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How Much Is A Blastoise Pokemon Card Worth

What Is The Release Time For Pokemon Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl

*HELP!* | How Much Is It Worth?! Vintage Japanese Blastoise Pokemon Card!

According to an email from Nintendo itself regarding Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl, it seems like players will be able to jump into the remade version of the Sinnoh region at midnight local time on Friday, November 19th, no matter which region Pokemon fans live in. Players can pre-order and then pre-load Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl from the Nintendo Switch eShop right now so that they can be ready once both versions of the game unlock on launch day.

Pokmon Game #15 Venusaur Holo

Average Value in PSA 10: $3,605

The original four Pokémon from the Red, Blue, Yellow and Green versions of the video game are Charmander , Squirtle , Pikachu and Bulbasaur , respectively. Each cute companion got its own version of the game. Just like Raichu, you can attribute Venusaurs popularity to its video game origins and heavy face time throughout the franchise. PSA 10 examples of Venusaurs 1st Edition Holo can grab upwards of $4k.

Fix 5 Clear Pokmon Go Apps Cache

Over time we can see how cached data can exceed chunks of your storage, making the device slow. That is why it is recommended to periodically clean the files to free up space, especially if our device already has little free space.

To clear the device cache

  • Step 1: Tap on the Settings app on the Home screen
  • Step 2: Tap on Storage and select other applications or from Settings
  • Step 3: From the Applications and notifications, find the Pokémon Go app
  • Step 4: In the Storage and cache section, tap on Clear cache to delete its temporary files.

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Unbroken Bonds Gx Secret Rare

One of the cooler hidden gems of the Pokemon Trading Card Game are the secret rares included in sets of cards. They’re not divulged in preview lists that feature all of the cards in the set, and most fans won’t know what the secret rares of a new set are until someone pulls them.

The Unbroken Bonds set of the Pokemon Sun & Moon series was home to a Blastoise GX secret rare card that brilliantly displayed the Kanto Water-type starter under a stunning rainbow-colored overlay and can be purchased for $150 on average.

How Do I Link My Pokemon To Another Google Account

Blastoise (Original)

To link an additional account:

At the top right, tap Settings. Under the Account section, select the Not Linked checkbox next to the login provider you would like to connect. Follow the prompts to link your account. Once your account is linked, you can use that login provider to sign into your Pokémon GO account.

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How Much Are Your Pokemon Cards Worth On Ebay

Please note that all dollar values are in CAD.

We scraped a total of 1,050 Pokemon cards which were sold for a total cost of $77,807.42 CAD on eBay. An average of $74.10 .

The lowest-priced items were sold for $0.01 which was:

  • Pyroar BREAK 24/114 – Ultra Rare Holo – Steam Siege 2016 – Pokemon Card
  • 1st Ed English Venonat 63/64 Jungle Set Nintendo WOTC Card Pokemon 1999

Both from the United States

The most expensive item was Pokemon Card Game Sword Shield High-Class Pack Shiny Star V 20BOX which was sold for $2189.71 from Japan

But since this is a pack the highest single card sold was a

The median of the sample was $20.10, and the mode was $1.29.

So who knows, maybe those old cards you have lying around can give you some extra cash. But then again, the median and the mode price is on the lower side.

With the data we extracted, we also wanted to see the average cost sold by country and the card type.

How Much Is A Gyarados Pokemon Card Worth

Estimated PSA 10 Gem Mint Value: $5,500

A water-type Pokémon, Blastoise first appears in the Pokémon Red and Blue video games as the final evolutionary stage of Squirtle, one of the original three starter Pokémon.

Relying on twin water cannons that retract from the shell on its back, Blastoise is capable of delivering powerful blasts of water with superior accuracy.

And just as we saw Charizards boost in popularity stemming from its appearance on the cover art of the Pokémon Red video game, Blastoise was the center of attention on the Pokémon Blue video game:

Rightfully considered one of the coolest-looking of all Pokémon, Blastoise remains a collector favorite and this card can bring thousands of dollars in high grade.

