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How To Win Pokemon Go Battles

Think Twice About Switching Out Your Pokmon


If you enter a battle and your Venasaur is up against an Arcanine, it’s tempting to immediately switch out your Pokémon. But there’s a wait period after you do so before you can switch out again and chances are, if you switch out first, the other trainer will then do the same. Say you switch out for Blastoise the other trainer might then send out Raichu, and you’re stuck in the same position. Only switch out first if it’s really necessary.

Don’t Be Afraid To Switch Between Pokemon Mid

Don’t be afraid to switch out your starting Pokemon if the opponent has an advantage over you because what you don’t want is to get them knocked out in 15 seconds on the first turn. This is important because they could be useful for defeating another of the opponent’s Pokemon later.

Several players may disagree with this because it may drive your opponent to switch a counter to you.However, it’s a matter of weighing the pros and cons.

Is it better to…

  • let your first Pokemon be knocked out?
  • try to switch quickly and hit the opponent fast before they can counter?

That generally depends on the player and their experience.

The Best Tips To Help You Win In Go Battle League

GO Battle League Season 1 is well underway. Here are some tips to help you rack up the wins in the increasingly competitive Pokemon Go PvP mode.

Getting any advantage over trainers is essential after all for every winner there is a loser. Trainers compete with one another from all over the world in an attempt to ascend the Pokemon Go battle ranks.

It looks like trainers have brought their A-game and going on a winning streak is proving tricky. With the competition so fierce and the best rewards exclusive to those who win four of five battles, winning is a must for many.

Here we offer some tips to help you win as many battles as possible. The standard of matches suggests trainers will need every advantage they can get hold of.

  • Master League coming soon

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Whats The Battle Ticket Within The Pokemon Go Store

The BATTLE ticket within the Pokemon Go Store is a free merchandise that grants you entry to the brand new BATTLE Timed Analysis, which tracks your progress within the Go Battle League and rewards you with Stardust.

You will discover the BATTLE ticket by visiting the in-game Store and scrolling down previous the occasion packing containers. Its free to assert, and when youve performed so, the BATTLE Timed Analysis will seem within the Right now View space.

Unusually, the BATTLE ticket merchandise description merely reads, Youre able to take part in Pokemon battles!, with out truly explaining what the ticket is for. Properly, hopefully now you recognize!

For those who dont play within the Go Battle League, its greatest to not declare the BATTLE ticket, in any other case, youll find yourself with the Timed Analysis caught on the prime of your Right now View for the remainder of the Season of Alola.

Listed below are the entire duties youll want to finish within the Pokemon Go BATTLE Timed Analysis quest, in addition to the rewards you possibly can earn alongside the way in which:

First: Find A Pokmon Gym

How to Win Battles in

Gyms are pretty well-marked on the Pokémon Go map: They’re the largest, tallest landmarks out there. Like Pokéstops, you can tap on one to find out where, exactly, it exists in the real world, but you can’t actually battle until you’re in the immediate vicinity.

Pre level 5, visiting a gym won’t do too much: The Professor will pop up and let you know to come back once you’re a bit more experienced. Once you hit that level cap, however, you can visit a gym and be asked to choose a team affiliation: Instinct , Mystic , or Valor . When you fight at gyms, you’re fighting to maintain control for your team as such, make sure you choose wisely.

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How To Battle In Pokmon Go: Train Against Ai

You can also participate in a Pokémon Go battle against an AI, which is commonly referred to as “training.” This will come in handy if you want to build up your confidence and skills before jumping into a real battle while also earning rewards.

To battle this way, open the “Nearby” menu . You will then be presented with a variety of battling options.

You should be able to pick from AI-controlled opponents that you can see along the bottom row of the menu.

Also Think Twice Before Powering Up Your Favorite Fighter

If you have an awesome Pokemon that has 2,499 CP, maybe its best not to power them up. Why? Because then theyll only be used in the Master League as no Pokemon with a CP higher than 2,500 are allowed in the Ultra League and Great League.

So, think twice before powering up your favorite Great or Ultra fighters. Once a Pokemon is above 2500, though, go crazy and use as much Stardust as possible to keep building their Combat Power.

