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Best Mobile Pokémon Games

Pokmon Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon


Starters: Rowlet, Litten, Popplio

As part of the seventh generation of Pokemon games, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon enhance the versions of the original Sun and Moon in a way that makes them enjoyable. Critics and players were a bit divided on how this game felt. On one hand, the additional features were amazing. On the other hand, it didnt stray too far from the original story, which made it feel like the same game over again.

Nonetheless, we saw some great new features added to the game. Things like Ultra Beasts, new forms of legendary Pokémon Necrozma, and a new Lycanroc form. We could also travel around the Alola region to collect Totem Stickers, which would then give us a chance to get a Totem-sized variant of a Pokémon. We also had a few new activities: Mantine Surf let us surf across the regions seas, the Alola Photo Club got us to take pictures with our Pokémon, and Ultra Warp Ride let us travel through Ultra Wormholes and encounter Ultra Beasts in their own world. Of course, there were also the new Z-Moves for a handful of Pokémon and the upgrade to the Rotom Pokedex, which added Roto-Loto.

The Best Pokmon Games For Mobile Devices

While we are still waiting for Pokémon Unite for iOs and Android, knowing that mobile phones have become the number one leisure option for many, lets talk about the different Pokémon games that you can enter on these platforms.

Options that are sure to help you discover new ways to enjoy the saga. Whats more, some of them are so different that as a fan we think you should at least try. These are, in our opinion, the best Pokémon games for mobile .

Best Unofficial App: Pokraid

Most seasoned Pokémon Go players have at least attempted to join groups on Facebook or other social networking apps to connect with other players. At a certain point, it really becomes necessary unless you have a large group of friends or family who all play at the same time – not to mention how critical having Pokémon Go friends and gifts has been in the last year when many players couldn’t get to PokéStops or Gyms to stock up on items. Unfortunately, Facebook groups can be hit-or-miss, assuming there is even one in your local area.

While there are literally dozens of unofficial apps out there, ranging from useless to game-changing, perfectly legit to banworthy, none of them have impressed me as much as PokeRaid – Raid From Home. Implemented with the introduction of Remote Raid passes, PokeRaid allows you to connect with players all around the world to organize Raid Parties for taking on the various *Pokémon Go* Raids. It is incredibly easy to set up and use, and best of all, it abides by Niantic’s TOS, so you won’t get banned for using it. Whether looking for people to join your Raids, for other Raids to join, or even just Friends to exchange Gifts and earn XP, PokeRaid makes this so incredibly quick and easy.

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The Best Pokmon Games For Ios And Android

Matt MillsEditor’s Pick, Gaming0

The Pokémon saga is one of the great successes in the world of video games. Since it was released in the late 1990s, it has not stopped generating profits for Nintendo, either through the sales of the games themselves or all related items licensed by The Pokémon Company. But now that smartphones are the number one gaming option for many users, lets talk about the best Pokémon games for mobile phones .


  • Pokémon for all tastes
  • Top 10 Pokemon Games For Android In 2022

    Best Mobile Pokemon Game Ever!

    May 06, 2022

  • Pokemon Smile
  • For decades, the Pokemon franchise has been at the center of mainstream culture, with a slew of films, TV shows, and video games, among other things, receiving widespread critical praise from Pokemon fans all over the world. This global craze began in 1995, when Satoshi Tajiri produced the first Pokemon game, Pocket Monsters Red and Green, for the Gameboy, which was launched in Japan in 1996. Since then, the franchise has grown to include a series of video games enjoyed by gamers all over the world, as well as a blockbuster television series with over twenty seasons and a thousand episodes that have been hailed as the most successful video game adaptation of all time. The gaming adaptations have also been acclaimed as the second best-selling video game franchise of all time, with over 368 million copies sold and over a billion downloads for its mobile apps, second only to Nintendos Mario franchise.

    Ranging from strategy games to Pokemon games for kids, in this article, we detail the ten best Pokemon games for Android for you to play through and enjoy.

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    Pokmon Cafe Remix Best Arcade Pokmon Game

    For the more casual gamers, Pokémon Cafe ReMix is a good game to try. Youre the cafe owner, and you will have to make recipes through puzzles with your Pokémons help.

    The games objective is to solve as many puzzles as possible. However, there is a twist. Some puzzles require the powers of certain Pokémon to solve. This adds a layer of strategy to the gameplay.

    Ultimately, you will have to solve puzzles to level up your Pokémon, leading to better powers. This also unlocks some quirky outfits for your Pokémon staff. Puzzles also get more difficult as you progress.

    However, it has an issue similar to other freemium games. Some puzzles may seem pretty difficult, pushing you to purchase powerups with real cash.

    Price: Free

    Would Mario Kart Make A Good Live Service Game

  • Yes44%
  • No56%
  • Now, we know that the free-to-play live service model isn’t necessarily a good thing. Many players end up spending more on cosmetics and content than they would have done on just the base game, and in some cases the F2P model can be predatory and unfair to those who don’t have huge amounts of money to drop on making their character better. And you’ll always get the rich jerks whose avatars are level fifty billion because they paid for it.

