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How To Tell What My Pokemon Cards Are Worth

How To Value Your Pokmon Cards


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If you want to sell your Pokémon cards, it’s important that you value them first so you know you’re getting a good deal. Fortunately, Pokémon cards are easy to value once you know what to look for and where to look.

Pokemon Card Sold By Country

With no surprise, 62.19% of Pokemon cards were sold from the United States and Japan coming in second with 19.62%. Canada came in third with 7.71% of total cards sold.

$44,579.17 $68.27

For the bigger countries like Japan, the United States, Canada and Australiait kind of got interesting.

The United States sold the most at $44,579.17 but only had an average of $66.46. This is less than the total average sold.

Japan and Australia had higher averages at $93.73 and $89.17 respectively.

Canadas average was on the lower side at $55.53. Canadians seem to be selling their cards but arent selling valuable pokemon cards.

It was also interesting to see that Canada and Australia had around the same number of items sold, but Australia had a 60% higher average than Canada.

This could mean that Australians have more valuable Pokémon cards than Canadians.

Same with Japan and the United States.

Japan had a 27% higher average cost than the United States but only had 19.62% of items sold compared to the United States which had 62% of the items sold.

We also looked at One37pm and found that the most valuable collector Pokemon cards are printed in Japanese .

Will Pokmon Cards Go Up In Value

Yes, Pokemon cards will go up in value eventually. In fact, Pokémon cards definitely will increase their value with time as long as the game continues to stay relevant.

However, the rate at which Pokemon card increases in value entirely depends on the cards condition, the rarity of the card, and the cards age.

Most players prefer the initial editions of the Pokémon cards, even though to sell them at high values such as thousands of dollars, the cards are required to be graded as mint condition.

Typically, all Pokémon card prices increase no matter what, since trading cards sell out after printing.

As a result, it makes it harder to get hold of them commercially. When reprinted, the new run in the market has high demand, which raises their rating price.

In addition, most owners of the first edition cards might damage their cards or even lose them. Also, they may be apprehensive about holding them, but they refuse to resell, which has made Pokémon cards continue growing in rarity over the years, making them more valuable.

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The Authenticity Of The Pokemon Card

Fake Pokemon cards have become increasingly prevalent in recent years as the Pokemon TCG has become more popular. Theyre commonly found on eBay, at flea markets, and in dollar stores.

Fake cards are not worth anything. Theyre illegal for use in tournaments and collectors will not buy them. Therefore, its important to determine that you have genuine Pokemon cards before you try to sell them.

You can use our guide to fake Pokemon cards to tell if your cards are fake.

How To Know If Your Charizard Pokmon Card Is Rare And Valuable Or Not

Sell My Pokemon Card Collection


Paul Tassi

Time is a flat circle, and it seems like just yesterday I was spending my allowance every week on Pokémon cards in junior high. Well, now Pokémon cards, and opening them on Twitch streams and in YouTube videos, are all the rage again, and it turns out some of those cards you got as a kid may be valuable today, if you kept themand kept them in good shape.

Wading into the exact valuation of all Pokémon cards is a swamp that its hard to emerge from, so I thought Id focus on one particular type of card which was coveted when I was a kid. I saved it because I thought it might be worth something someday, and it turns out I was right. Well, depending on which version you have.

Here is a gradient scale on which of the old school Charizard cards are the most and least valuable. Exact figures for selling prices are hard to pin down. The low end might be a few hundred, the higher end for the rarest Charizard editions can be tens of thousands, if not over $100K for true perfection. The prices below are estimates and again, its a wide range. If yours isnt here at all, it may be too common to be worth all that much. These cards are also usually PSA 9-10 graded meaning they have to be in stellar condition, not just sitting in a shoebox somewhere, in order to see these ranges of prices.

2016 Pokémon XY Staff Charizard Prerelease


Game Freak

2002 Legendary Collection Charizard Reverse Holo


Game Freak

2002 Legendary Collection Charizard Holo

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Look At Sold Listings For The Same Pokemon Card

On the left-hand side of the eBay search result, or in the filters tab, you can choose to view only sold listings.

The reason to do this is sellers will often list cards for more than theyre really worth, resulting in listings going on for months with no one buying the card. But if you view only sold listings, you can instantly see what people are actually willing to pay for the card.

If your card is in worse than near mint condition, you will need to look through these sold listings for cards in matching condition. Typically, sellers dont put their card condition in the title, so it can be difficult to use the search function to find matching cards.

Store Your Cards In Self Storage

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Dragon Frontiers Gold Star Holographic Charizard

Despite being released in 2006, this shiny black Charizard has become an incredibly valuable Pokémon card. According to PSA, only 59 of these cards have been graded a perfect 10, and these mint condition copies have regularly sold for between $20,000 and $30,000 at auction.

