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How To Resell Pokemon Cards

Are Pokemon Cards Still Profitable On Stockx

How To Sell Pokemon Cards on eBay! *2022 Beginner’s Guide*

We can not rule out the fact that Pokemon Cards are now being bought and sold on StockX which means that the market for Pokemon cards is here to stay and is going to be profitable in one way or another.

If we compare it with the sneakers market, companies like Nike, Adidas, and many others keep the sneaker world busy with hundreds of weekly releases and trends capable of altering attention and prices from one instant to another.

Pokemon trading cards cant rely on the same cycle that fuels the resale of Nike and Yeezy sneakers. Therefore the bubble that was created in 2020 might be because of circumstances ranging from nostalgia to lockdown and Logan Paul.

The bubble seems to burst now as the prices that once spiked have dropped now on StockX. The 2016 Holo Charizard that would resell for $2400 dropped to $380 on StockX.

Pokemon cards are still profitable but dont expect steady profits since there have been major fluctuations in prices.

Can You Sell Pokmon Cards At Gamestop

GameStop sells Pokémon cards online, but they do not buy Pokémon cards. GameStop restocks the Pokémon cards themselves, so they dont have an external party that deals with the restocking.

Most of what they sell comes from their own central warehouse. Its hard to tell who supplies the GameStop warehouse, but theyre more interested in larger wholesalers than individual sellers.

Protect Cards With Penny Sleeves

As soon as your collection has been sorted, it should be protected. For protection purposes, Penny Sleeves are broadly used.

In order to prevent bending, cards should either be in hard plastic cases or in binders with 9 pockets.

Additionally, there are ultra pro deck protector sleeves available in several colors. You can get both for a relatively low price, so use penny sleeves and plastic blinders to keep them organized.

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How To Determine What Your Pokemon Cards Are Worth

While everyone would love to offload their collection for thousands of dollars, sellers need to be realistic about what theyre sitting on and the condition that its in. Learning how to assess card condition and pairing that with readily available price data is a prerequisite to getting the most money for your beloved cards.

Collecting The Pokmon Cards

Could Your Old Pokemon Cards Make You a Millionaire?

You may already have a collection of Pokémon cards on your hands. Still, to sustain your side hustle, youll probably need to invest in some Pokémon cards to sell later at a higher price. Hunting for the best deals can be tricky if you dont know some essential best practices for investing in Pokémon cards.

Set Broad Search Filters

No matter what online platform youre browsing, its a good idea to set broad search filters to snag valuable cards at lower prices.

When most people search online for Pokémon cards, theyll type in precisely what they want. Few people will be interested in these cards because the algorithm cant include them in the buyers search. Sometimes, the person who posted the card on eBay doesnt properly tag the item or misspells something in the title.

If you cast a wider net, youll catch more fish. Youll probably have to sort through a long list to find the good ones, but this technique can help you snag a card that would otherwise be priced much higher.

Shop Around

Dont limit your search to one platform. Sellers often cross-post the same card on online platforms like eBay and Mercari, and sometimes the price is lower on one platform than another.

You can find Pokémon cards in pawn shops, estate sales, specialized Facebook groups, and Craigslist. Widen your search, and youll find a better selection.

The High-Quality Photo Rule

Be Wary of Scammers and Fakes

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Gaming And Collectables Shops

This option is for people who want to sell in person because they think eBay fees are so high, or dont have the time to create individual listings.

Gaming and collectible shops purchase Pokémon cards at a discount and then sell them higher than the current value. Because of this, its okay to haggle a little.

Many will allow you to drop off a deck of cards and then call you back within the next couple of days with which cards they want to buy and how much they can offer you. Dont waste their or your time with energy cards or old Psyducks.

Drop off whats valuable, barter against what they offer you, and then reap the benefits!

Tips To Avoid Getting Scammed

Like in any selling industry, there are several ways in which, as a seller, you may find yourself SOL. Heres how to make sure it doesnt happen to you.

At the end of the day, common sense really does go a long way. If something seems off, or there are more red flags than you could possibly shake a stick at, move on. Its not worth getting burned just to chase a few more dollars.

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What Factors Determine A Pokmon Cards Worth

Usually, newer cards are not worth much, since collectors can still easily find them on the market. Pokémon cards from the original Base Set from 1999 are the oldest and rarest. A complete deck of the Base Set can sell for up to $10,000. The three main factors that determine the final sale value of your older Pokémon cards are:

Make A List Again Based On Sets

How to Become a LICENSED Pokemon TCG Reseller (Resale Certificate)

Repeat the process and make a list again of all the cards you have. Certain symbols will be visible on the cards, such as stars down at the bottom right.