    But Nintendo doesn’t have to go down those routes. A lot of the suggestions we’ve made above are the cosmetic kind and we’ve been imagining that other players would still be able to see and appreciate the content, even if they don’t have it.

    Imagine visiting an Animal Crossing: New Horizons island, and seeing it decked out in stuff that people paid real money for, or being able to play a Mario Maker level with items in it that you don’t have access to. Sure, it might feel a bit like you’re locked out of using those items yourself, but that’s sort of the point of F2P, at the end of the day, and it wouldn’t make a mechanical difference.

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    Evocreo Free: Pocket Monster Like Games

    EvoCreo is a must when it is about the best Pokemon games for Android. It is a very popular RPG game where you can join the battle, catch and duel monsters. Now, it is time to prove your skills as a pocket monster rancher. Moreover, the monster evolution battles are completely animated. As you progress, you can get to the final evolution by leveling. In the player vs. player mode, you can challenge your friends.

    Important Features

    • Up to 170 pocket monsters will meet along your way, and you have to catch them.
    • Over and above 30 hours of playtime does not need an internet connection.
    • There are a variety of items that you can utilize in battles and duels.
    • A Multiplayer option is available for duels, arena fights, and battles.
    • Plenty of areas include canyon, monster city, emerald & ruby arena, red arena, etc.
    • You can adjust the skills, stats, and attacks of your own monsters.

    Pros: Massive quests are here, and you can win rewards in them. Again, you can role play and become the monster master trainer in this game.

    Cons: Some users complained about the graphics being a bit boring because of the same boxes on the screen.

    Even Older Pokemon Games

    Top 5 BEST Pokemon MOBILE Games to Play in 2022!

    Price: Free / Varies

    There are a bunch of Pokémon games for older game systems as well. Game Boy and Game Boy color saw the classic Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow along with Gold, Silver, and Crystal . Game Boy Advance had Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, FireRed, LeafGreen, and Emerald. Again, we do not condone piracy so do try to buy these games before emulating them on your phone or tablet. That said, we have a list of the best Game Boy emulators at the button above. Check those out and find the one that works best for you. Between these, the DS ones, and the mobile games, youre actually only missing a handful of Pokémon games on Switch and Nintendo 3DS. You otherwise have access to all of them.

    If we missed any great Pokemon games for Android, tell us about them in the comments below. You can also click here to see our latest Android app and game lists.

    Thank you for reading. Check these out too:

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    The 10 Best Pokmon Fan Games Ever Made

    Which are the best Pokemon fan games ever created?

    Theres no denying that Pokémon games are some of the best selling video games of all time, but unfortunately, we normally have to wait a while before the next official release.

    Thats where Pokémon fan games come in. Yes, there have been some terrible Pokémon fan game failures in the past, however, this list of the 10 best Pokémon fan games ever made might help change your perspective. It did for us!

    So, trust us on this, these really are 10 of the best Pokémon fan games ever made!

    Playing Mobas On Mobile

    The MOBAs featured on this list are all free to play. However, those who want to take deep dives within the games will face microtransactions for things like extra heroes or aesthetic customization options. Thankfully, many of the multiplayer games on this list dont require payments to have gameplay advantages over other players.

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    Which Emulator Should You Use For Pokmon

    The answer to this question depends on which console you’re looking to emulate, so let’s look at them separately.

    If you don’t see an emulator on this list, it’s probably best to avoid it. There are unfortunately lots of spam emulators in the Play Store that are just copies of existing emulators with ads jammed into every corner, which won’t give you a good Pokémon Android experience!

    We’ve tested the below choices to ensure that they work well see more of our favorite emulators for Android if you want to play other consoles too.

    Nintendo Ds Pokemon Games

    5 Best Pokemon Games For Android

    Price: Free / Varies

    There were a few Pokémon games on the Nintendo DS. They include Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold and SoulSilver, Black and White, and Black 2 and White 2. Many of those games are older, but still very fun and very traditional titles. We dont recommend piracy, so please try to buy these games before attempting to emulate them on your Android devices. That said, DraStic is likely your best option for a functional Nintendo DS emulator. You can check out our full list of Nintendo DS emulators by clicking the button above. This is an excellent way to get some classic Pokémon games on your phone or tablet.

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    A List Full Of The Best Mobile Games To Play On Your Ios Or Android Device

    Writing a definitive list of the best mobile games is a tricky some would say foolhardy task at the best of times. Were talking about a process that incorporates hundreds of thousands of games spread across iOS and Android, and covering a span of more than a dozen years.

    So weve decided to approach this from a simple, if slightly out-there premise. If an alien were to land tomorrow and ask for a crash course in gaming, which of the best mobile games would you encourage it to install first? With such an unusual filter applied, were not looking for obscure gems or even necessarily run-away hits here. Were looking at those important, genre-defining games that represent something essential to the history of smartphone gaming. A veritable greatest hits compilation of the App Store and Google Play.

    All we stipulate is that the game has to still be active and great to play today. Were also only going to include one game per series, so well generally go with the first rather than the best entry.

