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Spoof Pokemon Go App

The Most Recommended Using Mobitrix Magicgo To Spoof Pokemon Go

How to Spoof Pokemon Go on iPhone & Android (2022)

Location spoofing applications for iOS might be challenging to find, especially ones that don’t require a computer. The bulk of them are out of date, have low ratings, and will most likely be discovered by Pokémon GO very soon. Fortunately, there is a single remedy.

While using Mobitrix MagicGo, I realized that not only does it give GPS changes with a single click, but it also allows users to navigate about any place with ease without ever walking. Furthermore, it is safe and secure, and it will not ban your account if you move your location several times.

Best Pokemon Go Spoofer Foriphone/ipadbest Pokemon Go Spoofer For Iphone/ipad

  • 1-Click to change iPhone location to anywhere
  • Easy to simulate GPS movement based on customized route.
  • GPS joystick to control the direction of movement flexibly
  • Import GPX file to start a designed route
  • Works with all location-based apps, such as Pokemon Go, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Fitness app, Facebook, etc
  • Support the latest iOS 16 and iPhone 13/13 Mini/13 Pro Max.

Best Pokmon Go Spoofers For Android

Want to capture some legendary and rare pokemon in the Pokémon GO game? If yes, then you might need the best Pokémon GO spoofers for Android devices. Here, you will find the list of reliable Pokémon go spoofing apps.

Well, spoofing your location in the Pokémon GO game is not that easy as the games company always monitors the accounts that try to fake the location. So, here you need to use the secure and reliable Pokémon GO spoofing apps on Android.

Thats why I have listed the top Pokémon GO location spoofers for Android. So, choose any one of them and start collecting exciting Pokemons.

Quick Navigation:

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How Do You Spoof In Pokemon Go With The Fake Gps Location App:

Step 1. Install the App on Android

In the beginning, please download and install this app on your Android device, open it, and choose the Set Location option.

Step 2. Select a Location on the Map

Tap the Open Map icon to pick the location you want on the map. Then tap the SELECT and Start icons. Now, you have changed your GPS location on your mobile device. You can check it on your Google Map.

Step 3. Go to Pokemon Go

After that, you can start the Pokemon Go with the mock location.

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The Journey To Become A Players Trainer

How to spoof your location in Pokémon GO [jailbreak]

When you experience Pokémon GO, you will ultimately be able to become a trainer and have the opportunity to face Pokémon of many different types. Also, this is a GPS game, so you will need an internet connection and GPS for this game to work correctly. You will see the appearance of a Pokémon, and your job is to throw Pokéballs at them to catch. Depending on your luck, you will find some rare Pokémon like Dratini.

The method to catch these Pokémon is straightforward when you see them through the screen and a Pokéball. You need to swipe this ball to fly towards the Pokémon in front of you. At the same time, this operation will sometimes be complex in the first experience.

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Install Your Gps Spoofing App

The second thing that you are going to want to do is install your GPS spoofing app so that you can spoof your location with Pokémon Go.

There are a number of different spoofers in the industry, but fake GPS is a well-known one that you might want to install.

Go to the Google Play store, and find fake GPS, and then select install.

How To Trick Pokemon Go Gps Via Itools

iTools is more of an iOS manager than a Pokemon Go spoofer. Besides spoofing in Pokemon Go, this app also backs up and restores your iOS data.

How to fake your location in Pokemon Go using iTools?

1. After installing iTools on your computer, open the app and connect your iPhone. Note that iTools only supports iPhone running iOS 12 and earlier versions.

2. When the program detects your iPhone and displays the iPhone details on the interface, tap the Virtual Location or Pokemon Spoofing iOS tab under the Toolbox section and input a location in the search box on the upper-left corner.

3. Click the Move Here button to select the location. Then, run Pokemon Go on your iPhone and play the game under the new location.

If you wish to reset the location, connect your iPhone to iTools and repeat the steps. If you need to stop the virtual location, return to the original location and hit the Stop simulation button.


* Change to any location in Pokemon Go.


* Have the risk of getting your account banned.

* Only work with iPhone running iOS 12 and below versions.

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How Your Spoofing Works In Other Apps

Once this is set up, you may notice it affects other apps like Google Maps or Facebook Messenger. This is the power of a VPN. Using this method not only allows you to catch rare Pokemon from across the world, but simultaneously protects your location data from big companies trying to collect information on who you are and where you live. This privacy is rare in this era of technology and even if you dont mind not having it, the rare Pokemon is enough of a plus.

Spoofing Pokemon Go Using A Joystick

Pokemon Go Spoofing Tutorial (iOS/Android) SO EASY!

The fourth/last option is Joystick Movement of Tenorshare iAnyGo. Click on it and then click on Enter.

Now, adjust the speed of movement. On the controller, click on the button and move it to the end of the circle. It will start the movement, and you can stop it by clicking in the middle of the circle.

You can also enter the location and click on Modify Positioning. It will change your location, and then you can easily use the joystick for movement.

