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How Do You Get Rare Candy In Pokemon Go

How To Get Rare Candy

How To Get Infinite Rare Candy In Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu / Eevee! Locations Of Every Rare Candy!
  • Do Raids! Raids are a primary source of Rare Candy and they are a clear path to stocking up with Rare Candy
  • Do PvP! There is a chance you can get Rare Candies from completing Trainer Battles, both from Basic and Premium reward tracks.
  • Find Field Research tasks that reward it! You can usue The Silph Roads Research Task tracker to find relevant tasks.
  • As A Reward For Defeating A Raid Boss

    Raid Boss Battles are fights that appear in Gyms in the Pokemon GO overworld. They vary in difficulty, so some are solo-able while others require a large group. To learn more about how to deal with these battles, check out our guide on the subject!

    As a reward for defeating the boss, you’ll get a certain amount of XP and a few items. While you aren’t guaranteed to get Rare Candy every time you beat a Raid Boss, it’s one of only eight kinds of items that you could receive as a possible reward.

    Use A Pokemon Go Hacking App

    Another way to learn how to cheat for Pokemon Go candy is by using a dedicated hacking app. For instance, the PokeGo Hacker is one of the most popular apps that work on both Android and iOS devices. Though, you are needed to jailbreak your iPhone to install this third-party application. Later, you can go to its candy hack to get unlimited candies. Just select the Pokemon you wish to evolve and enter the number of candies you want. In no time, your inventory will fill up with the needed candies to evolve or power up the selected Pokemon.

    There you go! Iâm sure that after getting to know this Pokemon Go candy cheat, you would get enough candy to level-up in the game. Since most of the Pokemon Go candy cheats 2018/2019/2020 are not that safe, I would recommend picking a reliable tool. For instance, instead of a hacking mobile app, you can consider using dr.fone â Virtual Location . With it, you can easily simulate your movement with your walking buddy and earn more candies. There is no need to jailbreak your iPhone for this Pokemon Go candy cheat or even leave your home.

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    Knock The Pokemon Out Of Gym

    This can be accomplished by having 3 player with you and making them battling randomly. Follow the below steps to use this trick:

    • Begin a âGym Battleâ with three players.
    • Drop off Player 1 and Player 2 and ensure that player 3 is still battling.
    • Make the Player 1 and 2 join a new battle.
    • Now make the Player 1 to drop off the battle and ensure that Player 2 is battling.
    • Make Player 1 to Join a new battle.
    • Now Player 1, Player 2 and Player 3 will finish the battle at same time.

    If we play like this, Pokemon will consider these as separate battles and calculates the damages separately and thereby knocking out the Pokemon out immediately.

    How Do You Get Unlimited Rare Candies In Pokemon Go

    How to get unlimited rare candy in pokemon go 2020

    4/5PokémonRare CandyRare Candy

    Accordingly, what is the fastest way to get rare candy in Pokemon go?

    Pokemon GO Rare Candy. Pokemon GO Rare Candy is exclusively dropped and obtained by defeating a Pokemon GO Raid Boss. Two other types of exclusive items may also drop alongside it, the Golden Razz Berry and Pokemon GO TMs. The Rare Candy can transform into Candy for any Pokémon.

    Likewise, how rare are rare candies in Pokemon go? Rare Candy is one of the few possible Raid Rewards . Rare Candy was introduced to help Trainers power-up and evolve Pokémon they see very rarely, such as Porygon, Lapras etc.Pokémon GO Rare Candy.

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    How To Get More Rare Candy In Pokmon Go

    Generally, PokéStops are the one common spot for all consumables in Pokémon Go. For Rare Candies, though, youll need to look somewhere else.

    They are usually awarded for completing raids. Going through raids is one of the most consistent ways of obtaining more Rare Candy. Theres a Raid type for all difficulty levels, and you may even have some Rare Candy stacked from your old Raid runs.

    Considering Raids are available all year, theyll be the most reliable way of obtaining Rare Candies. Alternatively, you can also check out the list of available Special Research and Time Research Tasks to see if theres one that rewards players with Rare Candy. These tasks usually appear during events and most should be completed before the event wraps up.

    If youre looking to make the most amount of Rare Candy, you may want to consider only using them for legendary Pokémon and those you just cant collect Candy for. This way, youll only consume your Rare Candies whenever you need them the most and you should always have a stack waiting for your next evolve from Raiding.

    The Official Methods To Get Rare Candy

    For starters, to get all the Pokemon, you need to have the app open to view which Pokemon are nearby. So There are many ways to get the rare candy for playing the Pokemon Go. But let us see the official methods that can help to get the rare candy:

    • The first method is to get the rare candies by winning the raid battles and this can be achieved by beating the raid boss. For this you need to club with the fellow Pokemon Go players and attack the raid boss.