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What Is The Strongest Pokmon Card

All Pokemon cards have strengths and weaknesses, but in terms of raw power, the two Mega Charizard EXs from the Flashfire expansion are the strongest. Their attacks both do 300 base damage which is the highest in the game, as of 2014.

To give a perspective, currently the Pokemon card with the highest HP is Wailord-EX at 250 HP. The Mega Charizard-EXs are strong enough to one shot everything in the game right now.

There are a few Pokemon cards that have attacks that can do extra damage if certain conditions are met. In theory, some of these cards have the highest damage potential, although the conditions for pulling off the maximum amount of damage are not easy to accomplish.

It is likely that there will be stronger cards in the future because trading card companies create stronger cards to drive sells.

First Edition Holographic Charizard

Is the *BLASTOISE VMAX BOX* worth buying? – Pokemon Card Opening & Giveaway

Estimated PSA 10 Gem Mint Value: $24,000

The #4 Charizard is by far the most desirable of all the first edition Pokémon cards.

Charizard made its first appearance in the Pokémon Red and Blue video games released for the Nintendo Game Boy and Game Boy Color back in the mid-90s and trainers have been relying on the character’s overpowering fire and flying abilities to win battles ever since.

Just how powerful are its fire abilities?

Well, simply refer to the bottom of the card’s front and you can see that Charizard is capable of melting boulders and starting forest fires with ease.

Charizard’s appeal as a dragon and one of the more rare cards certainly adds to its popularity but I think where this card gets an extra boost in value comes from the fact that Charizard appeared on the cover art of the Pokémon Red video game:

That additional exposure greatly increased the character’s notoriety and has driven up the value of this card similar to the effect we see with the Garbage Pail Kids card, Adam Bomb, and its status as the original cover art for that series.

Regardless of why this card is so popular, its value will continue to soar just like the lovable flying dragon creature itself.

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Xy Evolutions Booster Boxes

Best Modern Booster Box for Old School Artwork

You knew it was coming! XY Evolutions is the hottest modern Pokemon booster box in recent memory. It just goes to show how nostalgic the original artwork is for people, and what it means to open packs containing these card designs again.

Whats interesting about the set is that its actually pretty poorly printed. Youll often find cards that are well off-centre. But what may seem like a flaw, has actually played to its advantage. This is because when youre lucky enough to grade a card in a PSA 10, its worth a considerable amount of money. Why? Because there just arent that many of them, compared to the flood of PSA 9s!

Take for example, our king and chief the holographic Charizard. Look at the PSA report below. There are approximately 20 times as many PSA 9s as there are 10s! Its no wonder that despite only being a few years old, top graded versions are going for thousands of pounds.

This is why Evolutions is a booster box worth buying. Sure, its a bit like a spin at the roulette table, but you could theoretically pull one card that is worth 5 times the value of the entire box! Its crazy! Plus you get to experience the buzz of seeing all your old friends again. O.G. Bulba, Squirtle, Pika, theyre all there! Or, if youre a fan of sealed product, you could lock it away for a decade and sit on it as an investment piece.

Whatever you decide to do with it, snap up an XY Evolutions Booster Box while you still can.

Find The Set The Card Belongs To

If there is no logo on the right side, its Base. Every other set has an indicator.

When looking into what set a card belongs to, make sure to see if there is any logo on the right side, just underneath and to the right of the illustration. If there is no symbol, the likelihood is that its a Base set card.

There have been error cards that do not have a symbol, so make sure the year matches with the set.

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How Faithful Are The Pokemon Diamond And Pearl Remakes To The Originals

Things change in battle, though, as characters take on more realistic proportions alongside the full-sized Pokémon models. As such, the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl remakes look to be quite faithful to the originals, albeit with a high-definition 3D overhaul to the graphics while throwing in some fairly impressive lighting effects.

Shiny Magnezone In Pokemon Go

Mega Blastoise EX 18/83

In order to get your hands on a Shiny Magnezone, you will need to acquire a Shiny Magnermite and evolve it through the process shown above.

