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Pokemon Base Set Booster Box For Sale

What Is A Heavy Booster Pack

SCAMMED !!! Base Set 1ST EDITION Pokemon Booster Box – 100% RESEALED

Basically, some smart Alec realised a long time ago that packs with a holographic card weigh more!

Generally speaking, the pull rates of a holo are 1:3 packs, therefore you can simply weigh the packs, extract the valuable items and flog the rest.

Not exactly fun or ethical right?!

But, thats the game I guess when a lot of money is at stake.

Its important to know this for two reasons:

  • When someone is selling a pack as unweighed be very cautious! The only time Id believe this is a live stream straight from a box break.
  • It means the value of booster packs can swing massively. A pack weighed light or heavy will differ in value considerably. This should hopefully explain the valuation ranges below!
  • Anyway, lets get into the different pack variants

    1st Edition Base Set Booster Packs

    • Estimated current value £5k £10k
    • Easily identifiable by the 1st Edition logo on the foil

    Shadowless Base Set Booster Packs

    • Estimated current value £1k £3k
    • Harder to identify. This helpful article explain the different Shadowless booster pack variants

    Black Triangle Error Base Set Booster Packs

    • Estimated current value £1k £5k

    Unlimited Base Set Booster Packs

    • Estimated current value £300 £600

    What Pokemon Booster Box Should I Buy Which Packs Are The Best

    You might be wondering which Pokemon Booster Box should you buy and which Pokemon booster packs are the best?

    Well those sort of questions depend on what you plan on doing with those Pokemon Booster Boxes & Booster Packs and what your main goal is.

    Do you plan on keeping these Pokemon Boosters for quite some time as an investment? Do you plan on opening them all for fun or maybe to complete a set? Most importantly what is your budget? Do you have $100 to spend or is it more in the range of $10,000+?

    Is It Worth Buying Base Set Theme Decks

    This is a topic I like talking about!

    Although Theme Decks are pre-constructed, meaning you know what cards are inside, I love to buy sealed Base Set Theme decks.


    I buy sealed, open and grade the best cards.

    Sure it doesnt have the lottery-style fun of opening a random base set booster , but its certainly a more sensible way to spend my Pokemon budget!

    My personal favourites are Zap! as it contains a holo Mewtwo and four Pikachus and Brushfire as it contains a holo Ninetales, x1 arcanine, x2 Charmeleons and x4 Charmanders!

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    Chilling Reign More Rapid And Single Strike Cards

    Chilling Reign set brings you even more Rapid Strike and Single Strike cards. Pokemon TCG fans are most excited about the powerful V and VMAX Pokemons. You might get some of the three famous legendary birds Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres. This time around, they have Galarian forms.

    However, the most chased card in the set is Blaziken VMAX, which is incredibly strong and has an amazing Secret Rare version. Its a card that works best in a dedicated Rapid Strike deck.

    Anyway, if youre deciding which Pokemon Booster Box to get in 2022, Chilling Reign has a lot of upsides. Its still relatively new , and it has powerful cards thats usually a great long-term prospect. Additionally, since it has so many valuable cards, its also an exciting box to buy, if youre just planning on opening Pokemon packs.

    Whats Your Favorite Pokemon Booster Box

    Pokemon Base Set Booster Box

    Thats all about the best Pokemon booster boxes. Hopefully, we helped you decide which is the best Pokemon booster box to buy. Of course, different people have different tastes, so you might like a box that we didnt recommend. If so, let us know which is your favorite one in the comments below.

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    Lost Origin The Newest Pokemon Booster Box

    Usually, the best Pokemon booster box to buy is the newest one. These almost always work great as a gift for Pokemon card players. If you decide to buy the newest Pokemon booster box, then Lost Origin is the one. Its official release is on .

    After a couple of sets that werent that exciting with the exception of a few chase rares, Lost Origin feels like a breath of fresh air. There are a bunch of powerful cards, and a lot of them have amazing artwork on top of that. The fact that the set has Charizard, and it probably even isnt one of the top 3 cards in the set, says a lot.