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How To Battle In Pokmon Go: Battle Rewards

As we mentioned earlier, participating in Pokémon Go battles will help you gain certain rewards , including Stardust, Rare Candy and a better chance of getting a Sinnoh Stone. The latter is a special evolution item that allows players to transform a variety of Pokémon into its Gen 4 versions.

However, it’s worth noting that if you’ve been participating in battles against an AI, the above rewards will only be added once per day. They’re offered up to three times a day if you’ve been battling other Trainers.

Any battles you win against other Trainers will count towards your progress for the “Ace Trainer” badge, which tasks you to win 100 Trainer battles.

Composing The Best Teams

Guide: How to Win Every Gym Battle in Pokémon GO – Pokémon GO Battle Guide

You’ll only be able to use three Pokémon on your team in aTrainer Battle instead of the usual six, so it’s crucial to pick Pokémon thatwork well together. Selecting three Pokémon of the same type can be fun, butyou’ll be in for a tough battle if you face an opponent that can take advantageof their weaknessesespecially because type effectiveness now makes a biggerdifference in Pokémon GO battles than ever before.

Focus on putting together a trio of Pokémon that can covereach other’s weaknesses and that can take on popular Pokémon effectively.Trainers have been including familiar trios of a Fire-, Water-, and Grass-typePokémon on their Pokémon RPG teams because they cover each other’s weaknessesnicely. More recently, Trainers have looked toward the combination of a Dragon-,Steel-, and Fairy-type on their team for a similar effect. Try to make sureyour Pokémon don’t share more than a couple of type weaknesses.

Each Pokémon on your team can now have two different ChargedAttacks, giving you up to six total. You’ll probably want each of these attacksto be from different types to maximize your flexibility unless you have apretty good idea which Pokémon your opponent is likely to bring. Dual-typePokémon on your team can make it easier to attack effectively with a variety oftypes, but be carefulmany also have extra weaknesses.

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Pokemon Go Fossil Cup Start Date End Date & Rules

The Pokemon GO Fossil Cup started on June 15. It will run until 4 PM ET / 1 PM PT on June 22.

Like all cups in the Pokemon GO Battle league, there are also restrictions on what Pokemon you can pick for the Fossil Cup. Here are the rules for the Fossil Cup:

  • Max CP Per Pokemon: 1500
  • Only Water, Rock, or Steel-type Pokemon

This cup will also be active during the upcoming Pokemon GO Battle Day featuring Mankey!

Now that you know the rules, here are the three best Pokemon you can use in your Battle Team for the Pokemon GO Fossil Cup.

Make sure you know how to get Elite Fast and Charged TMs in Pokemon GO to pick the best moves for your Mon!

Tapu Fini Pokmon Go Raid Battle Tips

Appearing in Raids:May 10, 2022, at 10:00 a.m. to May 25, 2022, at 10:00 a.m. local time

Tapu Fini is a Water- and Fairy-typeLegendary Pokémon originally discovered in the Alola region. This guardiandeity of Poni Island can control water. The dense fog it creates brings thedownfall and destruction of its confused enemies. Learn which Pokémon will bemost effective in Raid Battles against Tapu Fini, how to catch Tapu Fini afterwinning a Raid Battle, and how best to use the Land Spirit Pokémon after you’vecaught it.

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Get Started In The Go Battle League In Pokmon Go: Overview Tips And Rewards

You’ve encountered lots of Pokémon, mastering thefine art of the Curveball along the way. You’ve participated in all ofProfessor Willow’s research tasks, expanding your knowledge as you discovermore Pokémon. You’ve evolved your Pokémon using every available item from SunStones to Glacial Lure Modules and everything in between. You’ve challengedLegendary Pokémon in raids, studying up on their weaknesses along the way.You’ve powered up your Pokémon using Stardust, Candy, and XL Candy.

Now what?

After all that effort, what’s the next step onyour path as a Pokémon GO Trainer? How can you prove that your Pokémon are thevery best they can be, while increasing your understanding of Pokémon?

