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The Best Place To Sell Pokemon Cards

Should I Sell My Old Pokemon Card Collection

How To Sell Pokemon Cards on eBay! *2022 Beginner’s Guide*

Selling your Pokemon card collection will deeply depend on if you want to sell the cards you have and how much your collection is worth. So one of the first things to do is find out the value of your cards and get an estimate of how much your collection is worth.

Once you find out the value of your collection, you can see if its worth selling. Check out the video below, which goes into more detail on how to find out the value of your Pokemon cards and if they are worth selling.

To find some tips on if you are Pokemon cards worth selling, check out this video on Youtube, which goes over key essentials to look for in Pokemon cards when you want to sell.

Without A Doubt Well Pay More For Your Pokemon Cards

Rare Trading Card Experts

We will pay more to buy your old Pokemon Cards collection or individual cards. When it comes to experience, weve been in the trading card industry since the inception of Magic the Gathering in 1993. We buy all languages and types of Pokemon Cards from around the world, both expensive and inexpensive cards. The only Pokemon Cards we wont buy are fake, or proxy, Pokemon Cards due to them having no value.

Its common for the public to approach us asking to appraise their Pokemon Card Collection, we do this for free no obligations. Within 24 hours of you sending us a picture, well respond with our best offer for your Pokemon collection.

The last thing you want to do is take your rare Pokemon Card to a local card shop or giant company with large overhead costs and hundreds of employees. Were small, which allows us to offer you more money than anyone else.

Where To Sell Bulk Pokemon Cards

Ive sold my old Pokemon cards in bulk before to make quick money. And after doing some research, theres actually plenty of other places to sell bulk Pokemon cards that dont require much effort.

Just note that most cards arent worth very much, so youre going to need a large collection to make serious cash.

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Look For Rare Pokemon Cards

Some cards could be worth more than others because they have unique features like holofoil or a special symbol. Other cards may not have many copies.

Heres how to identify rare Pokemon cards.

Rarity Symbols

To determine how common or uncommon a card is, you can look for rarity symbols.

Most Pokemon cards have one of three rarity symbols:

  • Diamonds: Semi-rare
  • Circles: Common

Cards with a star icon on the back are the rarest and can be worth the most money. You will want to pay closer attention to these rare cards and look for additional special features that add value.


If you collected Pokemon cards as a kid, you likely got excited when a pack of cards contained a holofoil card. They just looked cooler than all the other cards.

Now theres another reason to be excited about holofoil cards. These cards are more valuable than a standard card thats ink-only. The entire Pokemon image may be holographic or only the reverse side.

Rare Letters

Certain card series have rare letters stamped on the front.

Some examples include these stamped letters:

These letter stampings can be for recent releases with the United States version of the Sun & Moon set launching in 2016.

Secret Numbers

Some cards may have a secret number that is higher than the actual number. For example, you might have card number 123 of 100 printed cards.

It can be worth your time to have a professional card grader verify the authenticity and condition of rare cards.

Most Valuable Pokemon Card Sets

What Are The Rarity Symbols On Pokmon Cards

Best Selling Mix Pokemon Cards Collection GX Mega EX Cards For ...

Before we start discussing which stores sell Pokémon cards, you need to understand how to evaluate the cards. And there are four types of cards that are mostly in demand among collectors around the globe.

  • First-Edition Cards: These were first printed in 1999 as the base set with the Edition 1 logo at the bottom-left corner of the Pokémon illustration.
  • Holographic Cards: These cards have a shimmery and reflective top and a base layer that create a holographic effect.
  • Reflective Cards: These are also called inverse holographic cards as they reproduce a shining effect.
  • Full-Art Cards: Especially loved by the art connoisseurs, these cards have a complete extended illustration throughout the front panel.

Besides these variants and editions, there are three symbols that you can find in every official Pokémon card that also denotes its rarity.

  • Circles: This sign is there in all the inexpensive and ordinary cards.
  • Diamonds: Although they are not extremely rare, these cards are quite valuable.
  • Stars: This particular mark comes in all the most valuable, rarest, and most expensive ones.

Special Note: If you have an entire deck and the card count is higher than the usual number, you have a secret card in that pack. And trust me, those secret cards are the actual collectibles that fetch unbelievable prices.

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The Set It Belongs To

If your old cards are from when you collected as a kid in 1999-2002, theres a good chance it contains cards from Base Set. This handy visual should help you identify this.

Theres also a possibility you have cards from or even the Gym Heroes or Neo Genesis era. Again, this page should help you find the set your cards below to. .

These early sets all have great value for collectors, but as a general rule of thumb, the older the better. Nothing beats the original Base Set!

