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Pokemon Battle Styles Card List

Single Strike Urshifu Vmax 168/163

Pokemon Battle Styles Top 20 Most Valuable Cards! *Price Guide*

This card is the twin of the card I just discussed and honestly one that received a rave review. While I am a fan of this card as well, it is in a totally different spot than the one above this one, so dont place these two on the same level. First off, this card is not playable at all, unlike the one I just discussed, which makes all the difference for an already expensive card such as this one. If it were playable, it would be in the exact same situation as the card above this one, as they would be comparable in pretty much every way, but that is just not the case.

Editors Note: Single Strike actually has seen some success in online events players like AzulGG have continued to improve upon the base list and it seems like it might cement itself in the metagame!

Lastly, this card is sitting at $80 right now, which is substantially lower than the Rapid Strike version, but this also feels like its cap. It is not a playable card, it has release hype and I just dont see it increasing much further than where it is now. On the other side of things, I would not be surprised if this cards price decreased, temporarily or for good.

Battle Styles Most Expensive Cards

There are a few cards within the recent Pokemon Battle Styles TCG Set that are already selling for a decent buck, despite the set only launching today. These prices are likely to fluctuate, but for now, here are the current most expensive cards on eBay:

  • Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX – 170/163
  • Tyranitar V – 155/163
  • Urshifu VMax Rainbow Rare – 169/163
  • Cheryl Rainbow Rare – 173/163

Rapid Strike Urshifu V

Urshifu is a legendary Pokemon, so there’s no surprise that most of the cards in Battle Styles featuring it, are most valuable. This card in particular is of the Rapid Strike version of the beast, with an emphasis on Fighting-type moves.

The full art display on the card is incredible and does an excellent job of highlighting why Urshifu’s design is so appealing to fans of the franchise. This alternate full art version of Urshifu V’s Battle Styles card list price is currently going for around $27 on average.

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Battle Styles Set List

Pokemon Cards

The Pokemon Battle Styles contains 183 cards 163 in the base set and 20 secret rare cards some of them are extremely valuable!

Pokemon » All Sets » Sword & Shield » Battle Styles

The Battle Styles set was released on March 19, 2021. Its the fifth expansion set in the Sword & Shield Series and contains 163 cards in the base set, plus 20 secret rare cards the most valuable cards being V, VMAX, ultra, and secret cards. The Battle Styles set introduces Single Strike and Rapid Strike Pokemon new powerful attacks to use against your enemies!

The table below is a complete list of cards in the Battle Styles set. Click on the cards to see their values.

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Single Strike Urshifu Vmax

The Single Strike Urshifu VMAX may not have made the list, but its secret alternate art version certainly did. Those looking to collect this card should be prepared to spend around $40 when looking to add it to their personal collection of cards.

Some fans may argue that the Single Strike version of Urshifu has a better full art display, but that doesn’t stop it from being almost half the price of its Rapid Strike VMAX counterpart. That being said the card still dazzles with its focus on the use of warm colors throughout.

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Rapid Strike Urshifu Vmax

Urshifu is considered by many fans to be one of the cooler Pokemon designs in regards to legendary Pokemon in recent years. The customization trainers have in choosing to pursue either the Rapid Strike or Single Strike evolution for the creature also adds a level of interest.

The secret rare version of Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX is dazzling and the rainbow shine of this $26 card makes the price point worth it. That price is less than 1/3 the price of Urshifu’s most expensive card in the entirety of Battle Styles.

Expensive Tcg Battle Style Card: Phoebe

Top 20 Pokemon Cards from Battle Styles! (New Sword & Shield Expansion – Set Review)

The Battle Styles set has a quite a few secret rares – even secret rare trainers. But good ol’ Phoebe is consistently ranked as the most valuable trainer in this set, despite the fact that she’s not even in the Isle of Armor DLC. Rather, as players of Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald will remember, she’s one of the Elite Four of Hoenn. The rainbow secret rares aren’t quite as valuable as the golds or the alternate art ones, but they sure look impressive.

