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Charizard Pokemon Card Original

St Edition And Unlimited Edition:

Opening 216 Pokemon Packs for Original Charizard! (Live Stream)

The first print run of a set would have a special Edition 1 logo on the left side of the card, just below the card art. An enlarged example of this logo is shown here. The 1st edition print run would typically be very limited, and once sold out, would no longer be available for sale. In fact, the first print runs of a set were officially called Limited Edition.

To meet super-high demand from the public, an Unlimited edition version would then be printed. Unlimited edition cards dont have the Edition 1 logo on the left side. A 1st edition card will be worth more than an unlimited edition card. Often this price difference can be quite significant.

Distinct 1st Edition printings were done throughout the 1st and 2nd generation of sets with the exception of reprint sets .

/14 2002 Holographic Legendary Collection

This card may look familiar, as the Charizard featured in the Legendary Collection is simply a reprint of the base set card with a new metal emblem on the middle right of the card. Those who happened to not only own this card but get it graded at PSA 10 had the pleasure of fetching over $12,500 from collectors.

The card itself isn’t that valuable, but the price tag gets raised significantly when the quality of the card is added into the equation. At present, we know of only ten copies graded PSA 10, so while there may be a few more out there, it’s safe to say we’re talking about something extremely uncommon.

/10 Charizard ~ Dragon Frontiers

This card not only has shiny Charizard, but it is the only one where the Pokemon is also a Dark type making it truly special. It’s also a Basic Pokemon meaning that players didn’t even have to even have to go through the lengthy route of evolving before playing it!

Related: Pokemon TCG: Cards From Your Childhood That Are Worth A FortuneAs it’s a star card, only one was allowed to be in any deck. Despite how few players needed to actually use it competitively if they wanted, people grabbed as many as they could for its epic art and of course, the fact that it was a Charizard.

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History Of Your Charizard Card

Before we begin, its important to have a basic understanding of the factors which determine the value of your Charizard card. To get the most money for your Charizard Pokemon card, if youre like me, youll want to educate yourself a little bit before.

If you dont want to spend the time, you can always send us a picture of your Charizard or collection and well tell you how much its worth.

When it comes to Pokemon cards in general, Im the biggest nerd youll ever meet! I hope this guide on Charizard cards will help you determine the best solution when it comes to selling or finding the value of your old Pokemon cards.

Pokemon Portuguese First Edition Charizard


Sold in April, 2021 for $44,850

Only two Portuguese first edition Charizards have ever been graded PSA 10 out of the 34 submitted to PSA as of this writing.

Just two…

Given how the market for Pokemon cards has soared recently and the scarcity of this card in PSA 10 condition, I’m surprised this didn’t sell for an even higher price.

Still, $44,850 is impressive and speaks to the strength of the Pokemon brand and the Charizard character, in particular.

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Rare 1st Edition Charizard Pokemon Card Shatters Records After Selling For $420000

A 1st Edition Charizard Pokemon card has become the second most expensive TCG item in the world after selling for an eye-popping $420,000. The rare collectible was from the original Base Set released in 1999.

The Pokemon TCG was a cultural phenomenon when it launched in 1999. Children around the world were obsessed with collecting rare holographics of their favorite mon. At the very top of the hobby, though, was the highly coveted Charizard.

Find A Pokemon Expert

Pokemon experts are different than your typical local Pawn or Card shop.

Most experts are collectors themselves and truly love the hobby as a whole. Almost all local shops are almost required to rip-off the people theyre buying from.

They do it in order to pay for renting a big building and having multiple employees. Ive been collecting Pokemon cards almost my entire life. This is something Im truly passionate about.

Shipping your Pokemon cards to us is easy.

When you ship your collection to us its important you insure it for the amount you feel comfortable with. If youre unhappy with the final offer we give you once we receive your Pokemon cards, we will return the Pokemon collection to you with shipping paid by us.

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Cheap Vs Expensive Charizards

If youre trying to figure out the difference between a cheap Charizard and an expensive one, the first place youll look at is the type of card.

Sometimes its hard to determine the type of card you have, which is why you should follow this guide. If your card looks similar to the one pictured below, theres a chance your card isnt worth very much, especially if the condition is played.

Sometimes a few key indicators can mean the difference between an expensive and cheap Pokemon card. The above diagram shows a card, to the left, that is extremely expensive vs a card, to the right, that is very cheap in played condition.

The thing about expensive and cheap Pokemon cards is the market is constantly changing. New release Charizard cards have a chance to be valuable depending on numerous factors that we go over in this guide. If youre unsure what you have, feel free to contact us today wed be glad to help you!

The value of this Charizard GX in played condition is about $15. When on the other hand if you were to have a 1st edition Charizard from base set in played condition, as shown earlier in the guide, youd be looking at potentially thousands of dollars in your hand.

Charizard GX cards were printed in the masses, and relatively brand new being printed in 2019. A general rule of thumb for modern Charizard cards is the cooler the artwork, the more money it will potentially bring.

