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Why Is Pokemon Soulsilver So Expensive

Had I Known In 1999 What I Know Now

Why is Pokemon SoulSilver and HeartGold so expensive? (Awnsered)

Cut to 2020 and Pokemon still has legs! There are a lot of Pokemon Collectors/Investors with money to burn. And there a lot of readers out there sitting on small fortunes.

There were a lot of moms & dads playing in Pokemon Tournaments with their children in 1999/2000. Some parents would buy two boxes of Pokemon cards: One box of Pokemon cards to open with their kids And another box stored away for a rainy day. Well, that rainy just might be here for them!

One particular parent I know would always but 2 Pokemon Booster Boxes when they hit stores. He would give his kids a pack a day if his kids had good days at school. Luckily this was a rare occurrence for him and his kids. And now, he has some unopened old booster boxes still sitting in his closet.

Ive been scouring eBay lately, looking at past sales of Pokemon Booster Boxes, and basically freaking out. There are over two dozen Pokemon booster box expansions selling for more than $3000 each!

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What Is The Rarest Non Legendary Pokemon

10 Regular Pokemon That Are Actually Rarer Than Legendaries3 SOS Salamence.4 Starters. 5 Distributions. 6 Two of the Same Spinda. 7 Feebas. 8 Event Pokémon in Pokémon GO. 9 Porygon. 10 Spiritomb. Spiritomb is a strange Pokémon, said to be the bound spirit of 108 evil souls. More itemsNov 4, 2020

How Nostalgia Plays Into Marketing

Have you noticed how many movies are beingre-made lately? This year the Lion King remake will hit theatres and you canfind many people buzzing across social media about this childhood classic andthe emotions it struck within their heart as Mufasa plunged to his tearfuldeath.

This, buzz, is the reason why manybig-time producers and executives in Hollywood are investing their time inremaking classics. These movies provide an audience with a sense of Nostalgia,and they know that nostalgia guarantees an audience and a market. Also, youcould say they are riding the coattails of past success. If the Lion King was abox office hit when it came out, surely, it can be a hit again.

Games are just another facet of the nowgiant marketing theme that utilizes human nostalgia. Here are a few examples ofrecent and successful strides in the gaming sector to bring back classics.

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Fake Pokmon Games: Things To Look Out For

From left to right: Pokémon Pearl , Pokémon Platinum , Pokémon Diamond

Here are some things you should generally look out for when identifying whether your game is real or not. This more or less applies to any games on these systems, so feel free to apply this advice to whatever retro handheld game youre currently browsing for.

The Indie Gaming+ Games Journalism Feedback Loop

Why is Pokemon HeartGold so Expensive?  Great Fun Tips

Despite the inter-console price discrepancies, offering 10-year old AAA RPGs for full price, and the high prices of Nintendo-specific titles, I find that where my bank account is really bleeding is in the Indie scene. I may only buy a couple of $40-$60 games a year, because theres a psychological barrier at that price point for me. But a $5, $10, or $20 game? Checking my balance statements, I was shocked to see that I was buying one or two of those a week.

The level of hype that surrounds indie games is unreal, and its so easy to get caught up in it. And Nintendo has really thrown the floodgates open to Indie Devs on the Switch. With the exception of one or two yearly standout titles, how much quality game time am I getting out of these titles? Unfortunately, the answer is usually less than 4 hours before I never pick it up again.

We all need to choose carefully whom we trust when it comes to spending our hard-earned money.

I ultimately blame myself for making bad purchases, but some of the blame has to fall on the less scrupulous games journalism sites that are pushing games on the public that they know are shit. There are way too many untrustworthy sites giving awful games wonderful reviews without disclosing personal relationships between developers and reviewers.

Guaranteed positive coverage is traded for insider access to the industry, free games, and other perks.

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Pokemon Japanese Bandai Carddass Vending Prism Red Charizard

Sold in January, 2021 for $30,100

Founded in 1950, Bandai is a Japanese toy maker that produced a series of Pokemon cards in September 1996 that pre-dated the official launch of the Pokemon Trading Card Game that followed in October 1996.

To distribute the cards, Bandai utilized a network of vending machines, or carddass, as they called them.

There are hundreds of Bandai carddass Pokemon cards to collect, but the most desirable of them all is the prism Charizard.

In one of the earliest appearances of the iconic character, Charizard roars and breathes fire, creating an image that really pops.

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Pokmon Emerald Is Both One Of The Best & Most Valuable Games

Pokémon Emerald, the updated version of Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire is another one of the most valuable games in the series. While on average it might not sell for quite as much as Pokémon Red, a factory-sealed copy of Pokémon Emerald can still sell for easily more than $2000 dollars, as has recorded a rapid rise in its value over the last two years. The reason for Emerald‘s high value might not be quite as obvious as Pokémon Red’s, but it’s still pretty apparent why this game is so highly sought after. For starters, it might not be as old as Red, but it still released in 2004, which means it’s quickly approaching its 20-year anniversary. Nostalgia for Gen. 3 might not reach the heights of Gen. 1, but it’s still pretty close.

