

Giovanni’s second Pokemon pick in July 2021 can be either a Kangaskhan, Garchomp, or Nidoking. Of the three, Kangaskhan’s Fighting-vulnerability is the easiest to counter, as players should already be bringing a Fighting-type to deal with Persian. Garchomp is a little more complicated, a Dragon/Ground-type with a weakness to Dragon, Fairy, and a major weakness to Ice. The final possibility, Nidoking, is also weak to Ice, along with Ground, Psychic, and Water.

This combo of weaknesses means that the smartest third pick to defeat Giovanni in Pokemon GO is an Ice-type:

Best Kangaskhan Counters

What’s Lugia Weak Against A Bunch Of Different Pokmon Types Actually


Pokémon games manage to keep people coming back for more because of how well the series has managed to combine some simple, yet addictive elements into one incredible package. You’ve got the quest aspect of a traditional RPG where you explore new areas and must satisfy a specific number of goals to advance through the game.

Then there are random encounters against monsters, who you must capture in order to conduct your Pokémon “research” aka filling up your log with all of the animal skulls you’ve proverbially taken. OK, so you’re not technically killing the beasts but rather having other animals clobber them to the point of unconsciousness, but that’s the point of the game.

And while that sounds brutal, the game maniacally manages to make that animal-on-animal violence addictive through a rock-paper-scissors type combat system.

It’s really difficult to progress through an entire Pokémon game using just one juiced-to-the-gills stat monster Pokémon you’ll need a solid group of characters with varying attributes in order to tackle any situation head-on, because some Pokémon work well better against others.

And while Lugia’s got base stats that make it an extremely powerful monster to deal with, it does have some weaknesses: Dark, Ice, Electric, Ghost, and Rock type moves.

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How To Beat Team Leaders In Pokemon Go

If youre looking to take on the other Team Go Rocket Leaders, check out our guide to take down Arlo, defeat Cliff, and finally, our guide to beat Sierra.

So, there you have it, everything you need to know about the best counters to beat Giovanni in Pokemon Go for September 2021.

For all of the best tips and tricks to become the very best, make sure to check out our other guides:

How Often Can You Fight Giovanni In Pokmon Go

Every calendar month, you’ll receive a new Giovanni Special Research task, which will become available at midnight on the first day of every month.

This will give you a Super Rocket Radar, giving a reliable way of battling Giovanni at least once a month, with the possibility of being able to catch a different legendary Shadow Pokémon.

For example, if you’ve completed Looming in the Shadows in November 2019, you could start A Challenging Development straight away at the beginning of December 2019.

If you finished Looming in the Shadows, however, in a month other than November 2019, then you will automatically skip to that month’s Giovanni Special Research quest, unable to complete any of the other quests that came in-between.

As well as from monthly quests, as long as you have a Super Rocket Radar in your inventory, you can fight Giovanni at any time. It has been a reward in several additional quests, so they might be worth saving until a month where the Shadow Pokémon reward available is one you want to stock up on.

The Season of Mischief is here!Current events, include Season 9 of the Go Battle League, the addition of Raid Achievements and the Misunderstood Mischief research quest. Shiny Ditto can also now be found in the wild and this tricky Pokémon is now appearing as new creatures!Meanwhile, the last major update saw a level cap increase – including the addition of XL Candy, boosts to some XP sources and the addition of Platinum Medals.

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