/10 Charizard ~ Legendary Collection

Trading My RARE Charizard Pokemon Card To A Fan!

While there are countless stories of people spending ridiculous amounts on the original Charizard card, the majority of card owners don’t have them in the kind of mint that demands eye-popping prices. The majority of cards from Base Set 4 have a value of around $355 while those from the original set tend to go for around $223. However, the version of the card with the exact same art from the Legendary Collection tends to pull in a significantly larger sum, making it extra special for collectors who have one.

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/14 Charizard Vmax Brilliant Stars

By far the youngest of these dozen dinosaurs, Brilliant Stars Charizard VMAX can blast its way past $5k if it’s in flawless condition and suffering exactly zero factory defects. This is a mighty, mighty card in the metagame right now, and with the recent ruling from The Pokemon Company International that there will not be a regulation shift in 2022, it’s likely to remain the cornerstone of several viable strategies for over a year to come.

Thankfully, you won’t have to break the bank if you want it on your team. Run-of-the-mill-quality Charizard VMAX copies can be found on the market for around $100, which is still quite a bit for a modern card but far better odds than busting open Brilliant Stars booster packs until it’s yours.

Pokmon Ex Dragon Frontiers Charizard Pokmon Card Holo #100psa 10 Sold For $18100

2006 Gold Star Set

Holding steady at number 8 on this list is the 2006 EX Dragon Frontiers Charizard Gold Star holo #100. This is the first set where the Pokémon are shown coming out of the character box, appearing to pop off the card. Another unique feature of this is that all Pokémon were basic Pokémon and had already evolved.

This is the only Charizard card where he requires darkness energy for his attacks instead of his usual fire energy. Its quite a unique card that makes him almost an utterly different Pokémon.

Population Reports

845 Gold Star Charizard have been submitted to PSA, with only 76 being in gem mint 10. Another exceedingly difficult set to grade with only 9% of cards being in gem mint 10 conditions. Very tough to get and a great investment option.

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Pokmon Team Rocket Dark Charizard Pokmon Card Holographic #4psa 10 Sold For $3454

2000 Team Rocket 1st Edition set.

In the 2000 Pokémon 1st edition Team Rocket set, we find the second 1st Edition Charizard Pokémon card ever printed. The artwork on these is entirely different than the base set. We get an aerial view of the top of Charizard as he soars through the night sky. The Dark Charizard holographic is highly collectible and valuable when found in gem mint condition.

The cards were printed in the early 2000s with lower attack and hit points. We only see 80 HP, which isnt much at all. Especially for Stage 2 Pokémon. So, this is an excellent card for collecting but not great.

Population Reports

The population report for the gem mint 10s verifies just how rare they are. With over 1,600 1st edition holos submitted to PSA, only 361 were given the gem mint 10 approval. Thats less than a 20% chance of success if submitting one yourself. On average, they sell for around $548, which seems like a steal.

Greatest Pokemon Charizard Cards

Pokemon HD: Charizard Pokemon Card Lv 76

Weve looked at a mix of options, from the best of the best to more affordable copies that still have good potential for profit in the future.

Fact: The popular Charizard Holo 1st edition card went from $4,800 to $33,000 for a 700% return on investment.

Pro-Tip: Stick to graded cards when possible, especially considering the number of fakes on the market.

Pro-Tip II: Generally speaking, we prefer buying PSA 10 grades, PSA 9, or SGC 10 as they will fetch the greatest ROI.

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Charizard Card Sold For $420000 Third

Roasting the competition.

Strategic depth: Medium

Publisher:Wizards of the Coast

A Charizard card for the Pokémon Trading Card Game has sold for $420,000 , becoming the third-highest price paid for a Pokémon TCG card.

Part of the original first edition Base Set released for the trading card game in 1999, the Charizard card was publicly auctioned off by PWCC Marketplace, a company that hosts auctions for various collectables, including rare Pokémon cards. Not only was the Charizard card a holo version also known as a shiny Charizard, which is considered to be one of the most popular cards on the collectors market it was also shadowless, meaning that a printing error had occurred in the making of the card, leading to there being no shadow behind the image of the Pokémon, making even rarer.

The Charizard card had received a PSA 10 gem mint grade indicating that it had been kept in excellent condition by its previous owner/s – making it one of only 121 known PSA 10 gem mint grade Charizard holo Pokémon cards left in the world. PWCC also noted that the card was one of the cleanest copies in existence, with it displaying none of the common whitening on the back, an exact centering of the image and no imperfections with the holo, all which can bring the worth of a Pokémon card down.

What Makes The 1st Edition Base Set Charizard So Valuable

Lets start with the holy grail of Pokemon cards, the 1st Edition Base Set Charizard. This is where it all began folks. With a recent PSA 10 copy selling for an incredible $420k, what wed all give for a time machine now huh?! Even just five or six years ago, these were selling for around $10k. At the time, that seemed crazy money, but it looks like chump change now right?!