      The no. of rare candies will depend on the power of the Raid Boss. For example, if you beat a tier 1 Raid boss you will get 1-2 candies and when you beat a tier 5 legendary you may get 12 rare candies.

    • Putting efforts into the Field Research tasks is another way to gain rare candy. Keep in mind that, Pokemon Go has 2 research types â Field Research and Special Research. If you complete the Field research task like visiting Pokestops, the game will be more rewarding. This research includes almost every activity in the game. Also, harder the tasks, better the rewards! For instance, try to find rare Pokemon.

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    What Is The Fastest Way To Get Xl Candy In Pokmon Go

    Taking all the above methods into consideration, the fastest way to get XL Candy in Pokémon Go is to catch Pokémon, especially if they are evolved, Legendary or Mythical, where XL Candy is guaranteed.

    For unevolved Pokémon, there’s still a decent chance going by early user experiences in the Australian test ahead of a worldwide launch, this is around a 15% to 25% that each catch will give you one to three XL Candy for that Pokémon. Those odds, along with the fact catching is the fastest and easiest method on the above list, makes this by far the best way to get XL Candy.

    With the introduction of guaranteed XL Candy for evolved, Legendary or Mythical, it’s worth trying to make the use of Raid Hours and other events to help you power up creatures past level 41. Also, it makes opening the Meltan Mystery Box all the more attractive.

    For unevolved creatures, there are also occasionally promotions which will give more Candy XL when catching than normal. For example during Season of Legends, certain encounters as part of Go Battle League rewards – including Poliwhirl, Flaaffy, Pupitar, Medicham, Scraggy, Galvantula, Lampent, and Stunfisk – will give more XL Candy.

    Regardless, it seems that converting Candy into XL Candy is a very expensive way to level up a Pokémon past Level 40, requiring some 29,600 Candy in total in total. Instead, it’s better to use that Candy to evolve another Pokémon to Level 40.

    Candy Types And Differences

    Pokemon Go How to Spoof and Get Rare Candy Quick and easy without raiding

    While exploring Kanto you’ll be able to find three kinds of candy: Rare Candy, species-specific candy, and stats candy. The stats candy aren’t officially called that, but as those have no known name, we’re calling it that for now. All candy change a chosen Pokemon‘s stats.

    • Rare Candy – Like past games, Rare Candy is a special item that instantly raises a Pokemon‘s level by one. As its name suggests, these are rare and hidden throughout Kanto.
    • Species-specific Candy – This candy type is the kind you’d find in Pokemon Go. These candy are named after the Pokemon species they can be given to. It increases all stats by +1. These can be found by combo catching a Pokemon and are generally dropped sparsely.
    • Stats Candy – As you catch Pokemon and send them back to Professor Oak, you’ll get candy that can increase a single stat of a Pokemon.

    A Pikachu Candy was used in the screenshot above.

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    How To Get Xl Candy In Pokmon Go

    As of February 2021, there are several confirmed methods of sourcing XL Candy in Pokémon Go:

    • Catching unevolved Pokémon gives you a chance of receiving between one and three XL Candy.
    • Catching evolved, Legendary or Mythical Pokémon gives you guaranteed XL Candy for that Pokémon.
    • Trading gives you a chance of either player receiving XL Candy, with chances increasing with an increased catch distance.
    • Hatching Eggs gives a chance of receiving XL Candy.
    • Transferring Pokémon to Professor Willow gives you a chance of receiving XL Candy.
    • Walking with a Buddy Pokémon gives you a chance of receiving XL Candy.
    • Converting regular Candy to XL Candy at a rate of 100 Candy per XL Candy.

    Remember you can only start receiving XL Candy once you are Level 40. The exception to this is if one player in a trade is Level 40 and above, making both players eligible to receive XL Candy through that method alone.

    Finally, there is Rare XL Candy, working the same as Rare Candy currently, allowing you to ‘convert’ this resource into XL Candy for your chosen Pokémon. At the launch of XL Candy, the only known method to get Rare XL Candy is by levelling up past 40 to the new level cap increase, where one or two will drop per level.

    And Walking A Pokmon As Your Buddy

    If you’re not having any luck catching or hatching the Pokémon you need for the Candy you want, you can also choose to make a Pokémon your Buddy. Then, as you walk around with it, you’ll be awarded Candy. The distance you have to travel to get each Candy can range from 1 KM to 3 KM or 5 KM. It’s loosely based on 1/2 Egg hatching distance but there are some notable differences.

    • 1 Candy per Buddy distance walked.