It’s time to enter the GO Battle League. Pit yourknowledge and skill against your fellow Trainers for glory, Stardust, Pokémonencounters, and other rewards worthy of your time and skill.

Getting started in the GO Battle League might seemintimidating initially, but the fast-paced battles are funyou’ll find yourselfpicking up the experience and knowledge to battle like a pro. Continue readingto learn everything you need to know to get started and quickly rise throughthe ranks, from how the GO Battle League’s system works to what you shouldconsider when building your team. You’ll be a seasoned battler in no time!

How to Unlock Battles

How to Build a Balanced Team for Trainer Battles

How to Pick Pokémon Perfect for Trainer Battles

How to Increase Your Rank and Rank Rewards

GO Battle!

What Makes The Best Pokmon In A Pvp Battle

How to Win Battles in

There is one important thing to keep in mind when determining the best Pokémon for a PvP battle: IVs. Especially Pokémon’s Attack IVs. You probably already know that every Pokémon has IVs that range from 0 to 15 for each of their attacks, defenses, and stamina, and these IVs – combined into a formula with their base values and level – affect how high or low these values are currently.

The problem is that CP does not really reflect attack, defense and stamina equally! Niantics approach is that the attack weighs heavily in the formula to find out what CP a Pokémon has, but the attack doesn’t really have more impact on the combat than the other two statistics. This means that if you have a Pokémon with very low Attack IVs, you can actually work out some more statistics for it – although you have to keep in mind that of course this is only relevant in the Grand and Mid League there is no upper limit in the Master League, so you want Pokémon to be at the highest level with perfect Ivs.

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Setting Battle Parties For The Pokmon Go Battle League

Another thing you can do to prepare for your next Battle is set Parties. Pokémon Go allows you to set up multiple Parties for each League This lets you pick out specific Pokémon ahead of time. When you go to Battle in the League, your chosen Party will be there waiting for you so you won’t have to wade through your hundreds of Pokémon to find the specific Tyranitar you want to bring. This is especially useful for players who have multiple of the same type of Pokémon for different purposes.

Not All Pokemon Can Battle In Pokemon Go

As of May 2021, Ditto and Shedinja cant be used in Trainer Battles. The issue is that Dittos Transform move would allow it to transform into a fully powered version of whatever Pokemon it encounters, which would make it problematic in lower leagues.

Shedinja, on the other hand, only has 1 HP and can only be damaged by moves that are super effective, thanks to its unique ability. So, Pokemon GO just removed it from the battling system.

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Type Advantages Are More Important Than Cp

Combat points are a great measure of how effective your Pokémon will be in battle, but they’re far from everything.

Type advantages are way more effective. A Gyrados with 2100 CP is going to be more effective against a 2600 Arcanine than a 3000 Venasaur will be. People get incredibly hung up on CP, but type advantages are much more effective to keep in mind.

Use Tms Until Satisfied With Your Attacks


Before you even enter the battle, pick your Pokémon and use TMs over and over until satisfied with the attacks they have. For example, Tyranitar can have Crunch that’s only a 70 for power. But it can also have Stone Edge which is 100, and even Fire Blast which is a whopping 140. It’s worth cycling through the attacks if you have the TMs to do so until they have the most powerful.

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Train With The Leaders If You Need Practice

If youre really struggling or need practice before heading to the real battles, you can scroll down to the bottom of the Battle page and train with Team Leader Spark, Candela, or Blanche, who are available to battle, any time, any place. You also earn rewards after the battle, but only once per day.

Also, each Team Leader will always use the same set of Pokemon: Fire-types for Candela, Water- and Ice-types for Blanche, and Electric-types for Spark. Their Pokemon can have different Fast and Charged Attacks every time you battle them, but theyll only use one in the same battle.

In the Master League, they will also block the first two Charged Attacks but in the other two cases, they still wont use shields.

A quick note that the amount of Stardust awarded is the same for all three leagues in Trainer Battles, but in Team Leader Battles, Great League only gives 300/600 Stardust, and 400/800 for Ultra League.