This cards highest recorded sale to date took place on eBay for upwards of $60,000 in 2020. Impressively, this Delta Species Charizard competes in value for some of the rarest first edition Pokémon cards.

This chonky boy is worth some serious green.

First Edition No Rarity Poliwrath

FAST & EASY – How To Find The Value Of Any Pokemon Card!

You might be surprised to know that some of the rarest Pokémon cards arent rare at all . The first printed sets of Japanese base set cards dont feature any rarity symbol like their English-language counterparts and are some of the most expensive Pokémon cards on the market.

This no rarity Poliwrath is extremely rare, with only three known to exist with a perfect PSA 10 rating, one of which sold for over $25,000 in late 2020. Even near-mint PSA 9 copies will sell for around $2000 on average.

Get used to seeing this mug! Rare Charizard cards are the ultimate flex for collectors.

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How Do I Know If My Pokemon Card Is Rare

This is represented by a symbol located in the bottom right corner of every card. There should be a shape that indicates what rarity the card is. Common cards are marked with a black circle, uncommon cards have a black diamond, and rare cards always have a black star. This is the basic way to tell the rarity of a card.

How To Research Pokmon Card Prices

If youre looking to maximize your return on selling your Pokémon cards, you will need to do your research. Blindly selling individual cards without doing the legwork on Pokémon card value could end up selling yourself short and giving a collector a great deal.

The best way to research Pokémon card prices is to look at real life selling history. After all, Pokémon cards are only worth what someone is willing to pay. Check out these three resources to see what your Pokémon cards are worth:

  • eBay has the largest collection of Pokémon cards for sale online
  • com is regularly updated with eBay and Amazon card selling data to reflect the average price of specific cards
  • TCGPlayer is an online store for buying and selling trading cards, with card prices that reflect the average sale price of said cards within the TCGPlayer store

If you have a lot of Pokémon cards but dont want to go through the hassle of selling individual items, there are places where you can sell Pokémon cards in bulk. Just know that youll be leaving money on the table if you choose to go this route.

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Pokmon World Championships Promo No 2 Trainer Psa 9

Price: $110,000

Its believed that only three copies of this card remain after being given to successful players of the 2006 tournament as an invitation to return for 2007. Experts graded only one of them before the auctioning of the card in 2021.

The Pokémon World Championships Promo Number Two Trainer Pokémon cards hardly ever come up for sale, but they go for very high amounts when they do. Competition for the card was fierce, with 150 bids coming in until it sold for $110,100 in 2022.

Pokmon Game #15 Venusaur Holo

Shining Fates Tin (Cramorant V)

Average Value in PSA 10: $3,605

The original four Pokémon from the Red, Blue, Yellow and Green versions of the video game are Charmander , Squirtle , Pikachu and Bulbasaur , respectively. Each cute companion got its own version of the game. Just like Raichu, you can attribute Venusaurs popularity to its video game origins and heavy face time throughout the franchise. PSA 10 examples of Venusaurs 1st Edition Holo can grab upwards of $4k.

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First Edition Holographic Blastoise

Estimated PSA 10 Gem Mint Value: $5,500

A water-type Pokémon, Blastoise first appears in the Pokémon Red and Blue video games as the final evolutionary stage of Squirtle, one of the original three starter Pokémon.

Relying on twin water cannons that retract from the shell on its back, Blastoise is capable of delivering powerful blasts of water with superior accuracy.

And just as we saw Charizards boost in popularity stemming from its appearance on the cover art of the Pokémon Red video game, Blastoise was the center of attention on the Pokémon Blue video game:

Rightfully considered one of the coolest-looking of all Pokémon, Blastoise remains a collector favorite and this card can bring thousands of dollars in high grade.

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Finally A Quick Word On Card Condition

Condition and value go hand-in-hand, so its important to be realistic about your expectations.

Unless kept unopened, cards from 20+ years ago tend to have imperfections.

This can take the form of scratches, whitening round the edges, creases, bends and dirt.

Collectors may pay premium for card rarity, but the real premium is in the card condition.

Many people rediscover their old cards, thinking theyre worth a fortune because of media hype, but the reality is, theyre not!

There isnt a shortage of old Pokemon cards, but there is a shortage in mint condition.

If you do possess minty cards, then you may be on to something!

I dont want to devalue what you have, the nostalgic value is through the roof in my opinion!

But I hope youll see this as a fair assessment, which will help you when trying to assess the value of your cards.