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    Reward From Defeating A Raid Boss

    Pokemon Lets Go Candy Guide

    The first and hardest method is to defeat the raid boss in order to get some pokemon go rare candy. Go to the gym to fight the raid boss battles, every battle varies in difficulty so be prepared for all situations. For some battles, you can go solo, but most of the time youre going to be needing a large group. The worst part is, you might not get a pokemon let’s go rare candy every time you win the battle. Youve to put a lot of time and effort into this method just for a small chance of getting a rare candy.

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    But Wait What The Heck Is A Lucky Egg

    Its an egg thats lucky! Really, its filled with happiness and most importantly, grants you double the amount of experience points you can gain for 30 minutes at a time. You can only buy these in the Shop, with Coins. If youve got a couple Pokemon youre almost ready to evolve, save up those candies until youve got a Lucky Egg, then evolve them all one after another while the Lucky Eggs dank XP aura is in the air to double down on that extra CP and XP.

    Give Pokemon Nickname When Caught

    The first way to rename a Pokemon is to give them a nickname when you catch them. This occurs every time you catch a Pokemon. You will be asked if you wish to give your Pokemon a nickname. Select yes and input whatever nickname your heart desires. With the nickname in place you will see that name whenever you see the Pokemon.

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    Should I Spend Rare Candy On Legendary Pokmon

    Yes! Legendary Pokémon are the best option for Rare Candy, because unlike wild Pokémon or Egg hatches, the only way to get more Candy for them is to raid which costs money. Legendaries are also very unlikely to be caught without a Golden Razz Berry, which makes the Pineapp Berry method a risk. Still, though, Pokémon GO now has a host of Legendary Pokémon but which one is worth your investment? Here are the top five.

    In addition to the above, note that Shadow Pokémon have a 20% attack boost. If you have, for example, an amazing Shadow Entei from Giovanni, or a top-tier Shadow Moltres from GO Fest 2020, those are going to be unparalleled attackers and are also well-worth your Rare Candy.

    So How Do You Get More Candy And Rare Candy In Pokmon Go

    HOW TO GET UNLIMITED RARE CANDY IN POKEMON GO | How To Get Free Rare Candy | Rare Candy Hack
  • Buy a Pokémon Go Plus and catch as many Pokémon as you can, all the time.
  • Buy Incubators and collect and hatch as many Pokémon Eggs as you can, all the time.
  • Engage in the highest level Raid Battles you can, as your chance of getting Rare Candy and the amount of Rare Candy goes up for each Tier.
  • When and if there’s a Candy event, make the most of it. Do all the above and get 2x the Candy for it.
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    What Does Rare Candy Do In Pokemon Go

    And for those that are wondering what Rare Candy even does in Pokemon GO, it’s essentially a type of candy that can be fed to any Pokemon species to help level it up or evolve it. The candy should be used on the rarer Pokemon that are less likely to be seen in the wild, since getting Candy for them is more challenging, than say getting Candy for a Pidgey or a Rattata.

    Pokemon GO is currently available on Android and iOS mobile devices.

    How To Easily Get Pokemon Go Candy

    Now that you know how to get your rare candy, this is how you can use it. As part of the game, you can assign a Pokemon as walking buddy to get a new rare candy. Some of the candies might require traveling for longer distances to drop the rewards and get the candies for the pokemon. For this to be implemented, the best way is to simulate the GPS movement with iMyFone AnyTo.

    iMyFone AnyTo is a tool designed to help you change your current location to anywhere you wish to in the world. It can support both iOS ï¼iOS 15 Supportedï¼ and Android devices. It also can support to manage the GPS Location on five different iOS devices. You can simply simulate your movements as well as spoof your location in a hassle-free way. Let us know how you can do this.

    Step 1: Download and install the tool on your computer. Now, launch it and click on the âGet Startedâ button to start the process.

    Step 2: Connect your iOS or Android device to the PC with the help of USB cable. Once connected, tap on the âTrust this computerâ option on your device.

    Step 3: You will be directed to a map page. Here to customize the route, select the âTwo-spot Modeâ which is the first one on the upper right corner.

    Step 4: Now, on the map, tap on the place where you want to start the journey and plan the route. You can use the speed bar to slide and customize the speed among walking, cycling or car speed.

    Now, watch the video to get more Pokemon with iMyFone AnyTo.

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    Can You Double That With A Pinap Berry Or Silver Pinap

    For sure! With a Pinap Berry you get double the amount of Candy for a Catc. Feed a Pinap Berry to a Pokémon and then catch it with your next throw and instead of three Candy, you get six . Do the same thing for a second- or third-stage Pokémon evolution, and you get 10 and 20 Candy, respectively.

    • 6 Candies per base-level Pokémon caught in the wild while using a Pinap Berry.
    • 10 Candies per second-level Pokémon caught in the wild while using a Pinap Berry.
    • 20 Candies per third-level Pokémon caught in the wild while using a Pinap Berry.

    Silver Pinap work the same but give you a catch bonus as well as doubling candy.


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