    Besides the secret rares, rainbow rare, and so on, there are also 30 cards with special art, also known as the Trainer Gallery subset. These are cards that are actually Pokemon, but they also have a trainer in the artwork.

    The set just keeps on giving, and theres something for everyone. You got your powerful Pokemon from new generations, like Girantine V and Rotom V. However, there are also old iconic classics. Theres Pikachu, CHarizard, and even a more rarely seen Aerodactyl.

    As you can see, Lost Origin is probably the single best Pokemon booster box to buy. It checks just about every box that a good Pokemon TCG product should. It has cards for everyone and its new! Whats not to love?

    Iconic Cards From Evolving Skies

    Speaking of Pikachu, its fans will probably be the happiest about this booster box, as it features Pikachu V and Pikachu VMAX, both of which can be pretty powerful.

    Additionally, Vivid Voltage Its got something for everyone strong Pokemons, good Trainer cards and amazing Secret Rares. Before its release , it was one of the more heavily anticipated booster boxes.

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    What Pokemon Booster Box Is The Best

    You would have to buy the grand daddy old school O.G Pokemon Base Set Booster box. This is the one that every kid in the late 90’s was playing with, when it first came out.

    Pictured is the 1st Edition Base set booster box, which sold for a whopping $408,000 in January 2021.

    The Base Set booster box also held the most sought after card, the 4/102 Base Set Charizard Holo. It is the most sought after card in the game, I don’t care what other people tell you on the internet – they either didn’t grow up with these cards or just didn’t have a clue.

    As a kid you would trade like 12 holos to get a base set Charizard into your folder. You didn’t care how banged up it was, you just knew you had to do whatever you could to get it.

    You also have to keep in mind that back then, kids weren’t buying Pokemon booster boxes like they are today. Kids would be lucky to get one Pokemon booster pack a week. So rare cards were scarce, very scarce.

    This box was selling for under $100 when it first came out. Now the unlimited version is around ~$20,000. The 1st edition version of this booster box can be closer to the price of a house.

    Fusion Strike Contains Both Fusion And Rapid Strike Cards

    $93,000 1999 Pokemon Base Set Shadowless Booster Box Opening!!!

    Pokemon card fans will remember that previous sets introduced two battle styles Rapid Strike and Single Strike. Fusion Strike set introduces the third and final battle style, called, well Fusion Strike.

    It also contains the powerful Gigantamax Pokemon. The two most notable ones are certainly Gengar VMAX and Mew VMAX, both of which are featured on the booster box packaging. Their alternate art secret rares are among the most valuable cards from the set.

    All in all, Fusion Strike is certainly one of the best Pokemon Booster Boxes to buy, and you really cant go wrong with it.

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    Japanese Pokemon 1996 Base Set Booster Box Sealed No Bottom Print

    It was released in Japan on October 20, 1996, and in the United States on January 9, 1999. This item is still factory sealed and in amazing condition. THIS BOX IS MISSING THE “FOR SALE IN JAPAN ONLY” PRINT ON THE BOTTOM. This indicates that it was the very first ever made?

    Each Booster box contains 60 booster packs. 1 Box = 60 packs. 1 pack = 10 cards. The item “Japanese Pokemon 1996 Base Set Booster Box Sealed No bottom Print” is in sale since Tuesday, August 29, 2017.

    This item is in the category “Toys & Hobbies\Collectible Card Games\Pokémon Trading Card Game\Pokémon Sealed Booster Packs”. The seller is “joshuschwa-0” and is located in Glendale, Arizona.

    This item can be shipped worldwide.

    • Language: Japanese
    • Country/Region of Manufacture: Japan

    Pokemon Base Set Theme Decks

    Now we cant talk about Base Set without talking through the theme decks!

    Back in the day they were called Preconstructed Theme Decks and specially designed for players of the TCG in mind.

    As the name suggests, each deck had a theme and players could use the decks with a specific strategy in mind for gameplay.

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    Basic Information To Help You Figure Out The Right Japanese Trading Card Games

    Who is the best trading card game?

