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What Pokemon Need Stones To Evolve

How To Evolve Pokemon Using Fire Stones In Pokemon Sun And Moon

Which Pokémon Will Need a Unova Stone to Evolve? [Pokémon GO]

You can buy this red-hot rock at Konikoni City, find one in Digletts Tunnel on Akala Island, or dig one up at Isle Aphun . It evolves Eevee into Flareon, regular Vulpix into regular Ninetails, Growlithe into Arcanine, and Pansear into Simisear.

Note that “regular Vulpix and regular Ninetails” refers to non-Alolan Vulpix and Ninetails. Since Alolan Vulpix and Ninetails are Ice-types, they require Ice Stones to evolve.

How To Get Kings Rock In Pokmon Go

Kings Rock in Pokémon Go is found in much the same way as several other special evolution items as a rare drop from PokéStops, and has a chance of being rewarded on the seventh day of your PokéStop Daily Bonus streak.

Theres no guaranteeing which evolution item youll get, but with only a handful in the game, at least you hopefully shouldnt have to wait too long to get a hold of all the items you need.

If you are playing during the A Very Slow Discovery event in June 2021, know you can get a Kings Rock as part of the Evolve a Pokémon research task, and one for free from the weekly Event Box in the shop.

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Red And Blue Rescue Team And Rescue Team Dx

Luminous Cave

In Red and Blue Rescue Team, a player must first beat the game before he can evolve. At Whiscash Pond, a massive hole is in the center of the area. This is Luminous Cave. Upon entry, a mysterious voice will ask the player if he want to evolve a Pokémon. If the player has the necessary evolution stone and the Pokémon he wishes to evolve is alone, he can evolve his Pokémon using the stone.

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Explorers Of Time And Darkness Explorers Of Sky

Luminous Spring

In Explorers of Time and Darkness, and Explorers of Sky, the player’s team must graduate from Wigglytuff’s Guild to gain access to Luminous Spring, the only place in the game where the player can evolve a Pokémon. However, the player character and partner cannot evolve until they defeat Palkia and Manaphy returns.

Where To Find A Moon Stone In Pokemon Lets Go

Pokemon Evolution Stones by Adample on DeviantArt

There are four Pokemon that evolve using a Moon Stone, including:

  • Nidorino to Nidoking
  • Jigglypuff to Wigglytuff
  • Clefairy to Clefable

You can find Moon Stones quite easily in Mt. Moon early on in the game as hidden items. They appear in the craters that you see on the ground inside of the dungeon and respawn every 24 hours.

You can tell when you get near to the stones because your partner Pokemons tail starts to wag really quickly.

We found Moon Stones in the second basement levels of the dungeon, in the craters in the screenshots below:

If youre later on in the game, you can find an additional Moon Stone as a hidden item in the Copycats house, next to her Clefairy dolls.

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Hoenn Pokemon That Evolve With A Sinnoh Stone

Finally, were onto the Hoenn Pokemon. Fun fact: none of the Pokemon that originate in Sinnoh need a Sinnoh Stone to evolve. Weird! Theres probably some weird lore reason surrounding this, but its too early for me to even begin to hypothesise.

  • Snorunt > Froslass
  • Dusclops > Dusknoir
  • Kirlia > Gallade

Now there are two standouts here. Snorunt and Kirlia need to be a specific gender in order to evolve with a Sinnoh Stone, and these are the only two gender restricted Pokemon of this kind. Froslass can only be obtained by evolving a female Snorunt, and Gallade can only be evolved from a male Kirlia – both rarer than their counterparts. Lets hope youve managed to catch one before now!

Pokemon Go Kings Rock

Kings Rock is a stone that helps in evolving certain Pokemon in the game. This stone acts just like the Sinnoh stone, Dragon Scale or Sun Stone and helps in evolving certain Pokemon. The players can use the Kings Rock to evolve two Pokemon in Pokemon Go, Poliwhirl to Politoed, and Slowpoke to Slowking. The players just need to give these Pokemon the King Rock and some candy and the Pokemon will evolve into their Royal forms. Check out all the Pokemon Go evolution items list acquired from below:

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Guaranteed Evolution Stone Locations In Pokmon Sword And Shield

You can find a variety of Evolution Stones throughout your travels in the Galar region.

These Evolution Stones will appear as both visible items for you to pick up, symbolise as Poké Balls, and as hidden items.

You can find hidden items by keeping your eyes on the ground. If you see a small sparkle, then make sure you interact it with to collect the hidden item.

Below you’ll find a list of all the Evolution Stones, both hidden and not, that have fixed locations within Galar and only be found once:

Dusk Stone

You can find this Dusk Stone behind the Pokémon Centre in Stow-on-Side.

Fire Stone

A Fire stone is hidden against the wall in the Motosoke Riverbank area.

Leaf Stone

In Turffield, you’ll be able to find a hidden Leaf Stone by going down the left-hand pathway just before you reach the geoglyph. Next, head down the short, southward, dead-end and pick up the Leaf Stone you see sparkling there.

