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Pokemon Go Rarest Pokemon

Need Help Catching Those Rare Pokmon


Like all Pokémon games, there is a plethora of different Pokémon to catch. However, not all of them are as simple as others to catch or even easy to come across out in the wild.

Throughout the years since the games release in 2016, there has been a handful of Pokémon that players have found it hard to get their hands on and that sometimes changes as the game evolves.

It can also be a matter of an opinion too as some players have been able to get hold of the rare characters easily. But can also be frustrating if youve had your eye out for one of the more elusive characters but just dont seem to be getting lucky.

Heres a list of some, but not all, of the rarest Pokémon in Pokémon Go right now.

Pokemon Go Rarest Pokemon In No Particular Order

The list below is a comprehensive list of rare Pokemon in Pokemon GO. For the most part, luck is going to play a huge role in how rare a Pokemon is, especially for those that can be found in the wild. But as youll read in this list of rare Pokemon it doesnt matter how much you play itll be impossible to find Pokemon in some cases.

/15 2 The Legendaries

There have been a lot of rumors and speculation surrounding the five legendary Pokémon. It has been reported that some players have, in fact, seen and even captured one or two of these uber-rare creatures, but these rumors have been quickly shot down. As it stands right now, Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos, Mew, and Mewtwo are not yet available in Pokémon Go.

The leading rumor at this point in time is that these five legendary Pokémon will be obtainable through community events as seen with Mewtwo in the original Pokémon Go trailer. One player has stated that the coding for these legendaries is, in fact, in the game, but they have yet to release these “so called” event matches to the public as they will likely be available in later updates.

There are still a lot of questions surrounding these five Pokémon, but with all of the hype radiating from this game, we would not be surprised to hear some sort of news concerning these legendary beasts in the near future.

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/16 Shiny Party Hat Nidorino

Some shinies, particularly those with hats, are often only available for limited times, therefore only the most proactive trainers can snag them. This gimmick rewards the more constant gamers as well as those who pay attention to official information given out by developers on various media platforms. This alternately colored Nidorino that is sporting a festive party hat was only available in a raid in February 2020 that lasted just 3 hours.

Pokemon Go: Rare Pokemon List

Pokémon Go: How to catch rare Pokémon

In this article, Pokemon Gos Rare Pokemon list will be discussed. Catching these rare pokemon is always a challenge due to the real-time hours spent hunting and/or hatching these pokemons. Aside from that, these pokemons are among those who are event-locked, region-locked, and/or low spawn rates while all shiny pokemons are considered rare.

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Do Pawn Shops Buy Rare Pokemon Cards

Many pawn shops will purchase and sell Pokemon cards. However, because pawn shops are in the business of making a profit, they will likely not pay you the full value of your card. To get the most money for your Pokemon card, its best to sell it directly to another collector or to an online dealer.

If youre still set on selling to a pawn shop, do some research beforehand and look up the value of your card online. This way, youll have a better idea of what its worth and can haggle with the pawnbroker for a higher price.

When you go to the pawnshop, bring along any documentation or proof of authenticity that you have for your card. This will increase its value in the eyes of the pawnbroker.

/16 Shiny Alolan Vulpix

Alolan forms were released in PokemonGO as Niantic was celebrating their third anniversary with a new event back in July 2019. Of course, this release also meant that shiny variants of Alolan forms were also able to be found and captured.

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However, many of the Alolan Pokemon were only available through hatching 7KM eggs, which is a hefty hike to hatch a Pokemon. Especially if you’re after a shiny version of Alolan Vulpix who is hyper-rare to find, with the lowest odds of all Alolan Pokemon released, but now, instead of going through the hatching process, Alolan Vulpix can now be caught in the wild.

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Tricks To Catch The Pokemon Go

As you have seen, trying traditionally to catch the rarest Pokemon using the Pokemonâ Go is a sweaty assignment. However, several players have mastered the art of doing it differently and quickly. Do you want to know the secret? Simply use a Pokemonâ Go map and location spoofer tool to mock Pokemonâ Go about your location. This way, you can virtually travel to any desired location and grab the rarest Pokemon with ease.

Finding these location spoofer tools is often tricky. Fortunately, several Android location spoofers can help you mock your GPS location and teleport to whichever place you like. You can search and download them on Play Store then get started on your Android device. Most of them are a total no-brainer, and you wonât experience a steep navigation curve.

Another great and inexpensive GPS mocking tool is Dr. Fone virtual location. Yes, this tool is pretty simple and offers the right platform to teleport wherever you want across the world on your devices. The easy three-step GPS mocking procedure is good news for all categories of users. Whether you are a newbie or an expert, expect the easiest of rides. If you get bored with static movements, you can make use of the static movements available. Simply draw desired routes between two points and mimic cycling, walking, or driving speeds.

4,039,074 people have downloaded it

Keep Leveling Up For More Rare Pokemon

Top 10 Current Rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Go!

