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How To Change Location On Pokemon Go Iphone

Fake Location App For Pokemon Go Ios

Change Pokemon Go Location on iPhone without Walking & Jailbreak

iTools is a popular desktop iOS data management and transfer application for iPhone and iPad. It can work as a GPS spoofer for Pokemon Go. Its Virtual Location feature enables you to set a virtual location for your iOS devices easily.

When installing this GPS spoofing app on your computer, you must close your anti-virus software first. You can go to Toolbox and choose Virtual Location to start faking the GPS location of your iPhone.

You can enter an address or GPS coordinates you want to go in the search box and then click the Go button to fake your iPhone GPS location.

Apple doesn’t encourage users to fake GPS locations on an iPhone, iPad, or Mac, so its not easy to find some useful GPS spoofing apps from App Store. Relatively speaking, desktop GPS spoofer applications like those recommended above can better change your location on your iPhone.

Ready To Catch Them All

With the help of location changes and spoofing, you can play Pokémon anywhere around the world and travel virtually. This allows you to catch Pokémon otherwise unavailable to you previously. When you change location, Pokémon Go becomes even more enjoyable.

How far away have you spoofed your location and played Pokémon Go? Do you like playing the game on Bluestacks? Let us know in the comments section below.

Ios 16 Lock Screen: How To Customize Iphone

  • Running iOS 16, long-press on your Lock Screen
  • If using an old wallpaper, youll need to create a new one to do a custom Lock Screen
  • Tap the blue + icon in the bottom right corner
  • Pick a wallpaper from the top categories or swipe below to view all options
  • Tap the + icon under the time to select widgets
  • Recommended widgets are at the top, more choices by category below
  • Tap the time to customize the font and color
  • Tap the date to add a widget up top
  • Choices include Calendar, Clock, Fitness, Reminders, Stock, and Weather
  • Heres a hands-on look at the process:

    If you tap the Customize button on an old wallpaper, youll be prompted to Add New to continue.

    You can add up to 4 small widgets, 2 small and 1 medium, or 2 medium widgets in the bottom Lock Screen space.

    The fastest way to add widgets is by tapping them, but you can drag and drop them if you want to be more specific with placement.

    Tap the time to customize its font and color. Swipe from right to left to reveal more color options as well as the full-color palette for a totally custom hue.

    You can also add 1 widget to the top day/date section, tap it to make a selection.

    Tap the three-dot icon in the bottom right to enable perspective zoom andtapDone in the top right corner when finished.

    Back on the Lock Screen customization main page, you can also tap Focus at the bottom to link a specific one to that specific Lock Screen.

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    Can You Still Spoof In Pokemon Go

    Yes, but if you get caught you may face some gaming repercussions. First I should stress its not illegal to spoof in Pokemon GO, just frowned upon. A first offense usually means a 7-day ban, in which case you will notice the Pokemon are unable to be caught or stored quests may disappear.

    Thats why its best to use a VPN that wont leak your true location, then youll never get caught spoofing to begin with.

    What To Expect When You Change Your Location In Pokmon Go

    How to Hack Pokemon Go Avoiding Any Troubles

    Lets be clear here, changing your location on Pokémon Go is obviously regarded as cheating. The game relies on you moving around, and relies on your GPS coordinates to spawn Pokémon in your area. So, changing your location on Pokémon Go means that you technically have an unfair advantage on those who play the game normally.

    Here is Nianatics statement on policing GPS spoofing:

    For the purposes of this policy, we define cheating as behaviors that violate the Pokémon GO Terms of Service and Trainer Guidelines, such as falsifying location and accessing Pokémon GO clients or backends in an unauthorized manner, including through the use of third-party software or add-ons.

    If your account is caught you could potentially lose all the valuable Pokémon you have just collected. Its important to be aware of this before following these steps. However, these steps should provide you with a fool-proof guide to change your location and also bypass potential policing.

    Niantics team have grown wise to the quite common GPS spoofing now on their app, to avoid getting banned its important to be aware of the required modules that you need to install in order to avoid being banned.

    To spoof your GPS location on any device you should invest in a few things first: a GPS spoofing app and a VPN for your mobile, at the very least. This means you can change your location while still avoiding a ban from Niantics policing team.

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    More Information About The Pokmon Go Spoofer

    There are some details you may want to know about this location changer:

    When you first connect your iPhone with this software, the location shown in the program is the IP address of your computer. If it doesn’t accord with your iPhone location and you want to move from your current iPhone location to another one, you can use the Teleport Mode to change your iPhone to the location that you want to set as the source one and then switch to the Two-spot Mode to set your device to move from one place to another.

    Besides, since Pokémon GO has been equipped with an anti-cheating measure that prevents players from spoofing locations in the game, it’s important for you to stop any location-based apps before you change location in Pokémon GO on your iPhone. Make sure you follow the instructions on the Pokémon GO spoofer strictly to minimize the chance of getting your account banned.

