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Cgc Pokemon Card Grading Prices

Prepare To Be Disappointed With Your Grades


It is really difficult to get cards graded 9s or 10s. Especially on older cards. Cards need to be centered perfectly. The have to be cut perfectly. They cant have dings to the corners, or white edges, or surface scratches. There can be no roughness on the face or edges. Look closely at the holofoil artwork for Any Scratches. Turn the card over, and look for any whiteness around the blue edges.

Many older cards you might think are perfect seem to come back as 7s or 8s. 10s basically have to be protected from the get-go taken directly from a booster pack and highly protected immediately. Most people werent doing that 20 years ago. Ive sent in about 30 cards myself and maybe got two to three cards rated 10. And these were all cards that went right from boosters to binders .

You should understand that 7s and 8s and 9s are still really good scores though! Those are Near Mint or better! Whether its comic books, coins or Pokemon Cards the higher the score, the better the selling price.

For reference here are actual average sales prices on 1st Edition Base Set Charizards on eBay March 2021

PSA 10 $311,800 Mar 2021BGS 9 $64,000 Feb 2021PSA 8 $25,000 Mar 2021PSA 7 $15,000 Mar 2021BGS 6 $14,500 Feb 2021PSA 5 $9,000 Mar 2021PSA 2 $4,000 Mar2021

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How To Submit Your Pokemon Cards For Grading

To ensure the safety and integrity of your cards condition, its recommended you submit your cards in the following way:

1. Put your card in a penny sleeve

2. Attach a post-it tag to the penny sleeve so its easy to pull out

3. Finally, put the penny sleeved card inside of a semi-rigid card holder

Important! Do not send cards in a toploader. The card can easily move around and may get damaged.

Pokemon Cards And Gambling

Whilst some Pokemon games have changed due to new gambling rules in 2007, the trading of Pokemon cards does not fall under the definition of gambling. Even if you find the in your latest pack of trading cards, this is not considered a gamble, you are simply adding to your collection. Despite this, the probability is that when buying a pack of cards, the value of single cards when added together will be more than the cost of the pack.

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Cgc Trading Cards Grading


We have a lot of submissions away at the moment and want to clear through the backlog before we continue. Apologies for the inconvenience 🙂

CGC Trading Cards Grades the following card games:

Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, Digimon, Dragon Ball Super, Final Fantasy, Fire Emblem Cipher, Flesh and Blood, Force of Will, Harry Potter, Metazoo, My Hero Academia, Weiss Schwartz, World of Warcraft.

NOTE: Subgrading now adds 5 days to the turnaround time.

Link to submission form: rlkey=u134g7330v2u6kvm272jc80og

We send out cards to CGC on or around the 28th of every month. This gives people time to get their collections together.

Once we start taking more submissions, we will boost this to twice a month. : )

Apakah Beckett Atau Psa Lebih Baik

Rare 2016 Mew Pokémon Card CGC Graded

Sistem penilaian kartu Beckett juga populer. Namun, ketika datang ke PSA vs Beckett, PSA adalah pemenang yang jelas karena popularitas dan penggunaannya dengan kartu vintage. Oleh karena itu, sistem penilaian kartu Beckett cenderung mendapatkan harga yang lebih rendah, terutama di dunia kartu antik.

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The Grading Comparison Between Pokmon Cards

I happen to have two cards that graded the same between CGC and PSA. In particular, I have an Electabuzz from the first Pokémon movie back in 1999 that graded an 8.0 at both companies.

To me, both cards look to be in great condition. I personally can’t tell the difference between the two cards and cards that received a 10.0 grade. While I’ll never know why the PSA card graded like it did, at least CGC gives me a little more insight with the subgrades.

The subgrades tell me information about the centering, corners, edges, and surface. Do I necessarily agree with the subgrades scores? Sometimes, but that is me just eyeballing the cards. I’m sure both companies use some precision tools when coming up with a score.

Rumor has it that CGC grades more difficult than PSA and I agree with that. I’ve had more than one hundred cards come back from CGC and I haven’t gotten a single 10.0. I’ve had far fewer cards come back from PSA, many with 10.0 grades.

I don’t know if the strictness of CGC will have an impact on perceived quality in the future. The grades from CGC don’t seem to impact resale on eBay, but this could change in the future.

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Card Graded Pokemon

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Card Graded Pokemon. Getting your pokemon, mtg, yugioh, and sports cards graded by psa all just doubled in cost! Now opening trading card packages delivered the week of february 22, 2022.

How to submit your pokemon cards for grading. Premium 5 covers declared value of $100,000 to $249,000 at $5,000 per card. Trading card psa price guide.


Prices do go down if you send cards in bulk though. How much does it really cost to have a pokémon card graded?