Anyway, missed opportunities aside, the iconic design has the power to teleport any big kid back to their childhood in a flash. Its the ultimate nostalgic Charizard Pokémon card and any lucky owner should be proud to have it in their collection.

1999 1st Edition Base Set Charizard PSA Population Report

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Base Set: Limited Edition 1st Printing

These cards are the most valuable and rare of the Base Set print runs. This initial print run was printed, distributed, and sold out before Pokémania fully took root in the United States, making them extremely rare today, particularly in Near Mint condition. Collectors who do own these cards will typically have them authenticated and graded by a grading service such as Beckett Grading Services or Professional Sports Authenticator . These cards, graded or ungraded, if authentic, can carry significant value. For example, the above Charizard card could be worth upwards of $5000 or more to a collector in perfect condition.

Base Set: Unlimited Edition

I Searched For The Original Rainbow Charizard! $3000

Unlimited Edition made a number of aesthetic changes to the face of the cards. The overall card appears to be a lighter and brighter printing than the previous Limited Editions. The drop shadow was added behind the art box to add some depth to the card. In addition, certain text, such as the Pokémons HP value, was set in a bold typeface.

There were reportedly six separate printings of the Unlimited Edition of the Base Set. The first five print runs had a copyright line that read: © 1995, 96, 98 Nintendo, Creatures, GAMEFREAK. ©1999 Wizards.. These five print runs are completely identical, with no way to differentiate between them. The final print run, which was allegedly only available in the United Kingdom, can be differentiated by a change to the copyright line which reads, ©1995, 96, 98 Nintendo, Creatures, GAMEFREAK. ©1999-2000 Wizards. Cards from the sixth print run are much rarer due to their limited geographical distribution.

With five to six printings, these cards are by far the most common Base Set cards in existence, and their prices reflect that. Unlimited Edition was printed to meet the insane demand of a public that became obsessed with Pokémon. A Charizard from these printings could fetch about $500 in Near Mint condition from a collector.

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Ex Dragon Frontiers Charizard Gold Star

Sold in November, 2020 for $30,300

Released in November 2006, the EX Dragon Frontiers set marked the fifteenth main expansion of the EX Series.

Of the 101 cards in the set checklist, there are two rare Gold Star cards: Charizard and Mew .

With the odds of pulling a Charizard thought to be roughly 1 in 144 packs, many collectors never had the fortune of pulling this card from a pack, giving it a reputation as one of the toughest Charizard pulls of any set.

Featuring a stunning image penned by the gifted hands of Masakazu Fukuda, the eye-appeal of this card is also tough to match as the powerful creature breathes fire onto the edge of the card.

Pokemon Sun & Moon Hidden Fates Gx Charizard #sv49

Fast forward 17 years, to the Sun & Moon Hidden Fates release. You can see the power creep, as the Pokemon now has a 300 damage attack, along with 250 HP.

The image of Charizard takes up the entire card, and PSA 10 versions will sell for a four-figure fee.

Its a great modern option and could be as popular as the original in years to come.

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Charizard Pokmon Card Sold For Record $420000 How Much Is Yours Worth

The card


My parents laughed when I said my Pokémon cards would be worth something someday, but now in 2022, original, pristine sets of cards are indeed being sold for a ton of money, part of a recent gold rush trend on Pokémon cards that has culminated in the biggest sale yet of an OG Charizard.

At the PWCC March Premiere Auction, a 1999 Charizard Pokémon card just sold for a record-breaking $420,000, the most a Charizard has ever sold for, and the third highest for any Pokémon card of all time.

Why so much? Well, this was a special one, it seems. The most special, in fact. Heres what netted that kind of price:

The cards price was buoyed not only by its PSA 10 Gem Mint grade only 121 PSA 10s exist in the world at the time of the auction but also by the fact that it is one of the cleanest copies in existence. The card has no visible whitening on the back, appears to have perfect centering, and looks to have no holo imperfections.

Another reason the price was so high is that because of the 121 PSA 10s in the world, most are owned by serious collectors or celebrities and as such, are not likely to make it to market. So when one actually does, well, you get this kind of ridiculous price.

Getty Images

So, you say, you have a Charizard at home. Can you sell it and buy yourself a house as a result? Prrrrobably not.

So hey, get yours graded if you want, justmanage expectations.

/14 1999 Holographic Shadowless

Holo Custom Shiny Charizard Pokemon Card 1st edition

Reading the title of this entry, some readers may be wondering what shadowless means. It refers to certain prints of cards that lack the shadow design element to many parts of the card’s design. For all intents and purposes, it’s an added level of rarity and uniqueness.

The 1999 shadowless Charizard was part of a printing following the First Edition cards and was rather scarce. It may not be the most expensive Charizard card, but a PSA 10-mint condition version has sold for upwards of $25,000, and as the years go on, its value will steadily increase.

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