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How To Get A Fire Stone In Pokemon Shield

What Did Stone Age People Eat

Fire Stone Location in Pokemon Sword & Shield (Early Game)

Their diets included meat from wild animals and birds, leaves, roots and fruit from plants, and fish/ shellfish. Diets would have varied according to what was available locally. Domestic animals and plants were first brought to the British Isles from the Continent in about 4000 BC at the start of the Neolithic period.

How To Evolve Growlithe Vulpix And Eevee In Pokemon Sword And Shield

Once youve found your Fire Stone, head into your bag, select the Other Itemstab and use the item on any of the Pokemon seen below to transform them into the desired evolution. If you give it to a Pokemon, they will just hold it and the process wont work.

There’s three Pokemon you can evolve with the Fire Stone. First up is Growlithe, exclusive to Pokemon Shield, who will evolve into Arcanine, and can be found exclusively in the Dusty Bowl region of the Pokemon Sword and Shield Wild Area, while Vulpix will evolve into Ninetales and can be found on Route 3 and in numerous parts of the Wild Area.

You can also evolve Eevee into Flareon if you’ve managed to catch one on Route 4. Of course, Eevee has a plethora of evolutions though so make sure Flareon is definitely the one you want!

How Is The Growlithe

To find out how to evolve growlithe into pokémon shield We must first know its appearance to catch it, this species of dog crossed with a tiger, has black stripes and a description that resembles many that of wolves that are territorial and that are usually faithful to their trainers, its only evolution is Arcanine, which basically It is similar to the growlithe but it is much larger and with some differences.

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Catching Eeveelution In The Wild

In addition to evolving Eevee, it is also possible to catch all eight Eeveelutions in the wild, though this method of obtaining them is a bit more difficult than the evolution method. Each Eeveelution can be found in the Lake of Outrage region of the Wild Area. Each Eeveelution only spawns during specific weather conditions. This area can only be reached once you have obtained the Rotom Bike upgrade that allows you to cross water. You will receive this upgrade during story events on Route 9, after earning your sixth gym badge. Ditto can also be found in this area, though it cannot be caught until you have earned all eight gym badges, due to its high level.

The weather conditions necessary for each Eeveelution to spawn in the Lake of Outrage area are as follows.

Where To Find A Fire Stone In Pokemon Sword & Shield

Pokemon Sword &  Shield: Every Pokemon That Evolves With ...

In this section, we will see all the locations of Fire Stone. There are a total of two locations where you can find the Fire Stone. You can choose any location according to your need. We will see both the locations one by one.

The locations are Lake of Outrage and Motostoke Riverbank. Lets see Lake of Outrage first. After seeing this location, we will see the second location after that.

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How To Get Eevee

If you have save file for Pokemon: Lets Go, Eevee! on your Nintendo Switch, you can get a special Eevee that is capable of Gigantamaxing from an NPC in the Wild Area train station . It should be noted that, while you can use this Eevee to breed, it cannot be evolved. The Eevee you get here is a female, so it can be used to breed more Eevees without a Ditto.

Eevee can also be caught in the wild in a couple of places in the game, though it has a low spawn rate. The main spot you should look for Eevee is on Route 4, north of the mine. You may have to spend a bit of time looking for Eevee here, however, as it has a spawn rate of 1% in Sword and 5% in Shield.

Eevee can also be found in the Stony Wilderness section of the Wild Area on occasion. You will have to wait for a thunderstorm, however. The spawn rate here during thunderstorms is 10%.

Vaporeon and Leafeon

Pokmon Sword And Shield: How To Catch And Evolve Eevee

Eevee is one of the most popular Pokémon throughout the series, and theres always a bit of mystery surrounding how to acquire its many different evolutions. There are eight different Eeveelutions in Pokémon Sword and Shield which can be caught or evolved in different ways. Here is how to catch Eevee followed by how to evolve Eevee in Pokémon Sword and Shield, which is one of the best Nintendo Switch games available, to fill out your collection.

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How To Catch Vulpix And Ninetails

Luckily for Sword and Shield players, Vulpix and Growlithe are no longer exclusive in opposing titles. Like Growlithe, Vulpix can be caught in a ton of locations. These places include the Rolling Fields, Dappled Grave, Watchtower Ruins, East Lake Axewell, West Lake Axewell, Axew’s Eye, South Lake Miloch, Giant’s Seat, North Lake Miloch, Route 3, the Dusty Bowl, and Hammerlocke Hills. That’s right, all the same locations as Growlithe! Also in the exact same manner, Vulpix spawns are during intense sun and are best caught in the Rolling Fields. There is also a special way to catch a Vulpix via the gym challenge at Motostoke. That is a sure way to get a Vulpix. If the player defeats that Vulpix by accident, their chance is lost unless they reload. Of course, there are also those in the wild but that can take some more effort.

Catching a Ninetails in the wild is Sword Exclusive. Like Arcanine, one can sometimes be found around the Lake of Outrage during Intense Sun.