The higher that you level your trainer in Pokemon GO the more opportunity youll have to catch rare Pokemon. Theres no shortcuts to leveling up your trainer in Pokemon Go youre simply going to need to play the game a lot to level up. In doing so youll undoubtedly start catching more rare Pokemon.

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What Is A Good Price To Sell Pokemon Cards

When pricing Pokemon cards for sale, a good price is one that is fair for both the seller and the buyer. Youll want to find a price that is high enough to make a profit, but not so high that no one will buy the card from you.

If you sell your Pokemon cards for too little, you may not make the profit youre looking for and people may be suspicious that the card isnt authentic. On the other hand, if you sell your cards for too much, they may not sell at all.

Practice your pricing on cards with a low to medium value so that you can get a feel for what is a good price to sell Pokemon cards. Once youve sold a few cards and have gotten some feedback from buyers, youll be able to better price your more valuable cards.

The Difficulty Of Catching Those Rare Pokemon Go

Catching a rare Pokemonâ Go is no doubt a complicated process akin gambling. You have to throw yourself into lots of trials and ride on luck to catch one. Some of the things that make the catching of rare Pokemon much difficult on Pokemonâ Go include:

  • Knowing the right species is a complicated process. Without knowing them, it becomes hard to catch.
  • Without a higher trainer level, it will take luck to catch a rare Pokémon. There is a high chance that if you have a better trainer level, you will stumble upon rare Pokemons.
  • You may need to travel large distances and hatching several eggs using incubators to get even a single rare Pokemon. You should not be fooled that a rare Pokemon is only available in the 10 km eggs. It varies between 2, 5, and 10 km eggs.
  • Pokemonâs are not tied to specific real-world. You have to try and revisit spots you earlier missed them.
  • A raid gives superb points, but it requires many players attacking at once to claim a prize.

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Melmetal 5 Rarest Pokemon In Pokemon Go

Melmetal is arguably one of the rarest Pokemons to exist in Pokemon Go. Along with this, it is also a very difficult Pokemon to evolve. A price of 400 Candy further cements its position as one of the hardest Pokemons to acquire.

Pretty much every player playing Pokemon Go finds Melmetal to be extremely elusive, which makes finding it almost next to impossible, let alone catch it. One of the ways you can possibly give this a shot is by unlocking a Mystery Box in Pokemon Go.

Ultra Beast Pokmon Released In Pokmon Go So Far

18 Tier List Legendary Pokemon

The first Ultra Beast – Nihilego – was released as part of the global Go Fest 2022 event in June 2022.

Three others were then introduced as part of in-person Go Fest events in the following months – Pheromosa, Buzzwole and Xurkitree – as part of Special Research quests in Berlin, Seattle and Sapporo respectively. These then appeared as part of the global Go Fest finale event on Saturday, 27th August, 2022, just ahead of Season of Go finale.

From there, more continue to trickle through the wormholes – with Celesteela and Kartana in Southern and Northern Hemispheres respectively as part of the Season of Light.

Below, you’ll find the full list of all released Ultra Beast Pokémon in Pokémon Go so far:

Ultra Beast Pokémon
Test Your Mettle – 13th September 2022

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Azelf Mespirit And Uxie

Yes, its true: this legendary trio spawns in the wild. Weve seen it. But the chances of witnessing this miraculous event are minuscule.

Azelf, Mespirit and Uxie are the only legendary Pokémon that appear in the wild, and they also swoop into gyms to star in raids from time to time.

But collecting the full set is a pain as the tricky threesome are region locked. So youll have to wait until theyre in raids, then hope for a remote invite from a far-flung friend you can make lots of new friends around the world by sharing your friend code.

The regions where youll find the 3 legendaries are:

  • Uxie: Asia-Pacific
  • Mespirit: Europe, the Middle East, Africa and India
  • Azelf: The Americas and Greenland

Shedinja Requires An Empty Spot On A Pokmon Team

Shedinja is one of the most novel Pokémon in existence, its ability making it immune to everything it’s not weak to at the cost of only having 1 HP. In order to get Shedinja, the player has to do something many would rarely do on purpose, and keep a spot in their party open. When a Nincada evolves into Ninjask, if the player has an open slot in their party and a spare Poké Ball, then Shedinja will appear in their party. Even catching Shedinja in Pokémon GO is out of the ordinary, as it can’t be found in the wild there either. Getting a Shedinja may be slightly counter-intuitive, but it will leave the player with a Pokémon unlike any other.

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Will Pokmon Cards Go Up In Value

The value of Pokémon cards increases for a number of reasons. The most common reason is that cards become rarer as time goes on and more people get into the hobby of collecting them. The longer a card has been out of print, the more it will increase in value over time.

Another reason why cards may go up in value is if the character on the card becomes more popular. For example, if a new Pokémon game comes out and features a certain character prominently, that card will likely become more valuable to collectors.

Other unforeseen events can also lead to an increase in value, so you never know when a card you have might become worth a lot more money. Take good care of your cards and keep an eye on the market to see how much theyre selling for. You may just have a goldmine on your hands if you have the right card at the right time.

