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How To Walk In Pokemon Go Without Moving

How To Play Pokemon Go Without Moving

How to Play Pokemon Go without Moving/Walking 2021
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  • Covid-19 has posed a new challenge around the world. For instance, the Pokémon GO community has been highly affected since no one can freely get out to play the game. This has left players looking for alternative ways to play Pokémon GO without having to move at all.

    The question is, can you play Pokémon GO without having to move? In this article, we are going to show you the answer to the question and provide all the tools you need to play Pokémon GO from the comfort of your room.

    How Do You Make Your Character Walk In Pokemon Go Without Moving

    0:423:46How to Play Pokemon Go without Moving/Walking 2021 – YouTubeYouTubeInício do clipe sugeridoFinal do clipe sugeridoOn the maps it shows where your actual location is to move in pokemon. Go you just need to selectMoreOn the maps it shows where your actual location is to move in pokemon. Go you just need to select one end point you can drag to change the place on the left side of the interface.

    How Do You Get Unlimited Candies In Pokemon Go

    Method 2: Use a Pokemon Go Hacking App Later, you can go to its candy hack to get unlimited candies. Just select the Pokemon you wish to evolve and enter the number of candies you want. In no time, your inventory will fill up with the needed candies to evolve or power up the selected Pokemon.

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    How Do You Update Pokemon Go

    • Update Pokemon Go on Android. To ensure you’ve got the most recent version runing on your Android device, open the Google Play store and select the My Apps tab from the menu sidebar. If you need to update Pokemon Go, you will see the word “Update” next to the app on the right-hand side of the screen.

    If You Are An Android User Then Here Are The Steps To Follow

    How to Hack Pokemon Go To Walk Around Anywhere on the Map Without ...
    • Enable the developer mode in your mobile by getting to the settings menu.
    • Next, install Fake GPS GO location spoofer app by downloading it from either Google or the Android play store.
    • The third step is to run it on your smartphone.
    • Now, click on the enable mock locations option.
    • Finally, click on the back and you can get back to the app.
    • Choose the location that you are going to use for the game and hit the play button.
    • Run the game and verify whether your location got updated.
    • This is the best app that is currently available in android for location masking.

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    Use The Incense In Pokstops To Play Pokemon Go Without Walking

    Another way on how to play Pokemon Go without walking is to take advantage of the incense you can obtain at Pokéstops, in the store, or when you level up. You can encounter your incense in your items bag. Incense draws the wild Pokemons attention to your location.

    Below is the step-by-step guide on how to use the incense to play Pokemon Go without walking:

  • Step 1: Tap on the Pokeball > Items> Incense.

  • Step 2: After clicking incense, itll commence a thirty-minute countdown in your screens top-right corner. A circulating pink cloud will appear around your avatar as displayed in the below figure.

  • With incense, Pokémons will be attracted to you in the game.

    A Detailed Guide On How To Use Location Spoofer On Android

    There are tons of location spoofer apps available on the internet to spoof your location for Pokemon Go on Android and iOS devices. Using Location Spoofer on Android-

    Step 1: To start with, enable developer mode – go to âSettingsâ> â Systemâ> â About Phoneâ> â Click the Build Number until developer mode is enabled.â

    Step 2: Now, you need to install a location spoofer app, and Fake GPS Free is recommended to download from the Google Play Store. Run the App after downloading it and click âEnable Mock Locations.â

    Step 3: Next, click âSelect mock location app,â and then, choose Fake GPS Free.

    Step 4: Click on the back button to switch to the Fake GPS free app and look for the location you would like to set in Pokemon Go and click the Play button to turn on the fake location.

    Step 5: Finally, run Pokemon Go to verify that the location has changed in your game.

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    How Do You Hatch A Pokemon Egg Without Walking In 2021

    Part 2: Use an Android Location Spoofer This is one of the quickest ways to learn how to hatch Pokemon Go eggs without walking. If you own an Android device, then you can simply use a GPS spoofing app to manually change the location of your device. This will trick Pokemon Go into believing that you are walking instead.

    What’s New From Niantic

    How To Play Pokemon Go Without Moving/Walking | No Root without Joystick | August 2017.

    Since the coronavirus outbreak, Niantic has made various changes to its playing policy to capture the new reality where social distancing is a necessity. It has also added new features that stationary players may find appealing. If you wonder how to play Pokémon GO without moving, here are the key changes that will enable you to do just that.

    Key Changes

    • It has postponed or cancelled most live events such as Safari Zones.
    • It has reworked events such as Community Day and A Drive to Investigate to help enforce social distancing. They now support solo play.
    • It has removed research tasks that you cannot complete at home.
    • Players can buy a new PokeCoin bundle at the shop each week.
    • It has increased daily rewards to 3X EXP and 3X Stardust when you get the first catch of the day.
    • It has doubled the proximity radius that players need to interact in a gym.
    • Players are not required to walk to earn Go Battle League Sets.
    • Players can purchase remote Raid Battle Passes to play at any point in the map remotely.