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Expensive Tcg Battle Style Card: Tyranitar V

Here’s where the cards jump up dramatically in price. Tyranitar V is arguably the best card from the Battle Styles set – both from a playing point of view and an art point of view. Look at him! A gentle, sleeping, quietly terrifying monster. When he wakes up after his post-snack nap and uses that Single Strike Crush, it is no wonder Pignite continues to look nervous.

The Top 10 Pokemon Cards From Battle Styles

Hello everyone and welcome back to my collecting series! Battle Styles is all the rage right now. In my last article, I covered the set as a whole and gave my general thoughts on how I thought cards would perform. I am going to continue reviewing the set today with my top 10! Cards are chosen with future value in mind, but the current situation of a card also influences things as well. Lets get started!

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& : Phoebe 175/163 & Cheryl 173/163

These are the seven and eight spots, but I decided to lump them together because they are in a very similar position and I have the same things to say about each card.

Whenever a new set is released, I always look at the full art Supporter cards. They have performed very well overall, have been subject to major price increases over time and buyouts due to how popular they can be. This makes them a consistently appealing set of cards, especially when they are at their low point, so I always keep an eye on them.

As for this sets Supporters, it seems like the secret rare versions of Phoebe and Cheryl have the lead early, but honestly that means very little to me overall. None of these cards seem to have a large appeal advantage over the others, which leaves them all in a similar position in the long run, even ones that are not listed here. Additionally, despite only listing the secret rare versions here, the actual full art versions have a lot of potential as well.

I dont have much else to say full art Supporters are always keeping an eye on.

Expensive Tcg Battle Style Card: Houndoom

Pokemon Sword &  Shield 5

Some Pokémon TCG players were confused when, out of all available Pokémon, it was Houndoom who received a golden secret card. However, the incredible staying power of the value of this card as proven its own worth – as well as the incredible passion of Houndoom-lovers.

The fact is, the secret Single Strike Urshifu has almost dropped half in price compared to where it was in April, but Houndoom has only slipped $10.

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Expensive Tcg Battle Style Card: Single Strike Urshifu Vmax

Any player of Sword and Shield knows that a gigantamax Pokémon is incredibly powerful, and this Single Strike-style Urshifu certainly looks the part. This card is a secret rare, which means that no one knew what it would be or look until one was actually found after the set’s release. Secret rares also go beyond the number of any given set, which is displayed on the card itself. In this case, Single Strike Urshifu is “168/163.”

Rapid Strike Urshifu Vmax 169/163

This card is too popular and expensive to not talk about, but unfortunately, it is just a different variation of the second card I reviewed on this list, the alternate art Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX. I say unfortunately because it is never fun to pack a top 10 list with a bunch of similar cards, but these do have some differences between them and I plan to discuss those and more.

The main difference is simply the rarity discrepancy between this card and the one I previously discussed, as alternate arts of this quality tend to outrank their hyper rare equivalents hard. They are more appealing to the average collector because they look nicer and their pull rates tend to be lower. This just makes them more collectable overall this has already been seen in the past with cards like Arceus & Dialga & Palkia-GX.

With that said, I think the alternate art will always outrank this one. This means that their prices are sort of connected at the hip, so keep an eye on that as things progress. Sometimes the market will catch up with one card and not the other, which can be a great indicator that a price is about to move. This happens with graded cards a lot especially, as sometimes a raw cards price will be comparable to the price of a high graded card, which generally means that the raw card is going to increase in price or the graded card is going to decrease in price, which is a similar situation to what could end up having here. Just something to monitor.

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Prices For Pokemon Battle Styles Pokemon Cards

*BUYING ALL* Pokemon Battle Styles Elite Trainer Boxes!

Pokemon Battle Styles card list & price guide. Ungraded & graded values for all Pokemon TCG Battle StylesPokemon Cards., historic prices, and past sales.

Find out how to identify your pokemon card using card numbers, sets, foil, and editions.

Prices are updated daily based upon Pokemon Battle Styles listings that sold on eBay and our marketplace. Read our methodology.

