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Pokemon Go: Best Fighting


Fighting is currently one of the best types in the game. It’s dominated by Pokemon that hit fast and hard, and it serves as the weakness to many strong Pokemon, including Dark- and Steel-types, as well as the ever-popular Normal-type gym defenders like Blissey and Slaking. Barring an extreme shift in the meta, Fighting should remain dominant for the foreseeable future.

The best Fighting-type is probably no surprise: Shadow Machamp. This Gen 1 punchy friend has long been considered one of the best Fighting-types in series history, and its Shadow boost just makes it even better. With access to some of the best Fighting-type moves, as well as Rock Slide for coverage against Flying-types, Shadow Machamp isn’t going down without a fight. Even without the Shadow boost, regular Machamp sits at the top too, just slightly behind some newer introduced Pokemon like Lucario, Blaziken, and Mega Lopunny. But, it’s fast, has decent bulk, and hits hard, so it’s still a terrific option, especially given how abundantly common Machop is.

Next in line, and the original replacement to Machamp’s top spot, is Lucario. This Steel/Fighting-type edges past regular Machamp with higher DPS, but falls a bit short on TDO, even though its Steel-typing suggests it would resist more. Currently, it’s the best Fighting-type that isn’t Mega Evolved or Shadow boosted. But, it’ll get its own Mega Evolution eventually, and that’ll be quite the attacker when it arrives.

Weather Boost
Blast Burn

Cool Are There Any Pokmon I Cant Trade

There are two major restrictions. You cant trade any mythical monsters, which only includes Mew in the game thus far and you cant trade away any Pokémon that you received in a trade. Once your friend gives you one of their Pokémon, its yours or its no ones.

Three more quick notes: You must be at least level 10 to trade. Hopefully youve reached that by now, since Pokémon Gos been out for nearly two years now. The Pokémon you want to trade must be revived. And you have to be at least age 13 in order to trade, for safety reasons.

Pokemon Go: Best Steel

Steel is definitely more of a defensive type, but it’ll pack a punch on offense from time to time, too. This is especially true if you use the right Pokemon. Steel is great against Fairy-, Rock-, and Ice-types, which makes them great as a partner to Dragons and especially dual Dragon/Flying-types . With ten resistances and a double resistance, it’s also hard to get some good moves off against them. If you’re using Steel-types, watch out for the all-too-common Ground, Fighting, and Fire moves, though, as they hit hard and serve as Steel’s three weaknesses.

Ask any veteran player what the best Steel-type is, and they probably won’t even miss a beat before saying Metagross more specifically, Shadow Metagross. This pseudo-Legendary is immensely powerful, with DPS around 22.4 and TDO of a massive 1,106.63, Shadow Metagross measures up to the likes of Mewtwo, Rayquaza, and the other top Pokemon in the game. It’s fairly future-proof, too, with the only real threats to its metal throne being Kartana , Zacian , and its own Mega Evolution. The one real downside to Shadow Metagross is that it reaches these massive numbers with Meteor Mash, which is a Community Day move. One thing to note is that it can counter Fighting, one of its only weaknesses, with a second charge move: Psychic. Or, if you don’t have access to Meteor Mash, just go for Psychic for a decent ranking still.

Weather Boost
Hydro Cannon

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Furfrou Form Change Mechanic

Furfrous debut in Pokémon GO also marks the arrival of a new feature that will allow you to change the forms of certain Pokémon. Follow these steps to change Furfrous Trim:

  • Furfrou begins in its Natural Trim. This is the only version that can be caught.
  • Select Furfrou in your Pokémon storage and then tap the Change Form button to bring up a menu that lists the available Trims. The available trims will depend on your region.
  • Select your preferred Trim.
  • Changing your Furfrou from one Trim to any other Trim will cost 25 Furfrou Candy and 10,000 Stardust.

Why Trainers Look For Legendary Pokemon For Sale

Best Buy Pokémon Go Plus preorders get restocked: How to reserve one ...