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Tips For How To Teleport In Pokmon Go Without Getting Banned

You can follow these instructions not to get banned from the Pokémon GO platform. Desktop-based apps minimize the risk of getting banned from Niantic.

Stop all the location-based apps running in the background before teleporting your location.

Set your movement in “Realistic Mode” to keep your activity accurate while planning your route.

Adjust the range in your route plan, which is reasonable. Keep the pause between the stops to make it real.

While spoofing your location in Pokémon GO, you must strictly abide by these three rules to keep your account safe.

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Respect The Teleportation Cooldown Chart

If you dont want to get detected, receive a warning, or even worse yet, get banned from the game, you should use the spoofing apps or devices respectfully. This means that you should not change the location too quickly as you can easily get detected by the developer.

The developer catches any unusual behavior with the help of GPS data analysis so if you want to spoof your location and yet still go undetected, you should never change your location too quickly or frequently.

Especially if you are changing your location to a lot of further locations than your current location.

And even when you change location to catch a Pokemon, you should do it quickly as it wont leave a data trail that developers can use to analyze. Spoofing for more than 15 minutes can definitely raise a red flag.

Therefore, the following teleportation cooldown chart in question can help you learn how much you should wait before spoofing another location, depending on the distance youve spoofed so far.

  • 1 km 30 seconds
  • Pokemon Go Spoofing Can Be Touch

    How to Spoof Pokémon GO on Android &  iOS

    Quick Tip: Always use a VPN like NordVPN to mask your online activity and change your location in Pokemon GO. When you change your location, you can access certain Pokemon and items you cant find.

    Try NordVPN

    Millions of people around the world play Pokémon GO, which is one of the most popular mobile games. But, depending on where you live, you might not enjoy the game enough. You can get around this problem by changing your location to any other part of the world.

    But dont be concerned

    A good VPN service, such as NordVPN , allows you to change your Pokemon GO location. As a consequence, youll be allowed to hunt in your own country as well as in other countries.

    Today Ill teach you how to spoof or change your Pokémon GO location. So keep reading to learn how to accomplish it.

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    Install The Pokemon Go Spoofer On Unrooted Android Device

    1: Downgrade the Google Play Services

    Niantic, the Pokémon GO developer has released the patch for the game so that unrooted device users are required to update the Google Play Services. So, here you need to avoid this patched game and downgrade the Google Play Services.

    As of right now, you dont know which Google Play Services version you are using, choose any of the following versions working on your device:

    Doing this would help you to downgrade your Android device in order to use the spoofing app safely on your Android device.

    2: Turn Off Find My Device

    • Open the Settings app on your phone.
    • Tap on the Security & location.
    • Then, tap on the Find My Device.
    • Turn off the Find My Device.

    Finally, you can proceed with installing any of the Android versions mentioned above. After installing a new version of Android, restart your phone. Now, check whether you can spoof the location.

    3: Find the Right Version for Your Android Phone

    • Go to the Settings of your device.
    • Tap on the Apps.
    • Go to the Google Play Services.
    • Now, check the version of the Google Play Services.
    • On the screen, you can check the current version: 16.X.XX
    • The numbers that we need are 0404XX. The number can be only three digits 44X for other phone models. You need to enter 0 before the digits. Go to apkmirror.com and select the right Variant for you.
    • The easy way to find your variant is to press CTRL + F and paste the 0404XX digit. Now you can download the version on your smartphone.

    Can I Spoof Pokemon Go Location On Ios 16

    Many iOS users have been repeatedly asking if they can spoof Pokemon Go location on iOS 16. Spoofing is one kind of cheating so its better not to do it because if the game detects it your gaming ID can be banned. But it is possible to spoof your location on Pokemon Go with a VPN or jailbreak. But we do not recommend you to do it because it can be risky.

    However, there are many spoofing apps available on the internet that helps you to spoof your location on Pokemon Go without jailbreaking or getting caught. We would like to recommend you use iToolab AnyGo. It is one of the best spoofing apps for iOS devices which is 100% safe to use and doesnt even get caught by the LBS game apps. You can easily use it to fake GPS location and play Pokemon GO by staying at home.

    So, what are you waiting for? Move to the next part and learn how to spoof on Pokemon Go on iOS 16 now!

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    Why Do So Many People Look For Pokemon Go Spoofers For Android

    Pokemon Go, built on AR , encourages us to move around to catch more Pokemons. Users are eager to go out, visit parks, cafes, and a great many places. Gradually, you would come at a time when you exhaust all the Pokemons nearby.

    You need to do Pokemon Go GPS spoofing on Android if you want to have more Pokemons in your collection or go to different gyms. More often, you won’t be able to go somewhere else unless you resort to a Pokemon GO location spoofer.

    Well, what is spoofing in Pokemon GO? Spoofing is the art of fooling a location-aware electronic device into believing that it is somewhere different from its actual physical location.