You own: 0 of 311 items Track your collection today.

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Rapid Strike Urshifu Vmax 170/163

This is the second most expensive card in the set currently and I do not think that is just because of hype. While I do think the price may decrease some, I do not expect it to drop so much to the point where it is not competing for the higher spots on this list. This card feels comparable to the alternate art version of Arceus & Dialga & Palkia-GX, but their prices are not comparable at all now. ADP, currently sitting at $80, is one of the best cards in the game and has incredible artwork. It has also been released for a while, so its price is stabilized and proven. It does have potential to continue to increase, but I dont think there will see any major jumps out of it.

Anyways, as for Urshifu here, is it currently at a whopping $150. That is an incredible difference and while I have a lot of faith in this card, I would be surprised if it stayed that high forever. It has yet to prove itself in a competitive setting and the price difference is just so massive that I cant wrap my head around it now. Regardless, I do think that this card will always compete for a top spot on this list, as I do not see all the other cards holding their price if this card drops a lot.

Most Expensive Tcg Battle Style Card: Rapid Strike Urshifu Vmax

This Gigantamax Rapid Strike-style Urshifu is spectacularly intimidating – who could remember that it evolved from the tiny, innocent Kubfu who eagerly followed the player around the Isle of Armor? Not only does this card look amazing, but it’s also devastating in gameplay. As for why the Rapid Strike Urshifu is three times as valuable as the Single Strike Urshifu… who doesn’t love rapid kung fu? Of course, as mentioned earlier, prices tend to fluctuate. But anyone who does want to sell should keep their eye on the Pokémon Trading Card Game, in order to strike while the Houndoom is hot.

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Battle Styles Best Cards

Now, don’t go thinking this is an official ranking, it’s not. These are just the 5 cards that I think are the best available in the new Battle Styles set.

5/ Mawile

There’s nothing particularly special about this card, and I’m not even a huge Mawile fan but, there’s something about the art that just makes it look cool. It could be the watercolour style or the giant mouth-claw but good job Mawile.

4/ Coalossal

Coalossal is one of the best looking new Pokemon from Sword and Shield and this card absolutely exemplifies that. Nothing more can be said, other than it looks like a monster.

3/ Empoleon V

Like Mawile, I’m not a massive Empoleon fan. It’s a fine Pokemon, just not one that blows me away but this card is special. I’m a big fan of full-art cards that have a bit of personality, and this certainly fits that bill. Standing in front of a scenic background, Empoleon is completing some martial arts training with Mienfoo and Falinks. It’s a really nice card.

2/ Single Strike Style Mustard

As well as full-art Pokemon cards with personality, I’m a big fan of full-art trainer/supporter cards. The artwork on this Single Strike Style Mustard card is fantastic and is one that will almost certainly look even better up close and personal.

1/ Tyranitar V

Battle Styles Full Digital Set List

Pokemon Trading Card Game

The full digital set list has been revealed for Battle Styles.

We have also added some upcoming promo cards that release in future products.

No full art Marnie? Weird for TPCi not to put a super valuable chase card in the set.

Full art Marnie was Sword and Shield, not Battle styles.


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Single Strike Urshifu Vmax 167/163

Once again, this is essentially the lesser version of the third card on this list, the alternate art Single Strike Urshifu VMAX. I said some things under the review of the card above this one that also stand for this one, so feel free to keep that in mind as you read.

This is the only card in the article that I am going to give a relatively negative review, so enjoy it if thats what you came here for. This card is not playable and has much less collector appeal than the alternate art version I already discussed and is seemingly already at its price peak. Only the best hyper rares tend to be highly priced for the most part and that takes time too. This card is at $36, which is high for the average hyper rare and I would not place this card into the elite category of them, thats for sure. It is also newly released, cards tend to decrease in price some once the set is in circulation and I just dont see the demand for this card picking up enough in the future to save its price.

Sorry for any Single Strike Urshifu fans out there, but I am not hopeful for the future of this card. My opinion could always change in the future, though!


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