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Celebration Pokemon Cards List

Gardevoir Ex Delta Species

Is This REALLY Worth $300?! Celebrations Pokemon Cards

ex was the predecessor to EX introduced way back in EX Ruby & Sapphire, the first third-generation TCG expansion. Its whole thing was that ex Pokemons’ attacks had extra properties, like how Gardevoir ex Delta Species’ Flame Ball attack moves a Fire Energy from it to a Benched Pokemon.

On the other hand, Delta Species’ idea was that it allowed Pokemon to appear in types they normally weren’t in. Gardevoir usually is either a Psychic type , but here it’s a Fire type with an attack that directly cares about Fire energy.

It’s a cool card that gives an insight into two overlapping periods in the TCG’s history but that’s probably not why it’s on this list: people just really love Gardevoir.

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Here Is The Full Pokemon Celebrations 50 Card List With Prices

So, to help you out, here is the full Pokemon Celebrations TCG Card list with the current prices for each of the individual cards.

The Pokemon TCG is undergoing somewhat of renaissance with players new and old, myself included, spending lots of money on shiny card.

The latest set, Celebrations, is all set to be one of the most popular yet, with the main card list solely occupied by Legendary Pokemon.

As it officially launches today, at least with some products, collectors are looking to see which cards they may pull.

So, to help you out, here is the full Pokemon Celebrations TCG Card list with the prices for the individual cards. Just bear in mind these will likely drop as more cards hit eBay.

Th Anniversary Collection Card List Revealed

Pokemon Japan has released 25th Anniversary Collection Card List recently. As expected, cards from 25th Anniversary Collection are the same as English version of Celebration Card List. Somehow, this time Celebration Card List was revealed first. Unlike Celebration, there are 8 Basic Energy with 25th stamp in 25th Anniversary Collection set. Although the Classic Collection of both English Set and Japanese Set has the same card, Japanese Cards looks more beautiful due to Holo effect.

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Pokmon Tcg: Celebrations Full Set List

Here is the full 50 card set list for Pokémon TCG: Celebrations! Celebrations is a special holiday set celebrating the 25 year anniversary of the Pokémon franchise, featuring 25 new cards and 25 Classic Collection cards which are reprints of some of the most popular and strongest cards in the history of the Pokémon TCG. Celebrations releases worldwide on October 8, 2021.

Some of the Classic Collection reprint cards featured include the iconic Base Set Trio of Charizard, Blastoise and Venusaur, the incredibly sought-after Umbreon Gold Star from POP Series 5, and even modern favourites including Tapu Lele-GX and M Rayquaza-EX!

Pokémon TCG: Celebrations CLASSIC COLLECTION

Pokémon TCG: Celebrations 25 Classic Collection Cards

Pokémon TCG: Celebrations MAIN SET

Pokémon TCG: Celebrations PROMO CARDS

As well as the 50 cards above, many collectors will be keen to add these additional promos to complete a Pokémon TCG: Celebrations Master Set of cards featuring the 25th Anniversary stamp releasing in the same month. They are available in Celebrations products such as the Elite Trainer Box and the Ultra Premium Collection .

Pokémon TCG: Celebrations PROMO CARDS

PlaySkape Games will have a limited amount of Celebrations sealed products available on our website, please follow our social media pages and Discordfor further updates and restocks!

What Are The New Launches For The 25th Celebrations

Celebrations for the Pokemon TCG Announced ! 25th Anniversary Special ...

There was a recent post shared by Pokemon forum Pokebeach. In this, they have shared around six boxes along with some celebratory booster packs. These are amongst the shield and sword series boosters, and each of them also has a remade promo card.

The product line-up further includes Lances Charizard V, Dark Sylveon V, Dragapult Prime and in last, a V union Pikachu Set along with Zacian X deluxe pin collection box. Pokemon Celebrations Card List also includes vivid voltage, chilling region, battle styles, and sword and shield series booster packs.

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What Are The Products In The New Line

Along with the already mentioned ones, there are a few more products to choose from. These all have their perks, and the line includes celebrations collectors chest, ultra-premium collection, elite trainer box, and mini tins.