A few of them also contain diamonds and circles. A secret rare card means that at the end of each set there will be a Pokemon that has stars next to it.

Rare Pokemon have stars next to them. Diamonds represent uncommon, while circles indicate common.

When you organize your cards by number, the stars will stand out first, followed by diamonds, and then circles. The trainers will appear next, and the process will continue.

Likewise, if you have Japanese cards, the corresponding symbol appears in white rather than black, which signifies an ultra-rare card.

And, when it comes to Japanese cards, 3-star symbols indicate that the card is extremely rare, one of the most difficult to find.

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Can You Trade In Pokmon Cards At Gamestop

Take your Saved Trade Summary to a GameStop store before it expires. Make sure to bring all of the items you want to trade with you to the store. Charge any device you are bringing in for trade. Bring any cords, power chargers and related accessories for products you are trading.

Then, How do you sell Pokemon cards in bulk?

What Are The Rarity Symbols On Pokmon Cards

Before we start discussing which stores sell Pokémon cards, you need to understand how to evaluate the cards. And there are four types of cards that are mostly in demand among collectors around the globe.

  • First-Edition Cards: These were first printed in 1999 as the base set with the Edition 1 logo at the bottom-left corner of the Pokémon illustration.
  • Holographic Cards: These cards have a shimmery and reflective top and a base layer that create a holographic effect.
  • Reflective Cards: These are also called inverse holographic cards as they reproduce a shining effect.
  • Full-Art Cards: Especially loved by the art connoisseurs, these cards have a complete extended illustration throughout the front panel.

Besides these variants and editions, there are three symbols that you can find in every official Pokémon card that also denotes its rarity.

  • Circles: This sign is there in all the inexpensive and ordinary cards.
  • Diamonds: Although they are not extremely rare, these cards are quite valuable.
  • Stars: This particular mark comes in all the most valuable, rarest, and most expensive ones.

Special Note: If you have an entire deck and the card count is higher than the usual number, you have a secret card in that pack. And trust me, those secret cards are the actual collectibles that fetch unbelievable prices.

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What Influences Pokemon Card Prices

Before we get into how to sell Pokemon cards, we have to go over how Pokemon cards are valued and what makes expensive cards have such ridiculous price tags.

Generally, Pokemon cards are influenced by a few different factors:

  • Overall Demand.
  • Each of these 4 factors can have a dramatic effect on the pricing of the cards, with condition being the overarching factor that can obviously destroy your chances of ever selling a card.

    Condition is determined by a few things such as scratches, creases, wear, tear, and liquid damage. You can view a more detailed guide here.

    Rarity is determined by the symbols and numbers displayed on the bottom right corner of the card or the bottom right corner of the picture .

    Circles or diamonds arent worth much, while stars and first edition symbols can be very rare.

    Edition is determined by special types of cards that were made as part of a unique set. First edition cards are amongst the rarest Pokemon cards in the world.

    Overall demand is pretty self-explanatory. If there is an abundance of a specific card, then it obviously wont be worth much. This somewhat ties in with the rarity of the card.

    Ultimately, the goal is to find Pokemon cards that are first edition, rare, and have the highest grade possible: PSA 10 Mint, which basically means its a card that went straight from pack opening into a protective sleeve and has never been handled.

    How To Sell Your Pokmon Cards

    Sell My Pokemon Cards Near Me

    wikiHow is a wiki, similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, 72 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 994,228 times.Learn more…

    If you’ve outgrown playing with Pokémon games and Pokémon cards, and remember where you have the collection stowed away, dig them out! Pokémon cards, as useless as they may seem to you, can be sold online for a lot of money. In about an hour or so, you can make easy money!

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    Can You Sell Tcg Online Cards

    Yes, it is possible to sell TCG online cards, however there are a few things to keep in mind. The first is that the prices for online cards can vary greatly, so it is important to do some research prior to listing any cards for sale. Additionally, it is important to be aware of the fees associated with selling cards online, as these can eat into any profits that are made. Finally, it is important to ship the cards securely and provide tracking information to the buyer to ensure a smooth transaction.

    How To Sell Pokmon Cards On Ebay & Make The Most Money Possible

    Anyone alive in the late 90s can recall the wild obsession with Pokémon that swept the world.

    Some may assume this craze died down, but in fact the opposite has happened its booming!

    Today, people are scrambling to figure out how to sell Pokémon cards on eBay to not miss out on this opportunity, so make sure you are using all the best strategies.

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    So What Pokmon Cards Do You Have

    The first step to selling cards from your old Pokémon card collection is to find Pokémon cards worth selling in your old stash.

    Condition is one of the most significant factors in determining the value of a Pokémon card. The condition of a card, as well as its rarity and edition, influences its value.

