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Burger King 1999 Pokemon Toys

/30 Embarrassing: Burger King Kids Club Bug Riders

1999 Burger King Pokemon Toy Collection & Review

The ultra-hip and painfully-90s boomers, I.Q., J.D., Lingo, Snaps, Wheels, Jazz and their epic leader, Kid Vid, were all members of Burger Kings Kids Club. They acted as child-friendly mascots for the anti-Happy Meal.

This group would receive quite a few toy sets during their tenure, and while most of which were pretty darn cool, they also had their share of misfires. The bug-riding variant was definitely one of them.

Compared to other offerings, these cheap-looking and barely-functional toys were not only weird to look at, but not that fun to play with.

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Burger King Toys That Are Worth An Insane Amount Of Money Today

While McDonalds toys get a lot of attention online, Burger Kings line of toys should not be discounted. Just like the ones at Mickey Ds, the small childrens collectibles at Burger King can be worth quite a bit of money. And thanks to some collectors on eBay, there are a few old Burger King toys still in perfect condition.

Burger King toys are some of the best collectibles from the 1990s. But unlike valuable Pokémon cards, BK prizes went under the radar. Its a shame, considering the rising value of Burger King toys.

You might want to rummage through the attic and see if you still have some of those old BK kiddie meal toys. Who knows, you could strike it rich.

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One Of A Kind King Bobblehead

1999 Pokemon Burger King Toys

Perhaps its unfair to feature this on the list, as it is an employee item, not something that was given away to customers. It is, however, a Burger King toy. These were given away at the 2007 Burger King Corporation Global Convention, a convention that, as youd imagine, invited employees from around the world to attend. While there have been other King bobbleheads through the years, this is the rarest. If you want to get your hands on it, youll be hard-pressed to find one, and if you can find one, it will cost you $160!

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The Backstreet Project Action Figures

This is a throwback to that haunting era, circa the year 2000, when boy bands ruled the Earth, or so it seemed. The Backstreet Project was a one-shot comic book by none other than Stan Lee, which featured The Backstreet Boys transformed into a superhero group called The Cyber Crusaders. As part of a tie-in, Burger King made a series of action figures, and also featured the characters in their commercials. While not worth a huge amount, theyre still worth some burger money, if you need some.

Spirit: Stallion Of The Cimarron Set

You know what? I dont remember Spirit at all. Evidently it was a pretty popular movie, but I dont have any memory of it coming out. It did, though, in 2002! Its toys, that came with Burger King kids meals, were very popular at the time, and are even more-so now, thanks to their rarity. Just one figure can go for $15 on eBay, while the complete set can fetch $70 or more! Theyre definitely something to keep an eye out for when youre at a garage sale.

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Burger King Simpsons Toys

The toy is called the Simpsons House.It includes a set of figurines from the show: Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie Simpson. There are also six different food items that can be found in the house: French fries, chicken nuggets, onion rings, and three kinds of burgers. The Simpsons House will be available at Burger King starting on and will cost $39.99 USD in most locations, though prices may vary depending on location and promotions at individual restaurants.

/30 Fortune: The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring

Burger King Big Kids Meal – Pokémon Toys (1999)

In the strange time before the Lord of the Rings films became a worldwide phenomenon, Burger King released a toy collection based on the upcoming Fellowship of the Ring, featuring many of the characters.

They were essentially detailed statues mounted on a One Ring base, which if pressed, would utter a sound-clip from the movie. Sadly, the audio isnt that clear or audible, but that doesnt matter if you own the full set.

If youve got the full Fellowship, you can score $60 or more by selling them.

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What Exactly Is A Fast Food Premium

A Pikachu Gold-Plated Card, still sealed in its bag.

In common parlance, its the toy that comes with a kids meal. The most famous, naturally, is the McDonalds Happy Meal Toy. Debuting in 1979, theyre historically a tie-in to a kid friendly movie or TV series thats the new hotness. They dont HAVE to be toys either: story books, school supplies, sunglasses, cups, and other items have been packed with kids meals over the years.