Along with all these products, the platform has also launched some of the series for their cards. The 25th-anniversary set is estimated to be released on October 8th, 2021.

Gold Shiny Mew Is An Incredibly Rare Card In Pokmon Tcg: Celebrations

Celebrations only Secret Rare card, the gold, Shiny version of Mew is an exclusive print of one of the franchises popular mascot Pokémon. There is no Japanese equivalent of this card in the 25th Anniversary Collection, making it all the rarer for collectors worldwide. This full-art gold card is extremely eye-catching, making it a rare prize for those lucky enough to pull it. Selling for up to $150, this anniversary edition of Mew is the first of the Pokémons 36 appearances in the Pokémon TCG to be featured as a Secret Rare shiny card.

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Browse Thepokmon Tcg: Celebrations Expansion

See some of the notable cards from the Pokémon TCG: Celebrations expansion, including stunning artwork, nostalgic moments, and powerful Pokémon.

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Pokmon Tcg: Celebrations’ Rarest Cards

NOT STOPPING UNTIL I Pull EVERY Celebrations Pokemon Card!

Originally part of the XY Base Set, Xerneas EX was one of the Pokémon to first introduce Fairy-type energy to the TCG. This new energy was the first to be added since the inclusion of Dark and Metal types, marking a momentous occasion for the series. Xerneas EX was one of the XY Black Star Promo cards, making it highly sought-out and earning it a commemorative reprint in Celebrations. This card is one of the expansions Ultra Rares that sold for about $20 at the sets initial release.

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Pokmon Tcg Celebrations Full Card List Revealed

They’re almost here.

Ahead of its launch next week, all the cards in Pokémon TCGs upcoming Celebrations set have been revealed.

The full set of 25 original cards along with the 25 card classic collection are now available to check out online via PokéBeach. And there is plenty to get excited about.

In the main set, there is plenty of legendaries among fan-favorites like Pikachu, and the Trainer card Professor Oak. Many of these cards were revealed over the past few months by The Pokémon Company to be included in the OCG 25th Anniversary Collection.

Highlights include the full print Zacian and Zamazenta V cards, Professors Research, and the different Pikachu variations previously revealed.

In the Classic Collection, there is a lot to collect with some of the most popular cards of all time making their return. These include the Base Set Blastoise, Venusaur, and Charizard cards. Rockets Zapdos, Birthday Pikachu, Umbreon Star, and more sure to please even the most avid Pokémon TCG fan.

These cards can be differentiated from their original counterparts as they boast a different style of foil and the 25th Anniversary stamp.

Celebrations will be launching on Oct. 8. If youve yet to get your pre-orders in, now is the time to act. Once the set launches, it will likely become increasingly difficult to score these cards due to to high demand.

Pokmon Tcg: Shining Magikarp Is One Of Celebrations’ Rarest Cards

The first appearance of Shining Magikarp marked the introduction of Shiny Pokémon to the TCG. In reference to the Red Gyarados that players first experience with Shiny Pokémon in Pokémon: Red & Green, this Shiny Magikarp version was a thrilling addition to the TCG when it was released in 2001 as part of the games 10th expansion. Originally limited to only 1 Shiny per deck, these cards quickly became some of the rarest and most valuable cards in the entire game. The Celebrations reprint of Shining Magikarp is one of the Ultra Rare cards included in the Classic Collection, commemorating this cards original rarity and importance to the game.

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Celebrations Booster Pull Rates


Celebrations Pull Rates reveal the rarest Pokemon in this special Pokemon TCG set and give you an idea of how likely you are to pull Base Set Charizard and Gold Mew.

Pokemon Celebrations Booster Packs come with 4 cards and have a chance to also contain a card from the 25 card subset of special reprints from classic sets like Base Set. Check out the Celebrations Card List to view all the cards available in the set.

There are no Booster Boxes for Celebrations, instead there are multiple different Celebration Products that contain a variety of Celebration Boosters.