How much does it cost to get a card graded by psa, bgs from for only around $240 per year, you get fast turnaround times and exclusive deals with your card services. The cost of psa card grading will depend on the type of sports card, its value, shipping options, options added and the number of cards sent in.


See cgc trading cards services & fees > Please note that a $2 fee per card will be applied to cards that are not fully described on the submission form.


Prices vary from company to company, and the best choice likely depends on. Getting your pokemon, mtg, yugioh, and sports cards graded by psa all just doubled in cost!

Source: newsfromtheannex.blogspot.comSource: www.carousell.sgSource:

Prices do go down if you send cards in bulk though. How to submit your pokemon cards for grading.

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Current Cgc Wait Times

Wait times will differ depending on which grading tier you choose. I Can Wait has no set deadline.

According to CGC, the Need Them Now service will take approximately three to five business days. They admit that this is an estimate, but they say that customers should not expect to wait far past the five business day mark. At least to see that their orders have been marked shipped and are on their way back to them.

How Certified Guaranty Company Grades Pokemon Cards

$40k Pokemon Card Grading Return! (CGC & PSA)

Certified Guaranty Company is the youngest among the three card grading companies. Although theyve been around for almost as long as the two other companies, they started as a comic book grading company and it was only in 2020 where they started grading trading cards.

Even if they are young in the card grading game, collectors believe that they follow stringent standards that make them reputable. Like BGS, they also provide sub-grades for your Pokemon cards. And, to ensure impartiality, CGC Trading Cards graders are prohibited from buying and selling collectibles commercially!

CGS is more transparent when it comes to its standard grading scale:

There is no wonder why CGC gained the trust of many Pokemon card collectors in a short period of time. Their insanely detailed and specific grading scale lets no room for error and produces a grade that truly matches the card.

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Does Beckett Grade Pokemon Cards

Do you have a shoebox full of old Pokemon cards? Have you ever thought about selling them, but dont know what theyre worth? Or do you want to buy a card off eBay but dont know if youre getting scammed or not?

Beckett grades Pokemon cards and these grades will help you determine the worth of the card. Beckett is one of the most thorough grading companies in the industry and a card that is rated 10 by them is sure to be worth a lot.

Lets dive deep into the world of grading and learn all about the grading process! By the end of this article youll want to have some of your own cards graded!

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The Importance Of Sub

Despite PSAs dominance, theres a reason why theres space in the market for the likes of Beckett and CGC they provide sub-grades where PSA do not.

If you dont know, sub-grades display how the card graded in the four key areas:

  • Centering
  • Corners
  • Edges

This gives the owner much more detail with regard to how mint the card actually is.

A card graded a PSA 10, could actually vary quite drastically if it were graded by Beckett or CGC.

A perfect Beckett card is actually called a Black Label, and CGCs version is called Perfect.

Should a card achieve this status, it value significantly increases. This is particularly the case with Beckett Black Label cards.

Below is a piece from my collection. Note the subgrades! Its not quite Perfect, but CGC still class as it Pristine which is pretty cool!

Now Im well-aware that their graded cards dont sell on the secondary market for the same prices as well-established US companies do.

Reputation and adoption by the masses will take years to achieve. But if they dont properly understand the importance of differentiation and adding value, I would guess that some of these companies will cease to exist in the short-to-medium term.

In my opinion, any UK Pokemon card grading company that doesnt offer sub-grades is missing a trick.

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How To Submit Your Card To Psa

Your first step is to visit In the upper righthand corner of the site, youll see a green circular button that reads Submit .

Once you click the button, youll be brought to a Sign-In screen. If you dont already have a PSA account, youll need to create one.

Following your sign in, youll fill out the following information:

  • The type of item you are submitting
  • The service you are requesting
  • The Declared Value of the card you are submitting
  • A description of each card that you are submitting
  • Your shipping and billing information

And with this, youre ready to submit your card to PSA for an official grade, or whichever service you are seeking.

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Who Is The Best Pokemon Grading Company In The Uk

Charmander Japanese Pika Pika Alola Festival Promo CGC Mint 9 Graded P ...

Ive spent a considerable amount of time and money grading cards with as many of the new UK grading companies as I could.