As they can only be found in the Wild, youll need to go exploring and hope luck is on your side. Although its a very rare encounter, its certainly possible if youre willing to put in the hours.

Thats everything you need to know about evolving and mastering Magnezone in Pokemon Go!

Make sure you check out our Pokemon Go main page for the latest news, guides, and leaks from the world of Pokemon.

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Pokemon Go Trading Is The Newest Feature Added To The Game By Niantic As Part Of The Friends Expansion Heres More On Trading Costs Levels And How To Add Those New Alolan Forms

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Pokemon Go Trading is now available to everyone who has passed level 10 and is ready to swap their Friend codes with other players.

The new system is pretty robust and comes with some essential rules that cant be bypassed.

These have been put in place by Niantic to stop players abusing the system, something thats already a problem with spoofers and bots.

So while fans cant expect to see a worldwide trading network springing up anytime soon, there are some pretty cool new features to try out.

The new friends list will give players a chance to trade with other Trainers

Trading comes with some rules though, which govern how many trades can be performed in a day, and how much it will cost to complete the swap.

Every trade requires that you and your trading partner spend some Stardust.

Different Pokémon require different amounts of Stardust. Generally, the more desirable the Pokémon , the more Stardust is required to trade.

You can lower this amount by increasing your Friendship Level with your trading partner.


As mentioned above, different Pokemon will cost different amounts, based on what type they are, and how good a friend you are with the trader.

The same rate is in place for Legendary Pokemon.

Pokmon Game #1 Alakazam Holo

Average Value in PSA 10: $2,230

The magical Alakazam starts off the group. And though this card is less desirable than, lets say, Blastoise, it still commands figures in the $2k range for examples in PSA 10. Like the other 15 holographic cards, Alakazam suffers from condition issues right out of the pack.

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How To Connect Pokemon Go To Pokemon Switch

The trainers with Pokemon let can send Pokemon from Pokemon Go to Nintendo switch. Like transferring the pokemon to Professor Willow, the trainers will earn candy to send their Pokemon to the switch. These pokemons will appear in the Go Park complex of your Pokemon Letâs Go.

Rewarding you for sending Pokemon to the switch, you will receive the meltan box pokemon go. This mystery box will allow you to catch the mythical pokemon.

The steps to connect Pokemon Go to Switch is clearly defined in the following points:

Step 1: The first step you need to take to connect the Pokemon Go to Switch is to launch the Pokemon Letâs Go from the Home Menu.

Step 2: During the game, press the âXâ button to access the in-game menu, followed by the âYâ button to open the Options Menu.

Step 3: Choose the option âOpen Pokemon GO Settingsâ.

Step 4: When asked, select the option âYESâ. This will allow the game to begin the search for a Pokemon Go account that you can pair with.

Step 5: The next step will require you to set up your Pokemon Go account to pair with the Nintendo Switch game.

Step 6: For pairing up, you will need to tap the Poke Ball icon on your screen and then select the âSettingsâ option.

Step 7: Scroll down to the option âNintendo Switchâ and select it.

Step 8: Then choose the âConnect to Nintendo Switchâ.

Step 9: This will allow Pokemon Go to search for a Nintendo Switch game to connect with.

Step 1: Open the Pokemon Letâs Go app.

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Pokemon Japanese Carddass Vending


Sold in January, 2021 for $1,475

And here is a look at the card that Bandai produced in 1996 for distribution in its carddass machines.

Compared to the action-packed image on their follow-up card in 1997, this one is a bit toned down, but the prism effect still gives it plenty of pop.

You’ll also notice that the image of Blastoise is the same as that which was used on the base sets released in Japan in 1996 and North America in 1999.

Interestingly, because Bandai produced these cards in September 1996, they pre-dated the official launch of the Pokemon Trading Card Game that followed in October 1996.