Great League


Pokemon Go Battle Timed Research Tasks And Rewards

Here are all of the tasks youll need to complete in the Pokemon Go BATTLE Timed Research quest, as well as the rewards you can earn along the way:

  • Win a Trainer Battle in the Go Battle League 500 Stardust

Reward: 500 Stardust

  • Win 2 Trainer Battles in the Go Battle League 1000 Stardust

Reward: 1000 Stardust

  • Win 4 Trainer Battles in the Go Battle League 1500 Stardust

Reward: 1500 Stardust

  • Win 8 Trainer Battles in the Go Battle League 2000 Stardust

Reward: 2000 Stardust

  • Win 16 Trainer Battles in the Go Battle League 2500 Stardust

Reward: 2500 Stardust

  • Win 32 Trainer Battles in the Go Battle League 3000 Stardust

Reward: 3000 Stardust

  • Win 64 Trainer Battles in the Go Battle League 3500 Stardust

Reward: 3500 Stardust

  • Win 128 Trainer Battles in the Go Battle League 4000 Stardust

Reward: 4000 Stardust

As you can see, each step requires you to win double the amount of Trainer Battles than the previous step, while the amount of Stardust offered as a reward increases by 500 each time.

Its currently unknown how many steps there are in this Timed Research quest, but if there are more than the eight listed above, expect it to follow the same doubling trend .

The Battle Timed Research quest began on March 1 and youll have until June 1, 2022 to complete it. This gives you three months of battling in the Go Battle League to earn all of that Stardust.

You can also see the current Pokemon Go Battle League Interlude Season schedule and rewards here.

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Preparing For The Great And Ultra Leagues

Before engaging in battle, you’ll choose to compete in oneof three different leagues that determine the maximum CP each Pokémon in yourparty may have. In the Great League, the maximum CP per Pokémon is 1,500. NoPokémon over 2,500 CP may be used in the Ultra League, while any Pokémon can beused in the Master League. Pokémon of the same CP will perform relativelysimilarly in battle, greatly expanding the pool of first-rate combatants in theGreat and Ultra Leagues.

If you’re hoping to use your favorite Pokémon in battleagainst other players without feeling at a disadvantage, these two leagues are absolutely the place for it. Butthere’s still plenty of optimizations you can make with your team if you’relooking to get ahead.

Most Pokémon can hit 1,500 CP, so you’ll have an incredible numberof options available to you in the Great League. Pokémon with lower maximum CPand tricky type combinations, such as Lanturn, could be great choices to messwith your opponents’ strategies. You could even consider Pokémon that aren’tfully evolved that may have stronger moves than their Evolutions!

The top Pokémon and strategies for the all-new Pokémon GOTrainer Battles are just beginning to be explored, so we’re sure cleverTrainers will discover some surprise strategies. Keep an eye on for more tips onTrainer Battles as we watch this exciting way of battling develop!

Pokemon Go: Rank Requirements And Reaching Legend Rank

3 Tips for Winning Gym Battles in Pokémon GO

The rise from Rank 1 in Pokemon GO PvP to Legend is a long and difficult one, but Niantic makes the rewards worth it every season despite changing the top rewards each time. A list of ranks and their requirements can be found below:

Rank 1
Reach a rating of 2750 or more
Legend Reach a rating of 3000 or more

This is obviously easier said than done, especially in the non-numbered ranks where a player’s rating comes into play as opposed to simply winning and finishing battles.

However, if trainers want to catch a special Pikachu Libre and obtain some cool avatar items for the current season, they’ll need to keep grinding and defeating opponents to raise their rating to 3000 or higher.

It’s easy to simply say so, but with several prepared teams sporting top Pokemon picks in the meta, players should be able to raise their rank progressively.

It won’t be easy, as many top trainers compete in the top ranks of any of Pokemon GO’s divisions in the Battle League. Constant tweaking of a team to meet the current meta’s demands is required to counter the top Pokemon or beat them outright with a better option.

All facets of battle, including type advantages, Fast and Charge Moves, stats, and CP, must be considered when building a team. Just as important as a trainer’s team is their battle strategy. If they misuse their best Pokemon or waste their shields with abandon, Pokemon GO trainers may see the losses pile up and their ranking take a dip.

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