More broadly, a premium is anything you get in return for buying something else. The oldest examples are cereal and/or breakfast food premiums. The very first such premium was released in 1894 when Aunt Jemima pancake mix boxes first came printed with paper dolls of Aunt Jemima, Uncle Mose, and their kids.

This also includes items that cost a little bit extra but are still contingent on the purchase of something like food or a movie ticket. A prime example of this would be the X-Men Creators Choice VHS packs sold by Pizza Hut circa 1993. For $4.99, you could add them to your pizza order but you couldnt just walk in and buy one. It is this last category into which the Gold Pokemon cards fit.

The Simpsons Movie Figurines Complete Set

To celebrate the release of the long-awaited SimpsonsMovie, now way back in 2007, Burger King launched a two-pronged marketing assault. The first such part were these dolls. Unlike the earlier ones, which celebrated the Treehouse of Horror episodes, these ones talked! As well as this, they also launched a website called Simpsonize Me, where users could upload photos and see themselves and their friends rendered as Simpsons characters. These figures were popular at the time, and remain so, with a complete set going for $55!

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/30 Embarrassing: The Land Before Time

The original Land Before Time is a fantastic movie, which it genuinely gave Disney a run for its money. Sadly, the film would become a franchise with countless direct-to-video sequels that became increasingly diluted as time went on.

Accordingly, the Burger King toys based on the series were just as bad.

In all honesty, theyre still worth a relatively pretty penny, but the toys themselves were cheaply built and their wind-up gimmicks burnt out way too quick.

If you cant play with a toy, whats the point?

Rugrats Treehouse Complete Set

1999 Pokemon Burger King Toys

Over the years, Burger King had five different Rugrats promotions, but this one, from 2001, is by far the most valuable. While each of the toys could be played with independently, they could also be connected to create a Swiss Family Robinson style mega-treehouse. One could be wound-up to make Chuckie be chased around by a swarm of bees, another featured Phil and Lil on their seesaw, another, Spike chasing gophers around as they popped out of their holes. If youre lucky enough to own the complete set, youre looking at nearly $100!

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/30 Fortune: Universal Monsters

Now, these guys are something special! Based on the iconic menagerie of monsters from some of Universals most classic films, Burger King went above and beyond with these toys.

All of them are excellently detailed and articulated. Their features and props are genuinely impressive, considering they are nothing but distractions for kids eating a Burger King Kids Meal.

Heck, the Creature from the Black Lagoon can even shoot out water!

If you have the whole set, you can scare up a total of $50 hard cash.

Burger King Recalls Pokemon

Burger King is recalling millions of plastic balls that hold wildly popular Pokemon toys given away in kids meals after a 13-month-old California girl suffocated when one covered her mouth and nose.

Its not the Pokemon toy, but the little plastic ball the toy comes in thats cause for concern, reports CBS News Correspondent Lou Miliano.

More than 25 million of the Poke balls are part of the recall, Charles Nicolas, a Burger King spokesman in Miami, said Monday. Thats because they may pose a suffocation hazard for children under 3 years of age.

The balls used to pack 57 different types of Pokemon toys measure from 2¾ inches to three inches in diameter and can be opened by pulling their two halves apart to reveal a toy inside.

A 13-month-old Sonora, Calif., girl had stopped breathing by the time she was found in her playpen with half a ball over her nose and mouth on Dec. 11. The Tuolumne County Sheriffs Department issued a warning about the balls following her death.

Consumers should immediately take the balls away from children under the age of 3. They should discard the ball or return both halves of the ball to a Burger King restaurant for a free order of small french fries, the Miami-based restaurant chain said in a statement. Consumers may continue to use the Pokemon toy that came inside the ball.

The balls have been distributed at Burger King restaurants for the past two months.

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/30 Fortune: Rugrats Treehouse

This particular toy caused a much ire for parents and their kids, despite the cool concept.

Each toy was a piece of a giant treehouse, and which could be connected to create something akin to fully-fledged tree fortress. Unfortunately, it was difficult to get the pieces you didnt already have, leading to the aforementioned ire.

For this reason, the toys themselves are worth a surprising amount of money.

With the full set, nicely sealed, youre looking at a solid $90.

The price point should make up for the trauma.

