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Which Mcdonald’s Have Pokemon Cards

New Disney Princess Collection Mcdonalds Happy Meal Toys Disney

Eating McDonald’s Happy Meals until I get EVERY POKEMON CARD!!

The below are the Disney Princess Collection options that you can collect. Lets start with the below options McDonalds happy meal toys right now. The princess figures all come on a stand that gives them a relevant backdrop to their character.

Those who choose to channel their inner Disney princess will collect eight princesses , each with a themed stand, which can all connect to create a royal display.

  • Tiana from Princess and the Frog
  • Ariel from The Little Mermaid
  • Mulan from Mulan
  • Sith Trooper
  • Kylo Ren

It is to inform you that, Most recently, Disneys McDonalds collaboration showcased many famous attractions at Disney World!

  • Goofy on a train from Mickey and Minnies Runaway Railway.
  • Mickey and Minnie Mouse in the car from Mickey and Minnies Runaway Railway.
  • Donald Duck in a teacup from Mad Tea Party.
  • Daisy Duck riding Soaring Around the World at EPCOT.
  • Minnie Mouse riding the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction at Magic Kingdom.
  • Mickey Mouse on the Mission Space attraction at EPCOT.
  • Pluto in a boat from the Jungle Cruise.
  • Mickey Mouse at the Hollywood Tower Hotel from the Tower of Terror.
  • Minnie Mouse in a Time Rover from DINOSAUR.
  • Goofy and the Yeti at Expedition Everest from Disneys Animal Kingdom.

These Happy Meals are available at Mcdonalds Happy Meal Toys in April 2021.

For more details about the Happy Meal App, visit Happy Meals.

The Ridiculous Price One Mcdonalds Pokmon Card Sold For

On February 25, a single non-holographic Pikachu card from the 25th anniversary Pokémon Happy Meal set sold on eBay for $500. Whyd this McDonalds Pokémon card sell for so much? Game Rant explains that the card was cut with diagonal edges instead of curved ones. This gave the Pokémon card a unique identity and a higher price point, even though it lacked the holographic background that tends to command more money. Despite the stories of other exorbitantly priced Pokémon cards, Game Rant notes that the value of this card is due to the scalping that occurred around the launch of the Happy Meal set. People would buy multiple toys that go with the Happy Meal in an attempt to collect the entire set easily or worse, to control the entire availability of the cards in a certain area, which has led to a rise in prices. Once the excitement dies down, you could expect prices for the Pokémon cards to drop as well.

Other artificially high prices noted by Sportskeeda included a set of 150 cards for $1,000 and the entire McDonalds set of 50 cards for $500, both perhaps a tad more understandable than the single card going for $500.

What Is The Mcdonalds Pokemon Card Game Promotion

Just as in the States, McDonalds UK have teamed up with Pokemon TCG to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the game.

One of 25 special cards will be found in Happy Meals across the country, themed around the titles iconic starter Pokemon that weve grown to know and love.

Two variants of the cards will be available the base card and the highly sought after foiled version. A full set can sell for insane prices, attracting scalpers to buy up as many of the kids meals as possible.

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Does Mcdonalds Have Pokemon Cards

The Pokémon: Trading Card Game McDonalds promotion to celebrate Pokémons 25th anniversary is making a comeback this week. If youre in Brazil, that is. It has been confirmed by numerous sources, including PokeGuardian, that Brazilian McDonalds locations will be offering the cards in its Happy Meals from .

Questions About Happy Meal App

2021 Pokémon Pikachu Holo McDonalds 25th Anniversary Promo ...

Please note that both the Be a Musician game and Be a Hero game require the use of device gyroscope and accelerometer, gameplay for these games is therefore not supported on certain devices which do not have this functionality built in. If your device does not have a gyroscope or accelerometer these games may be disabled.