Taking Stock

At this point, you should have a better idea of how desirable your collection might be to others.

Of course, one card can tick many boxes A 1st Edition Charizard from Base in great condition could buy you a house these days!

Equally a beat up old energy card is near worthless.

But once youve identified the key pieces in your collection. We now need to get a rough idea of value.

The Rarity Of The Card

One other crucial factor determining the value of a Pokémon card is its rarity. In life, the perceived scarcity of an item increases its worth. It is why a 1st edition Van Gogh painting sells for thousands of dollars.

This is because only a few paintings are part of the set that Gogh created in that era. The same logic applies when it comes to a Pokémon card. Therefore, ultra-rare Pokemon cards have the highest value when it comes to designating the prices of Pokémon cards.

Thankfully, there are some ways you can determine the value of your cards to ensure that you do not sell first edition premium Pokémon cards at a pittance. Cards in a given set or collection have different chances of being rare cards.

Some valuable Pokémon cards have a star symbol or holofoil picture . Cards with a star and symbol are also rare. You will usually find the symbol at the top right-hand corner of the card.

It could also be on the bottom right corner of the picture displayed on the card. The placing differs depending on the type of card you are with. As you must guess by now, all first edition cards are rare also.

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Sell To Local Comic Shops

Local comic book shops might be interested in purchasing your Pokemon cards if they sell gaming items.

Comic book shops usually dont have the same strict standards as dealers when it comes to buying cards, so you might be able to get a good price for your collection.

However, it can be difficult to find a comic book shop thats interested in purchasing Pokemon cards, so you might need to do some research online or call around to local shops.

Holo And Unlimited Cards Do Turn A Profit

HOW to sell Pokemon Cards Online?

If youve played the game or collected it, youre probably familiar with holographic, or as they call them, holo cards.

These are the cards that are reflective and have a shine to them, but this is only on the monster picture and not the entire card.

There are also unlimited cards, which dont have the first edition symbol, and have a shadow thats behind the picture of the Pokémon and gives it a 3D effect.

These are normally worth a lot of money.

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What Are The Most Valuable Pokmon Cards

The rarity and condition of a card will determine how much money you get from it. Cards in mint condition will fetch the most.

According to Heritage Auctions, cards with these features are particularly rare and/or valuable:

  • 1st Edition mark: The hallmark is on the center left side of the Pokémon Card. 1 editions cards are the rarest and most valuable among the standard Pokémon cards.
  • Shadowless: Cards that dont have a shadow also sell for a premium.
  • Error: Cards that have misprints and errors also sell for a substantial premium.

Here are some examples of some of the most expensive Pokémon cards ever sold:

Like I said above, you can use the handy tool from Card Mavin to determine the value of your Pokémon cards.

Are There Any In

Local card stores or gaming stores may be interested in purchasing your Pokémon cards. You can also try selling your cards at pawn shops, flea markets, or garage sales in addition to online marketplaces like eBay.

Most pawnshops do buy Pokémon cards, but we dont recommend them as the place to sell Pokémon cards. Chances are you will get a better price if you sell online instead.

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Pokemon Cards: A Bit About It

Pokemon cards are a hot commodity these days, with children and adults alike vying to get their hands on the latest and greatest cards. This has led to an increase in the secondary market for Pokemon cards, with people looking to cash in on their collections.

These cards can be sold online or in person, depending on the seller’s preference. So they have a few options available to them.

People looking to sell their Pokemon cards have a few different options available to them. They can either sell online or in person, depending on their preference.

As these cards continue to grow in popularity, more and more people are looking for the best places to sell their Pokemon cards for cash.

The most popular option for selling Pokemon cards is online. There are several different websites that allow people to list their cards for sale, and buyers can browse through the listings to find the cards they want.

Some websites offer a convenient way to sell cards, as buyers can browse through listings and purchase the cards they want without having to leave their homes. However, it is essential to note that selling cards online does come with some risks.

Sellers should be aware of the potential for scams and should take steps to ensure that their transactions are safe.

Another option for selling Pokemon cards is in person. This can be done at conventions or other events where people gather to trade and sell cards.

Check The Value Of Your Tgc Collection: Pokemon Yu

Totem World Pokemon Cards GX Lot with Card Case, 1 Pokemon GX Card ...

I give you another advice: when evalutating your Pokemon collection do not use since the price of the suff is strictly related to what they have on stock. However, it remains a very good site to buy sealed things . On next episode well see what are the common ways to increase the value of your collection. If you miss the Part 1: How to evalutate your Pokemon cards, click here!