The Lake Trio Azelf Mesprit Uxie

How to Find ALL 36 Wild Rare Pokemon in Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee

Azelf, Mesprit, Uxie make up The Lake Trio, and the Lake Guardians collection is almost impossible to achieve unless youve got a private plane. Uxie is only available in Asia, Mesprit is locked to Europe, and Azelf is available in the Americas. Talk about an expensive collection if you were looking to collect all three. Beating the Raid during the event is really the only way to get just one Pokemon that corresponds with your region.

While during certain events for the Lake Trio it was hoped by many that Niantic would rotate the Pokemon during the event, it turned out that this would not be the case.

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Deino Zweilous And Hydreigon

Deino is yet another rare dragon-type Pokémon, with its rare spawn rate in the wild and hatching from 12km eggs there it sits on tier three with Absol, Skorupi, Skrelp and Salandit.

Thankfully, Deino had its own Community Day back in June 2022, which was the perfect time to this little dragon. Don’t worry if you missed this event or didn’t catch that many Deinos though, because, like previous years, the last Community Day event of 2022 will most likely involve all of the Community Day Pokémon from 2022 appearing more frequently in the wild.

Once youve caught a Deino, youll need to gather 125 Deino candy to fully evolve it into Hydreigon. Due to the power of this Pokémon, however, its a good idea to gather some extra candy – through Rare Candy and having it as your buddy – to power it up or unlock this Pokémons second charged move.

Azelf / Mesprit / Uxie

Type: PsychicEvolution: None

The legendary fairies Mesprit, Azelf, and Uxie are the Pokémon that make up the Lake Guardians. The Pokémon are known only to a few people in the games, including Professor Rowan, the members of Team Galaktic, Dawn or Lucas, the rival, and Cynthia.

Professor Rowan gives the player, Dawn or Lucas, and the rival the task of collecting data on the legendary Pokémon at the three lakes.

Giratina can be found in the Cave of Reversal at the fourth lake, the source of the divide that lies on the spring path. Giratina is not one of them, but the third in Sinnohs second legendary trio.

In Platinum, where Giratina should be, you will find access to the world of distortion. In this smaller world of war, if you should have defeated Giratina, you can fight it again and you also get the Platinum Orb.

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/16 Shiny Meloetta Hat Galarian Ponyta

One thing that has kept players engaged with Pokemon GO are the constant releases from Niantic that showcase Pokemon with unique clothing items or special outfits. These specialized variants of the Pokemon in question can be pretty rare to obtain on their own, so players can imagine how rare they become when the word “shiny” is added to the mix.

That was exactly the case with Galarian Ponyta, which had multiple shiny forms, including one that had an adorable Meloetta hat atop its head. The adorable circular hat fits the shiny aesthetic of this Ponyta form much better than the original, which had many players searching as hard as possible for the prized Pokemon.

Do Go Battle League Ranks Affect Your Ability To Catch Collectibles

Made the legendary for Pokémon Gun,it took over 5 hours. Any feedback ...

Yes, high GO Battle League rankings offer different rewards. For example, at Rank 20, you unlock your ability to catch Pikachu Libre. Youll enjoy even more exclusive benefits if you win enough matches and catch it.

While your ranking improves your catching odds, you dont have to rank high to catch collectibles. Many of the rarest Pokémon on our list occasionally spawn in public locations, meaning you could get lucky. We recommend following our list above and the specific instructions for each creature to catch the rarest ones.

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All Rotom Forms Heat Wash Frost Fan And Mow Rotom Explained

Debuting in Gen 4, Rotom can possess and take the form of different electrical appliances.

In the process, it will take on new forms and change type along the way.

Here are the Rotom Forms we know about from the mainline entries. To clarify, these are not in Pokémon Go at the time of writing, but the following gives you an idea of what to expect:

Rotom Form

Rare Pokmon List: What Are The Rarest Creatures In Pokmon Go

While this isnt a complete list of every rare Pokémon, it does cover the majority of creatures which are currently difficult to find in Pokémon Go.

When hunting for rare Pokémon, its important to remember that certain factors, such as where you live, have an effect on which specific Pokémon are rare for you. If you live by the sea, for example, youre more likely to encounter rare water-type Pokémon than someone who lives in a city.

How often you play Pokémon Go also has an effect, with regular players often finding a rarer Pokémon more frequently due to having a higher Trainer Level. This is because your Trainer Level sneakily gates a selection of Pokemon from the wild spawn pool if youre not certain levels – so the higher your Trainer Level, the more Pokémon species you can encounter.

Finally, dont forget that in-game events, like Community Day, have an effect on which Pokémon appear in raids, occasionally egg pools and in the wild, such as boosting specific types or particular Pokémon.

Considering the release of new Pokémon, like the Ultra Beasts, and Daily Adventure Incense, we’ve updated our list of the Pokémon which are considered rare in Pokémon Go in July 2022:

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