Moon Stone

A Moon Stone can be easily by entering the Wild Area from Hammerlocke, heading down the left-hand side of the hill and then following the cliff wall along until you find the item.

Shiny Stone

You can find a Shiny Stone on Route 8 by climbing the ladder to the right of Doctor Joanna after you defeat her. Follow this ledge southward and you’ll find the Shiny Stone after a patch of grass.

Sun Stone

There is a Sun Stone in the Dusty Bowl beneath one of the arches, which you walk beneath to evolve Galar Yamask.

Thunder Stone

Water Stone

How To Use The Magnetic Lure In Pokemon Go

all GEN 8 Pokemons that evolves using EVOLUTION STONES in Pokemon Sword and Shield

The Magnetic Lure is one of three new types of lure in the game and it works much like a normal lure, with some slight modifications. For 30 minutes, extra Pokemon will be attracted to the lure, but while a normal lure can attract any type of Pokemon, a Magnetic Lure will only attract electric, steel, and rock type pocket monsters.

It’s also an evolution item! If you’re within the vicinity of a Poke Stop with a Magnetic Lure applied, you can evolve Magneton and Nosepass into Magnezone and Probopass respectively – provided you have enough candy, of course. If you don’t want to fork out 200 coins for one yourself, you could also wait until the next Pokemon Go Community Day and find someone else who’s used one!

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Where Do I Get Evolution Stones In Pokemon Go

Awesome question! These evolution stones can all be obtained from Poke Stops. Though rare, you can get them as rewards for spinning when youre near a Poke Stop. Since this is completely randomized, if youd rather something more absolute, you can of course purchase any of them for real world money. But, hey, better to do it the free way, right?

How To Get A Kings Rock In Pokmon Go

As the evolution method itself is simple, you only have to know how to get a Kings Rock in Pokémon Go. However, like most items, it is a matter of luck: Kings Rock can be found on PokéStops , but we have a tip that can help you.

Pokémon Go features Daily Bonuses that reward players who play this game daily. In addition, if you play Pokémon Go consecutively for 7 days, on the seventh day you will receive a special evolution item. There is no way to find out which item you will receive, but there are only 5 of these items in the game, so you are likely to be able to get a Kings Rock quickly.

Want more help with Pokémon Go? Learn more with our Tricks, tips, guide, advice and codes, with Tips from those who caught them all and also consult our guide on the update of the Gyms and the new changes. In addition, we also have new information about the new Legendary and Rare Pokémon. If you havent seen it yet, we also have the latest news about Raid Battles, how to catch Baby Pokémon, including the Tyrogue, as well as the brand new Badges, and how Berries work. If you have difficulty evolving your Eevee, knowing where the Pokémon go and what biomes exist, you can also read our guides to clear up all your doubts. Lastly, if you have difficulty catching PokéCoins, Candy, Shiny Pokémon, or gaining a lot of XP, we also have several guides!

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How To Get Evolution Items In Pokemon Go

Now, I dont want to sound like a nagging Poke-parent – ironic given how lax parents are in the main games – but its time to up your game and start playing Pokemon Go every day. Yep, on your feet soldier. If you arent already, this small step will guarantee you a Pokemon Go evolution item every seven days from your seven day Pokestop streak and increase your odds of finding a Sinnoh Stone.

Regular special items such as Up-Grades and Kings Rocks sometimes even drop from regular Poke Stops but making sure to spin a Poke Stop every day and working towards your streak will ensure you get at least one every week. Bear in mind though that its impossible to predict what youll get so you might have to see a few Metal Coats before you find the Sun Stone you want.;

The Sinnoh Stone, introduced with Gen 4, is a significantly trickier find but not impossible. There are two main ways to find a Sinnoh Stone. The first is to complete your seven day research breakthrough tasks. This essentially means earning one stamp each day until you earn a legendary Pokemon encounter. If youre lucky, at the same time, youll earn a Sinnoh Stone but they are not guaranteed. The second way to find one is to take part in trainer battles via PvP. Sinnoh Stones have been known to drop for both winners and losers. Good luck!;

Pokemon Go: How To Get A Kings Rock

Unova Stone Pokemon: How to evolve into other species with ...

There are a few ways to get a Kings Rock, but none are guaranteed.

That means youll want to complete as many of these tasks as possible especially since you can only use it once.

Field Research

Arguably the easiest method of earning a Kings Rock, youll want to spin Pokestops wherever possible.

Each offers a 1% chance of an evolution item, including a Kings Rock.

Youll up your chances by spinning Pokestops for seven days in a row, too!

Go Battle League Reward

Speaking of PvP, try competing in the Go Battle League for a chance to earn a Kings Rock as a mystery item.

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How To Evolve Pokemon Using Dusk Stones In Pokemon Sun And Moon

The Dusk Stone is necessary to make certain Ghost- and- Dark-type Pokemon evolve. You can find this spooky shard at the Flea Market at the Malie Community Center, though you may also find them at Isle Aphun . There’s also one near the beach at Poni Wilds.