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First Edition Holographic Ninetales

Estimated PSA 10 Gem Mint Value: $3,000

It’s easy to see where Ninetales gets its name although the spelling of “tails” is noticeably different.

And while each of its golden-white tails is catching to the eye, it is said that simply grabbing one of them can result in a 1,000-year curse giving this fox-like Pokémon its reputation of extreme vengeance.

Inspired by the kitsune of Japanese folklore, Ninetales holds mysterious powers within its nine tails and can even control the mind with its piercing, red eyes.

Do You Know How Hot Pokmon Fire Breath Can Get

Possible encounters feature Fire type Pokémon.

Pokémon #1

Best counter: Smack Down Tyranitar / Kyogre / Vaporeon

Grunts using this taunt will use Fire type Pokémon. Houndour and Vulpix families are almost in every fight, with the last Pokémon sometimes being another Charmeleon, Houndoom or an Arcanine.

Regardless of which Pokémon you face at the end, Water types like Kyogre and Rock types like Smack Down Tyranitar are your best pick in these fights because they resist fire type attacks. Your best Ground types will also work. Roughly 8% of Invasions are using this taunt.

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Pokemon Go: How To Get Magnezone

Over the last few months, Niantic has been slowly releasing new Gen 4 Pokemon to Pokemon GO that players can add to their Pokedex. Most of them have required Sinnoh Stones to evolve from Pokemon from the previous gen, but now some require different items, one of which being Magnezone. Heres everything you need to know about how to get Magnezone in Pokemon GO.

Holographic Shadowless Charizard: $500000

M Blastoise

There are a lot of factors that make the Holographic Shadowless First Edition Charizard card worth so much compared to any other Charizard card. Firstly, its a first edition version of the undoubtedly most popular Kanto starter, which already makes it extra valuable to most pokemon fans. Alongside this, the card is also shadowless, which essentially means the card lacks a shadow between the box containing the image of the Pokemon, and the rest of the card.

This Shadowless effect is not a misprint or a mistake. Its actually the original Pokemon card design, as the foiling process has changed and provided a different look to modern holographic and foil cards. These Charizard cards have become one of the prime reasons for the Pokemon Card trend of the past two years, with YouTuber Logan Paul opening one as recently as February 2021 that was estimated by auction site owner Ken Goldin to sell for upwards of $500,000.

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First Edition Holographic Mewtwo

Estimated PSA 10 Gem Mint Value: $2,000

A member of the exclusive and powerful Legendary Pokémon group, Mewtwo is considered to be one of the best Pokémon of all-time.

Instantly recognizable, the psychic-type Mewtwo was created when a scientist altered its original DNA via gene-splicing techniques that transformed the creature into one of the most vicious and savage of all Pokémon.

Harnessing its psychic energy, Mewtwo unleashes physical damage on its enemies via its signature more, Psystrike.

How To Get Pokemon Go Mystery Box Fifth Anniversary

To get a Mystery Box in Pokemon Go during the fifth anniversary celebration, youll need to have a Nintendo Switch and a copy of Pokemon Lets Go Eevee or Pikachu. Why? Because the only real way to obtain the Mysterious Boxes is to transfer any creature from Pokemon Go to Pokemon Lets Go . Before you do that, youre gonna have to connect the phone app with your Switch app. We explain the whole process in detail in our Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu & Eevee How to Connect & Transfer from Pokemon Go guide.

Once you have all that settled, and before you make the transfer, be sure to stock up on PokeBalls just in case. Then, complete the transfer and youll get a Pokemon Go Mystery Box on your account. As soon as you open it, a wild Meltan should appear next to your avatar. All thats left to do is capture it. As far as we know, that is the only way to get Meltan in Pokemon Go and eventually evolve it into Melmetal.

What makes things a little bit more complicated is that you can only obtain a Mystery Box every three days, and only during certain events. In the case of the fifth anniversary of Pokemon Go, youll be able to get the boxes from July 6 to July 15. So, ideally, thats three opportunities to get your hands on a Meltan. Make the most of it good luck!

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