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Best Spoofing Location Pokemon Go

How To Use Fake Gps Location App:

Top 5 Spoofing Locations (2020) – Pokémon Go
  • Add the Fake GPS Location app to your Android device using the Google Play Store.
  • Open the Settings section and go to Developer Options.
  • There, enable the Allow Mock Location feature.
  • Next, open the Mock Location App and choose GPS Joystick.
  • Select mock location app

  • Finally, access the spoofing app, select any location, and run Pokemon Go to unlock new rewards and catch Pokemon.
  • change location using Fake GPS Location app

    Nordvpn The Best Vpn For Pokemon Go Spoofing

    Based in:

    NordVPN is the best VPN for spoofing your Pokemon GO location. With its huge server fleet , you wont have trouble finding a server in your chosen country. Your real IP will stay hidden behind several locks and a strong AES-256 encryption barrier. Plus, thanks to the NordLynx tunneling protocol and its blazing-fast speeds, a lagging-free gaming experience is guaranteed.

    No matter how good a VPN may be, its possible that for one reason or another, your VPN connection can be interrupted. But with NordVPN, your IP address wont ever accidentally leak thanks to a reliable kill switch on both iOS and Android apps.

    You will also be getting 6 simultaneous connections. So, youll be able to share the remaining slots with your friends or family. You can get all this for only$3.09/month.

    Read our NordVPN review to learn more.

    Surfshark coupon 83% OFF

    Surfshark is one of the best options for the region-blocked Pokemon GO players. Apart from a massive server fleet , you also get a GPS spoofing feature. This means that if you get Surfshark, you wont need a spoofer Pokemon GO app!

    Not to mention that the app is impressive in other regards as well. For instance, your IP address will be secured at all times thanks to a powerful kill switch and one of the strongest AES-256 encryptions. Plus, Surfshark is one of the fastest VPNs out there, so youre promised a smooth and speedy gaming experience.

    For more information, read our Surfshark review.

    How To Make Use Of Itools

  • Go to the thinkskysoft website, click the shop icon, and then pick “iTools.”
  • Choose your preferred iTools version. The costs for the various models will vary.
  • Download and install the iTools version on your PC. Connect the iOS device to the PC via the USB connection. When the home screen device appears on your screen, click the “Toolbox.”
  • Select “Virtual Location” from the drop-down menu. You will see a map that shows your current position on the device.
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    How A Vpn Helps You Change Region In Pokemon Go From Anywhere

    Pokemon GO can determine your location by checking your IP address. The company will also look at your mobile devices GPS coordinates to make sure that they match the location of your IP address.

    If its determined that you have cheated, Pokemon GO can use your IP address to effectively ban you from playing the game.

    A VPN allows you to avoid being identified by your IP address.

    This means that you can mask your online activity and change your location within Pokemon GO. When you change your location, you can access certain Pokemon and items that you wouldnt have been able to find otherwise.

    VPNs also provide strong protection for those surfing the web or browsing through different apps. Powerful encryption keeps your information safe from hackers or from other third parties.

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    Pokemon Go Spoofing Apps That We Dont Recommend

    Best Pokemon Go Spoofer and Pokemon Go Spoofing Apps of 2021

    If you’re going around the internet looking for ways how to spoof Pokemon GO locations, you might have noticed some modified Pokemon GO apps that allow you to easily spoof your location, and they do actually work for a subscription fee.