    Now, lets get into our list of the best mobile games.

    League Of Legends: Wild Rift

    Many mobile MOBA games have taken so much inspiration from League of Legends over the decade. By the time Riot Games released a mobile edition through League of Legends: Wild Rift, it felt less like a simple port but a completely different game.

    Designed to be playable on touch screens and faster-paced than its PC sibling, Wild Rift features nearly the same amount of playable champions alongside captivating visuals. Some mechanic simplifications due to the input design make this more approachable. Android users interested in the MOBA genre have a great starting point with Wild Rift.

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    Best Overall: Pokmon Go

    While I may be a touch biased here, you cannot argue with the numbers. Pokémon Go, developed and published by Niantic in partnership with Nintendo and The Pokémon Company, has been a massive success. With more than a billion downloads and generating over six billion in revenue by the end of 2020, Pokémon Go is a huge part of the Pokémon franchise. In fact, while virtually all-new Pokémon are formally introduced in the core Pokémon games, movies, or tv shows, two of the most recent Mythical Pokémon, Meltan and Melmetal, were introduced in Pokémon Go before making their debut in the core games and anime.

    But what exactly is Pokémon Go? Pokémon Go is an AR location-based game that lets you find, battle, and catch Pokémon in the real world. Whether in your backyard, at your local Starbucks, or on a walk through a park, anywhere you can travel, you will find Pokémon. Now, almost five years later, you can still find players in just about any public place, especially during big events which bring the community together to celebrate Pokémon.

    Best Phone Games That Encourage Outdoor Exercise Like Pokmon Go

    Top 10 Best Pokemon Games For Android & iOS 2021

    Pokémon GO is an incredibly popular title, but it’s not the only augmented reality mobile game players can use to get some outdoor exercise.

    The mobile phone game Pokémon GO is not longer quite the fad it was in recent years, but still illustrates how video games and outdoor activities don’t have to be mutually exclusive. The success of Pokémon GO has inspired a number of other iPhone and Android-based Augmented Reality games that enhance the real world and encourage players to get mobile in several ingenuous ways.

    When it first released in 2016, Pokémon GO‘s gameplay was simply a GPS-based scavenger-hunt experience that let players search for digital Pokémon by going to different locations in their neighborhood. Later updates would add the Pokémon trading and trainer dueling mechanics long-time fans expected from a Pokémon game, but as bare-bones as it was at the time of release Pokemon GO still drew in many players thanks to the novel way it integrated game progress with real-world environments Water Pokemon could be found near lakes and water features, for instance, while the local coffee shop might be right next to the neighborhood Pokéstop.

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    Runner Up For Young Kids: Pokmon Quest

    Rated for children four and up, Pokémon Quest takes the player to Tumblecube Island where they will encounter Pokéxel – Pokémon made up of cubes reminiscent of Minecraft. Players will choose a starter from Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Pikachu, and Eevee, who will join them on expeditions around the island. By battling wild Pokémon and collecting various items, players can expand their team and uncover the mysteries of Tumblecube Island, leading to an encounter with a certain rare Pokémon.

    Although there is a lot more content for Pokémon Quest than Pokémon Playhouse, with a single playthrough averaging over 40 hours, it’s not quite as accessible for the youngest of players as it requires some reading. Further, there are microtransactions in this game – something your young child might not understand. Still, it’s a fun take on a Pokémon adventure and easier to play than the core games.

    Which Pokmon Games Will You Play

    Now you know how easy it is to get Pokémon games for your Android device. You can start reliving your favorites or trying a generation you missed on-the-go anytime.

    If you want to take it up a notch, try playing through a fun Pokémon challenge in one of these games. After you’ve finished the entire main series, try some awesome fan-made Pokémon titles next.

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    Pokmon Go’s Predecessor Ingress: Prime

    As the original Augmented Reality title from Pokémon GO’s developer Niantic Games, the premise and story of Ingress: Prime is more mature than its follow-up game. Ingress: Prime takes the form of a science fiction thriller, where two secret conspiracies fight for control over portals leading to another universe. This translates into gameplay where players travel back and forth between real-world landmarks, play mini-games based around translating/drawing alien glyphs, intercepting secret messages, and engaging in complex, faction-based PVP.

    Top 10 Best Pokemon Games For Android

    The best location

    Monster of Glory

    Monster of Glory Fan made Pokemon game available for android device. Some features are battle in the adventures world with your monster, cool costume, Fight with your friends and collect multiple items.


    Pokekand Legends – Fan made Pokemon game.

    It is not the best Pokemon game out there but it’s worth trying if you have already played other Pokemon games.

    Some Features:

    join the adventure by collecting your partners

    Upgrade equipment and weapons

    You can get rankings and rewards by challenging others

    Participate in a variety of novel gameplay and challenges


    Download Link:

    Pokemon Quest

    Pokemon quest is cubical Pokemon game in which you are with Pokémon buddies on Tumblecube Island and goal is to find awesome goodies. Battle is just by tapping and simple control.

    *Android: Android OS 4.4 or higher, 2 GB or more RAM


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