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Pokemon Engagement Ring Box

Tetris Shaped Storage Benches

Pokémon Pokéball Custom Engagement Ring Box

Perfect for the retro gamer with space issues! Each bench is handmade to resemble Tetris blocks and comes with plenty of storage space inside for all your things. Just dont arrange them in a horizontal line or they may disappear!

  • Make any Apple fan jealous when you take out your AirPods in these cutePokemon cases! Available in all your favorite Pokemon starters and more, these compact and stylish silicone cases also feature a port for charging.


  • Pokmon Master Ball Engagement Ring Case Is Sure To Help You Catch Your Beloveds Heart

    Poké-pop the question with this beautiful handcrafted case from Japans Pokémon wedding jeweler.

    Okay, so lets say youve found the love of your life, and the only thing that comes anywhere close to the passion you have for each other is the passion you have for Pokémon. Naturally, youre not going to buy just any old set of wedding and engagement rings, right?

    Once youve chosen between Japanese jeweler U Treasures Pikachu and Mew rings, though, youve still got one little problem. You cant pop the question to your spouse-to-be with such a special ring sitting inside a boring square box, right? Of course not, which is why U Treasure can also set you up with an awesome Poké Ball engagement ring case!

    But wait, this isnt just any Poké Ball. Being in the business of romance, obviously U Treasure is hoping that your special someone says Yes!, and so this handcrafted wooden case is painted in the colors and insignia of a Master Ball, which seasoned Pokémon Trainers know guarantees a 100-percent success rate in catching Pokémon, making it an auspicious choice for capturing your beloveds heart.

    So how much is U Treasure charging for this awesome good luck charm? Nothing at allat least for the case itself. The Master Ball case is being offered as a complimentary component of U Treasures three-piece Pikachu or Mew engagement and wedding ring sets during the companys Bridal Jewelry Fair, which runs from June 1 to 30.

    Attack On Titan Blanket Cloak

    Keep warm the way Eren and Mikasa do when you wrap yourself with this Survey Corps blanket! This Attack on Titanblanket has a built in hood and button so you can join the Survey Corps when you wear it like a cloak.

  • The fate of humanity rests in just a game of Attack on Titan Monopoly! Payers must travel the game board building walls and gates, assembling an Elite Squad to crush the Titan threat and ensure the survival of mankind.


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    New Pokmon Engagement Rings Feature Pikachu Pok Ball Box

    posted on Tokyo Otaku Mode

    Earlier this year K. Uno’s character jewelry and accessory brand U-Treasure revealed a Mew engagement ring and wedding bands for the beloved Pokémon fan in your life. Now the company is upping the ante with a new Pikachu design.

    The engagement rings come in two different designs and are available in 18-karat white gold and 18-karat yellow gold, 18-karat white gold, 18-karat yellow gold, platinum and 18-karat yellow gold, or platinum. Pries range from 88,000 yen to 135,000 yen . The diamond is sold separately for the rings.

    Men’s and women’s wedding bands are also available in two different designs, in the same material choices. Prices range from 73,000 yen to 115,000 yen .

    Fans can also purchase a Poké Ball ring box to propose with, just like Professor Kukui. The case retails for 12,960 yen .

    Propose Pokmon Style With A Pokball Ring Box

    I choose you pokemon engagement ring box

    Pop culture-themed accessory brand U-TREASURE will add three new rings inspired by Pokémon to their catalogue, as well as bring back a striking Pokéball replica case!

    The franchise’s iconic electric Pokémon is a symbol of love in these items, the first being an engagement ring showcasing two gorgeous diamonds, one of which is cradled by the supportive silhouette of Pikachu! A bolt of electricity, perhaps signifying the spark between its wearers, is also visible.

    Charming enough as it is, the shape of the ring is also unorthodox, as it appears as more of a loose wave rather than a straight line. There are currently two options available for blushing brides: a platinum 950 and K18 yellow gold version , and a K18 white gold and K18 yellow gold version .