    However, there are also apps that are supposedly official and supposedly work, but in reality, it’s just a scam. Here are some spoofing apps that you should avoid:

  • Tutu App the website of the app looks shady at best, it has a one-star rating on the app store. Other sources state the app asks for sensitive information as well.
  • Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer Free the app states it wont work with a phone that isn’t rooted and forwards you to a website that asks you to pay.
  • PokeGo++ you can’t get this app from app stores, and the website for downloading it is the same as for the Tutu App. The APK file is also extremely suspicious and most likely contains malware.
  • Other apps that have bad reviews and ratings, ask for suspicious permissions and collect sensitive data. Stay away from the ones you cant find on the Google Play Store or App Store.
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    Install Pokemon Go Spoofer On Rooted Android Devices

    If youre using the rooted device, then it is required to hide the root from Pokémon GO. For this, you need to do the following:

    • Before proceeding with the next steps, first, install the Magisk Manager app on your Android phone.
    • Open Magisk Manager > tap on the Settings icon at the top-right corner.
    • Enable the Magisk Hide option. For this, tap on the toggle button given next to the Hide Magisk Manager.
    • Next, re-open the app to check Restore Magisk Manager.
    • Now, restart your Magisk app.
    • If it is prompting you to download the full version of the app, then press the OK button.
    • In case, you are not getting the Restore Magisk Manager option, then repeat the above steps.
    • Then, to see the Magisk Hide option, tap on the shield icon.
    • Now, you can see the list of all apps installed on your phone. To hide the rooting of your phone from the Pokémon GO app, you need to tick the Pokémon GO in the list.

    Finally, your Pokémon GO app would not be able to detect that your phone is rooted. However, if youre encountering any kind of error message, then go to the Internal Storage > delete the folders named: Magisk Manager and Magisk.

    Now, re-launch the Pokémon GO and see if you are still getting the error.

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    Pokmon Go Spoofer Pgsharp

    PGSharp is another spoofing app that you install as an APK package on your phone. While PGSharp provides various features in addition to location spoofing, using them will make it more likely to get banned.

    If you want to test PGSharp out, you should use an alternative account to avoid getting your main account banned. PGSharp only allows you to log in using Facebook, not Google.

    Before you begin, note that you must first have the original Pokémon GO deleted. Then, follow the steps below to install PGSharp.

    Step 1. Go to the official PGSharp website and download the app.

    Step 2. Locate the Beta Key for the program by visiting the PGSharp official website, scrolling to the Sign Up Now button and getting a free trial. You’ll also need to create a password for logging in.

    Step 3. Copy and paste your credentials from your PTC Pokémon GO account and the Beta Key you got after signing up for a free trial from PGSharp.

    Step 4. Now, the program is ready to be used on your Android device.

    If the free trial is out-of-stock when you are trying to confirm the $0.00 payment, the servers are either down or under maintenance. Just wait a few minutes, and you’ll probably be okay to try again.

    Pros and Cons of Using PGSharp


    • Risks getting banned on your main account.

    • Occasional server outages prevent you from logging on

    • Sometimes requires a questionable activation key.

    • Only for Android devices.

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    How To Spoof Pokemon Go On Iphone Or Ipad

    Here’s how to spoof Pokemon GO position on iOS and catch them all! Be prepared to jailbreak your phone and install some third-party apps. Check out the step-by-step guide:

  • Choose a VPN and install it. We think the best option for playing Pokemon GO is NordVPN now 68% OFF
  • Jailbreak your device to change your whereabouts
  • Visit Cydia an app store for jailbroken devices
  • Download tsProtector to hide your iPhones jailbroken status
  • Download a iOS Roaming Guide or another app for location spoofing
  • Ensure that tsProtector and the iOS Roaming Guide app are running
  • Choose a spot in iOS Roaming Guide
  • Turn on your phone VPN and ensure the spot matches the one you chose in the iOS Roaming Guide app
  • You are all set to start playing!
  • Anyto: Spoofer Android Location Using Computer

    Best Locations on POKEMON GO Top places to spoof Pokemon GO

    While using the AnyTo android app, I found that it can alter GPS location to any other location on the map. The best thing that made my day was that it not only worked on Pokemon but also other games. This enabled me to construct my route on the map while hiding my current location. I was roaming the streets of New York and catching Pikachus and other Pokemons while sitting at my home in New Jersey.