    Best trading, collectible and expandable card gamesPokemon Card Game Sword & Shield s10b Pokemon GO Booster Pack BoxPokemon Card Game Sword & Shield Start Deck 100Pokemon TCG Sword & Shield Silver Lance Booster BoxJapanese Pokemon TCG Sun & Moon Dark Order sm8a Booster BoxNintendo Pokemon Black & White Beginners Box SetPokemon Card Game Sword & Shield Vmax Special SetMagic The Gathering Kamigawa Neon DynastyJapanese Pokemon TCG Sword & Shield Matchless Fighter S5a Booster BoxPokemon Card Game Sword & Shield High Class Pack Shiny Star V BoxPokemon Trading Card Game Sword & Shield Legendary Heartbeat Booster PackPokemon Trading Card Game Sword & Shield Infinity Zone Booster PackDigimon Card Game Booster Union ImpactJapanese Pokemon Card Game Sword & Shield Towering Perfection s7D Booster BoxPokemon Trading Card Game Sword & Shield s10a Dark Phantasma Booster PackPokemon Card Game Sword & Shield Starter Deck Set VMAXPokemon TCG Sword & Shield Battle Region Booster Packunbranded Yu-Gi-Oh! Yugioh OCG History Archive Collection Booster BoxMtg Trading Card Game Dark Ascension Booster BoxPokémon TCG Sword & Shield Star Birth Booster Box. Keyforge.Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn.Yu-Gi-Oh! Speed Duel.Sorcerer.Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game.Final Fantasy Trading Card Game.Doomtown: Reloaded.Pokémon Trading Card Game.

    Simply so, why are card games popular in Japan?

    Moreover, what is the difference between TCG and CCG?

    Pokemon Base Set Booster Boxes

    Pokemon Base Set Booster Box for sale in UK

    Once upon a time, a Pokemon Base Set booster box cost around £144. Now, 1st Edition boxes sell for north of £300k!

    Wheres that time machine hey?!

    Aside from the cards themselves, sealed Base Set booster boxes are some of the most desired items in the hobby.

    Lets explore some of the different variants, estimated values of how you can spot fake copies.

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    Sun & Moon Get First Gx Pokemon Cards

    Sun & Moon Edition introduced Pokemon-GX. Each of these Pokemon has a GX attack. Thats an attack so powerful that you can only use one of them per game!

    So if youre a fan of the GX Pokemon and you want to get some very first Pokemon-GX, this is the right booster box for you. You can find some really awesome cards in these packs, such as Lunala-GX and Solgaleo-GX.

    Lets check some of the more iconic cards you might get in this booster box.

    Astral Radiance The Second Newest Pokemon Booster Box

    The second newest booster box is called Astral Radiance. It was released on May 27th, 2022. If youd like to get a new Pokemon booster box, but you for some reason dont like Lost Origin set, you can certainly get Brilliant Stars instead.

    With this set youll travel back to a primitive land dominated by myth and legend. This set is the one that introduces Origin Forme Pokemons both Palkia and Diagla are great pulls that you can get.

    Another great part of this set are the amazing artworks. Sure, art is subjective, and almost every Pokemon set has some great art. However, we personally feel, like this set takes it up another notch, with some splendid works of art. So if you like beautiful cards, this is an amazing set to get.

    Plus, youll also get the newest set, which is, as we mentioned, always great. With all of that taken into account, Astral Radiance is probably the best Pokemon booster box to get currently in 2022.

    Just one thing to note, if youre looking for the absolutely newest Pokemon boosters, Pokemon Go set was released on July 1st, 2022. However, that set doesnt come with an English booster box, so we didnt include it on this list. If you want, you can .

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    How To Identify Base Set Pokemon Cards

    Every set of Pokemon cards has whats called an expansion symbol. This is some kind of small visual identifier to help you assign a card to a particular set.

    However! As Base Set was the first ever set, it doesnt have an expansion symbol.

    This is how you can identify Base Set Pokemon cards!