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    How To Spoof In Pokemon Go Ios

    How to Install iPOGO Pokémon Go Spoofing app on an iPhone in minutes! FOR FREE!

    Both Android and iOS users may download Pokémon GO. Can you spoof pokemon go ios? Due to the stringent limitations on the iOS system, changing the location on an iPhone is actually not that simple. The conventional technique is to jailbreak your iPhone. However,Tenorshare iAnyGo can alter the location of an iPhone without jailbreaking it. Beyond that, it provides GPS movement simulation with a personalised path. its compatibility for the most recent iOS 16 and the iPhone 13/13 mini/13 Pro .


    • Without jailbreaking, you may change the GPS position on your iPhone or iPad.
    • Map movement simulation between two or more points/locations using GPS.
    • Advanced features: choose your own speed, pause at any moment, access historical data, search anywhere, etc.
    • Works with all location-based apps, including Ingress, Pokemon Go, and augmented reality games.
    • Wide range of compatibility supports iPad , iOS , and iPhone .


    • For Mac users, there is no lifetime licence available.

    Video Tutorial

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    How Do You Spoof Pokemon Go Safely

    Spoofing location is not allowed by Niantic, but MagicGo safety protocols made it easier for you to change your location without moving as Niantic will not detect it. With the realistic model of the tool, my speed automatically varies between the selected ranges, so a more natural feel. However, two to three times the speed is ideal for playing Pokemon Go.

    Fake Gps Location By Lexa

    If you are trying to find out the best and free Pokémon Go Spoofer for Android, then you must try the Fake GPS Location by Lexa. Despite offering multiple features, it is quite easy to use.

    Using this app, you can fake the real-time GPS location and that is also multiple times. You can even bookmark all the locations you have visited so far. Besides, this Android Pokémon Go Spoofer app also offers the scheduled location switch feature.

    So, with this app, you can securely spoof the GPS location, find your favorite Pikachu from all over the world. However, once you will mock the location, it will also affect the other location-based apps on your phone. Also, you need a rooted phone to run this app.


    How to Use Fake GPS Location by Lexa for Pokémon Go Spoofing?

    • Install this app on your Android device.
    • Go to the Settings of the phone > tap on the About Phone option.
    • Turn on the Developer mode.
    • Go to Mock Location> select Fake GPS Location
    • Open this app and select the preferred location & server.

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    Ipokego For Pokmon Go

    iPokeGo for Pokémon GO is another app that lets you change the radar position on your device. It is pretty easy to use without needing to jailbreak your device. Besides, it possesses tons of free and paid features. The only drawback is that the game company might find out your position and block your account.

    Pokemon Go Spoofing: How To Spoof Location On Iphone 2022

    BEST PLACES to SPOOF in Pokemon Go! With FGL Pro

    Pokemon GO took the mobile gaming market like a storm and went viral in no time. The game is quite innovative and one-of-a-kind. It converts your existing area or place into the Pokemon world, where you can catch Pokemons, enjoy tournaments, meet friends, and do everything you like. It is undoubtedly a fun activity game, but the problem is that you are restricted to your area only as you cannot frequently move to other areas, cities, and countries for the game. Do Pokemon GO Spoofing by reading this article.

    In the beginning, people tried to travel from one location to another to enjoy the game, but it was not easy or possible for everyone. If you are restricted to your area and want to enjoy PokemonGO to the fullest, you are in the right place. This article will explain how you can spoof your location on your iPhone and play Pokemon GO wherever you like. We will introduce Tenorshare iAnyGo for Pokemon GO spoofing and tell you how you can use it like a pro. Lets begin!

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    No Need For Jailbreak

    Unlike other iPhone location spoofers, Tenorshare iAnyGo does not require jailbreak. All you need to do is install the softwareand connect your iPhone to the PC. No change will be made on your device, and all your data and settings will be the same. Thus, you can enjoy location spoofing without any worries.

    Through The Best Location Spoofer

    UnicTool TailorGo is the smartest and most efficient way to spoof yourlocation on Android when playing on Pokémon GO. This high-performing appenables you to change your GPS location to anywhere instantly without having tophysically move in reality. Besides, fully compatible with the Androidoperating system, TailorGo seamlessly allows everyone to trick every applicationon Android phone into thinking that he is in a different location.

    TailorGo allows you to pause the spoofing feature at any time with the click of a button, so you can return to your natural location without too much hassle. Also, by setting your desired coordinates in the app, it’s the perfect way of looking for specific Pokémon that may not be available in your area and helps you pop up next to gyms and Pokestops.

    A One-Stop Location Spoofer

    100% secure

    • 1Open TailorGo on your computer. Get your device connected and click the “Get Started” button.
    • 2To change location, choose the Teleport Mode and select a destination. To simulate GPS movement, choose either Two-Spot Mode or Multi-Spot Mode, then plan the route, speed and direction.
    • 3Your location will be changed easily or the movement will be completed according to plan. Your new locations will be updated to Pokémon GO.

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