    Anyto Android Location Spoofer

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    Fake Gps Go Location Spoofer

    Fake GPS Go Location Spoofer works by overwriting your current proximity so that you can prank certain apps into thinking you are somewhere else. With it, you can capture a plethora of region restricted Pokemon without having to move around.

    That aside, the app offers the standard Pokemon Go spoofing techniques were all use to. From cooldown chart to stops and gyms, joystick operation, routes creation and more, youll definitely love its spoofing options including the expert mode.

    How To Spoof Your Location In Pokmon Go Without Moving

    You can Spoof your location on iPhone, iPad to anywhere you want. For this, you are required to follow these steps

    • Download and install the Tenorshare iAnyGo application on your computer. Launch the app and select on “Change Location.”

    • Now, connect your iPhone to the computer and tap on “Trust this Computer” on your device.

    • Subsequently, when map loads, you will see your exact location. After that, choose a destination location to spoof a location. Finally, click on “Start to Modify” after you select a destination.

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    Install Your Gps Spoofing App

    The second thing that you are going to want to do is install your GPS spoofing app so that you can spoof your location with Pokémon Go.

    There are a number of different spoofers in the industry, but fake GPS is a well-known one that you might want to install.

    Go to the Google Play store, and find fake GPS, and then select install.

    Disneyland In Anaheim Coordinates: 33812511

    Best Pokemon Go Spoofer and Pokemon Go Spoofing Apps of 2021

    The world full of so much animation and fun has a lot of Pokémon in it as well. Disneyland in Anaheim is a place where many people may be playing the game, and hence you will easily find a Pokémon yourself.

    Having so many people in an area, lures are often easily found around. And if you are looking for a cool place to battle, then Sleeping Beauty Castle can serve the cause in the right way.

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    Best Places For Pokmon Go In Tokyo

    TLDR: The 10 best places for Pokémon Go in Tokyo are: Senso-ji Temple, Shibuya,Meiji-Jigu Shrine, Akihabara, Roppongi, Tokyo Tower, Ueno Park, Imperial Palace, Shinjuku and Odaiba. This list is not ranked in any specific order. If you want a deeper experience in Tokyo while catching Pokémon, check out the Pokémon Go Walking Tour in Tokyo.

    And if you don’t like to read, watch the video below and I’ll basically read the article for you -)

    Now let’s get to the list of 10 places and the reasons why:

    1 – Senso-Ji Temple

    Some of the pokémon you can find in Senso-Ji temple: Blastoise, Sandshrew, Machop, Shellder, Bellsprout.

    Senso-ji temple, is a place where you can find a variety of pokémon types because of the large body of water nearby, in Sumida River. Rare Pokémon are also quite possible to find here, in our team’s first visit we found this Blastoise in just under 15 minutes! Blastoise is one of the rarest pokémon you can find in Pokémon go, so we took a picture to prove 🙂

    The Senso-ji Temple Temple is in the heart of Asakusa and is one of the best places because of it’s defining feature: They have one of the coolest and most competitive Pokémon Go gyms in Tokyo, the Kaminarimon gym. It’s amazing to see Team Mystic, Team Valor and Team Instinct taking each other out in fierce battles full of strong pokemon. They constantly switch ownership of the gym, but at the time of the picture, Team Valor took the lead.

    Top 3 Best Pokmon Go Spoofer For Android

    It is quite easy to spoof Pokémon GO on Android phones since there are so many fake GPS Pokémon GO applications for Android out there. And in this part, weve rounded up the top-three fake GPS Pokémon GO 2022 Android apps for you to choose from. Now, you can read the below instructions to get more detailed information.

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    Can You Still Spoof In Pokemon Go

    Yes, but if you get caught you may face some gaming repercussions. First I should stress its not illegal to spoof in Pokemon GO, just frowned upon. A first offense usually means a 7-day ban, in which case you will notice the Pokemon are unable to be caught or stored quests may disappear.

    Thats why its best to use a VPN that wont leak your true location, then youll never get caught spoofing to begin with.

