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Pokemon Go Pc Spoofing

Can You Spoof Pokemon Go On An Emulator

How to Spoof, Joystick & More in Pokemon Go (PC Required) iPogo 2022

It is not currently possible to spoof Pokemon GO on an emulator on your PC. There have been ways in the past using fake GPS apps such as Lexa, Hola, and PGSharp, but these have been patched out by Niantic.

There is a constant battle between spoofers and Niantic, and we will likely see another way to circumvent Niantics anti-cheat soon, so dont forget to check back!

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Spoof Pokemon Go On Android 6 8

Android 6 8 are the easiest devices to Spoof. If you have an old phone or can get your hands on an old Android for a few bucks, then it will probably be well worth it if you like Pokemon GO and want to spoof the game.

To spoof Pokemon GO on Android 6 8:

  • Downgrade Google Play services
  • Disable Find my Device and Google Pay
  • Uninstall updates on Google Play Services
  • DisableBackground Data on Google Play Services
  • Clear App Data from Pokemon GO and restart Phone
  • Install Fake GPS Joystick& Routes Go
  • Enable No Root Mode & Wait Dialog
  • Set Android location settings to High Accuracy

Check this article for more in-depth guidance.

Play Pokmon Go On The Computer With Virtual Location Tool

What You Need

To play Pokémon GO on a computer with a Virtual location you need to have the following things ready:

1. A VPN: Download and install a VPN to choose your location for starting the game and getting the Pokemon at a new location.

2. A GPS spoofing app: Download the spoofing app, such as “Mock Mock Locations”.

3. VPN server location: Set the VPN server location to a place where you want to play and get more Pokémon GO games. You can also change the location many times.

But the only thing is to make the system unable to catch you while using emulators. A detailed description is given above of how to save yourself from blocking.

4. Pokémon GO game: Download and install the Pokémon GO game on your mobile device and follow the complete guidelines to play it in a much better way.

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Can You Play Pokemon Go With Bluestacks

A classic example of games that are currently incompatible with mobile gaming emulators is Pokemon Go. Though the mobile game previously supported the BlueStacks 3, since Niantic rolled out its newest update, it crippled the emulator support. For that reason, the game was inaccessible on BlueStacks 4.Later, BlueStacks developers took it upon themselves to add a new update to the emulator that could run Pokemon Go without any problems. Now anyone can play this popular game using BlueStacks 5.

Simply install the BlueStacks emulator on your desktop, and add the Pokemon Go app to the interface using your Google account. Now, you will be able to play the game similar to running it on an Android device.

But, the question remains, since Pokemon Go is a location-based game, how do you play it and catch Pokemon without ever leaving your home. Well, the answer to it is spoofing, and in the following sections, I will explain how to perform said activity!

How Do I Spoof My Location On Pokemon Go Iphone

Pokémon GO Spoofing  The #1 Hub for Spoofers!

Step 2: Install PokemonGo PRO or PokeGo++ via the BuildStore and sign in to your Pokémon Go account. Step 3: Open the map screen in the game and then tap on the gear icon at the top left corner of the screen. Step 4: Turn on Fake Location under Spoofing. Step 5: Choose Forever in Time to save location. Can you fake find my iPhone location? If you have an older iPhone, one that has been jailbroken, then you can use FMFNotifier, a standalone app for iPhones that lets you spoof your location within the Find My Friends app. Just download the latest version from the web and install it.

Est-il possible de changer la langue du jeu ? Allez dans le jeu Pokémon UNITE. Allez dans les paramètres.

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Spoofing Your Pokemon Go Location With A Vpn

You can spoof your location for Pokemon GO with a VPN by following these steps:

  • Determine which VPN service will best meet your needs. In this case, well use NordVPN. Download and install it on your device.
  • Launch the VPN and choose a location you want to play Pokemon Go in.
  • Launch Pokemon Go.
  • You can now play the game with your new, spoofed location.
  • How To Spoof Safely In Pokemon Go On Android Via Mock Location:

    Step 1. Install the Mock Location App

    Please go to Google Play, and install this app on your Android handset.

    Step 2. Change Your Location on Android

    Run it and click the magnifier icon to search for your wanted location. Then hit the OK icon for identification. After that, you can open Pokemon Go to start the game with the fake location.

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    Mock Location: Pokemon Go Spoofer Without Rooting

    Mock Locations is another useful Android spoofing software for Pokemon Go in 2022. Without rooting your Android device, it may simply and safely mimic your location information. However, it offers a free trial that lasts for 24 hours. As a result, if you wish to use the premium features beyond the free trial period, you must purchase the full version.

    Android Mock Location App

  • Install the app from the Google Play Store.
  • Now, go to device Settings and select the Developer Options button.
  • There, check the Allow Mock Location option before accessing the Mock Location App section.
  • Simply, select Mock Locations from the list!
  • Select mock location app in developer options

  • Next, launch the app, and choose which location you want to visit to play the Pokemon Go game.
  • Once done, open Pokemon Go, and you will be able to interact with new trainers and unique Pokemon in a different region.
  • adjust new location using Mock Locations

    Gps Joystick For Android Devices

    How to spoof pokemon go in 2022

    GPS Joystick for Android is a popular app that allows users to spoof their location easily. However, this app isnt compatible with the latest version of Pokemon Go.