    Connect Iphone To Computer

    Now go ahead and plug in your iPhone device to your PC or Mac computer via USB. Once you connect the devices, unlock your iPhone. Your iPhone might ask for trust permissions. Tap on ‘Trust’ if it does.

    One of the best features of the Tenorshare iAnyGo software is that it can successfully detect up to 15 devices at once! Therefore, you won’t find it difficult to find your device once you connect it to the computer. Once connected, select the device and click on ‘Next’.

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    How To Change Your Location On Pokmon Go On Ios

    Changing your location on Pokémon Go on an iOS device can be much harder than on Android, this is because certain GPS spoofing apps on iOS require your iPhone to be jailbroken.

    Jailbreaking an iPhone requires some meddling with the operating system and other practices that are heavily discouraged by Apple and can be hard to do, and potentially dangerous to your phone, if you dont know what youre doing. Providing someone else with your phone who you dont trust can be equally dangerous.

    In any case, jailbreaking your iPhone completely voids your iPhones warranty, which is something to be aware of. Yet, there are third party apps on the App Store that dont require you to jailbreak your iPhone but these apps might cost you a few dollars. Heres how to spoof your GPS location on an iPhone that isnt jailbroken:

  • Turn the app On.
  • Choose your desired region to catch Pokémon.
  • Once you have changed your GPS location, its important to download a VPN in order to avoid detection by Niantic and a subsequent ban. A VPN also helps protect your data privacy and security generally online.

    Its also a lot easier to install a VPN on an iOS system than a GPS spoofer, as VPN apps dont require your iPhone to be jailbroken. Heres how:

  • Select your chosen VPN service, premium paid services can often be the best but free services can also work.
  • Can I Spoof My Gps Location In Pokmon Go With Expressvpn

    How to Change iPhone to Fake Location for Pokemon Go (iOS 14 Supported)

    Not with ExpressVPN alone. ExpressVPN lets you change your IP location, but Pokémon Go uses your GPS location, not your IP address, to determine your location in the game. To catch Pokémon as if you were somewhere else, youâll need to spoof your GPS location.

    To spoof your GPS location, youâll need to download a location spoofing app* for your device. The process is different for iOS and Android devices, may require you to have rooted or jailbroken your device, and may change over time.

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    Location Spoofing On Iphone

    When compared to Android, iOS devices and applications are much more difficult to spoof locations with, though with a jailbroken device Pokemon Go spoofing on iOS is possible.

    If you do happen to have a jailbroken iOS device or a device with a jailbreak-supported OS and a VPN subscription, then you can begin following our guide below.

    With Cydia installed on iOS from your jailbreak, find and install the Protect My Privacy application on your device. Youll then need to open the application and simply tap the Location text and choose Protect. From there, choose a location within the app again, its a good idea to select a major metropolitan hub for your location.

    Once youve selected a city, open your iPhone VPN app we had success for this iPhone hack using ExpressVPN. Next, you need to choose a VPN server location thats in the city youve chosen in the Protect My Privacy app. After this new location is selected, youll be placed quickly in a location with a tonne of Pokemon, Pokestops and Gyms.

    Quick Guide: how to spoof your location on iOS

  • Youll Need a Jailbroken iPhone and VPN
  • Install Protect My Privacy from Cydia
  • Select a Large City in Location and Protect Settings
  • Select a VPN Server in the Chosen City
  • Why Do You Need A Vpn To Change The Pokemon Go Location

    Although it isnt clear how the game can trace your actual location, its likely to rely on your IP address. So the game can also check whether your IP address matches the GPS coordinates of your mobile device. If Pokemon GO finds any discrepancies, it can ban you from playing for a week or more.

    This is where a virtual private network comes in. It will mask your actual IP address, making it challenging to identify your location. This will help you to access Pokemon GO in countries that would have been otherwise impossible.

    A VPN also uses encryption to hide your activities. As a result, hackers and malicious third parties will not see what you are doing online. This adds an extra protection layer when playing Pokemon GO.

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    Can You Get Banned For Spoofing In Pokemon Go

    Yes, You Can Get Banned for Spoofing Pokemon GO. But your first ban is only likely to last about 7 days

    Still, it is possible to get permanently banned for your first offense, so for this reason, I recommend making a new Pokemon GO account to spoof.

    Note: Your account is more likely to be banned if it is botted or if your IP address has been used to create many accounts.

    Change Your Location In Pokmon Go From Anywhere Today

    Can You Get Pokemon Go On Kindle Fire

    You dont have to lose access to your usual Gyms and rare Pokémon when you travel abroad or experience technical issues. A reliable VPN reroutes your traffic through a local server to improve your connection and give you a more enjoyable gameplay. Additionally, you can use a GPS-emulator app to change your Pokémon Go location when youre abroad. Keep in mind that the latter is considered cheating by Niantic and may get you banned from the app.