Pokemon Celebrations was released to celebrate 25 years of Pokemon. It contains 50 cards in total, with 25 of those being reprints of the TCG’s most iconic cards. The hype around this set initially caused the products to sell out all over the world and Pokemon responded by making sure they printed this set in huge quantities.

Celebrations’ Charizard Is One Of Pokmon Tcg’s Rarest & Most Valuable Cards

Pokemon Darkness Ablaze 2 Pack Booster Celebration TCG Cards

The most valuable of the Celebrations Pokémon cards, the Classic Collections reprint of Base Set Charizard has topped the sets price lists, selling for up to $299 at the expansions release. This cards Ultra Rare status was bolstered by the fact that Charizard cards are among the most popular cards in any set theyre included in, making this the expansions most in-demand card. The original Base Set print of Charizard sells for thousands of dollars, making it one of the most highly valued cards in the franchise to date. While the Celebrations reprint doesnt quite fetch the same price, its still one of the most exciting pulls in the expansions classic set, as well as one of the rarest cards.

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Pokemon Celebrations Card List Read To Know

Please read this article to discover some crucial facts about the Pokemon Celebrations Card List and explore some information about their anniversary celebration.

Have you heard about the 25th celebrations for an online gaming platform? Have you also played Pokemon before?

In this article below, we are going to reveal some facts about Pokémons 25th-anniversary celebrations. They are all set with their product lien to be launched along with some Pokemon Celebrations Card List. This topic is hype worldwide, and people are keen to know what they have in their new launch.

Read this article till the end to explore all the ends.

Mewtwo Ex Is One Of The Pokmon Tcg: Celebrations Expansion’s Rarest

Mewtwo has played a pivotal role throughout the entirety of the Pokémon franchise, from its importance in the overall Pokémon lore to its powerful competitive potential in the TCG. As the original Mewtwo EX was released in 2012s Next Destinies expansion, both it and the Celebrations reprint are legal to play in the current expanded format. Mewtwo’s popularity in Pokémon paired with its status as one of Celebrations Ultra Rares places it among the rarest and most-desired cards in the anniversary expansion.

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Pokemon Celebrations Card List:

There are many featured cards for this product, and most of them will also not be part of the available set. These, instead, will be included in shield and sword black star promo cards.

They also revealed that the celebration pack would total 45+ cards, including 4 V cards and 2 VMAX cards. Adding to the list, the set of 25 more cards will further be the remake for other classic favorites, including Base Set Charizard.

Along with all these cards, the set will also include multiple Pikachu cards in the celebration. Pokemon Celebrations Card List named further includes:

  • Flying Pikachu VMAX and many others.

M Rayquaza Ex Heralded Mega Evolution To The Tcg


Another fan-favorite, Rayquaza, made its appearance in the Celebrations expansion in its Mega Evolution form as M Rayquaza EX. As one of the Pokémon who heralded the arrival of Mega Evolution mechanic in the Pokémon TCG, M Rayquaza EX was a highly sought-after card for its impressive stats and competitive capabilities. M Rayquaza EX also showcases the Ancient Traits of this era in the TCG, making it an excellent commemorative card for Celebrations.

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Its reprint features the cards striking borderless artwork and has surpassed the value of its original print. Like Mewtwo-EX, it can currently be played in the games expanded format, making this Ultra Rare card a hot commodity for competitive players and collectors alike.

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Celebrations’ Gold Star Umbreon Is A Very Rare Pokmon Card

One of the games rarest and hardest cards to obtain was Gold Star Umbreon, which was released exclusively as part of the POP Series 5 expansion. These cards were only available in packs handed out at the Pokémon Organized Play events that were held in 2007 from March to September.

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Along with Gold Star Espeon, the two newest Eevee evolutions cards championed the POP Series 5 in terms of both rarity and desirability, and original prints of Gold Star Espeon are still some of the franchises rarest cards. Gold Star Umbreons Celebrations reprint is the first time this Pokémon has been made widely available in the TCG, though its still an Ultra Rare and one of the hardest to pull in the anniversary expansion.


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