Pokemon Sword And Shield Evolution Stones Locations Guide

Where to Find a Fire Stone in Pokemon Sword and Shield

In Pokemon Sword and Shield, there are many types of Evolutionary stones that can be found. Evolution stones are obtainable items that help in evolving a specific Pokemon. When an evolutionary stone is used, it will immediately evolve the Pokemon which you choose of the corresponding element type. Check out our Pokemon Sword and Shield Evolution Stones Locations Guide to get your hands on these stones and evolve your Pokemon to the next stage.

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How To Catch A Growlithe And Arcanine

In Sword and Shield, Growlithe can actually be found in many locations. These places include the Rolling Fields, Dappled Grove, Watchtower Ruins, East Lake Axewell, West Lake Axewell, Axew’s Eye, South Lake Miloch, Giant’s Seat, North Lake Miloch, Route 3, the Dusty Bowl, and Hammerlocke Hills. Nearly all locations require for the weather to have Intense Sun. For the highest spawn rate, players should look for Growlithe at the Rolling Fields during Intense Sun. To get them at their highest wild level , the Dusty Bowl during intense sun is the place to look.

While Arcanine is obtainable in both games, actually catching one is Shield Exclusive. One can sometimes spawn at the Lake of Outrage during Intense Sun. For Sword players, they will need to evolve one from a Growlithe.

What Pokemon Can You Evolve With A Leaf Stone

So, there are no Galarian-exclusive Pokemon that evolve with a Leaf Stone but there are several other Pokemon that require the stone in order to evolve.

Heres a list of all of the Pokemon that you can evolve with a Leaf Stone in Sword and Shield:

  • Gloom
  • Nuzleaf
  • Eevee

And thats all you need to know about how to get a Leaf Stone in Pokemon Sword and Shield. For more on the game, be sure to check out our guide wiki.

Here are some other guides to check out as well if youre interested:

Time needed: 1 minute.

To sum up how to get a Leaf Stone in Pokemon Sword and Shield:

  • Once you arrive to the town of Turffield, head on the path to the west of the Pokemon Center.
  • Keep running until you can turn left and then turn left again to see a shiny object on the ground. Examine it with A to pick up a Leaf Stone.
  • Alternatively, you can find the Digging Duo in Bridge Field in the Wild Area just outside the daycare center. Pay them watts and theres a chance that a Leaf Stone will appear.
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    Pokmon Sword And Shield

    You are searching Eevee in Pokémon Sword and Shield why cant an evolution be missing from your team or simply to complete the Galar regional Pokédex? You are in the right place: in this guide we will see where to find Eevee and its respective evolutions.

    Where to find Eevee

    Evolution Pokémon can be encountered in both Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield, but it is very rare. The easiest place to look for it is Route 4 just before Turrfield, the city where the first gym of the game is located. We will have to arm ourselves with patience, because the chance for Eevee to appear in the overworld is only 5% in Pokémon Shield and very low for Swords friends, where Eevee appears only 1% sometimes.

    Just wander around Route 4 until you hear his characteristic verse: it is a sign that Eevee has appeared on the map and just find it to add it to your Pokémon collection. To make things even easier you can use Hi-Tech earphones that allow you to adjust the sound, reducing all sounds other than the verses of Pokémon: Like Pikachu, Eevee has a unique verse, similar to Eva!, so it is very recognizable.

    Another way to get Eevee in Pokémon Sword and Shield is to have played Pokémon Lets Go Eevee: in this case, just go to the Wilderness Station and talk to the boy next to the girl next to the access area of the tracks, who will give a sample of Eevee capable of gigamaxizing. LEevee event is in particular as it cannot evolve.

    How to evolve Eevee

    Collect 40 Digletts To Increase Rate

    Pokemon Images: Pokemon Sword And Shield Fire Stone Location

    Collecting 40 pink sparkles causes a message to appear on the top right of the screen that says: Something good may happen in the Grand Underground!

    This starts an effect that gives a 100% chance to dig up a Gorgeous Stone Box that contains a Shiny Statue!

    Effect Expires After Digging 3 Boxes

    This dig chance bonus expires after diging up 3 Gorgeous Stone Boxes, so make sure to take care when digging up treasure!

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    Pokemon Sword And Shield Evolution Stones Locations

    For each element Pokemon, there is an evolution stone available. And we will list the location of all of them below

    Fire StoneTo get ahold of the fire stone, you will have to go near the Lake Miloch in the first wild area. Head towards the north of Lake Miloch and you will reach a bridge that you will use to cross the river. After crossing the river, look towards the wall on the left. The fire stone will be present in the base of the large wall.

    Fire stone can be used to evolve the following Pokemon, while Scorbunny evolves without needing one

    • Eevee evolves to Flareon.
    • Growlithe evolves to Arcanine.

    Leaf StoneTo find the Leaf stone location, head to Turffield which is the first major city you will come across in the game. Go up the slope that leads out of Turffield to the right, and youll come to a female NPC. On the short path adjacent to her to the right, you can find the Leaf Stone on the ground.

    The Leaf stone can be used to evolve the following Pokemon.

    • Eevee evolves to Leafeon.
    • Gloom evolve to Vileplume.