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On top of that, Pokémon Emerald is widely considered to be one of the best games in the entire series. It expanded upon the original Gen. 3 games, which are hugely popular in their own right, and was the first time that a Pokémon game featured the Battle Frontier. The Battle Frontier introduced a substantial amount of postgame content and replayability to the series, and to this day remains a fan-favorite feature, despite Game Freak’s apparent reluctance to ever bring it back. Pokémon Emerald‘s sterling reputation and lasting legacy is probably a huge reason why it remains one of the most valuable games of the franchise.

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Pokemon Pop Series 5 Gold Star Umbreon

Sold in December, 2020 for $20,000

To help boost participation in Pokemon leagues and Pokemon Organized Play events, players were treated to exclusive POP series cards released on a regular basis over roughly a five-year span.

POP Series 1 kicked things off around September 2004 with POP Series 9 bringing things to a close around September 2009.

Released between March 2007 and September 2007, POP Series 5 was the last EX Series promotional set and featured Espeon and Umbreon, two of the eight Pokemon that evolve from Eevee.

The POP Series 5 checklist contained seventeen cards in total with Epseon and Umbreon being the most elusive of them all, noted by the gold star distinction next to their name on the card fronts.

As of this writing, just fifty examples of this Umbreon card have achieved PSA 10 status.

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Is Silver Stronger Than White Gold

why is Heartgold so expensive m8?

Sterling silver, which is silver mixed with another metal, is much more durable and hard. It does not scratch or damage easily. Generally, the lower the gold karatage in the white gold alloy, the more durable the metal. This is because gold is a soft metal and is made harder by the other metals mixed in it.

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Pokemon First Edition Blastoise

Sold in November, 2020 for $45,100

One of the coolest-looking of all Pokémon with its twin water cannons that retract from the shell on its back, Blastoise received a massive boost in popularity after serving as the cover mascot of the Pokémon Blue video game.

1st Edition Blastoise cards feature a first edition stamp to the lower left of the holographic image and no shadowing effect behind its right and bottom borders.

Out of the 2,070 first edition Blatoise cards submitted to PSA as of this writing, 100 of them have been given the PSA 10 distinction or roughly 4.8% of them.

Pokmon Red Is One Of The Most Expensive Pokmon Games

It’s only fitting that the game that started it all would be one of the most valuable. Pokémon Red and Blue released in 1996 and were the first games in the series for the United States. Oddly enough, Japan received Pokémon Green rather than Blue, but Red released in both territories. Both Blue and Green versions can fetch a pretty penny as well, but Pokémon Red is undoubtedly the crown jewel of the first generation of Pokémon games. Prices of course fluctuate, but towards the end of 2021 factory sealed versions of Pokémon Red could be sold from anywhere between $2000 and $4000. Again, while it’s extremely unlikely that anyone other than hardcore collectors would possess a factory-sealed version of the game, it’s still incredible to think of a Pokémon game selling for that much.

However, with a series like Pokémon that got its best year in 2020, it makes sense that the original games would be worth so much. After all, these are the games that started the Pokémon phenomenon they truly are a piece of game history considering they were the beginning of one of the biggest entertainment franchises in the entire world. On top of that, the amount of nostalgia that many gamers have for the original Gen. 1 games is essentially unrivaled. There’s a reason that Game Freak has repeatedly gone back to the Kanto well so many times over the years, as it knows how strong that nostalgia is.

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What Are The Exclusives In Each Game

The exclusives seem to be the only difference between HeartGold and SoulSilver.

There are subtle differences and nuances of the game as a whole, which we will get into, but there arent too many.

Here are the exclusives for each game that you can experiment with and see who you like better.

This seems to be the crux of the choice of game that players make.

Exclusives For HeartGold

Pokemon Japanese Promo Tamamushi University Magikarp Trophy Car

Why is Pokemon HeartGold so Expensive?  Great Fun Tips

Sold in February, 2021 for $66,100

The Tamamushi University Hyper Test was a two-day event held in June 1998 in Osaka, Japan.

To be invited, children needed to pass a series of test questions that were to be completed and mailed by a specific deadline.

The contestants competed against each other within different age groups with the winners receiving a copy of this card as their prize.

While 1,000 copies were slated for distribution, nobody knows for sure how many actually were.

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Pokemon Gold Silver And Crystal

Gen 2 had a tough act to follow but it did so supremely well. Despite being next to some of the most iconic in gaming history period, the Johto region lived up to fans expectations.

Much like Red, Blue and Yellow, they are still widely played today. Again though, finding a brand new copy of them wont come cheap.

They are apparently a little cheaper than the first games, however. One listing saw a sealed copy of Pokemon Silver sell for £480.