    New changes are coming up to help players explore the game and support indoor activities such as running on the treadmill or cleaning.

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    How To Play Pokmon Go Without Moving An Inch From Your House

    In the end, the only way to use Pokémon GO without moving an inch from your house is through a spoofing app. It is also called a Joystick Hack for Pokémon GO. Some features of apps work with previous Android versions before the security patches came into play. In other cases, rooting your device lets you unlock the full features of these apps.

    How To Play Pokemon Go Without Walking On Android/iphone

    Considering the ongoing pandemic and resulting lockdown in many areas worldwide, how can you play Pokémon Go without moving? Considering this situation, Niantic is bringing some significant updates to Pokémon Go to ensure that fans can enjoy the game while in isolation. One of such updates is the modification of Pokémon Go events like community day to support solo play.

    Can you play Pokémon Go without moving? Lets dive in to find out.

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    Leave The App And Come Back

    A quick fix that generally solves the issue with your Pokemon Go character not moving is to close the app and then reopening it again. This will reconnect to Niantics servers and get back to the game.

  • Press the Home button.
  • Then Double-press the Home button to view the multitasking screen.
  • Change to the Pokémon Go card.
  • Select the Pokémon Go card to reenter the app.
  • Can You Still Cheat In Pokemon Go 2021

    How to Go Anywhere In Pokémon Go Without Walking

    Is it still possible to spoof a Pokémon GO location in 2021? Yes it is. However, you will need to install a GPS spoofing app and mask that youre spoofing it to do so. If you have an Android phone, you will also need to go into Developer Mode, or if you have an iPhone, you will need to jailbreak it to enable this.

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    Advantages And Risks Of Using Hack Tech

    Please note that some cheats and hacks are against the Pokémon Go terms of service. You may use them and some may even work very well, but hacks can create a vicious cycle that may make the game less interesting. This is why people who use these hacks can get banned from the game.

    Bans can come in waves but now you can also be slashed, where illegitimately gained Pokémon can become useless in Gym and Raid Battles.

    There are some advantages of using some of the strategies we will hare with you in this article. The following are some of these advantages and disadvantages:


    • When you use a location spoofer to fake your location on Pokémon Go, you get to play the game from the comfort of your home.
    • You can easily catch Pokémon in locations that you may not otherwise visit. For example, if you live in a landlocked area, spoofing your location can allow you to catch Water Pokémon.
    • You also get the chance to catch rare Pokémon that may not be available in your area. This is particularly beneficial if you live in rural areas that tend to have fewer Pokémon.


    • You may need to jailbreak the device to fake the location, particularly if you are using an iOS device.
    • As we have seen before, faking your location may be against the Pokémon Go terms of service, and when you do it, you are risking getting banned.

    A Detailed Guide On How To Use Location Spoofer On Iphone

    A lot of times, Pokemon Go users on the iPhone find it hard to simulate their movement to hatch eggs or catch more Pokemons. Thankfully, with the help of a reliable solution like Dr.Fone â Virtual Location , you can easily implement a Pokemon Go walking hack without getting detected by the developers. The app lets us select multiple spots to move, and you can even alter your speed. In this way, you can make the app believe that you are walking, cycling, or driving without actually moving anywhere.

    4,039,074 people have downloaded it

    Using Dr.Fone â Virtual Location to implement the Pokemon GO walking hack is extremely simple, and you donât even have to jailbreak the device. The app can also let you mock your location by teleporting and has several other modes. Hereâs how to move in Pokemon Go without walking by using Dr.Fone â Virtual Location application.

    Step 1: Launch the Virtual Location feature

    Launch the Dr.Fone toolkit and open the Virtual Location feature whenever you wish to play Pokemon Go without moving. Also, using a working lightning cable, make sure that your iOS device is connected to the application.

    Once your phone gets detected, just click on the âGet Startedâ button to commence the process.

    Step 2: Simulate movement between two steps

    Just enter the number of times you wish to move and click on the âMarchâ button to start the simulation.

    Step 3: Simulate the movement between multiple spots

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    How Do You Change The Location Using Imyfone Anyto

    Step 1: Setup iMyFone AnyTo

    Click the Try It Free button above to install iMyFone AnyTo on your computer. Then open it and click Get Started. Connect your phone to the PC via USB. Click Trust on the device for the prompt.

    Step 2: Select Teleport Mode

    After your map has loaded, it will show where you are on the map by default. choose Teleport Mode in the top right corner, the third icon.

    Now on the map, just pinpoint a place that you hope you were there.You can zoom in and out the map to locate your place.