I wanted to get a feel for:

  • Customer Service How good their communication was, and their ability to solve customer problems
  • Grading consistency How accurately they kept to their own grading standards
  • Grading Transparency Why a card got the Grade it did
  • Slab and label design How much thought has gone into the design process
  • Turnaround times Did they stick to the times they advertised
  • Resale Values Despite being new to the market, do they have the potential to add value to your cards

After much deliberation, my number one recommended UK Pokemon card grading company is

*Drumroll please*

Tree Frog Grading

and these are the reasons

  • They give subgrades and even a grading report this means there is full transparency as to why a card got the grade it did
  • They have two tiers of their 10 grade an ALPHA 10 is the equivalent of Becketts Black Label cards or CGCs Pristine 10s. These so-called perfect cards add an extra layer of rarity, thus increasing their potential value
  • Their slab designs are understated, yet classy its all about the card, not the slab, and I feel that other grading companies have failed to realise this
  • Communication was good and turnaround times were met thats all you can ask for really!
  • Im sending my cards to Tree Frog Grading, and I think fellow collectors would be happy with the results should they do the same

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    How Will My Cards Be Graded

    Each of these card grading companies has its own grading scores and sub-grades or qualifiers. And although their ratings are almost the same, each one would still hold different values in the marketplace. Meaning, a GEM-MT 10 Charizard graded by PSA would sell higher than a Pristine 10 Charizard from CGC. This is because PSA is the more trusted and reputable grading company between the two.

    You can check out the different grading scales and sub-grades on these links:


    In a nutshell, your Pokemon cards will be graded on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being the lowest card grade you can receive.

    Grade 1 cards are those that are damaged and have been worn out through time, whether by extensive playing or improper storage. Usually, these cards dont have any value, unless theyre extremely rare. However, even if thats the case, dont expect to get good returns from it.

    Grade 10 cards on the other hand are those in mint condition. This means that there are no creases and discoloration, plus its print and cutting are impeccable.

    Getting a Grade 10 card is close to impossible because youll not only have to preserve the quality of the card for a long time but also have a card with perfect printing and cutting. This means that even if you took good care of your cards if the manufacturers made a mistake in printing or cutting, you still wont get a Grade 10 rating.

    How Do You Know If Your Comic Is Worth Sending In For Grading

    Though you may be tempted to submit every comic book you purchase for CGC Grading, this process must be paid for. The grading fee varies depending on the age and value of the comic, ranging from $22 to $120 for most books. Comics with a fair market value above $3,000 however, are charged on a sliding scale of 3% of the books value .

    Given these costs as well as the costs of shipping, you should only seriously consider submitting a comic book for grading if you already know its valuable or if you believe that it will become valuable in the future. A general rule of thumb that many collectors follow is that a books expected value needs to be worth about $200 before it makes sense to have the book graded from a financial perspective.

    Also note that the grading process often takes some time. CGC states that grading can take 106 to 133 days. A fee of $75 can reduce this time to 44 days, and an express fee of $120 can reduce this time to 17 days. Books over $3,000 in value are turned around in an expected 10 days.

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    How Are Comics Graded By The Cgc

    While one might think that this grading process would be a company secret, CGC is completely transparent about how a comic books quality is determined.

    In 2020, Matt Nelson the then primary grader for CGC and current CGC President was featured in a video explaining how graders inspect submissions. This inspection follows a checklist:

    First impressions

    A first impression is typically reserved for finding large problems such as stains or holes on the cover as well as missing pieces and creases.

    Identify variants or pedigreeA submissions pedigree is determined by the collection it comes from. While different organizations have various criteria for pedigree, there are three near-universal standards:

    A)The quality of an overall collection does it already have high value items?

    B)The collections origin were they collected by the same person/people and stored in a similar space at the same time? This is of value because it signifies that all the items will be in a similar condition and

    C)The completeness of the collection is it just a collection of random books or does it contain completed series?

    In short, two of the same comic books in similar conditions can be worth different amounts if one comes from a trusted and vetted collection.

    Count pages

    Self explanatory each page of a book is counted to make sure a submission isnt missing any.

    Determine page condition

    When it comes to specific condition, graders will look for tears, stains, and creases.

    A Quick Comparison Of Card Grading Services & Prices

    Pokemon Cards Graded Returns! Should You grade your pokemon cards with CGC?

    Revised 4/28/2021

    I am only going to look at value pricing for this next comparison, as that is how most people get their cards graded. You can spend up to $600 to get a single card graded quickly, but thats not our target audience here.

    Pojo Note: I updated these prices April 28, 2021 to reflect recent price increases by all companies.


    Value Pricing is $20/card. The maximum declared value is $499/card. And you must send in a minimum of 10 cards. Subgrades are not offered. PSA is currently not accepting any cards. PSAs current turnaround time was greater than 8 months on Value Pricing, so they decided to shut down submissions so they could catch up on backlog.


    Beckett Pricing is: $20/card. Add $15 per card for subgrades. This pricing is essentially the same as PSA, giving you an option for subgrades. Subgrades are worth it on valuable cards in my opinion. Becketts current turnaround time is sitting at around 11 months on Value Pricing.

    Bulk Pricing for CGC is $15/card for a 50 card submittal. Add $10/card for subgrades. The coast for grading with CGC has essentially doubled in less than 1 year. CGCs current turnaround time is 144 working days = 6+ months of real time. We expect that to increase in the near future, and wouldnt be surprised if the stop accepting submissions for a few months to catch up on backlog.

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