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Pokemon Go Trade Evolution

All Pokemon That Evolve By Trade

WHAT A BEAST! My FIRST EVER Trade Evolution in Pokémon GO!

As mentioned, not all Pokemon in Pokemon Go can evolve by trade there are too few of them, to begin with. You would know if a Pokemon is eligible for evolution by trading if you see a trade icon next to its evolve button.

If youre too bothered to check your Pokedex for any Pokemon that evolve by trade, then dont worry. We have listed down all Pokemon that evolve by trade so you dont have to check one by one. These Pokemon are separated in terms of their Generation and are as follows:


Are Trade Evolutions Broken

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Exchange Gifts With Pokemon Go Friends To Increase Your Friendship Level

It’s not just a case of becoming Pokemon Go friends with someone though. There are levels of friendship you can increase you by trading together, battling in raids or Gym battles together, and also by exchanging gifts.

Every time you visit a PokeStop you’ll be in with a chance of receiving a Gift you can send to anyone on your friends list. These gifts contain useful items like potions and PokeBalls, and eggs that will eventually hatch into various Pokemon. You can only send one gift a day to each friend, but doing so builds your trainer level.

There are four levels of friendship that you can achieve with another player:

The good news is you only need to be Good Friends with someone to start trading with them , and you can get there by giving each other one gift.

However, if you want to trade for Pokemon you haven’t already caught, you’ll have to upgrade your friendship level to at least Great Friends.

Increasing your friend level with another player gets you a tonne of perks. When you’re Great Friends or above, you can battle at Gyms or in Raids together, gaining attack bonuses and Raid bonuses. Those perks only increase as your friendship level rises too, so get gifting.

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How Does Pokemon Go Trading Work

As long as you’ve been friends with someone for a day, and have exchanged one gift, you can trade Pokemon with them. Every trade will cost Stardust, although the exact cost depends on a number of factors – more on that in a minute.

When you know what you want to trade and who you want to trade with, make sure you’re physically next to each other . Then head to the Friends tab within Pokemon Go, and select the player you want to trade with. Hit the trade button in the right-hand corner, and get your friend to do the same. When you’ve connected, pull up the Pokemon you want to trade and you’ll be informed of the trade cost in Stardust, but also the CP range the Pokemon will hit when it is traded. When the trade is over, the Pokemon’s CP level will sit somewhere within this range. The range is affected by your Trainer Level, the level of the receiving trainer and also your friendship level.

The higher your Friendship Level, the more likely the Pokemon you receive will have higher IVs.

You also get candies for every trade, which is a great added bonus. How many you’ll receive depends on where the Pokemon was caught too. The further away you are from its source, the more candies you’ll receive. According to Reddit, you get one candy for distances below 30km, two candies from between 30 – 100km, and three candies for anything above 100km.

/10 Gen V Saw Feebas’s Evolution To Milotic Become Attainable By Trade

Pokemon GO à¹à¸à¸´à¸à¸£à¸°à¸à¸à¹à¸«à¸¡à¹ ระà¸à¸ Trade Evolution à¹?ละà¹à¸à¹à¸?มà¹à¸à¸à¹à¸«à¸¡à¹à¹ à¸à¸µà¸?à¹à¸à¸µà¸¢à¸ ...

Feebas is often considered to be a later generation parallel of Magikarp, as it is an especially useless fish before evolving into a considerably better Pokémon, Milotic in this case. Achieving this evolution used to be a matter of raising its Beautiful condition, but since Gen V the evolution can be achieved by trading a Feebas holding a Prism Scale.

Both the Prism Scale and Feebas are hard to obtain, but the end product of the mighty Milotic makes the arduous process entirely worth it. Despite being suited to a secondary Fairy-typing, Milotic remains a pure Water-type, which means it only has weaknesses to Grass and Electric types.

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Pokmon Go: Trading Costs Trade Evolution List And Special Trade Restrictions

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  • Written byStephanie MinorStephanie is a long-time lover of video gamesspecifically JRPGs. Anything in the fantasy genre is her jam, and she vows to bring back The Legend of Dragoon one day. Stephanie has also worked as an editor at TheGamer and published features for NME.
  • Reviewed byWritten byMarshall is a professional writer based in Tokyo, Japan. He’s written hundreds of articles that can be found on high-profile sites such as How-To Geek, PCWorld, Zapier, and more. His work has been read over 50 million times.
  • May 15, 2022, 3:04 AM EDT

Key Takeaway

To complete your Pokédex and get specific Pokémon in Pokémon GO, youll need to know the ins and outs of trading costs, evolutions, and special restrictions. You can also help friends out with their Pokédex through trading.

Pokemon Go: All Trade Evolutions

Pokemon is a franchise all about interaction with others. Ever since the first generation, there have been mons who could only evolve after being traded. Finally, this feature is making its way into Pokemon Go and it will save you a ton of candies. Heres everything you need to know about all of the trade evolutions in Pokemon Go.