    Why Is Bluestacks Pokmon Go So Slow On My Pc

    Clustered Pokestops, More Than 500 Pokestops Pokemon GO Best Spoofing Location 2022

    In my case, use BlueStacks 5 to spoof location in Pokémon GO can work, but I still get crashes from time to time. The only fix I’ve been able to find is just cleaning the cache before I want to play it. However, it is hardly to work smoothly. Since the software’s primary purpose is to debug, there are pitfalls to spoof your location.

    1. High System Requirements: If your computer only meets the minimum system requirements, it is not enough for AR games like PokemonGo. 32GB RAM is good for gaming in BlueStacks, or it will butcher your playing experience.

    2. Unstable Service: The method above requires you to run a bunch of apps on your computer simultaneously. Multi-tasking will cause lag. BlueStacks might get crashed while you are trying to catch Pokémon.

    3. Errors: The number of steps involved means two things â you need to spend some time figuring out what to install and how, and it is tough to troubleshoot some errors if you aren’t tech-savvy.

    Note: Faking your GPS location goes against Pokémon GO’s rules. Therefore, you need an undetectable way to do so. Unfortunately, crashes and lag will refresh your location and led to your accounts being permanently banned.

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    How To Spoof Pokemon Go Location On Ios In 2022

    If youre using an iPhone or another iOS device, then you are going to need to make sure that before you do anything else, it is jailbroken. You are also going to need to download an app that is called tsProtector.

    This app is going to prevent Pokémon Go from being able to identify devices that have been jailbroken. Once youve done this, follow the instructions below.

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    Bonus Tip: How To Play Pokemon Go Without Moving/walking

    We know you can’t visit all of these places yourself to catch Pokemon due to the coronavirus pandemic that’s why we have created Tenorshare iAnyGo. It’s a tool that you can use to spoof your location on iPhone, meaning the game will think you’re at another place when you are, in fact, inside your house. With this tool, you no longer need to walk on the street for searching and catching pokemon. Since there are so many people spoofing Pokemon Go coordinate with iAnyGo, it would be a lot easier to defeat the Pokemon Go raid boss.

    If you’re wondering how to play Pokemon Go without moving or walking, here’s how to spoof coordinates on Pokemon Go.

    • Connect your iPhone to the PC using a lightning cable. Tap “Trust this Computer” on your iPhone if prompted and then hit “Enter” from the main screen of iAnyGo.

    • Select your desired location on the map or simply enter the coordinates provided above. Then hit “Start to Modify”. Your location will now be displayed in the place you selected.

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    Hot Faqs About Pokmon Go Best Spoofing Locations

    1 Can you still spoof in Pokémon GO 2022?

    Yes, you can spoof your location on Pokémon GO in 2022, and the best app for Pokémon GO spoofing is iMyFone AnyTo. But at the same time, you need to watch out because Niantic enforces a three-strike policy against cheating. You may also like: How to Remove Pokemon GO Soft Ban in 2022?

    2 Is Pokémon GO spoofing illegal?

    Yes, spoofing is not allowed in Pokémon GO. But there are many tools could bypass some rules of Niantic.

    3 Which fake GPS is best for Pokémon GO 2022?

    It’s not that easy to pick out the best fake GPS tool as there are so many products of the same type in the market. To assess those fake GPS tools, you need to examine all aspects: function, user-friendliness, security, price, user feedback, compatibility, and so on.

    Taken together, the best fake GPS for Pokémon GO 2022 is iMyFone AnyTo. As a professional location changer, it aims to solve all issues concerning location for every user.

    Despite we have provided 10 best places to spoof rare Pokemon Go, who has the time and money to go by exploring the world and finding Pokémon, right?

    So let’s change our locations and coordinates, and look for the Pokémon we always wanted to catch! With iMyFone AnyTo you can change your location in 3 simple steps and pick a location that you think is the best place to spoof Pokémon Go. Many places are full of Pokémon and their supplies, so why not reach there and make our playing level soar high?


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