    ExpressVPN proved to be the best choice for Pokémon Go with its large selection of high-speed servers and strong encryption that quickly hides your IP address. Even if your attempts to change your location dont work, you can get a full refund as the vendors 30-day money-back guarantee lets you test ExpressVPNs IP masking risk-free.

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    How To Change Your Pokmon Go Location

    There are a few different methods you can use to change your Pokémon Go location, but none of them work as well or are as reliable as a VPN .A VPN allows you to replace your IP address with one belonging to the VPN provider, making it look like youre connecting to the internet from a different physical location . Most VPNs will let you choose the location of the server you connect to, too. This means tricking Pokémon Go into thinking youre in a different location is easy!

    How To Change Your Location In Pokemon Go

    Pokemon GO players that live in big cities or suburbs have no problems finding Pokestops or Gyms, but what about rural areas? If you live in rural locations, finding Pokestops and Pokemon in general can be extremely difficult, and you can basically forget about catching a rare one.

    Never fear rural dwelling Pokemon enthusiasts, theres a trick that can help you get the same experience as your friends in the city.

    When you combine GPS spoofing apps and a strong VPN, like our top pick ExpressVPN, you can change your location in Pokemon GO.

    For most mobile apps, using a VPN is enough to change your region or your location. But Pokemon GO has begun monitoring their servers for players with a location that doesnt match their phones GPS coordinates, so a mock location masking module may also be required.

    Such players may face a suspension or a ban. Spoofing apps and masking modules help to prevent Pokemon GO from detecting that youve changed your location.

    Changing your location in Pokemon GO is pretty simple, and you can get started on your next big Pokemon adventure in just a few easy steps:

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    How To Trick Pokemon Go Gps Via Itools

    iTools is more of an iOS manager than a Pokemon Go spoofer. Besides spoofing in Pokemon Go, this app also backs up and restores your iOS data.

    How to fake your location in Pokemon Go using iTools?

    1. After installing iTools on your computer, open the app and connect your iPhone. Note that iTools only supports iPhone running iOS 12 and earlier versions.

    2. When the program detects your iPhone and displays the iPhone details on the interface, tap the Virtual Location or Pokemon Spoofing iOS tab under the Toolbox section and input a location in the search box on the upper-left corner.

    3. Click the Move Here button to select the location. Then, run Pokemon Go on your iPhone and play the game under the new location.

    If you wish to reset the location, connect your iPhone to iTools and repeat the steps. If you need to stop the virtual location, return to the original location and hit the Stop simulation button.


    * Change to any location in Pokemon Go.


    * Have the risk of getting your account banned.

    * Only work with iPhone running iOS 12 and below versions.

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    How To Change Your Location On Pokemon Go With Tutu App

    How to Change Your Location in Pokemon Go while Staying at Home

    Another famous Pokemon Go spoofing for iOS devices is the TUTU app. Like other Pokemon Go spoofers, it is easier for you to seize the Pokemons using joystick movement without hunting down the Pikachu. Moreover, it includes all other essential features, for example, teleportation.

    Here’s how it works.

    1. Install and run the TUTU app on your jailbreak iPhone.

    2. Ensure that the Pokemon Go app is uninstalled on your iPhone. Then, search for Pokemon Go++ in the search bar and download it from here.

    3. Install the app on your iPhone, grant necessary permissions, and sign in with your Pokemon Go account. Next, go to its Settings> enable the Fake Location button or access the radar to pin your location on the map.


    * Easy joystick control and fast movement.


    * Niantic may easily detect it and get your account banned.

    * Need to jailbreak your iPhone.

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    How To Spoof Pokmon Go Location On Ios

    If youre using an iOS device, youll first need to make sure that its jailbroken. Youll also need to download an app called tsProtector from Cydia. The app keeps Pokémon GO from being able to identify jailbroken devices. Once you have those two things straightened out:

  • Install a Location Spoofing App

    Install a location spoofing app from Cydia.

  • Install tsProtector

    Install tsProtector on your iOS device and keep it running. Then, connect to a VPN server from a location where you want to play Pokémon GO. Select the same location on the GPS spoofing app as well.

  • Start Playing Pokémon GO

    Launch the game and start playing Pokémon GO.

  • How To Change Pokemon Go Location On Your Device Using A Vpn

    To spoof the location of your Pokemon GO account, even if you have a good VPN, you will need to change the region of your device.

    In Android, It can be achieved by using a mock location masking module and a GPS spoofing app. If you have an iPhone, you must jailbreak your iPhone first.

    The procedures for Android and iOS are highlighted below.

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    How To Change Location In Pokemon Go 2022

    Change location in okemon, as long as you follow proper protocols, you can avoid risk to your iPhone and Pokemon account. Ensure that you have quality antivirus software running and that you take reasonable precautions.

    Using the following 4 easy ways for changing your location in Pokemon Go, you can catch all kinds of hard-to-find critters and win even the most unwinnable battles.


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