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Pokmon Happy Meal Contents

With each Happy Meal, you will receive one of four envelopes. Each envelope contains a four-card booster pack of promotional Pokémon cards and one of the following:

  • Cardboard sheets that can be folded to create deck boxes
  • Sticker sheet with 25 stickers of various starting Pokémon
  • Plastic frame that a card can be placed in
  • Larger stickers featuring Pikachu, Grookey, Scorbunny and Sobble

As for the promotional cards, there are 25 in total. Each booster comes with one holographic and three non-holographic cards. List of Pokémon on the cards: Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Totodile, Mudkip, Torchic, Treecko, Chimchar, Piplup, Turtwig, Oshawott, Snivy, Tepig, Chespin, Fennekin, Froakie, Litten, Popplio, Rowlet, Grookey, Scorbunny and Sobble.

For more pictures of the Happy Meal toys, check out the post by our friends at PokéBeach.

Pokemon 25th Anniversary Celebration

Pokemon is one of a number of video game franchises that hit a big milestone this year and that means were likely to get lots of good stuff. Were already getting a New Pokemon Snap and there are plenty of rumours about potential remakes. Both Gold and Silver and Diamond and Pearl are seemingly the most likely candidates. Pokemon GO will also be celebrating this year as the game hits its fifth anniversary.

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How Much Are Mcdonalds Pokemon Cards Worth

If you check the prices of pokemon mcdonalds cards over the years you will see that they retain some value for collectors, thats because you cannot get them anywhere else once they stopped manufacturing the cards.

In every Mcdonalds pokemon set there are cheap cards and there is usually at least one card with a more substantial price value.

So to summarize, do Pokemon mcdonals cards have value? Yes

With time every kind of collectable item will rise in value if it is protected in the right way.

To protect the pokemon cards you can check the guide I wrote about pokemon cards protection and storage, or you can use the links below to get them at a discount.

Madame Alexander Disney $130


The American Girl doll line is much loved throughout the world with little girls loving getting these various dolls. In the early 2000s, McDonalds reached out to Madame Alexander in hopes of a doll line to challenge American Girl. Throwing in Disney just made it better with a selection of dolls based on classic Disney characters. From Mickey and Minnie to Cruella De Ville, Jasmine, Cinderella and more, this exquisite set was soon a huge hit. A single doll can go for $130 or more and showcase how teaming with two notable properties led to a successful McDonalds line.

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Mcdonalds Pokemon Card Promo Check List

Those on the hunt for these Pokemon cards should be aware of a few key facts: there are 25 of them , corresponding with the 25th anniversary. These cards are basically identical to their original run, except they bear a 25th anniversary logo on the bottom right. For those thinking these cards may be worth money some day, its worth noting that these McDonalds Pokemon Promo cards are not worth a lot of cash. This hasnt stopped scalpers from snatching them up, but this is a hobby born form passion and nostalgia, not a lot of money.

Of course, even 25 cards can be confusing to keep up with, so heres a convenient and ordered check list. Simply put, theres 1 Pikachu card and the remaining 24 cards are the three starters from every generation. As such, this check list has been ordered by generation which seems to be the best way to order them. After all, knowing that someone has a Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle means one generation is complete, and while that ones pretty simple, it can be confusing to remember which generation Pokemon like Fennekin and Snivy belong.

Gen 1

  • Snivy Black and White Black Star Promo
  • Oshawott Black and White Black Star Promo
  • Tepig Black and White Black Star Promo

Gen 6

Bring Some Christmas Colour To The Arctic

Grab some crayons for your little one and have some arctic fun!

McDonalds Happy Meal® Service Messages

News of unscheduled changes to Happy Meal services due to external adverse-events

McDonalds has had to make unscheduled changes for restaurants in the UK in relation to campaign dates, serving hours, menu items and/or advertised services applying generally to, have been made in response to external adverse-events:

The Buxton® 250ml bottled water advertised as being available as a choice of drink included with each Happy Meal applies to GB and is substituted by Deep RiverRock 250ml bottled water in Northern Ireland.

The scheduled end date in restaurants for the DC Superheroes Happy Meal has had to be been extended until 7th December 2021 to allow customers fair access to the premium-range and is now re-scheduled to end on until 7th December 2021 and not as originally advertised.