    The pair set also complements the engagement ring splendidly, mimicking the loose wave shape. However, they also differ in significant ways. One simply features Pikachus tail with bolts of lightning, while the other showcases the dashing silhouette of Pikachu with a lightning bolt that encompasses a small diamond. Regardless of the choice, it seems like Pikachu is giving its full support!

    Both are available in platinum 950 and K18 yellow gold and K18 white gold and K18 yellow gold . They can be purchased as a pair or individually.

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    Nothing Says Forever Like A Pokmon Engagement Ring

    The Pokémon Company has released a selection of engagement rings for die-hard fans. You can now propose to that special someone in truly unique fashion with one of three new designs.

    The first Pokémon engagement ring is a nod to Pikachu. Optioned in gold or silver, the ring features a single solitaire stone placed in between the character’s ears. The following design also offered in gold or silver mimics the tails of two Pokémon, with a round-cut stone in the middle. The last ring is considerably more minimal, as the gold or silver band is accented with a diamond set into an outline of Pikachu’s head.

    Each of the Pokémon engagement rings is made in partnership with GINZA TANAKA and comes in a specially designed box. You can purchase them today on for between $1,075 and $3,225.

    Pokemon Pokeball Ring Box I Choose You

    What a better way to say “I Choose You” then this nostalgic childhood favorite. Bring out the geek in you and ask that perfect someone to marry you, or just to tell them that you love them. Add a little sign inside to say *Insert Name* I choose you! and make it the proposal of a lifetime. Choose your own Pokeball design and add your initials on the top for an even more personalized feeling. Already said yes? Let your ring bearer walk in with this ball to make a lasting impression….

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    Poke Ball And Master Ball Wedding Ring Boxes Are Perfect Way For Pokemon Fans To Say ‘i Choose You’

    If you haven’t heard, official Pokemon weddings recently became a thing in Japan. While we can’t all afford to have Pikachu as a special guest at our wedding, fortunately character jewelers U-Treasure has been showing off a wide variety of Pokemon-themed wedding rings and necklaces to help you tell your beloved “I choose you!”

    Now for a limited time, U-Treasure is adding an extra level of excitement for soon-to-be-hitched Pokemon fans by giving away Poke Ball and Master Ball designed ring cases to surprise your loved one with.

    The Poke Ball and Master Ball cases have a glossy exterior, but open up to reveal a cushy bedding for the ring to be used before or during a Pokemon fan’s special day. They open and close using an interior magnet, but the magnet can be removed and placed on the bottom so the Poke Ball and Master Ball can be used as ring displays as well.

    U-Treasure will be offering the Poke Ball and Master Ball ring boxes for a limited time during their bridal fair running until June 30 , and also at their Shinjuku shop . Both will be available in limited quantities as a set with purchased jewelry.

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    Pokémon Pokéball Custom Engagement Ring Box
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    If you thought Professor Kukui’s proposal fell under “relationship goals” , U-TREASURE has something for you.

    The jewelry company is preparing to release a line of Pokémon themed wedding and engagement rings at an upcoming bridal fair, and the rings come inwhat else?stylish Pokéball containers. A Master Ball is available, along with the return of their standard Pokéball case:

    The cases pair perfectly with U-TREASURE’S two trios of wedding jewelry. Each set features a diamond engagement ring and a pair of matching wedding rings, all with a Pokémon motif. Pikachu and Mew set are available:

    The Pokémon Bridal Fair takes place June 1-30 at U-TREASURE’s Shinjuku shop and in its online store.

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    Pokemon Wedding Ring Box

    Pokemon, the popular animated show from the early 00s, might not seem like a likely piece in a proposal, but one romantic geek decided he wanted to think outside the box. He used a plastic Pokemon ball as a wedding ring box. Inside was the note, I choose you! Its dorky but strangely cute.


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