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Pokemon Center Arcanine Plush

Pokmon Center Is Selling A Majestic 4

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An enormous Pokémon plush has now been revealed for the Japanese Pokémon Centre – a 4-foot tall version of the Galarian Water-type starter Inteleon.

It has been revealed that a new Pokémon plush of Galar’s Water-type starter Inteleon will be released in Japan in the near future. Other recent additions announced for the franchise’s extensive lineup of soft toys include plushes of the Pokémon Scarlet & Violet starters, giving fans a number of cute starter companions to pick up for collections.

Plushes are a major brand of merchandise for the Pokémon Company and are available in a range of shapes and sizes. while certain fan favorites like Pikachu are offered more frequently, players can also find adorable toys based on the nearly 1000 different Pokémon species available. Currently, the focus for merchandise appears to be set on the spin-off game Pokémon Legends: Arceus, which introduced fans to ancient Hisuian variants of numerous Pokémon, including Arcanine and Stantler. These two Pokémon have been part of a release of special collectible Hisuian form plushes available from the Pokémon Center in recent months.

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Official Giant Inteleon Plush Revealed In Japan


A Jumbo Arcanine Plush For Cuddling

Arcanine is a loyal companion to Trainers all around the world of Pokémon, and now its here in our world as a jumbo Poké Plush that faithfully recreates its fluffy fur, bold stripes, and strong yet kind expression. Place it on your bed or couch and give it a big hug, or display it as a guardian who always keeps a watchful eye on your home or office.

  • Measures about 27 ½ inches high and 59 inches wide
  • Jumbo size for jumbo fun!
  • Embroidered facial features and paw pads
  • Pokémon Center Original
  • Item Dimensions: 23.6 x 59 x 27.5 IN
  • Country Of Origin: Made in Vietnam
  • Materials: All new material / polyester / ethylene-vinyl-acetate
  • Care Instructions: Surface Wash Only
  • Recommended Age: 8
  • Item Weight: 185 OZ

The Random Pokmon Plushies Series: Giant Arcanine

Its been a hot minute since I updated this series but when I saw this giant plush boy online I knew that I had to write up about him and include him in this series. I was always a fan of the dog like Pokémon when I was growing up due so Arcanine was one of my favourites, which is another reason why this particular plush caught my eye. Plus, he is a behemoth so its kind of impossible for him not to catch your eye.

This official plush- which you can buy from the Pokémon Centre- is a giant Arcanine and when I say giant, I mean giant. This jumbo pup measures in at 27.5 inches high and 59 inches wide. That isvery large for a plush. He literally looks like a cross between a stuffed toy and a mini bed of sorts as he is in a lying down position. My favourite part about this big boy though is his giant fluffy mane and tail as well as the detailing of fluff on the back of his front and back legs. He is an official product and you can definitely tell due to the high quality, from the detailing to the material he is made of. This big boy does come at a hefty price though, costing a whopping $449.99. Its understandable as he is so big but its a still of money for a plush. If I was rich, I would definitely get ten of them though. The description of this massive Arcanine reads as follows:

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The Pokmon Center Offers Up An Adorable Array Of Perfectly Precious Pokmon Plush From The Hisui Region

If youre looking for a buddy as you explore the vast and spectacularHisui region, the Pokémon Center has you covered with playful Poké Plush andcuddly Comfy Friends Plush. Get a peek at iconic Pokémon first discovered in PokémonLegends: Arceus, including Poké Plush Hisuian Growlithe, Basculegion,Wyrdeer, and Braviary. And you can also celebrate the stunning Sinnoh regionwith its first partner Pokémon as Comfy Friends Plush. Check out Chimchar,treat yourself to a Turtwig, pick up a Piplup, or try all three!

Ride on over to the Pokémon Center to check them out!

Enormous Arcanine Pokmon Plush Is Cute But Costly

Arcanine Pokemon Center Original Plush 2015

The Pokémon Centers new enormous plush of Arcanine from Pokémon is cute but quite costly. Sitting at 59 inches long, it sells for about $450 USD.