Thanks for reading, and feel free to check out some of these additional resources below:

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Pokemon Base 1st Edition Charizard Holo Sgc 10 Pristine

Price: $360,000

Almost 25 years ago, Wizards of the Coast pitched the idea of a Pokémon card game to Nintendo. Wanting to impress Nintendo and have physical examples of what the cards could become, they created two unique holo cards. These were the Presentation Galaxy Star Holo Blastoise.

Although professionals havent graded the cards, the one card still in circulation offers a rare glimpse into the world before the card game existed.

This Blastoise is the original first edition Pokémon card and a good starter for the whole game. It helped to launch a trading card phenomenon. The Wizards of the Coast Blastoise sold for $360,000 in 2021, making it the most expensive Pokémon card ever sold for a little while before number two on the list came in.

Where Should I Sell My Pokemon Cards

How to Tell if Your Pokémon Cards Are Rare or Expensive!

In most countries, eBay is a good place to sell Pokemon cards for good money. Many Pokemon traders and collectors keep a close eye on the site, helping you get a good price for your Pokemon cards, especially if you have good pictures and a good listing description.

The issue with trying to sell your cards to a trading card retailer is the business needs to make a decent profit on whatever they buy from you. This means that youre unlikely to get the best price from them, although they might help you to sell your Pokemon cards quickly.

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Squirtle First Edition $222

Squirtle is the first evolution of Blastoise and carries the 2nd most Pokemon card value of any of the big three pre-evolutions. Although grading has slowed down drastically, prices have dipped in the Pokemon market. That said, Squirtle is one of the essential characters of the show and is a must have for any collector. Be sure to assemble your Squirtle-Squad by acquiring his English Rookie card.

PSA Pop: 822 – 1386

Current Pokemon Card Value: PSA 10 $1225 PSA 9 $222

Pokemon Trophy Card Neo Summer Battle Road Number 2 Trainer Bgs 7

Price: $34,000

The Neo Summer Battle Road Number 2 Trainer Trophy Pokémon card is another of the most expensive Pokémon cards available. Again the contest distributed the card to anyone who, while competing in the 2002 Neo Summer Battle Road tournament, placed second in their division.

The competition began in Sapporo, Japan, and featured some of the best TCG players in the world.

Several things make this edition of the Neo Summer Battle Road Number 2 Trainer Trophy one of the most expensive Pokémon cards in circulation.

The first is a unique autograph. This card has Fukunishi Tomoki written on the card. Tomoki was the runner-up and took the card home. Instead of reducing what it was worth, the individualized nature of Tomokis signature ensures the card is one-of-kind.

Ken Sugimoris artwork is the other contributing factor. This immediately recognizable art only appears on a handful of cards, including the E-Series formatted cards, which players could collect during the Neo Summer Battle Road Tournament.

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Tamamushi University Magikarp: $66100

Produced as a promotion for magazine publisher Shogakukans Celadon University campaign, this Magikarp card was awarded to those who successfully became Pokemon Professors. By mailing in the Entrance Test, Professor Test, Super Professor Test, and Hyper Professor Test , 1000 Magikarps were up for grabs.

Though so many were printed, only 91 have been identified by the PSA so far. PSA 10-graded cards fetch a much higher price than any other condition, getting $66,100 at auction.

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Get A Friend Who’s Into Pokmon To Look Through Your Collection

Charizard Vmax Rainbow HOLOGRAPHIC Custom Made Pokemon

All this may seem a little overwhelming, especially if you have a bulk of Pokémon cards and no idea where to start. In this scenario, the best thing to do is get someone else to look through your collection for you. Usually, they’ll be able to help you identify cards that are valuable and give you an accurate valuation.

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Will Pokemon Cards Increase In Value

Supply is dwindling and demand is rising. Economics 101 tells us that when demand for an asset outstrips supply, prices rise. Nobody’s making new 1st Edition Pokemon cards and demand is rising at the moment, so it’s reasonable to suggest prices will rise in the short term as well. They’re easy to buy and sell.

Pokmon World Championships No 2 Trophy Trainer Card

If we didnt know better, wed say these trophy cards were deliberately made to frustrate collectors determined to catch em all. These ultra-rare cards were given to finalists of the 2006 World Championships in California, and its rumored that only three exist, making this one of the rarest Pokémon cards ever.

This is another one of those rare Pokémon cards thats so extremely scarce they can sell for six figures even without a perfect 10 PSA grade. In early 2021 this card sold for an impressive $110,100.

Featuring the always adorable series mascot Pikachu holding up a silver trophy, its not surprising that the other owners of this card havent had the heart to put it up for sale.

Sometimes, hanging out with your parents really pays off!

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