Dusk Stones turn Misdreavus into Mismagius, Murkrow into Honchkrow, Lampent into Chandelure, and Doublade into Aegislash.

What Are Evolution Items In Pokmon Go

Even the very first Pokémon games featured a handful of special case Pokémon who could only evolve with Evolution Items or other special methods. Even the most recognizable Pokémon out there, Pikachu requires an Evolution Item in the core Pokémon games. Pokémon Go has far fewer Evolution Items and special cases for Evolution than the core games, but there are a few.

The Evolution Items currently available in Pokémon Go:

If and when you get one, it’ll show up in your Items list alongside your Poké Balls, Potions, Lucky Eggs, etc.

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Generation 2 Evolution Items

Pokémon GOs Generation 2 evolution items can be obtained via the 7 day streak, randomly from PokéStop spins, or from opening gifts sent by other Trainers.

Sun Stone

A peculiar stone that can make certain species of Pokémon evolve. It burns as red as the evening sun.

Kings Rock

A rock that can make certain species of Pokémon evolve. It looks like a crown.

Metal Coat

A coating that can make certain species of Pokémon evolve. It is a special metallic film.

Dragon Scale

A scale that can make certain species of Pokémon evolve. It is very tough and inflexible.


A transparent device that can make certain species of Pokémon evolve. It was produced by Silph Co.

The Electric Tale Of Pikachu

How to Get Every Evolution Stone & Item in Pokemon Sword and Shield

In Clefairy Tale, Ash, Professor Oak, and Bill witnessed a Clefairy evolution ceremony involving a large Moon Stone.

The focus of the chapter To Evolve or Not to Evolve, That Is the Question! was Evolution stones. Misty hoped to buy a Water Stone for her Poliwhirl in Stone Town, a town on Dream Island where all the Evolution stones in the Pokémon world come from. However, she couldn’t afford one, remarking that an inexpensive one might make the evolution go bad.

Misty was later given a Water Stone by Mikey, who was being pressured to join the “Knights of the E Stone“, a club which requires members to own a Pokémon evolved by an Evolution stone. By battling club members, Ash and Mikey proved to the club leaders that Pokémon which have evolved by Evolution stone are not necessarily superior to their unevolved counterparts.

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There is every chance that the Unova stone will be used on more Pokemon going forward, as and when more are released, so if you have enough item storage space, it is definitely worth keeping hold of them as and when you get them much like all the other stones that you can get in the game.

Check out some of the best subscription deals in gaming below:

Pokmon Super Mystery Dungeon

Throughout the storyline, the player character and their partner directly evolve to and devolve from their final forms three times, thanks to their Harmony Scarves.

The player can evolve Pokémon in the Tree of Life after beating the game, by talking to Xerneas. Although the only requirement of evolving is to achieve a certain level, some connected Pokémon are unevolvable.

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How To Evolve Pokemon Using Thunder Stones In Pokemon Sun And Moon

The appeal of Alolan Raichu has many Pokémon trainers scrambling for a Thunder Stone. Don’t worry: They’re easy to find. You can find one in the Dream Park on Akala Island, and you can also buy them in Konikoni City. If all else fails, you might dig one up on Isle Aphun .

The Thunder Stone also turns Eevee into Jolteon and Eelektrik into Eelektross.

Other Stones In Pokmon

Pokémon Go: How to evolve into Pokémons Sinnoh forms ...

That covers all the evolutionary stones, but don’t forget about stragglers. For instance, the Oval Stone causes Happiny to evolve into Chansey and will be consumed once used , but it’s technically a held item and only activates when Happiny levels up during the day while holding it.

There’s also the Everstone, working opposite to most stones since this held item prevents a Pokémon from evolving, sparing you the trouble of negating the evolution at every level-up. Beyond that, we’ll undoubtedly see more Rock-oriented evolutions in the future, but for now, as we eagerly await Nintendo’s next generation of Pocket Monsters, vote for your favorite elemental stone and I’ll see you at our next Pokémon countdown!

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How Do You Get Unova Stones

Currently, the only way to get Unova Stones are through completing weekly Field Research Breakthroughs. After turning in seven Field Research Tasks on different days, you can claim the stamps for a Research Breakthrough. In addition to the special Pokémon that will spawn, there is a chance to get an Unova Stone.

Note that its not a high chance to drop, so it might be awhile before you get an Unova Stone.

Unova Stones also sometimes appear as rewards for Timed Research from events, so keep your eyes peeled for those.

How To Get Evolution Stones In Pokemon Go

Pokemon GOs has a ton of different content for players to enjoy. Theres a massive amount of Pokemon in the mix, and even some that are only attainable by using special evolution stones . Now, its not immediately evident how you can get your hands on these special rocks, but its actually really easy to do so. Heres how to get Evolution Stones in Pokemon GO.

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