    Thus, it cant be used to spoof location while playing the game. On top of this, the app requires a rooted device. Rooting your device voids your warranty and can be risky.

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    Mock Locations Is An Android App That Spoofs Gps Location

    Finally, and perhaps most significantly, this software is not free.

    There is no money-back guarantee, however there is a 24-hour free trial that covers all premium features. On the other hand, the apps author sometimes reacts to Store complaints and provides a refund. In any case, you should double-check that Mock Locations successfully unblocks Pokemon GO.

    How To Spoof Your Pokemon Go Location On Ios

    GPS spoofing on iOS is a bit tougher, and youll need to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad. Find, download, and install Protect My Privacy from Cydia, a mobile package manager for jailbroken iPhones. In the app, go to Location and select Protect. Here you can use a map to drop a pin on your desired fake location. Once thats done, connect to your VPN and open Pokemon Go to get started.

    The downside of GPS spoofing is you cant really walk around because the spoofing app holds you in place, so youll have to switch back to the GPS app to change your location and get near Pokemon. Pick a place with a lot of lures so that Pokemon will spawn on top of you without having to move.

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    Why So Many People Seek Pokemon Go Spoofing On Android

    Before we discuss various Android Pokemon Go spoof solutions, it is important to cover the basics. As you know, Pokemon Go is based on augmented reality and encourages us to move around to catch more Pokemons. To do this, users go out, visit parks, cafes, and tons of different places. Though, there would come a time when you would exhaust all the nearby Pokemons.

    If you want to have more Pokemons in your collection or visit different gyms, then you need to do Pokemon Go GPS spoof on Android. This will make the app believe that you are somewhere else and would unlock more Pokemons for you. Needless to say, you can spoof Pokemon Go at the convenience of your home and would not have to travel to different places to extend your collection.

    Best Pokemon Go Spoofers For Ios/android Devices

    [Easy Method] spoofer.online Pokemon Go Spoofing Can

    A huge Pokemon Go player, and an enthusiast in collecting the rarest Pokemons. He is also keen on sharing the best gaming tactics on Pokemon Go.

    • An ideal Pokemon Go spoofer can not only change your device location, but also prevent your account from being banned.
    • I have collected all the best and easy methods during my research and shared them here in this tutorial with you.

    One of the most challenging issues I encountered when playing Pokemon Go was a lack of available Pokemon. I used to keep wandering and trying my luck, but it nearly always culminated in exhaustion and frustration.

    To discover additional Pokemon, I tried utilizing a VPN to change my location, but this required me to travel, which was not a viable idea constantly.

    Finally, I discovered the finest Pokemon Go spoofers, which I will reveal in this post. Their spoofer not only allows you to change your location, but it also helps you acquire more Pokemon without leaving and while being in the comfort of your own house! You can capture any uncommon Pokemon at home after reading this post by reclining on the sofa like me.

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    With Jailbroken Ios Devices

    Having a jailbroken iPhone or iPad is pretty much the most hassle-free and 100% proven method to spoof your location with a VPN in Pokemon GO. If you do already have one, all you need to do is:

    • Open the Cydia package manager/jailbreak app store.
    • Get the TsProtector app to hide jailbroken devices and the Location Spoofer app.
    • Open Location Spoofer, then open the Location menu.
    • Select Protect and pick a location of your choosing on the map.
    • Connect to the VPN and make sure you pick the same VPN location as the one from the Protect My Privacy.
    • Run Pokemon GO.

    That should do the job. Nevertheless, spoofing GPS location keeps your character in that particular GPS spot, so you cant just walk around to look for more Pokemon. Youll need to switch your location first from the spoofing and GPS apps. Otherwise, you can also use the PokeGO++ app with a jailbroken device.

    Spoof Your Location With A Diy App With Xcode

    For the more technically-minded, Reddit user Jaegaarn also recommends creating a spoofing app using Xcode on a MacBook. According to Jaegaarn, all you need to do is generate a GPX geolocational file from Google Maps, import the file into a test app, then run the file as a test location for the test app. When you play Pokemon GO with the test app running in the background, your in-game location should be the same as the one you use on the test app. But you must have your iOS device plugged into the MacBook for this to work.

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    Knowing What Is Bluestacks

    BlueStacks Player is an Android emulator. It is aimed to enable Android applications to run on Microsoft Windows and Apple’s macOS computers. BlueStacks uses PCs hardware power more efficiently so that you can play even the most advanced mobile games with maximum graphics quality without any problem.