    Iconic Cards From Brilliant Stars

    Original English Pokemon Base Set 1st edition booster box

    Do you just want to buy a Pokemon booster box to get some nostalgia about the good old days? Do you want your Pokemon card to look like they used to, without the modern design? If so, youre going to love XY Evolutions.

    Its the fifth and final set from the XY Break Series, but most importantly, it marks the 20th anniversary of the franchise.

    Thats why it includes plenty of reprints from the very first Pokemon Set , with old designs with just a few minor adjustments. Nevertheless, there are still some powerful cards with new designs. However, even those are featuring old favorites, like the final evolutions of the original starters Charizard, Blastoise and Vanusaur.

    So if you want to buy one Pokemon Box to get a maximum nostalgia hit, you should definitely get XY Evolutions. You could even get the Surfing Pikachu!

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    Pokmon: Base Set Unlimited Booster Pack

    One Unopened & Sealed Pokémon: Base Set Unlimited Booster Pack. This booster pack is one of 36 that was obtained from a sealed box. This product has not been weighed. A video of the unsealing of the box was taken which can be seen below.

    Note: This product and other products of this caliber are NOT kept in the store. They are only brought into the store once an order has been placed.
    Terms for Sale
  • Payment must be placed online
  • An email will be sent with pick-up instructions after 1 business day. Order will not be available for pick up before the email is sent.
  • This product is NOT available for shipping and must be picked up in-store.
  • This product may be inspected in-store.
  • We will not permit the product to be weighed as part of the sale. We have not weighed any of them.
  • The sale is Final once the product leaves the store
  • Pokémon: Base Set Information

    Base Set is the name given to the first main expansion of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. In Japan, it was released as Expansion Pack, the first expansion in the Pokémon Card Game. It is based on Pokémon Red, Blue, and Green, featuring Generation I Pokémon. The English expansion was released on January 9, 1999, while the Japanese expansion was released on October 20, 1996. Although not part of the TCG, Bandai Pokemon Carddass Part 1 Green & Part 2 Red is regarded as pre dating the Japanese Base set, and therefore the oldest known Pokemon Card release.

    This information is provided from BulbaGarden

    About VGMX
    Refund Request

    How To Spot Fake Base Pokemon Set Booster Boxes

    Its a shame we have to even include a section like this, but the reality is there are people out there looking to scam the community and make a quick buck.

    If youre serious about investing in sealed vintage Pokemon products, I implore you to educate yourself on how they should look and feel.

    Do your research by looking at boxes sold by trusted auctioneers like Hertitage Auctions or PWCC.

    Study the colours, the wrapping, key identifiers on the box. Then cross-reference that with item your considering. If anything doesnt add up, err on the side of caution.

    Because of the different box variants its hard to provide specifics, but here are my general rules for spotting fake Pokemon booster boxes:

  • Colours that look off too pale, too dark etc.
  • Plastic wrapping these boxes are 22+ years old, does the cellophane wrapping show signs of this? If not, why not? Where has it been stored? Does it have the WOTC logo on the wrapping? Is it the right size? Does it look like it might have been resealed?
  • The Artwork is the artwork on the box correct? Pokemon dont reprint new box artworks. If something doesnt look right, its probably fake.
  • Study the typography Look carefully at the font, look for typos or wrong descriptions of the contents within.
  • The seller Are they trustworthy? Do they have lots of positive feedback? Do they have a track record of selling Pokemon products? Are they trusted by the community perhaps they have an Instagram following that can vouch for them?
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    Brilliant Stars A Newer Box With Charizard

    Brilliant Stars was released on . One problem with this set might be that there arent that many powerful cards, as you might expect from some of the newer sets. However, if theres a card that can save a mediocre edition, thats certainly Charizard!

    Theres two different Charizard cards here, and thats without counting the different art versions of a card. You can open both Charizard V and Charizard VSTAR in a Brilliant Stars booster box. You can see both of them below, in the iconic cards section. Youll notice that theres also Arceus VSTAR and Galarian Moltres, so therere certainly still some good cards besides Charizards.

    So, if youre looking for a newest Pokemon booster box that can contain a Charizard, then Brilliant Stars is what you want to get.


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