Burger King Collectibles That Are Worth A Fortune

Burger King Big Kids Meal Pokémon Toys Commercial (1999)

Burger Kings vintage toy collections contain wide a variety of profitable and peculiar trinkets.

When most kids of a certain age think back on the good old days of fast food they hold fond memories of receiving toys with their fun-sized burgers and fries.

While McDonalds seems to have the stranglehold on most of the public consciousness regarding Happy Meal Toys, Burger King and their so-called Kids Club had a legendary selection of toys as well some of which even greater than what the Golden Arches could muster. In an even better turn of events, Burger King toys have also developed a lucrative market for adult collectors longing to complete their collections.

We set out to find the Burger King toys worth the most amount of money, and we found an awesome assemblage. At the same time, however, we have also found a whole gamut of embarrassingly awful Kids Meal toys that arent worth anything more than a hefty dose of shame.

Weve compiled both ends of the spectrum for the 15 Burger King Collectibles That Are Worth A Fortune . This way, youll know for sure what you should be looking for as you dig through old boxes of long-lost toys in hopes of striking gold.

If you are looking to sell, keep in mind that the highest prices are often only for complete sets that are still sealed and untainted within their bags.

To kick things off, lets meet up with some old friends:

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Burger Kings Pokemon Promotion

All the cards came with a CoA signed by the president of Nintendo of America!

In fall of 1999, the Pokemon franchise had been steadily growing in popularity in the United States for a year. Naturally, it was time to bring it to movie theaters. Boldly titled Pokemon: The First Movie, the film consisted of two main segments: the lighthearted short Pikachus Vacation, which previewed Pokemon creatures due to debut in the second set of games, and Mewtwo Strikes Back, a feature-length story pitting the animes heroes against the sort of final boss Pokemon of the original game. The movie hit theaters on Friday, November 12, 1999.

The Monday before the flick launched, Burger King launched an extensive Pokemon promotion with its kids meal. Regular kids meal came with Pokemon toys of various types, fifty-seven unique specimens in all. Thats 37% of all the Pokemon that existed at the time, letting kids get dangerously close to catching them all if their parents were amenable. But those werent all they had!

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Skip Hop Toddler Memory Game Zoo Crew

Skip Hop Toddler Memory Game, Zoo Crew$7.99Shipping is freeStyle:$2.01$10.00Customer reviews:About this Item:

  • The classic card gamewith a ZOO twist! These large and sturdy cards are perfect for little hands
  • From Bailey Bat to Luna Llama, match 24 cute and colorful critters while encouraging memory, matching and turn-taking skills. Whoever finds the most pairs wins!
  • 48 bright and durable cards with 24 signature Skip Hop ZOO characters to match
  • Encourages matching, memory and fine motor skills, plus hand-eye coordination
  • For 1 to 4 players
  • Coordinates with Skip Hop ZOO Collection
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Burger King Pokemon Balls: 1999

1999 Pokemon Burger King Toys

These plastic balls came with Burger Kings Kids Meals and opened up to reveal one of 57 Pokemon toys inside. But one child reportedly suffocated after one half of the ball got stuck, covering her nose and mouth, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Burger King recalled more than 25 million of them.

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Suffocation Risk And Recall

On December 11, 1999, a 13-month-old girl in Sonora, California, suffocated on the container, and was found deceased in her playpen with half of the ball covering her nose and mouth. Following her death, the Tuolumne County Sheriffs Department issued a warning about the containers. This was the first time a Burger King toy was blamed for a death. Two days later, the Consumer Product Safety Commission asked Burger King to recall the containers, which Burger King refused to do. They stated they were afraid to create anxiety for parents, as it was too soon to confirm whether the ball was responsible for the childs death, wanting to wait for an independent confirmation of the cause of death. The autopsy results had not been completed and released. Burger King spokesperson Kim Miller stated if it turned out the container was a choking hazard, they would pull them out. However, they did not want to end a promotion if there was no issue with it. The toys found in the containers were not a part of the proposed recall.

Burger King has stated its toy safety problems have not been fixed, as in a two-year period, they have recalled three toys intended for toddlers however, they showed the distinction between this recall and the Pokémon recall, stating there were no injuries in these recalls.

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