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How To Tell If A Pokemon Card Is First Edition

Identify The Card With The Name And Number In The Set

How To Tell If Your Pokemon Cards Are 1st Edition?

Finally, identify the card by looking up its name and card number on eBay.

The name will be located above the illustration of the card and the number is on the bottom right of the card. After checking all three of these steps, you should easily be able to identify every card, even if you dont know exactly what set it is in.

How To Tell If A Pokmon Card Is A First Edition

  • How to Tell If a Pokémon Card Is a First Edition

First Edition Pokémon cards are highly coveted because they are so rare. They are hard to come by because there arent a lot of them, and they were printed about 20 years ago. People are still eager to collect first edition cards, and they look for those printed in 1999. Some of them are worth thousands of dollars, and collectors want to find them.

The first edition cards were released in the first run. They were released in 1999, and after their release a few minor changes were made for the shadowless cards and the Unlimited cards. These were the first three sets of Pokémon cards, and they are the most valuable. The first edition cards are the most valuable of all three. Continue reading to know how to tell if your Pokémon card is a first edition.

Uncut Sheet Of Rare First

Strategic depth: Medium

Publisher:Wizards of the Coast

A rare uncut sheet of first-edition Pokémon cards from the trading card games original Base Set has gone under the hammer.

The uncut sheet – produced before the individual cards are cut out later in the manufacturing process – includes all 16 of the holographic shiny cards from the Pokémon TCGs 1999 Base Set, its first English-language release. Among the holo cards is the ever-popular shiny Charizard, along with fellow first-gen evolutions Blastoise and Venusaur, which appeared on the front of the series Game Boy games Pokémon Red, Blue and Green.

The Pokémon cards on the sheet are also shadowless, named for the lack of a drop-shadow effect on the frame of their artwork that was introduced in later print runs of the set, signifying that the cards date from the earliest printings of the Base Set. The first-edition shadowless holographic Charizard ranks as one of the most expensive Pokémon cards of all time, with a mint-condition copy selling for $300,000 in January 2021.

Image: Goldin Auctions

The sheet itself is said to be in good condition due to slight scuffing and fading, according to Goldin, with handwriting along the top of the page in black marker that dates it to November 1998. Goldin described the sheet as being a historic piece of immense rarity.

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First Edition Holographic Chansey

Estimated PSA 10 Gem Mint Value: $3,500

Chansey is a pink, normal-type Pokémon that, despite its short legs, is a fast runner and extremely difficult to catch making it one of the more elusive creatures on this list.

Using the egg held in its pouch, Chansey will often complete its signature move known as “Soft-Boiled” to help heal both people and other Pokémon.

Its gentle nature and kind heart are said to bring happiness to those who catch it while bringing lots of money to those who own this card.

Sealed Pokmon Booster Boxes

How to spot fake Pokemon cards (step

Last up weve got sealed Pokémon booster boxes.

Ultimately, it all comes down to your budget.

If you see the hobby as an investment and want to sink some money into it, prepare to part with mid-four figures for a sealed vintage booster box.

1st Edition varieties can even creep closer to the five figure mark.

What can potentially come out of these boxes though can be pretty incredible.

Were talking mint cards that you havent seen in 20+ years.

Naturally, they make great candidates for grading. And again, if youre looking to hold long-term, you may well find the value of your graded cards exceeds the price you paid in a few short years.

Personally, I think this strategy is best served for more experienced collectors, but who am I to tell you what to do with your money?!

For the ultimate throwback and nostalgia, Im not going to lie, nothing beats cracking open a vintage booster box. Just sayin

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The Best Baal Build Artifacts And Polearms For Genshin Impacts Update 21

#10 Stormfront Charizard, $489.46

Prepare to see a lot of Charizard on this list. As the series most popular Pokémon, it appears on almost all of the cards here in some form or another.

Stormfront was released in 2008 under the Diamond & Pearl umbrella. While not one of the sets many rare Lv.X Pokémon, Charizard was still a highly coveted Secret Rare, putting him as the most valuable card from the entire set.

Aquapolis Lugia

The Pokémon Company/Wizards of the Coast

#9 Aquapolis Lugia, $490

Aquapolis came from that weird e-Card era of the Pokémon Trading Card game, where cards could be scanned into the e-Reader peripheral for the Gameboy Advance. While the whole thing was a total failure , some of the cards from that time are still pretty valuable. Lugia is the most expensive card from Aquapolis, coming in at around $490-$500.

FireRed & LeafGreens Charizard ex

The Pokémon Company

#8 FireRed & LeafGreen Charizard ex, $500

The return to Kanta in the GameBoy Advance era also saw the TCG follow suit, with a set entirely featuring Pokémon from the original 151. To give it that Advance generation flair, a number of Pokémon also received an ex form, a new feature that was first introduced in EX Ruby & Sapphire. Of course, the #1 card was Charizard ex.