    Water StoneTo find the water stone, go to the wild area in Bridge Field. Look to the large wall that surrounds Motostoke in this area. At the base of this wall, look for an energy well, and youll find the Water Stone just a few meters nearby at the base of the wall.

    The Water stone can be used to evolve the following Pokemons.

    • Eevee evolves to Vaporeon.
    • Lombre evolves to Ludicolo.

    The Sun stone can be used to evolve the following Pokemon.

    Explorers Of Time And Darkness Explorers Of Sky

    Luminous Spring

    In Explorers of Time and Darkness, and Explorers of Sky, the players team must graduate from Wigglytuffs Guild to gain access to Luminous Spring, the only place in the game where the player can evolve a Pokémon. However, the player character and partner cannot evolve until they defeat Palkia and Manaphy returns.

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    How To Catch Arcanine In Pokemon Sword And Shield

    Arcanine was introduced in Red/Blue/Yellow, and it has featured in most Pokémon titles and spinoffs, in addition to many seasons of the anime and some movies. Arcanine even appears as a spirit in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It is a strong Fire type Pokémon, with a high base stat total and a diverse moveset that makes it a powerful addition to many Pokémon teams.

    Hidden Evolution Stones In The Wild Area In Pokmon Sword And Shield Explained

    Where to Find Fire Stone – Pokemon Sword & Shield

    The best place to find hidden Evolution Stones, however, is the Wild Area. Not only will you be able to find a wide variety of stones, but, if the stone you find is a hidden item, theres also a slim chance that it will reappear.

    Which hidden items reappear in the Wild Area appears to be completely random. This means that, if youre looking for a specific hidden stone, then try to remember its location and revisit every couple of days.

    You never know you might get lucky!

    One of the easiest places to find hidden Evolution Stones in the Wild Area is at the Lake of Outrage.

    Once you have the ability to ride your Rotom Bike on water, which is unlocked by helping the Doctor on Route Nine, youll be able to cross the lake of Lake of Outrage.

    After you reach land again, youll be able to find a variety of Evolution Stones all hidden on the ground, including stones like the Water Stone and Dusk Stone.

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    Fire Stone Pokemon Sword And Shield Location Guide

    If you’re looking to evolve one of the classic Fire type Pokemon in the game, look no further than a trusty Fire Stone. We’re not just talking Flareon here, folks. If you’ve picked up Pokemon Sword, then you’ll be able to net yourself a Vulpix which will evolve into a Ninetails via Fire Stone. On the other hand, if you’ve picked up Pokemon Shield, you will be able to net yourself a Growlithe which will evolve into an Arcanine via Fire Stone. Either way, you’re going to need one of these bad boys.

    Not sure where to find one? Well, you can actually pick one up relatively early in the game. Bike your way over to East Lake Axewell, which is on the outskirts of Motostoke. Head directly East and then North: you’re going to be looking out for a bridge to cross which will take you on the path to Hammerlocke. After you’ve crossed the bridge, take a hard left and follow the path between the patches of tall grass. Go right up the small incline and you’ll see a Pokeball sandwiched between two pillars. Voila! This is the Fire Stone, so just pick it up and get going.

    Now that you’ve got our Fire Stone Pokemon Sword and Shield location guide in hand, you too can evolve your Growlithe or your Vulpix in absolutely no time at all. There’s no level restriction on evolving Vulpix, for example, so as soon as you catch one , you can chuck this Fire Stone at it and get yourself an upgrade. Need more help in Galar? Check out some other guides that we’ve put together:

    Pokemon Not In Galarian Pokedex

    Pokemon HOME

    With the release of Pokemon HOME on February 12th, 2020, Pokemon from previous games which were previously inaccessible in Pokemon Sword and Shield became obtainable by trading from previous games in the series.

    Nat. No.

    The Isle of Armor DLC

    Many of the Pokemon not included in the Pokemon Sword and Shield base game will be available in The Isle of Armor, the first half of the Expansion Pass DLC, available June 17th. Look forward to catching your old favorites again, including some with new Galarian and Gigantamax forms!

    Nat. No.

    The Crown Tundra DLC

    The Crown Tundra, the second half of the Expansion Pass DLC, promises the return of Legendary Pokemon from previous generations and other old favorites.

    Nat. No.

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    How To Catch Arcanine In Pokmon Sword And Shield: Step

    Read over the following guide to find the easiest way to get Arcanine in Pokémon Sword and Shield:

  • Start out by traveling to Hammerlocke Hills.
  • Head southeast into Giants Mirror.
  • Carefully search for Growlithe in the grassy area. Make sure to check that the weather is Intense Sun!
  • Once you see Growlithe, run up to it to start the encounter! Carefully battle the Pokémon to bring it to low health . If you can, try giving it a status effect like Paralysis or Sleep to make it easier to catch.
  • Once Growlithe is at low health, throw your PokéBall! If it manages to break free, just keep trying until you finally add the Pokémon to your Pokédex!
  • Next, use a Fire Stone on your Growlithe to make it evolve into Arcanine.

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