Legendary Pokemon are a type of Pokemon that are not only present in Pokemon Go but the games and animated series of the Pokemon franchise as well. Trainers love getting Legendary Pokemon, and its not all just for show. The reason being is that Legendary Pokemon are harder to get the normal Pokemon. They cant just be obtained or caught through normal means such as catching them in the wild or hatching eggs. The only way to get a Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon is to participate in a Raid Battle. Once trainers have defeated the Legendary Pokemon in that battle, there will be a Bonus Challenge where they can attempt to catch it. The process is easier said than done, though. First of all, defeating a Legendary Pokemon in a Raid Battle is no joke. Trainers will have to group up and use their strongest Pokemon in their arsenal if they want to be able to get to the Bonus Challenge. Even if they do get the chance to catch it afterward, that doesnt mean that theyll automatically get it. Legendary Pokemon are much harder to catch compared to the standard Pokemon trainers see out in the wild randomly. Using a specialized type of Pokeballs such as an Ultra Ball or a Great Ball can certainly help, but its easy to waste a ton of them for just one Legendary Pokemon.

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Pokemon Go: The Best Dragonite

Dragon-types are widely considered the best and most viable Pokemon, at least generally speaking. Of course, the only type theyre good against is other Dragon-types, but with the sheer number of Dragon-type Legendaries, thats more than enough for them to be useful. Dragon-types are typically considered great generalists, having use against a wide variety of matchups since they arent resisted by much, and the strongest dragons have high DPS and Attack stats.

The top spot amongst Dragon-types is changing all the time, in part because new Dragon-type Legendaries are introduced but also because they frequently receive new moves, Shadow forms, and Mega Evolutions. Currently, the top spot in many respects belongs to Shadow Dragonite, though Shadow Salamence isnt far behind it. With a massive Attack stat and decent bulk, Shadow Dragonite can achieve DPS and TDO stats of 22.87 and 1,081.28, respectively. Itll hit hard and stay standing for a long time.

Weather Boost
Ally Mega Boost
  • Mega Charizard X
Electric, Fire, Grass, Water

How Does Pokemon Catching Service Work

Imagine a Pokemon GO trainer living in the city where there is a massive electrical industry. It would be really simple to catch electric type Pokemon, but what about water type Pokemon? If the city lacks bodies of water, trading marketplaces can make connections between that user and an appropriate trainer. There will be a Pokemon GO trainer that lives in the country and has access to a lot of water. The Pokemon GO trainer in the country will negotiate with the buyer for a Pokemon catching service or Pokemon farming service.

Without the intervention of trading marketplaces, things could be inconvenient for Pokemon GO trainers, and one might need to travel internationally to find a specific Pokemon.

In terms of any marketplace’s credibility, each seller or buyer has his/her own reputation, which can be viewed by anyone. This will show if a member is hard to deal with or easy to make transactions with.

PlayerAuctions makes it safe to buy from our members by securing your payment and guaranteeing delivery.

How to buy video game items and weapons with real money?

  • Buyer creates order and send payment to PlayerAuctions
  • PlayerGuardian secures payment
  • Seller completes delivery within delivery guarantee
  • Buyer conrm delivery

How will the seller deliver the items?

Option 1: In-game, Face to Face Delivery


Option 2: In-game Mailbox delivery.

Why should I buy in-game items on PlayerAuctions?

After I send payment, when will the seller deliver?

What if the seller doesnt deliver?

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Why Gamers Want To Buy Shiny Pokemon Go Pokemon

Pokemon Go was all the rage back when mobile games that made use of the real-life setting were still in their infancy. Thanks to Niantic, Pokemon fans from around the world were able to fulfill their dream of actually catching Pokemon in real life. Through the use of the camera to depict Pokemon AI through their screen, gamers were able to catch Pokemon through their phone by throwing a Pokeball in augmented reality. Granted it doesnt really happen in reality and can only be managed through a mobile phone, Pokemon Go made a huge impact in the gaming scene. Even those that arent into Pokemon or gaming, for that matter – joined in on the fun. By visiting stops that are monuments within the real world, players were able to replenish important resources that were used to catch Pokemon such as Poke Balls.