    Use Bluestacks To Play Pokmon Go On Pc For Android Device

    Free iPOGO Install Tutorial – SIDELOADY METHOD – Pokémon GO Spoofing 2021

    Would you like to enjoy Pokémon GO on your Windows PC? The truth is, this can be easier than you thought. To achieve this, you will need an Android to Windows emulator. The best emulator we would recommend for this purpose is BlueStacks. In this article, we will look at how you can use Bluestacks to spoof your PC and play Pokémon GO.

    Follow the following steps to achieve perfect results:

    Step 1. Install BlueStacks:

    You should first download and install Bluestack. At this point, it is also important that you set up a Google account.

    Step 2. Install and Run KingRoot:

    To install KingRoot successfully, open BlueStack on your PC and click the APK symbol. Open the APK file on your PC and allow KingRoot to install automatically. After installing kingRoot, run it and then click try it. Finally, click on Fix Now.

    Once you see the security index, select optimize now and then close KingRoot.

    Step 3. Restart BlueStack:

    Check the top-right corner on Bluestack and click the cogwheel. From the options, choose Android Plugin.

    The process restarts the BlueStack application player. You should remember this procedure as you will need it later on.

    Step 4. Copy Files from Windows:

    To achieve this, select the folder icon from BlueStack and then open FakeGPS. Everything will be copied automatically on Bluestack.

    Step 5. Install and Run Lucky Patcher:

    Step 6. Install Pokémon GO:

    Step 7. Check Location Settings:

    Step 8. Set up FakeGPS:

    Step 9. Play Pokémon GO:

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    Mock Locations In Pokmon Go With Ios Apps

    Another choice to spoof location in Pokémon GO on iPhone is to use iOS apps. Compared with desktop software, an iOS app is more convenient to use. Here I’d like to take iPokéGo as an example.

    As its name indicates, this tool is designed exclusively for Pokémon GO. Since it allows you to change the radar position on your device, it could serve the function of a Pokémon GO spoofer that enables you to change location in Pokémon GO as you want to.

    Besides, it has more useful features for game players than other GPS spoofers. You can search for it in the App Store and install the app on your iPhone to let it fake GPS locations in Pokémon GO with ease.

    For more information about this app, go to its official site instead.

    Proven Ways For Pokemon Go Pc Spoofing In 2022

    Table of Content

    Some people think installing Remix OS or other Android Emulators on their PC can enable them to enjoy Android games with ease. However, this isn’t the case with Pokémon GO! There are even articles suggesting Nox Emulator’s installation for you to play Pokémon GO without being detected by Pokémon GO servers.

    The truth is that these game developers can catch you if you employ such hacks. Let us see how you can use Pokémon GO on your PC without running risks of being detected and banned.

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    Ipokego For Pokemon Go

    iPokeGo is another Pokemon Go Spoofer on iOS. But the main danger is that your account will be blocked if the firm determines your actual location.

    Given that the iOS system lacks a “spoof location” feature doing so is not that simple. Let’s look at some of the apps that will require you to jailbreak your iOS.

    How Do You Spoof In Pokemon Go With The Fake Gps Location App:

    How to play Pokemon Go with GPS spoofing

    Step 1. Install the App on Android

    In the beginning, please download and install this app on your Android device, open it, and choose the “Set Location” option.

    Step 2. Select a Location on the Map

    Tap the “Open Map” icon to pick the location you want on the map. Then tap the “SELECT” and “Start” icons. Now, you have changed your GPS location on your mobile device. You can check it on your Google Map.

    Step 3. Go to Pokemon Go

    After that, you can start the Pokemon Go with the mock location.

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    Best Places For Pokmon Go In Tokyo

    TLDR: The 10 best places for Pokémon Go in Tokyo are: Senso-ji Temple, Shibuya,Meiji-Jigu Shrine, Akihabara, Roppongi, Tokyo Tower, Ueno Park, Imperial Palace, Shinjuku and Odaiba. This list is not ranked in any specific order. If you want a deeper experience in Tokyo while catching Pokémon, check out the Pokémon Go Walking Tour in Tokyo.

    And if you dont like to read, watch the video below and Ill basically read the article for you -)

    Now lets get to the list of 10 places and the reasons why:

    1 Senso-Ji Temple

    Some of the pokémon you can find in Senso-Ji temple:Blastoise, Sandshrew, Machop, Shellder, Bellsprout.

    Senso-ji temple, is a place where you can find a variety of pokémon types because of the large body of water nearby, in Sumida River. Rare Pokémon are also quite possible to find here, in our teams first visit we found this Blastoise in just under 15 minutes! Blastoise is one of the rarest pokémon you can find in Pokémon go, so we took a picture to prove

    The Senso-ji Temple Temple is in the heart of Asakusa and is one of the best places because of its defining feature: They have one of the coolest and most competitive Pokémon Go gyms in Tokyo, the Kaminarimon gym. Its amazing to see Team Mystic, Team Valor and Team Instinct taking each other out in fierce battles full of strong pokemon. They constantly switch ownership of the gym, but at the time of the picture, Team Valor took the lead.


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