A new enormous plush of Arcanine from Pokémon is cute but quite expensive. The Pokémon Center offers a broad array of merchandise, including plushes of the franchise’s wide array of creatures in a variety of sizes and poses. The site recently released Hisuian Form plushes from Pokémon Legends: Arceus, and it has released special seasonal items as well.

Though the only physical locations of the Pokémon Center are located in Japan, save for one in the Singapore airport, fans can browse the store’s merchandise online. Collecting Pokémon merchandise has long been considered a way for fans to show their love of the series, and the Pokémon Center is an ideal way to achieve this goal. Players who want other options can look to other collectible plush collaborations that the Pokémon series has been involved with. These include the Pokémon and Build-A-Bear team-up that brought fans Eevee, Pikachu, Mew, and more.

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This life-size Arcanine Plush is $450 on the Pokémon Center store online:


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This Arcanine Pok Plush Is A Colossal 59 Inches And Up For Preorder Now

10 months agoJohn Friscia

The official Pokémon Center website is known to sell a jumbo Poké Plush here and there, and the 59 Arcanine Poké Plush certainly fits the bill for that. More specifically, the Arcanine Poké Plush is about 59 inches wide and 27.5 inches tall, and it is available to preorder now for the equally colossal price of $449.99. In addition to its gigantic size, it features embroidered facial features and paw pads, and its made of All new material / polyester / ethylene-vinyl-acetate, so trade notes with your allergies accordingly.

If you do decide to preorder this jumbo 59 Arcanine Poké Plush, youll be waiting a while for it to arrive, as its not scheduled to ship until May 2022. Still, if you want to beat the other Pokémon mega fans and/or rich people to the punch, this is your chance. Theres no denying how spectacular this pooch is at a glance, and the Pokémon Center says, Place it on your bed or couch and give it a big hug, or display it as a guardian who always keeps a watchful eye on your home or office.

This is probably my favorite jumbo-sized Poké Plush to come around, but we have covered other jumbo-sized plushies before, such as this glorious two-foot Snorlax from Build-A-Bear.

Pokemon Is Now Selling 4

Pokemon knows a thing or two about making massive plushes, and it seems one of Galar’s best additions is about to learn that for themselves. After all, The Pokemon Center has announced a special gift for Inteleon. The water-type evolution is getting a massive plush for collectors, and it will stand at over 4-feet tall.

The news went live today in Japan as its Pokemon Center website updated a new offering for fans. For just $120 USD, fans can purchase a four-feet plushie of Inteleon. Pre-orders are available right now with packages estimated to ship out in January 2023. And of course, this adorable plush will be posable thanks to its articulated joints.

PokéJungle: Gen IX

As you can see above, a slew of photos were released of the big plush, and they show Inteleon posing in all sorts of positions. Whether sitting or standing, this lanky item will be a must-have for Pokemon lovers. It is only a matter of time until fans start dressing the evolution in different outfits, and given the Pokemon’s spy aesthetic, we think a James Bond look would suit Inteleon well.

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The Goodest Of Good Boys

The Pokemon franchise is no stranger to seemingly odd merchandise that conceptually seems cumbersome or just kind of ridiculous but totally works when you actually see it. Hell, I still kind of want that Metapod sleeping bag that sold out shortly after being made available online. But the official Pokemon Center website is now selling 1/2 scale Arcanine plushes for your bed that will protect you while you dream of a world where it was completely to scale. Er, well, it was, but it has already sold out of its first wave. Even with the hefty $449.99 price tag.

For those that dont know, Arcanine is a fire-type dog Pokemon that debuted in the original Pokemon Red & Green, and its been a fan favorite over the past 25 years. He was even my first Pokemon card, and while Pikachu was my ride or die , it still made Arcanine a favorite of mine from that generation, and a staple of my party in games that were set in the Kanto region as recently as Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu. So while Im not buying this big boy for my own bed, I know me of 20+ years ago would have loved to have had this majestic mutt to sleep with back in the day.

Pokemon To Sell Massive Arcanine Plush In Us

Review Stuffed Animal Pokemon Center Trainer Sized Arcanine

The Pokemon Company plans to sell a massive Arcanine plush in the United States and Canada. Earlier this week, the Japanese Pokemon Center announced that they would sell an Arcanine plush that measures nearly five feet in length. While many wondered if this humongous Arcanine would be the latest bit of cool Pokemon merchandise to only find a home in Japan, the US Pokemon Center website listed the plush on its website earlier today. The plush measures 59 inches long, 27 inches tall and has embroidered facial features and pawpads. The item is expected to ship in May 2022 and will cost a whopping $449.99.