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Previous Mickey Ds Promo Cards

McDonalds has offered Pokémon cards as Happy Meal toys in the past. Every year from 2011 to 2019, they had a special collection of 12 cards. Each Happy Meal included one card, so collectors would have to eat a lot of McDonalds and get relatively lucky to collect them all.

Previous collections often included starters for the current generation along with other relevant Pokémon during the specific year of the collection. It seems fitting for the 25th Anniversary that they have a collection of 25 cards that include starters from every generation.

Be sure to check out the collection when the promo event begins. For those that dont want to buy Happy Meals but still want the cards, be sure to ask to buy the cards separately!

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Are Pokemon Cards On Ebay Fake


If you are a Pokemon collector, casual player or even competitive player, you might find your self in a position to order some products from ebay thinking you are buying real cards. After all, they look almost identical to the original ones. Yet sadly, more and more on ebay, many of the listings are for fakes.

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Hunchback Of Notre Dame

If theres one story youd think would never become an animated Disney musical, it would be Victor Hugos dark tragedy. Yet in 1996, Disney managed to make it a surprise hit still regarded well for its animation. As they had a good deal with McDonalds back then, a Happy Meal line was obvious. You had Quasimodo, Esmerelda, heroic Phoebus, villain Frollo and the trio of talking gargoyles. The movie was a very dark one for Disney but it was a hit and is better regarded today. Thus, a complete mint set of all five toys can go for over two hundred dollars.

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Which Mcdonalds Playing Cards Are The Most Useful

The Pikachu holo variant is probably the most precious card, which doesnt come as a shock. Pikachu has been the face of Pokemon for all of its 25 years and stays one of the vital well-liked to today. The second most beneficial are the Kanto starters, Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle. Sadly, the set does not embody a holographic Charizard card. Generally, the holographic variants are extra precious than their regular counterparts for all of the Pokemon. After the Kanto starters, although, worth begins to dwindle. Full units have offered from $50 to a number of hundred , however lots of the particular person playing cards can be found for round $2.

At the moment, thePokemon cards are still available at McDonalds or by means of websites like Ebay and Mercari. When talking of financial worth, it will be a drastic understatement to name gross sales inconsistent. One holographic Pikachu card supposedly offered for an exorbitant quantity on Ebay, however the very same card will also be bought for lower than $5. At first, Pikachu playing cards had been recurrently promoting for $80, which is a strong revenue relying on the preliminary time and worth sink, however the market has now turn out to be oversaturated with individuals attempting to promote them and worth appears to be reducing day-after-day. In different phrases, if the worth is depreciating so rapidly, followers who have not already cashed out and in arent probably to take action anymore.

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Pokemon Card Scalpers Are Snagging All The Mcdonald’s Happy Meals

Pokemon cards have seen a heavy amount of interest on the secondary market lately, and resellers are taking advantage during a new Happy Meal promotion at McDonald’s. On Twitter, a number of different posters have been bragging about buying up as many of the cards as they can to giveaway or resell. But wait, it gets worse! Twitter user @redphoenixcards shared images of two auctions for cases of the cards they discovered on eBay, one priced at $925, and the other at $1000. It’s incredibly disappointing to see, and it could spell doom for the promotion on the very first day it started.

I sure hope you do some form of inventory control for your promo Pokémon cards as some of your stock is being sold in sealed boxes which means theyre not even making it to your stores Though same thing happened with Tim Hortons Hockey too. Retail $1.99


While older Pokemon fans can hardly be blamed for wanting to purchase the cards for their own collections, it’s frustrating to see resellers ruin the fun for everyone. The recent success of the cards on eBay made this almost inevitable, but it’s definitely frustrating. Pokemon toys and cards have been offered in a number of fast food promotions over the years, but this sort of demand seems unprecedented.

Hopefully, McDonald’s will find a way to make sure that resellers can’t ruin the fun for fans young and old alike.

Why Are Pokemon Cards So Expensive 2020


Partly because it has sustained its popularity as an overall franchise, rare Pokemon cards still fetched big bucks in 2020. Many of the rarest and most expensive cards originated from Pokémon tournaments however, collectors may be surprised by some of the cards that have sold for exorbitant sums in recent years.

