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Pokemon Booster Pack Target

Gotta Find Em All Pokemon Fan Discovers 20

Finds 20 Year Old Pack of Pokemon Booster Pack! at Target! (opening)

You dont need to sail to remote desert islands in an effort to find valuable booty just head to your local superstore. While shopping for a Darkness Ablaze release at a Target in central New Jersey, Pokémon fan Gio Martin lifted up a display shelf and discovered a 20-year-old booster pack of trading cards from the franchises very first generation of Pocket Monsters. Depicting a Raichu the evolved form of Pikachu on its packaging, the cards hail from Base Set 2 , which, according to Bulbapedia, was first released in February of 2000.

I had heard a rumor from a previous Target trip that people were finding vintage packs underneath the shelves, but nothing as old as the Base Set 2 pack, Martin tells SYFY WIRE. Earlier that week, I was at a store in northern New Jersey when a kid who was also searching for cards found a Diamond & Pearl Blister and a Dragons Exhalted Blister using the same under the shelf method. After seeing how successful the kid was, I went searching that same day and found a Black & White Legendary Treasures Blister Pack.

In my Instagram video, you can see I literally peeled this pack off of the ground out of a potential two-decade-old pile of floor wax and what seemed to be animal feces, Martin adds. He later explains that the employee in charge of stocking Pokémon products at the store allowed him to walk away with the prize for a cool $4.99. I was HAPPY to pay .

Target Reverses Course On Pokemon

Pokemon” trading cards have recently experienced a surge in popularity not unlike the Poke-mania that struck the globe during the trading card game’s December 1998 release. The difference? Instead of optimistic young fans tearing into booster packs and trading holographic cards over recess, hoping for a rare and super expensive pull, it’s scalpers, rather, who hoard packs to resell for marked-up prices. And while that might sound like little more than an exercise in capitalism failing, the race to snatch ’em all has inspired a slew of intense events, as seen in a viral video of Pokemon collectors getting physical at a Walmart.

Possibly in response to this kind of thing, store chain Target decided to finally stand up to the scalpers, pulling “Pokemon” cards off of store shelves in hopes of curbing the card-based carnage. That decision lasted about as long as melee between Magikarp and Mewtwo.

The reversal of this decision became known courtesy of a Twitter exchange between user @BgsPro123 and the AskTarget account basically a virtual help desk. When if rumors the store would be carrying “Pokemon” cards again held any truth, @AskTarget replied, “Stores will resume selling select Pokémon Trading Cards the week of June 1, 2021.”

The account added, “Pokémon Trading Cards can be sold seven days per week and will have a limit of 2 items per guest per day,” essentially returning to an earlier policy likewise put into place to dissuade scalpers.

Target Pulls Pokemon Cards From Stores Citing Threat To Workers And Customers

May 13, 2021 / 4:46 PM / MoneyWatch

Target is pulling in-store sales of popular trading cards, citing employee safety, after a parking lot brawl in one of its stores last week. The retailer told CBS MoneyWatch it would no longer sell Pokemon and sports trading cars in its physical locations starting Friday.

The safety of our guests and our team is our top priority. Out of an abundance of caution, weve decided to temporarily suspend the sale of MLB, NFL, NBA and Pokemon trading cards within our stores, effective May 14. Guests can continue to shop these cards online at, a Target spokesperson said in a statement.

Trading cards have surged in popularity during the pandemic. Pokemon cards, especially, are flying off the shelves so fast the printing press can barely keep up. Some early editions of the card game, which turns 25 this year, have fetched hundreds of thousands of dollars in online auctions even recently printed Pokemon cards are quickly climbing in price.

Soaring card prices are driving some would-be collectors to extremes. In recent months, scalpers have targeted Pokemon cards destined for McDonalds Happy Meals and ravaged cereal boxes on supermarket shelves to extract the special-edition cards within. In Japan, one man allegedly climbed down a rope to break into a store and carry away $9,000 worth of Pokemon cards, according to

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Xy Flashfire Booster Packs

XY Flashfire Booster Packs was released in 2014. It has been one of the most popular Pokémon card sets at Target showroom since then. It means a lot to the Charizard lover. Because it contains several Charizard cards.

This pack also has got a whopping 7. The overall fun of opening the pack is extreme because of the high chances of getting Charizards.

Target Caught Selling Pokemon Tcg Silver Tempest Set Cards Early

Target selling exclusive Pokemon Sun/Moon Dual Pack with starter figures

A YouTuber has found and purchased Silver Tempest Pokemon TCG Booster packs at a local Target store weeks ahead of release, catching the retail store in putting the Sword & Shield set out prematurely.

Pokemon TCG fans are currently waiting for the last few expansions of the Sword & Shield run. It has been confirmed that Scarlet & Violet will take over starting in 2023, bringing the V, VMAX, and VSTAR gimmicks to a close.