There are many different kinds of Poke Balls, with the basic one having a color of red and white, but why are there just so many Poke Balls that players can use? Well, the reason being is that some Pokemon are harder to catch than others. For example, if players were to encounter one of the three legendary bird Pokemon like Moltres, Articuno, or ZAptos, theyll be able to easily break free from a standard Poke Ball. But if players were to use an Ultra Ball, which has a higher success rate in catching Pokemon, then theyll have a better chance.

Looking To Buy Pokemon Go Accounts

Pokemon Go: How to Find Rare Pokemon Using Nests

Pokemon GO Accounts You have come to the right place! Encourage your friends with a rare legendary Pokemon, but dont have time to balance your Pokemon GO account yourself? Would you like to end with a friend who is a mighty legendary Pokemon? The solution for you is just a click away to Buy Pokemon Go Accounts!

Buy Pokemon GO Accounts .. why? Do people still play that game? Well.. obviously, why else would you be here?Pokemon GO is a game that takes quite some effort, time and dedication. RoadAccounts has been selling Pokemon GO accounts since 2016 with the intention to save you time and most importantly, make you happy.

RoadAccounts offers a lifetime warranty on all its Pokemon GO Accounts, if you choose to use spoofing programs such as iSpoofer you will lose this warranty.

We offer a wide inventory of accounts with Shiny, Legendary & Legacy Pokemon Go Accounts. The Pokemon GO Accounts we have for sale are filtered on ranks:

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Buy Pokemon Go Poke Balls

At you can buy Pokemon Go items, Poke Balls, Shiny Pokemon, Stardust and any other items for a relatively cheap price from our trusted sellers that have wide range of trading experience. The platform provides a TrustShield that gives you a 5 day protection period in case something goes wrong. Want to sell Pokemon Go items? You came to the right place, register as a seller, make your listing and youre good to go. Selling Pokemon Go itemswith Eldorado is the way to go for easy and fast item selling.

Legendaries And Shinies Are Important But Not Vital

As with any other Pokemon game, there are shiny and Legendary Pokemon that can be caught, but doing so isnt easy though. While Legendary Pokemon can be caught at a limited time thanks to the seasonal events that Niantic has been putting out as of late, shiny Pokemon, on the other hand, are on a whole other level.

With the chance of getting a shiny extremely slim, many people consider them to be rare and present them almost like their trophy child . Both Pokemon are indeed important, especially for trainers that have plans to build up a collection of all of the Legendary and shiny Pokemon that have been released in Pokemon Go thus far, but theyre not necessarily vital or a requirement when it comes to purchasing a Pokemon Go account.

  • Last Name
  • Security Question
  • Security Question Answer
  • Parental Password
  • First CD Key

If desired, you may request other information from the seller. However, as any other information not mentioned above is unnecessary to complete a secure game account ownership transfer, it is only optional for the seller to provide.

Does the seller send the game account information to me directly?

No. After you purchase the game account, we will update the seller and instruct him/her to provide the game account information securely to PlayerAuctions. We will then quickly and discreetly inspect and document select properties of the game account before passing on the game account information to you.

How and When will I get my game account?

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Pokmon Go Hack #: Start Evaluating And Selecting Your Pokmon Based Off Their Individual Values Using A Pokmon Go Iv Calculator

In Pokémon GO, not all Pokémon are created equal. All Pokémon in the game are born with three sets of attributes. These three attributes are attack, defense, and stamina and they are given a numerical value. Interestingly, all Pokémon are also born with a number of individual values that can further increase these three attributes of attack, defense, and stamina by up to 15 points. These individual values can make a small yet important difference in the final power of your Pokémon. This means winning more battles!