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Pay Attention To Fees

Nothing crushes your potential selling profits faster than fees. Its why a number of experienced sellers avoid some of the bigger platforms in favor of niche selling on Facebook once theyve learned the ropes and built a database of fellow collectors over the years. As a beginner seller, or someone who just wants to quickly offload a collection, eBay or Mercari may be your best bet, but it still doesnt hurt to be cautionary about listing upsells.

Bold font. Second category listing. Subtitles. Disproportional promotion campaigns . Theyre all upsells some of the larger companies will offer to pad their bottom line. In some select circumstances, it may be beneficial to use them, but by and large, youre better off passing on all of it and focusing on a great listing with superb photos and a clean, keyword-rich card description.

We Pay More For Your Old Pokemon Cards

Our Pokemon Card value guide is by far the most extensive one compiled on the internet to date. We collect all types of Pokemon Cards. First edition, base set, Pokemon has been our specialty since day one. If youre interested in selling old and rare Pokemon Cards then youve come to the right place.

Japanese and misprinted Pokemon cards are another huge interest of ours. Some of these types of Pokemon Cards can be worth thousands of dollars. In some instances, weve paid over $100,000 for a single card, it happens. Contact us today for a free evaluation.

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Organize The Cards By Sets

A good way to organize your cards is by sets. You can identify a set by a small symbol. On old sets, this symbol will appear in the bottom right corner of the Pokémon illustration.

On new sets, this symbol will appear on the bottom right corner of the whole card.

Read this list of Pokémon card symbols to check which sets your cards belong to.

Please note that Base card sets, which were one of the first three sets to be released in the USA, dont have a symbol on the card.

Will Pokemon Cards Increase In Value

How to Sell Pokemon Cards on eBay

Pokemon cards will increase in value over time. … Private 1st edition owners can damage and lose cards, or refuse to resell, which over the years makes any specific Pokemon card grow increasingly rare. So, it’s definitely worth keeping and caring for old Pokemon cards as they likely will increase in value over time.

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How To Negotiate Pokemon Card Price

This doesnt mean you should just let go of your cards based on their general value. The collector will likely haggle with you, so prepare to defend yourself with counteroffers.

If you know a lot about your cards, youll have a better chance of securing a good price. For example, you could emphasize that your cards are part of a rare set.

This might make the collector realize that he may miss out on a one-of-a-kind card if he doesnt take your offer. If hes a Pokemon YouTuber, you might notice that he does card reveals.

In this scenario, you could stress that the collector might have to delay his upcoming content if he doesnt accept your offer right away. Still, you have to be careful not to press the buyer too much.

Otherwise, they might refuse to buy your cards. You want to sell at the highest price possible without risking the buyer going irate and leaving.

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Top 12 Places To Sell Pokmon Tgc Cards

The Pokémon Trading Game, also known as Pokémon TCG, is a popular collectible card game based on Nintendos Pokémon franchise of and anime. The Pokémon trading cards sector has a vast depth to it, notwithstanding the enormous global monetary value. There are more than 800 different Pokémon varieties attracting millions of fans globally. Without a doubt, Pokémon is the most outstanding show and card game for several generations.

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Final Thoughts On How To Sell Pokemon Cards

If you are looking to sell your Pokemon Cards, this post shared 11 legit places to sell your Pokemon cards for cash. If you are looking to sell your collection take some time and sort through the cards to see which ones you have and to confirm the value of the cards you own.

Once you know the value of the cards and how much they are worth, you can look into different platforms to sell the collection. Make sure to check out each website in this post and conduct research to see which one is the best one for you and your needs. Do you currently have Pokemon cards that you have sold online? If so, how did the process go for you, and which platform did you use? We love to hear your thoughts below.

Top 5 Site Where To Sell And Buy Pokemon Cards

The 25 Most Expensive Pokémon Cards of All Time // ONE37pm
  • in the Pokemon section you can easy look for your Pokemon card by simply typing the Pokemon card name, giving information qabout the expansion. Its also possible to buy/sell containers, boosters, playmates and a lot of other stuff. Its a very reliable site in which you can easily find out the historical price trend for the selected Pokemon card. Look out! Before buying always check the feedbacks of the seller!
  • Ebay: an interesting way to determine the price of a card is to see the sold items on Ebay. In fact, you can make an average of the price at which the card has been sold to determine the correct price at which starting selling your Pokemon card collection. In this case you may pay attention at the date at which the sold items refers .
  • it contains a database with a trend for each Pokemon card. An example is reported below.
  • maybe its a not well known site as the previous one but its still reliable to determine your card price. The site is located in the US so whenever you want to buy a card you need to check for international shipping.
  • as for the previous site, you can choose from different card game and you can make your own idea about the value of a card. However, if the availability of a card is restricted, the price may not be reliable.
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