Because Sword & Shield is at its end, many fans of the recent sets are keeping an eye out for any last additions that will release through the end of the year. This includes the Silver Tempest expansion due to release on November 11, 2022.

However, some Pokemon TCG fans have gotten an early look at the cards in the set following a premature stock of booster pack blister sets at local Targets, leaving fans on the internet stunned and jealous.

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Target Will Temporarily Stop Selling Pokmon And Sports Trading Cards In Stores Due To Safety Concerns

Target has announced that it will temporarily stop selling trading cards of both the sports and Pokemon variety in stores following a recent violent dispute at one of its locations.

Last week, a Target in Wisconsin was locked down after a man was physically assaulted by four others over sports trading cards.

The safety of our guests and our team is our top priority, Target said in a statement to CNN. Out of an abundance of caution, weve decided to temporarily suspend the sale of MLB, NFL, NBA and Pokémon trading cards within our stores, effective May 14.

The cards will still be available online, the company said.

The value of trading cards has skyrocketed in recent months during the Covid-19 pandemic.

In December 2020, a rare Charizard Pokémon card with minimum bid set at $50,000 sold for $360,000 through Goldin Auctions. Another sold for almost $400,000 earlier this year, and the auction house told CNN theyve seen an increase in value over the course of the pandemic.

Sports cards have seen a similar rise.

In early February, a Michael Jordan rookie basketball card in pristine condition sold for a record $738,000 at an auction run by Goldin Auctions. The exact same item went for nearly $215,000 just weeks before.

Theres never been a time like this in the history of the business, Ken Goldin, founder and executive chairman of Goldin Auctions, told CNN in February.

Target did not say when it would begin selling the cards in stores again.

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Target Stops Selling Pokemon Cards In Its Stores Due To Safety Concerns

In recent months, the Pokemon Trading Card Game has exploded in popularity. Consumers are buying up Pokemon cards at a dizzying pace, and as demand has grown, supply has been increasingly difficult to come by. This has turned the big box retailers into chokepoints, as people rush to stores like Target and Walmart to grab any booster packs and boxes they have in stock. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the mad dash to acquire trading cards has resulted in multiple unlawful incidents, including a fight at a Target in Wisconsin.

As a result of the rising hysteria, Target joined Walmart in halting sales of any Pokemon cards in its physical stores. The safety of our guests and our team is our top priority, Target explained. Out of an abundance of caution, weve decided to temporarily suspend the sale of MLB, NFL, NBA and Pokémon trading cards within our stores, effective May 14. Guests can continue to shop these cards online at

UPDATE | 5/14 at 12:33 PM: Despite reports to the contrary, Walmart has confirmed in an email to The Verge that Pokemon cards are in fact still on sale at its retail locations. The retailer admits that demand for the cards has gone up, and that it is determining what, if any, changes are needed to meet that demand.

In addition to the assault in Wisconsin that ended with the victim pulling a gun on his attackers, there have also been reports of shoppers opening cereal boxes to extract the Pokemon cards within.

Todays Top Deals

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Which Pokemon Packs Are Worth Buying

All Pokemon packs are going to be worth buying.

Before you buy any packs, though, we do suggest that you look at what the current sets are in the game. If you plan on playing the game in a competitive environment , then you will want to ensure that the packs that you pick up are still legal. You will be able to find information on the official Pokemon Trading Card website.

Us Target Stores To Stop Selling Pokemon Cards After Rising Value Prompts Threats To Staff

$3.49 Pokemon Booster Packs at Target?! Pokemon Card Hunting

The dramatic rise in the re-sale value of the cards prompted a fight in Wisconsin during which a man pulled a gun

US retail giant Target will stop selling Pokemon playing cards out of an abundance of caution for its staff and other shoppers. The re-sale value of the cards has increased dramatically during the coronavirus pandemic, prompting chaos and threats to staff. Target will also stop selling MLB, NFL and NBA sports playing cards.

The decision comes after man pulled a gun during a fight over trading cards in a Target parking lot in Brookfield, Wisconsin on 7 May. Police said the 35-year-old man produced the gun when he was assaulted by four men aged 23-35 as he left the store, ABC reported.

A shopper who was at the Target during the parking lot incident told Fox news at the time: Its just kind of sad for the kids. It just sounds kind of ridiculous that adults got into a fight in the parking lot about trading cards.

Target confirmed the decision in a statement to comic book and games website Bleeding Cool.

The safety of our guests and our team is our top priority, it said. Out of an abundance of caution, weve decided to temporarily suspend the sale of MLB, NFL, NBA and Pokémon trading cards within our stores, effective May 14. Guests can continue to shop these cards online at

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Look For Rare Pokemon Cards

Some cards could be worth more than others because they have unique features like holofoil or a special symbol. Other cards may not have many copies.

Heres how to identify rare Pokemon cards.

Rarity Symbols

To determine how common or uncommon a card is, you can look for rarity symbols.