One way you can level up as a trainer in Pokémon GO is to take your Pokémon to gyms and have them battle other players Pokémon. If you are serious about getting a higher trainer level on your PokémonGO account, you need to make sure you are finding and using the best Pokémon. To do this

you need to have a way to calculate your Pokémons individual values and add them to your Pokémons attack, defense, and stamina scores. This is done by using a Pokémon GO IV calculator.

Thankfully, there are a number of online resources that do all the work of calculating your Pokémons individual values so that you dont have to. We recommend visiting and using their Pokémon GO IV calculator. Once youre ready to calculate your Pokémons individual values, simply enter the type of Pokémon and that Pokémons CP, HP, and stardust cost.

Time to go catch em all!

What Makes A Pokmon A Regional

Pokémon Go: How to catch rare Pokémon

As Niantic has released more Pokémon into the world for us to search for, some Pokémon have been harder to find due to being in specific areas of the globe, requiring dedicated trainers to travel to obtain these otherwise elusive Pokémon.

The announcement of a new generation of Pokémon naturally brings in new regionals to the forefront. Kalos has so far seen Klefki, Flabébé and Furfrou as regionals, with the latter as a new form changing mechanic, and so far Alola has brough us Comfey and the Oricorio styles.

Many of the regional Pokémon are regional based on rivalries. For example, Seviper and Zangoose share a long feud in the main series games, constantly battling and chasing each other. They are based on a snake and a mongoose, and in the real world the mongoose is a snakes predator. Mongoose will kill and eats snakes, and are immune to their venom.

Other regionals are regional because of the regions the main series games are based on. Klefki is from Kalos, which is thought to be based on France, so it became a French regional. Comfey is an Alola regional, which is based upon Hawaii, so Comfey is only found in Hawaii.

For others it is based on where the inspiration for the Pokémon may be found, like Tauros, Maractus, Sigilyth and Bouffalant. For others, it is simply because Niantic decided to make them regional and split the world into three, like the Lake Trio and the elemental monkeys.

With that being said, lets find out about the regional Pokémon in the game!

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How To Make Money With Pokmon Go

Are you a fan of Pokémon Go? These ways to make money from the game could come in very handy.

Credit: Kaspars Grinvalds Shutterstock

Pokémon Go has been downloaded more than one billion times. So it’s not unusual to go out and see wannabe trainers who are searching for invisible creatures and becoming the very best, like no one ever was.

There’s no denying Pokémon Go is addictive, but it’s also pretty time-consuming. So maybe it’s time you started thinking about how you could be cashing in on your time.

If you’ve got some spare time over the summer, you could use the app to make some serious bucks.

Mon Go Evolution Items

Evolution items are also called Pokemon GO upgrade items and with good reason. These types of items are quintessential for trainers that are looking to complete the Pokedex all the while having some of the strongest Pokemon that are in the game. Evolving a Pokemon in Pokemon GO is different from that of the usual game that players are used to. Pokemon GO makes use of certain items and methods for trainers to evolve their Pokemon and the evolution items are a part of that. Some of the evolution items that are worth noting are the Kings Rocks, Sinnoh Stones, and Metal Coat. While there are a bunch more items down the line that are used for evolving Pokemon, these three are the ones worth getting the most.

Kings Rocks are by far the easiest ones to get since theyre an evolution item that can be dropped through regular Poke Stops. Trainers have two ways to use the Kings Rock. They can either evolve a Poliwhirl into a Politoed or evolve a Slowpoke into a Slow King .

On the other hand, Sinnoh Stones are a bit tricker to acquire since trainers will have to complete seven-day research breakthrough tasks, but rest assured that the effort is worth it. This type of stone has been introduced in the fourth generation of Pokemon, so its still a hot, new item to many of the trainers since this generation has only been added recently to Pokemon GO.

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