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Are Five Guys Fries Vegan

This means that the only two ingredients in the Five Guys French Fries are just potatoes and peanut oil, making them the perfect option for a vegan diet. The french fries are only flavored with salt, and there are no additional flavorings or ingredients included, making them completely vegan friendly.

Mcdonalds Happy Meal Toys 2021 What Toys Are Mcdonalds Happy Meals

Mcdonalds Happy Meal Toys: As we all know that, toys are fun and Disney is magical, so its excellent news that the newest Disney-themed toy collection Choose Your Journey featuring Disney Princesses and characters from Star Wars will be available in McDonalds Happy Meals from the April 26th, 2021.

Over the years, we have seen many collaborations between the Walt Disney Company and McDonalds regarding their Happy Meal toys.

Now, we have a new toy set to look forward to, and it is going to give both Disney princess and Star Wars fans a reason to pull up at their closest McDonalds drive-thru.

One can also download Disney princess or Star Wars characters coloring sheets on the McDonalds website, so the fun does not need to end after you open your toy!

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Mcdonald’s Pokemon 25th Anniversary Card Images

Above, you can see the non-holographic version of each card available. There are 25 in all – every starter Pokemon from each generation, plus Pikachu. Additionally, there are holographic versions of each of these cards, making a set of McDonald’s Pokemon 25th Anniversary TCG Cards equal 50.

See detailed images of the cards in the slideshow below.

Holographic Bulbasaur Charmander And Squirtle


After iconic Pokemon like Pikachu and Charizard, it goes without saying that the Kanto region starters are likely some of the most recognizable monsters out there. Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle made their Pokemon debut alongside Pikachu back in 1996, and have since remained some of the favorite monsters of long-time fans, particularly those who grew up playing the original Pokemon games on the Game Boy. These are the second-rarest cards from the 2021 McDonald’s promotion.

This particular Bulbasaur card featuring the classic Grass-type starter Pokemon was originally released as part of the Shining Legends Pokemon TCG expansion back in 2017. In 2019, the card appeared in General Mills Let’s Go, Kanto! Mini Packs found in General Mills cereal boxes exclusively at Walmart. The card was also part of a McDonald’s promotion in France in 2019, also with holographic and non-holographic variations.

Now, the Bulbasaur card dons the Pokemon 25th-anniversary logo and unique icon as part of the 2021 McDonald’s promotion. Today, the Shining Legends Bulbasaur card goes for around $2-5, while the 2021 McDonald’s non-holographic Bulbasaur resells for around $3-5, and the holographic version goes for $15-20.

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Pokemon Go: Kanto Event

Coinciding the 25th Anniversary is the 5th Anniversary of Pokemon GO. Known as the Kanto Event, the event is on February 20th and starts at 9 am sharp until 9 pm local time.

Pokémon GO

And to further sweeten the deal, all of the Pokemon in this event will available as their Shiny versions, some for the first time.

You can visit the Pokemon 25th Anniversary website here to keep up with current updates.

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How Rare Are These Cards

McDonalds hasnt revealed how many cards theyre actually set to distribute. If its like any other Happy Meal toy deal, theyll have planned to include the cards in Happy Meals for the rest of the month of February but theyll likely sell out faster than normal.

What we DO know is that there are 50 individual cards. There are 25 Starter Pokemon , and a foil version of each of these cards. There does not seem to be any indication that any one of these cards is more rare than the other but based on early eBay prices, the Shiny/foil version of Pikachu seems most desirable.

Each Happy Meal has a single pack of 4 cards. We dont yet know if each pack has a completely random assortment of cards, or if there are a set number of pre-arranged combinations of cards.

Each Happy Meal will cost you approximately $5, depending on your individual McDonalds locations price policy. Good luck to you and if you plan on buying a BUNCH of these Happy Meals for the cards alone, consider finding a way to donate the food to those in need. Good luck to you!

UPDATE: Based on our analysis of the packs this week, each pack has at least 1 foil card and likely 3 non-foil cards. While it doesnt seem that any one foil or non-foil card is rarer than the other, the ratio of foil to non-foil in each pack suggests that fewer foil cards were made than non-foil cards.

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