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All Pokmon Scarlet & Violet Starter Evolutions

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet is just a few short days away, and that means Pokémon fans everywhere are getting ready to jump into the latest chapter of the beloved series. As folks prepare for the first hours of their newest Pokémon adventure, it’s important to know exactly what you’re getting into. One of the best ways to prepare for the journey ahead is to know what kind of starter evolutions you’re looking at with each of the starter Pokémon you’ll get to choose from in the game.

There are three main starter Pokémon for players to choose from when they first start off their playthrough of Pokémon Scarlet or Pokémon Violet. The first three Pokémon that players will get a good look at in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are Quaxly, Sprigatito and Fuecoco. These three Pokémon each feature two additional evolutions you can unlock by leveling them up. Here’s what you need to know.

Every Trade Evolution Pokemon And Key Item

Shiny Lucky Timburr Trade + Evolution + Spending 500+ Rare Candy (Pokemon Go)

In past Pokemon games, there have even been additional measures involved in the evolution of certain species besides simply performing the trades themselves. In such instances, specific trade evolution items are mandatory. Those items are still in the game, but as with the Linking Cord, the actual trading is no longer necessary.

To use a trade evolution item on a Pokemon, simply select the item and then apply it to the pal youd love to see evolve. In this sense, every trade item now works the same way that Evolutionary Stones always have.

Lets take a gander at every trade evolution Pokemon and what youll need in order to do the deed.


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What Is Trade Evolution

In the core games, several species of Pokémon require Trading to evolve at all. You could work a Kadabra all the way to level 99, and it would still never Evolve, but the moment you Traded it, it would Evolve into an Alakazam. Pokémon Go has featured some of the species which Evolve by Trading since day one, long before Trading was even allowed in the game. These Pokémon could be Evolved in the same manner as any other Pokémon in Go: lots of Candies.

Now that Pokémon Go has introduced Trade Evolution, these Pokémon can still be evolved with Candies, but if you Trade them first, they can be evolved for free. That means a whole lot more Candies you can use to power up these Pokémon. Even better, Trade Evolution is retroactive, so any Pokémon eligible for Trade Evolution that you Traded for in the past can now be Evolved for free.

/10 Trevenant Is An Aggressive Tree Worth Having

It can often be difficult to look past the earlier generations when considering the best trade evolutions of the Pokémon franchise. But Generation VI’s X & Y introduced Phantump, which evolves into Trevenant when traded. The Elder Tree Pokémon may have plenty of weaknesses due to its dual Grass & Ghost-typing, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that it is a heavy hitter with great physical offense and decent defensive stats. The impressive design of the Pokémon alone is almost enough to justify getting one without even considering its strengths and weaknesses.

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Pokemon Bdsp Trade Evolutions Where To Find Trade Items

Here is our list of all the different Trade Evolutions in Pokemon BDSP. Find how to get a specific trade item.

Evolution is at the heart of the Pokémon franchise, and trainers in Pokémon: Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl must utilize a variety of means to fill their PokéDex, including trade. Its no surprise that certain Pokémon species will only evolve into their final forms when traded among trainers, given that trading has been a hallmark of Pokémon from its beginning. With certain species of Pokémon being version-exclusive, completing most PokéDexs necessitates trade in some fashion, and its certainly one of the simplest ways to catch em all.

The National PokéDex in Pokemon BDSP has 493 Pokémon, 13 of which can only be evolved through trading, including 6 Sinnoh Dex Pokémon that players can acquire and trade before obtaining the National Dex. Furthermore, some Pokémon require a specific held item to evolve in a trade, so trainers should be sure to provide these items to their Pokémon before engaging in a trade with another player. However, some of these items are especially difficult to come by, and many of them arent even available until the end of the game.

Pokmon Go Trade Evolution List And How Trade Evolutions Work

Pokemon GO à¹à¸à¸´à¸à¸£à¸°à¸à¸à¹à¸«à¸¡à¹ ระà¸à¸ Trade Evolution à¹?ละà¹à¸à¹à¸?มà¹à¸à¸à¹à¸«à¸¡à¹à¹ à¸à¸µà¸?à¹à¸à¸µà¸¢à¸ ...

Before we get into the specifics of trading itself, let’s start with 2020’s big new feature – trade evolutions.

In the mainline Pokémon games, there’s a set of Pokémon that can only be evolved if they’re traded with another player. When Pokémon Go was released, these Pokémon were all evolved through candy, due to the lack of trading.

Now, however, trade evolution has been incorporated into Pokémon Go, offering a different evolution method for a specific group of Pokémon. These Pokémon are:

Once you’ve traded one of the above Pokémon, the candy cost for evolving them into their third and final evolution will be reduced to zero. This will allow you to quickly add this new Pokémon to your Pokédex, while also gaining a powerful new team member.