    Alright! Now just click on the Move button. You can see the location is changed to the new place instantly.

    Good luck!

    So you can also use this brilliant tool to create virtual routes to move along in the game, while you are just sitting home .

    Reboot And File A Bug Report

    How to Play Pokemon Go without Moving/Walking 2021

    If your Pokemon Go character keeps freezing and not moving side to side and you keep having to reload Pokemon Go over and over again, this could mean that theres a bug or issue with the app. I suggest that you report the bug to Niantic, so they can solve the issue and stop it from happening in the future. Below well explain how you can report the bug happening on Pokemon Go.

  • Press the Home button.
  • Open the multitasking screen by Double-pressing the Home button.
  • Change to the Pokémon Go card, then swipe up on the card to force quit the app.
  • Relaunch Pokémon Go.
  • Visit the Pokémon Go bug report page and let Niantic know about your issue.
  • Do you have any other tips on fixing issues with Pokemon Go? Share them with us in the comments if you do!

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    Move Around In Pokmon Go Without Moving On Iphone

    Follow the same steps to connect your iPhone with your PC.

    Once your device connects to the computer successfully, it displays a map with your location. To change your location on the iPhone for the game, select the Teleport Mode in the upper right corner. Now open the Pokémon Go game on your device.

    On the map in iMyFone AnyTo, choose a fake location by dragging and zooming the map as a fake GPS location.

    When you select a destination, a sidebar appears showing destination information, including location name, coordinates, and distance. You can also enter the name of the place or the coordinates in the box Search to select your destination.

    After selecting a destination, just press the button Move. You see, your location has changed to the new location! You can check the location in the game, which is changed to the same new location synchronously.

    Play Pokmon Go Without Moving On Iphone

    One of the best tools we suggest is FoneGeek iOS Location Changer. It is a top-rated professional tool specifically developed for iOS devices to change GPS location without moving. With this tool, you can stimulate GPS movement while at home, you dont even need to step out!

    Lets now break down the steps and see how to play Pokémon Go without moving on iPhone with FoneGeek iOS Location Changer:

    Step 1. Download and install the tool on your computer. Next, connect your iPhone to computer and click on Get Started.

    Step 2. A map will be loaded. Choose Multi-Spot Movement option at the upper right hand corner of the screen.

    Step 3. You have to select a new location of your choice. It would be best to keep in mind that you have to choose more than one location. Once you have selected your locations, proceed to the map and set the speed and number of trips you will make.

    Step 4. Click on the Move icon, and you are good to go.

    However, it is advisable not to change the location too often as the game developers have a strict policy for Pokémon Go players not to use location-changing tools.

    Pros of using FoneGeek iOS Location Changer

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    Pokmon Go Walking Hack: How To Move In Pokmon Go Without Walking 2021

    Pokémon Go is an attractive and popular computer game that has garnered myriads of devotees across the continents. It is a location-based game. Movements are key to a scintillating playing experience. If your location is starved of rare Pokémon species or you simply want to enjoy more raids and other unique Pokémon Go events, you need a Pokémon Go walking hack. This way, you flawlessly move from one point to another at the comfort of your home.

    While this is the case, it is essential to note that Pokémon Go game developers do not allow players to fake locations. If suspicious movements are spotted, you will be flagged and your account risks suspension or even permanent closure. This means you have to make intelligent movements or else find yourself on the wrong side of Niantic. Fortunately, the right location spoofer tool will make it a plain-sailing task. This article gives you the best guide on how to walk in Pokémon Go without moving.

    How To Use Anyto On Pc

    Play Pokemon GO Without Walking

    Before you can enjoy Pokémon GO from your computer, it is necessary to indicate your geographical position. To do this, it is necessary to use Fake GPS AnyTo software.

    You can download this software here.

    If you want to change your location, you need to open AnyTo and set a new location. To facilitate this operation, it is useful to define some places as favorites.

    You can now detect the Pokémon and if the camera is not working, just turn off the AR mode on demand. Confirm and catch Pokemon in virtual reality mode.

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    How To Move In Pokemon Go Without Walking

    If you have an Android device, we are here for your help. First of all, when it comes to Pokémon GO, Android users have a lot of options available. But not all of them are reliable enough to utilize.

    Even if there are a lot of options, you still have to be careful while making your choice. If you end up selecting a harmful third-party app, you can get banned from Pokémon GO as well.

    For android users, I strongly suggest you use Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer.

    Heres how to use this application:

    • First of all, turn on the developer mode on your Android phone.
    • Now, install the Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer from Store.
    • Open the app, and turn on the Enable Mock Locations feature.
    • Click on the Select Mock Location App and then choose Fake GPS
    • After that click on the back button to return to the Fake GPS app. Search for the location you prefer and then tap on the Play button.
    • Now, play Pokémon GO and verify your location change in the game.


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