Charizard VMAX from Shining Fates

The Pokémon Company

#7 Shining Fates Charizard VMAX, $510

Base Set Charizard. Note the drop-shadow on the right side of the art frame.

The Pokémon Company/Wizards of the Coast

What Makes The First Edition Shadowless Base Set Charizard So Valuable

This is it guys, the holy grail of Pokemon cards! This iconic artwork has so much nostalgic value for collectors around the world. This card means so much to so many people as a kid it could make you king of the playground, and today it can make you king of the hobby.

With only 121 PSA 10 First Edition Base Set Charizards in existence, this is a low population card, but its not crazy low!

So is it worth hundreds of thousands of dollars people are paying for? Absolutely. Long-term, theres only one direction the value of this card is going.

I dont know about you, but Im seriously intrigued to see how much this card sells for at Pokemons 50th anniversary!

1999 1st Edition Base Set Charizard PSA Population Report

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Most Valuable First Edition Pokemon Cards

Originally released in Japan as a video game, Pokémon later transformed into a trading card game that began hitting store shelves in the U.S. in 1999.

Today, these trading cards are some of the hottest non-sports cards in the hobby.

And with a catchphrase like Gotta Catch Em All., it’s easy to understand why.

On top of common and rare cards in the base set, there are variations such as Shadowless and First Edition Pokémon cards needed to complete an entire run.

Those First Edition cards are especially some of the rarest and some are even considered to be among the most expensive Pokémon cards in general.

And in this guide, we take a look at the 25 most valuable.

Let’s jump right in!


Pokemon Japanese Base Set Holo No Rarity Symbol Holo Charizard

Pokemon Card Q& A: How to tell if my Pokemon card is 1st edition

Sold in November, 2020 for $57,877

The 1996 Japanese No Rarity Charizard card is a true piece of hobby history as it marked one of the first appearances of the iconic character.

Most Japanese base set cards will contain a rarity symbol in the lower-right corner of the card that varies based on the card type.

Holographic cards in the set feature a star symbol, so if you find one without the rarity symbol, then you know youre looking at the more rare, first-print no rarity Charizards.

The no rarity Charizards are much more difficult to find as PSA has graded 3,634 regular base set Charizards compared with only 273 no rarity Charizards.

Furthermore, roughly 14% of the regular base Charizards have achieved a PSA 10 grade compared to less than 2% of the no rarity Charizards.

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Charmander 1st Edition $330

Charmander’s value has been all over the place in the last 12 months. After the 2020 summer of record sale after record sale, baby Zard’s value has taken a dip recently, but don’t be surprised if Charmander rebounds due to the power Charizard yields on the market.

PSA Pop: 1521 – 652 – 661

Current Value: PSA 10 $1186 PSA 9 $330

Are All 1st Edition Pokemon Cards Valuable

No. Firstly, most Japanese cards that have 1st Edition printed on them are not going to be valuable.

Any English cards printed during the Neo block are unlikely to be valuable too. This is due to the odd way in which Wizards of the Coast handled their card printing.

The most valuable 1st Edition Pokemon cards are going to come from the first few sets Base, Base 2, Jungle, and Fossil. However, not all cards labeled as First Edition here will have a huge price on them.

They are worth more than their non-First Edition counterparts, but not so much. For example, a First Edition basic energy will be worth a couple of dollars compared to a couple of cents for a standard basic energy.

The best way to check whether your first edition Pokemon cards hold value is to check out resellers. This should give you a rough idea as to how much you can expect to receive if you sold your cards. You may find that they are not as valuable as you may think, particularly your common and uncommon cards.

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Identify Type And Assess Rarity

The first step to identify if a card is potentially worth anything substantial is to check its type and rarity. In other words, how likely the card is to come across from any given booster pack or special event, and if it has any special characteristics, such as card material or Pokemon types.

There are a few indicators of rarity on any given card, though theyre quite subject to change depending on when said card was printed. A marker near the bottom of the card or near its name will indicate rarity: a circle means the card is common, a diamond means its less common, and stars mean its rare. More stars or with combinations of letters or symbols mean extra rare, including if those symbols are in the name or elsewhere on the card. Other characteristics that can up the rarity include: a higher printed number than there should be in a given printed set holographic artwork or reverse holographic, in which everything but the artwork is holographic artwork that takes up the full card artwork wherein the creature doesnt cast a shadow and any shining characteristics, not to be confused with holographic.

While rarity isnt the only factor in appraising value, its certainly a major factor: Some of the highest-selling cards worth tens of thousands of dollars, or considered priceless from lack of supply, are only so because of small rarities like misprints or typos.

First Edition Holographic Ninetales

Shadowless Pokemon Cards: The New Collector

Estimated PSA 10 Gem Mint Value: $3,000

It’s easy to see where Ninetales gets its name although the spelling of “tails” is noticeably different.

And while each of its golden-white tails is catching to the eye, it is said that simply grabbing one of them can result in a 1,000-year curse giving this fox-like Pokémon its reputation of extreme vengeance.