    Look for first edition or Holo cards, which are more valuable and sometimes rare cards, and separate the worn, old cards from those in better condition.

    A few things to look for in your stash are 1st Edition cards, Holographic cards, rare cards, popular Pokémon cards people are searching for, and the condition of the cards.

    Better In Single Card Sleeves

    Finding Pokemon Cards At Garage Sales To Resell

    Pokémon cards are printed on cardstock with a shiny surface, and therefore very susceptible to damage from bending, water, and scratches.

    If youre trying to figure out how to sell Pokémon cards for high margins, you must purchase card sleeves to hold them.

    You can purchase a 100 pack of card sleeves for less than ten dollars, and theyll protect what youre selling and make it look more professional.

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    Local Comic Book Shops

    Aside from posting online, you can also sell Pokémon cards to local comic book shops. They accept almost any collectible merchandise, from books to rare cards.

    You can even haggle the price depending on the items market price.

    Go on a trip to your local neighborhood or ask other collectors where they buy Pokémon cards.

    Appealing Images And Product Description

    A good image and product description are essential for any product available to sell. It is the first thing the customer looks at when they check your product for buying.

    Be sure that you take clear, visible photos of the card before making it on display. Give a good description that attracts the buyers that make them sure that you are the right seller to buy.

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    Without A Doubt Well Pay More For Your Pokemon Cards

    Rare Trading Card Experts

    We will pay more to buy your old Pokemon Cards collection or individual cards. When it comes to experience, weve been in the trading card industry since the inception of Magic the Gathering in 1993. We buy all languages and types of Pokemon Cards from around the world, both expensive and inexpensive cards. The only Pokemon Cards we wont buy are fake, or proxy, Pokemon Cards due to them having no value.

    Its common for the public to approach us asking to appraise their Pokemon Card Collection, we do this for free no obligations. Within 24 hours of you sending us a picture, well respond with our best offer for your Pokemon collection.

    The last thing you want to do is take your rare Pokemon Card to a local card shop or giant company with large overhead costs and hundreds of employees. Were small, which allows us to offer you more money than anyone else.

    How To Take Care Of Your Pokmon Cards

    Where Do They Sell Pokemon Cards / An Unopened First Edition Set Of ...

    You may not know, but two identical cards with different conditions can fetch different values in online sales and auctions.

    So, you should always keep these Pokémon cards in mint condition to get the best price possible. Below are the steps to follow!

  • Always keep your outer packaging intact, even if it comes with a paper cover.
  • Never tear off any holograms, banners, and stickers from the cards and the set itself.
  • Keep these cards in the dark place, away from the sunlight.
  • Never ever draw anything or mark any card or the deck itself with some colors.
  • It is even better if you keep the original bill for these purchases.
  • It is also a good idea to grade your cards by a Professional Sports Authenticator from your city before you appear for an auction. In that way, you can properly evaluate your card and demand a better price.

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    Wizards Of The Coast Blastoise Prototype: $360000

    In 1998, Wizards of the Coast wooed Nintendo in an attempt to land the Pokémon Card Trading Game licensing deal for the North American market. They produced a series of Pokémon card prototypes to display to the Pokémon Companys executives.

    One of these prototypes features Blastoise, a central figure in the Pokémon Blue game. The prototype only has an image on the front because its creators never intended to distribute it for sale. Wizards of the Coast only made two copies of this prototype, which has blasted its value even higher. It went to auction in January of 2021 and sold for $360,000.

    Ebay Update For Pokemon Cards

    A new feature of eBays mobile app enables you to scan trading cards prior to purchasing.

    There will be an option for eBay sellers to scan aside from collectible cards in the future.

    With this new feature, all you have to do is scan an existing card, and eBay will gather information from the card so your listing can be created.

    So its now easy to sell Pokemon cards on eBay than ever before.

    If you are thinking about where else to sell Pokemon Cards then we have 10 Best Place To Sell Pokémon Cards.

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    Organize The Cards By Sets

    A good way to organize your cards is by sets. You can identify a set by a small symbol. On old sets, this symbol will appear in the bottom right corner of the Pokémon illustration.

    On new sets, this symbol will appear on the bottom right corner of the whole card.

    Read this list of Pokémon card symbols to check which sets your cards belong to.

    Please note that Base card sets, which were one of the first three sets to be released in the USA, dont have a symbol on the card.

    Should I Sell My Old Pokmon Collection Or Hold On To It


    It depends on your feelings about money versus nostalgia.

    The value of Pokémon cards has been increasing steadily over the past few years. So, if youre planning on selling your collection, now might be a good time to do it.

    If youre not in a hurry to sell and are a fan of the Pokémon franchise, you might want to hold on to your collection. Who knows, it might be worth even more in the future!

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