Prices are similar in North America too, with Silver and Gold selling for around $600 and Pokemon Crystal a little more at $700.

Youre A Pokmon Master

And thats it! You are now an official Pokémon game detective. A Detective Pikachu, if you will. When purchasing items from sellers both online and in-person, remember to keep your wits about you and be on the lookout for any shady behavior. A reputable seller will always entertain your wishes to prove a games authenticity before buying. Know your games, and look at some previously sold games online to have a feel for what an authentic copy looks like. Soon youll be a Pokémon master in no time!

Have you ever purchased a reproduction game, thinking it was authentic? Let us know in the comments below!

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Black Star Ishihara Gx Promo Card

Sold in April, 2021 for $247,230

As of this writing, only eight copies have ever been submitted to PSA for grading, making this one of the rarest Pokemon cards in existence.

Making this particular example even rarer is the fact that Ishihara personally signed it as well.

The artwork on the card is fantastic and the â60 Congratulations!â and GX attack of 1060 damage are nice touches to help commemorate his 60th birthday.

Sticker Vibrance And Composition


From left to right: Super Mario 64 DS , Pokémon Platinum

When you first gaze upon your potential purchase, have a look at the games sticker.

Before clicking the Buy Now button, there are a few questions you should ask yourself:

  • Does the sticker seem short or malaligned?
  • Are the white strips at the top and bottom of DS stickers unusually thick/thin?
  • Are the GBA stickers shiny or sparkly enough?
  • Are the colors vibrant?
  • Is all of the text sharp?
  • Are the fonts used similar to other games?
  • Does the sticker look like other DS games youve seen online?

Because reproduction carts are, well, reproductions, it means that their imitations will never be perfect. Check the sticker for anything that seems off. If youve been collecting Pokémon games for some time, your tingly sticker senses should be firing off. Reproduction cart stickers, due to the low print quality, often feature blurry text and washed-out colors. If youre unable to read whats on the sticker, thats an indication of the cartridges authenticity.

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What Is The Rarest Gameboy Color

By far, the rarest and most expensive game in the Game Boy Colors library is actually a limited edition release of a game. The limited-edition version of The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages was released in 2001 and is a dual release of both the games that were released at this time.

Tiny Toons Adventures Scary Dreams/busters Bad Dream: $80 $200

The story of Busters Bad Dream, or Scary Dreams is an odd one. Originally released in PAL territories only, the Treasure-developed action platformer released in 2002 in said regions and was published by Swing! Entertainment. However, in 2005 copies of the game, entitled Scary Dreams in the US that were published by Conspiracy Entertainment, started popping up in limited quantities online and on small store shelves.

The games are the same but reports, as well as the production dates on the US boxes, suggest that the game may have been planned for a US release initially and never had the final shipment pushed through with. Reviews from outlets at the time are scarce but many of the gameplay features show early ideas that were most likely inspiration for gameplay ideas in Treasures more notable cult followed Astro Boy Omega Factor that had already come out the year before.

Aside from a sales spike in 2017 the game has slowly been on the rise with carts hovering around the $90 range and complete copies selling for upwards of $200

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Are There Any Pokemon Cards Worth More Than A Car

Many Pokémon cards can be found for relatively cheap. But for a handful of them, they could grant you a small fortune. Here are 15 Pokémon cards that are worth more than a car, and 15 that arent worth much at all. The value of a Charizard card from the Base Set can vary depending on a few key features.

Over the years support for the franchise has not dwindled, and the games have continued to hold their value. More than that, as copies of the older games have become increasingly hard to come by, factory-sealed units are known to fetch a pretty penny on auction sites.

Bonks Adventure $400 $2000

Why does Pokemon Soul Silver cost so much!?

Bonk was adapted on the NES as well as the Arcade, Amiga and the Game Boy. Red Entertainment developed the original game and in early 1994, it entered the NES family. The game didnt offer the same challenges because it was an adaptation that didnt adequately transfer all elements of the game with it. Bonks Adventure was offered in a limited release and it was largely ignored by serious collectors for years. Then something happened over the past 5 years as the value of a complete copy has rocketed from $60 in 2008 to a value of up to $2,000. This new interest in the Bonks adventure NES game has to do with the rarity of the title and how difficult it is to find a complete copy that is in good condition. Even if the game wasnt a raging success during the time of its initial release, it certainly is making some waves on the market now.

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Pokemon Box Ruby & Sapphire

This is barely a game, but it was a console release so were including it. It was basically a Pokémon storage system for the Nintendo Gamecube that could be used in tandem with the then newly released Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire versions. Aside from storage, it could also be used to trade Pokemon between the two versions. This ones high value comes down to the fact that it was only available from select locations and only a handful of units were ever produced.

Theres also a caveat here. If you can find the even more limited edition Big Box version, you could be looking at a value of well over $2000.


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