Arcanine, as a Gen 1 Pokemon, is a perennially popular Pokemon. While neither Ash nor any of his companions ever owned an Arcanine in the Pokemon anime series, Gary Oak owned an Arcanine and the Pokemon is occasionally associated with law enforcement. The Pokemon will likely see a resurgence in popularity next year, as it will likely receive a regional variant form. The Hisuian version of Growlithe, Arcanine’s pre-evolved form, debuted in a trailer for Pokemon Legends: Arceus earlier this year.

The Arcanine is the latest jumbo plush to hit the Pokemon Center in recent months. The US-based website has also released jumbo-sized plushes of Mareep, Slowpoke, Piplup, Furret, Psyduck, Lapras, and Gigantamax Meowth in recent months. This isn’t including licensed third-party products like Ditto or Snorlax, which have gotten bean bag chairs in the past.

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Massive Arcanine Plush That Is The Size Of A Great Dane Can Now Be Pre

Better start saving up for this absolute unit

A massive Arcanine, who will take up your entire sofa and cost a small fortune, is now ready for pre-order.

This larger-than-life stuffed toy comes in at 27 ½ inches high and 59 inches wide – which is genuinely almost about the size of a Great Dane, one of the biggest dog breeds in the world. Slightly cheaper and lower maintenance than an actual Great Dane though, the Arcanine plush will cost its future owners $449.99 USD or $584.99 CAD.

The original Legendary Pokémon comes to life as an equally legendary plush! Cuddle up with jumbo Arcanine, now available for preorder at the #PokemonCenter!

The plush is available for pre-order via The Pokemon Center and is expected to start shipping out in late May 2022. Due to its size and durability, this plush can be displayed in a multitude of ways as a loyal companion perched on your sofa, a doorstop in your office, a comfy backrest, or even something to cuddle up to at night.

This isnt the first giant plush weve seen from the Pokemon Center recently, as the company also teamed up with bean bag company Yogibo Bags to create giant Snorlax and Ditto bean bags. These two came in at a more modest four feet tall and 30 inches wide but were still priced at around an eye-watering $200 each.

Fancy revisiting the monster-collecting series? Take a look at our best Pokemon games list to get started.

Sleep Together Arcanine Plush Announced In Japan


Pokemon fans in Japan will soon be able to cuddle up with a fluffy and fiery new friend!

Pokemon Center Japan has revealed a new Sleep Together Arcanine Plush which measures in at a whopping 70cm × 150cm × 60cm in size. As you can see in the photos below, this makes it suitable as a sleeping companion or even just to rest ones head on:

Unfortunately, this massive plush is exclusive within Japan right now. Well report back if that ever changes in the future.

What do you think? Would you love this massive version of Arcanine in your bedroom? Feel free to share below!

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Pokemon Center Will Release A Huge 1/2 Scale Arcanine Plush

The Pokemon Center has a ½ scale Arcanine plush available for pre-order from the official website. Its official name is Bedmate Doll Arcanine and it will cost 49,500 JPY, which is approximately $448.50. Those who wish to spoon with an Arcanine will have until October 31, 2021 to pre-order it, though this is only while supplies last. It will ship out in mid-March 2022.

The Arcanine plush is 150 x 60 x 70 centimeters and weighs about 5250 grams. You can hug it while you sleep, or you can rest your head on it while lounging about. It has a smart and calm look on its face, which gives the impression that it is watching over its trainer while they sleep. Unfortunately, the item is only available from the Japanese Pokemon Center shop.

You can see more pictures of the ½ scale Arcanine plush doll here:

Arcanine is far from the first Pokemon to appear as a large doll or plush. A 3-foot-tall Piplup plush was available for pre-order in August 2021, and it ships out in February 2022. While not as large as Arcanine or Piplup, Build-a-Bear is also offering a Gengar bundle that will allow you to make your own Gengar doll.


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