If you don’t have any fellow trainers to trade with, however, you’ll still be able to evolve these Pokémon with the candy.

It costs 100 candy to evolve Kadabra, Machoke, Graveler and Haunter from Gen 1.

It costs 200 candy to evolve Boldore, Gurrdurr, Karrablast and Shelmet from Gen 5.

It’s also important to note that Pokémon that evolve using a combination of items and candy in Pokémon Go don’t receive the trade evolution discount. Even though, in the mainline games, a requirement of their evolution is being traded with another player.

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What Level Does Staryu Evolve

It starts off slow, with only one Water attack until it reaches level 47 but Staryu really shows its worth once its time to evolve. Using a Water Stone, you can turn Staryu into Starmie at which point it becomes a powerful dual Water/Psychic Pokemon.

Its a complete Pokémon Crystal Remake of the the GameBoy Color classic. The story is the same as the Original Crystal with a load of extra events and even a brand new region to explore. If you are looking for the latest updates on Pokémon: Liquid Crystal then you should check out the Development Journal.

Ultimate Guides For Pokemon Go Trading Details

Change Location

1564 views , 6 min read

Trading is one of the most useful features in Pokemon Go. If youâre a veteran player, you can reap the full benefits of Pokemon Go trading and get your hands on those lucky Pokemon easily. But, trading in Pokemon Go is slightly different from other games in the franchise. You canât simply go out and start trading with a random person. Instead, there are certain guidelines that you must remember to trade successfully in Pokemon Go.

To help you understand more precisely, Iâve compiled a detailed guide on how to get started with Pokemon Go trading and trade items with your friends in the game.

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The Hidden Benefit Of Trade Evolution In Pokmon Go

There’s another very important difference between trade evolution in Pokémon GO and in the flagship games. It concerns the Pokémon who evolve twice so Kadabra, Machoke, Graveler, Haunter, Boldore, and Gurdurr. The main games require players to have evolved these Pokémon once already to be eligible for trade evolution. For instance, Gastly cannot trade evolve. Gastly must level up enough to evolve into Haunter and then Haunter must be traded to evolve into Gengar. GO messes with this rule.

In GO, trading the first stage evolution will still activate the mechanic. The discount just won’t take effect until the final evolution is ready. So to use Gastly as an example again, trading it will provide an eventual discount on Gengar. The candy cost for Gastly to Haunter is still required, but the Haunter to Gengar evolution will be free. That’s true even if the Gastly was traded months ago. As long as it was traded after January 10, 2020, it’s eligible for the trade evolution discount.

Hopefully this guide helped clear up what can be an initially confusing but immensely helpful new mechanic in Pokémon GO. Now go out and trade, there’s Pokémon to evolve!

Pokemon Go: Which Pokemon Evolve When Traded

Trade To Evolve Plus New Gen 5 Pokemon Added to Pokemon Go!

Pokemon GO changed the means by which Pokemon evolved compared to the main series. ,But that doesn’t mean everything is different.

Though the game’s candy system was a departure from the more RPG-esque leveling system of the main line Pokemon titles, trading Pokemon in both Pokemon GO and the main series can cause some Pokemon to evolve. Since Generation I, this roster has slowly but surely expanded, and the Pokemon who benefit from it do so in bunches. Trading these Pokemon can be tricky at times in the main series, but Pokemon GO makes it easier than ever.

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Pokemon Go Trading Costs

The actual cost of Pokemon Go trading is quite a complex thing. Every trade will cost you Stardust, and that price will depend on a number of factors: whether you’ve already caught the Pokemon yourself, your friendship level with the player you’re trading with, and the Pokemon you’re actually trading – Standard vs Special trades.

It seems like the Stardust Pokemon Go trading cost is about as follows via


80,000 40,000

Basically, plan ahead if you want to trade Legendaries you don’t already own to increase your friendship level with the trainer you want to trade with. Just look at the difference in Stardust cost between trading a Legendary bird with a Good Friend vs a Best Friend:

How Does Trade Evolution Work In Pokmon Go

Pokémon GO is introducing an age-old mechanic from the Pokémon franchise called Trade Evolution. Some Pokémon will only evolve if you trade them with another trainer, but things work a little different in Pokémon GO.

The Trade Evolution mechanic is straightforward. You have the second form of a Pokémon in your collection and ask a friend to trade with you. When you trade, your Pokémon goes to your friend. When it arrives at them, the Pokémon has no candy cost to evolve. If you already received any of the Pokémon who can evolve through trades in the past, they will have no candy cost to evolve.

Its important to remember that in Pokémon GO, you cannot trade a Pokémon more than once. If you trade that Pokémon to your friend, it goes to them and stays with them. It means your friend needs to send you the trade if you want it to cost lost to evolve the traded Pokémon.

This method doesnt work for every Pokémon. Here are the ones that benefit from it:

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