Inspired by the kitsune of Japanese folklore, Ninetales holds mysterious powers within its nine tails and can even control the mind with its piercing, red eyes.

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Do Pokemon Cards Still Have 1st Edition

When Pokemon Trading Cards were first released, the first print run for many of the sets would have been labeled as First Edition. Any cards that came after this would have been known as unlimited print cards. Since the First Edition cards were rarer, they would often have a lot more value. This is something that changed when Wizards of the Coast stopped being in control of the production process.

So, do Pokemon cards still have 1st Edition? The answer is no. They no longer have First Edition cards produced. At least in the English version of the game. Any cards that are produced, no matter when they are produced, are part of the unlimited print run.

There are a few things that we want to discuss a little bit here. This is because the whole First Edition thing related to Pokemon cards isnt as simple as you may think.

Building Your Own Deck

What if you want to build own customized deck? While some people like the ease and convenience of pre-constructed decks, countless others prefer a more personal touch.

This Reddit Wiki is a great resource for building a beginner deck. It offers specific recommendations on the cards that should form the core of your deck, and outlines how you can develop a strong theme .

Part of building a good deck means finding balance among players. For an enjoyable game, two opposing beginner decks should be relatively well balanced and evenly matched. One should not have the clear upper hand all the time. This is something to think about if you tend to play against the same opponents regularly.

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Blastoise 1st Edition Shadowless Base Set

  • Release Date: 1999
  • Grading: PSA Gem Mint 10
  • Pokemon card value at auction: $45,100

Not only is Blastoise one of the most beloved characters in the Game Freak RPG, but the Water-type starter has also become one of the most valuable Pokemon cards currently on the market.

Those who grew up with the 1999 Base Set easily equated the turtle on the same level as the highly sought-after Charizard, so it makes sense that decades later, many are willing to bust out their wallets for the iconic mon.

While its 1st Edition Shadowless Pokemon card from 1999 has always brought in good money, the popular item has seen a massive jump in value recently. In a PWCC auction held in November 2020, the rare Base Set Blastoise sold for $45,100.

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Ultimate First Edition Pokemon Cards Guide

How To Tell Difference Between 1st edition Vintage Pokémon Cards & Non First Editions #Shorts #Tcg

The same is true for later releases, but its difficult to match the 1999 set in terms of interest or value.

Trending Pokemon Topics

Heres everything you need to know about the best first edition Pokémon cards, including why some are more special than others, and which ones you should be looking out for.

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What Makes First Edition Shining Charizard So Valuable

Lets dive back into the Neo Era and into Neo Destiny one of the best sets EVER from Wizards of the Coast.

What makes this set so special is that it contains eight secret rare Shining cards. The holofoil was on the character themselves, instead of the background, which is something unique collectors hadnt seen before.

Charizard was always going to lead the pack in terms of value, and that tiny little first edition stamp adds that extra level of rarity too.

In terms of the PSA population, its certainly not as low as some of the others on this list. In fact 229 PSA 10 1st Edition Shining Charizards exist. But with a smaller holofoil area, grading is relatively easier, therefore this is to be expected.

So is it worth it? For so many reasons , YES. This is an awesome first edition, WOTC era, secret rare Charizard. It ticks so many boxes.

1999 1st Edition Shining Charizard PSA Population Report

Base Set: Limited Edition 1st Printing

These cards are the most valuable and rare of the Base Set print runs. This 1st print run was printed, distributed, and sold before Pokémania fully took root in the United States, making them extremely rare today, particularly in Near Mint condition. Collectors who do own these cards will typically have them authenticated and graded by a grading service such as Beckett Grading Services or Professional Sports Authenticator . These cards, graded or ungraded, if authentic, can carry significant value. For example, the above Charizard card could be worth upwards of $5000 or more to a collector in perfect condition.

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What Is A Shadowless Pokemon Card

If youre new, or getting back into the world of Pokemon cards, youve probably heard the word shadowless banded around.

Shadowless Pokemon cards are the earliest version of the 1999 English Base Set.

Because of their scarcity and rarity, they are considerably more valuable than the Unlimited Base Set that was produced shortly after.

Examine The Copyright Years

Pokemon Card PICHU 1st Edition 12/111 NEO GENESIS SET HOLO ...

One other feature that you will find on first edition cards is the year 99 along the bottom after the copyright symbol. It will have the copyright symbol followed by 1995, 96, 98, 99. The 99 was only printed on the first edition and second run shadowless cards.

When you find this sign that you might have a first edition card, you need to make sure that the card has the first edition symbol. This is another distinguishing feature shared by the first edition and the shadowless cards. However, only these two types of cards have it.

The first edition Pokémon cards are extremely valuable, and they are still collected today. People always hope to find the highly sought after first edition cards and other valuable Pokémon cards. If you found an old pile of Pokémon cards, you can easily determine whether or not they are first editions.

The easiest way to know that you have a first edition card is to look for the first edition symbol. If your card has this symbol, then there is no doubt that it is a first edition.

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