Most Pokemon cards have one of three rarity symbols:

  • Diamonds: Semi-rare
  • Circles: Common

Cards with a star icon on the back are the rarest and can be worth the most money. You will want to pay closer attention to these rare cards and look for additional special features that add value.


If you collected Pokemon cards as a kid, you likely got excited when a pack of cards contained a holofoil card. They just looked cooler than all the other cards.

Now theres another reason to be excited about holofoil cards. These cards are more valuable than a standard card thats ink-only. The entire Pokemon image may be holographic or only the reverse side.

Rare Letters

Certain card series have rare letters stamped on the front.

Some examples include these stamped letters:

These letter stampings can be for recent releases with the United States version of the Sun & Moon set launching in 2016.

Secret Numbers

Some cards may have a secret number that is higher than the actual number. For example, you might have card number 123 of 100 printed cards.

It can be worth your time to have a professional card grader verify the authenticity and condition of rare cards.

Most Valuable Pokemon Card Sets

Includes 3 Random Boosters And 1 Holofoil Promo Card

Includes 3 Random Boosters and 1 Holofoil Promo Card. Get in on the action with three awesome booster packs and a cool promo card from specially selected expansions of the Pokemon Trading Card Game! Every Pokemon TCG expansion comes with powerful Pokemon to trade with your friends, expand your collection and fill your decks with the forces you need to win! Develop great tactics, discover excellent strategies, and battle your way to becoming the best Pokemon Trainer you can be!

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Fan Finds Retro Pokemon Cards At Target Worth Thousands

Originally released in 2011, the Pokemon TCG debuted its Black and White expansion based on the Gen V RPGs released in 2010. Products from the classic set sell for as high as $300 apiece due to containing popular cards of Legendaries such as Reshiram, Zekrom, and Kyurem.

Despite hitting stores over a decade ago, one fan discovered a shelf full of the vintage Pokemon cards. Twitter user pokelee21 shared their mind-blowing discovery in a series of tweets on August 29. The fan initially didnt know what they had stumbled upon.

My Target had these in a random spot. Whats in them? Coupon on the front expires 04/2013 lol, the user asked while posting a photo of their lucky score. The TCG community immediately recognized what they had found.

Heres the receipt

Lee Briggs

Incredibly the collector was able to buy 17 of the tins at $215, which is incredibly below the prices each item is going for on eBay right now. The fortunate fan was floored after realizing what they had actually scored and followed up the tweet by opening up the classic Trading Card Game products.

Ok now Im shaking. Found these at Target. Opened one of them and got these out of it, pokelee21 exclaimed. The images showed the tins contained booster packs from the Boundaries Crossed, Plasma Storm, and the Dragon Explorers expansions.

How To Get Pokmon Tcg: Trick Or Trade Booster Bundle Packs

Pokemon Trading Card Game Sun and Moon Team Up Booster Box [36 Packs ...

They might be spooky, but you have to collect them all.

Tis almost halloween and trick or treating is old news: Pokémon TCG: Trick or Trade BOOster Bundle packsare the best way to spend your spooky Oct. 31 this time around.

Going from door to door should be filled with booster packs, and maybe a little bit of candy, because the upcoming TCG booster packs are on their way.

If you want to collect them all, this is the next set to get your hands on. With each card having a special Pikachu pumpkin stamp in the bottom-right corner of the artwork, Pokemon keeps delivering variety with each bundle pack.

The Pokémon TCG: Trick or Trade BOOster Bundle packs are set torelease Friday, Sept. 2 and cost $18.99.

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Xy Generations Booster Packs

This set of Pokémon cards was released in 2016 and still is a craze among Pokémon enthusiasts. 2016 was the 20th anniversary year of Pokémon. This particular card set honored the great occasion with due respect.

This set is full of all the favorite Pokémon characters. It also has got epic artwork. Apart from that, you will find three Charizards in the pack, which is enough reason to go for it.

Pokemon Tcg Youtuber Shows Of Silver Tempest Booster Packs

In a recent YouTuber video uploaded by TCG Funhouse, the Pokemon TCG fan shows a clip of a local Target, where Silver Tempest blister packs are stocked in the collectible card isle of the store.

The clip, which was originally uploaded on TikTok, shows the YouTuber walking up to the Pokemon TCG packs, grabbing a few, and then cutting to the boosters being opened in the car outside the store. The early Silver Tempest boosters are easy to miss, as two Pomo cards in the blister pack cover the front of the booster.

Players commenting on the YouTube edition of the video claim they have also seen the packs being stocked in Target stores, with Stephen Reneau stating One of my local Targets had them out too. Grabbed 9 and didnt have a single pull.

Unfortunately, because this is a mistake on Targets part, it isnt likely many other fans waiting for the Pokemon TCG expansion will find them on retail shelves. While it is a lucky find, it is also a big mistake, and could potentially cause problems for the stores that did set them out ahead of the release date.

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