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How To Tell How Much Your Pokemon Cards Are Worth

Is My Old Pokmon Card Collection Worth Anything


So you’ve rediscovered your old Pokémon cards. But how do you know if you’ve struck gold or struck out with them? Below is some advice on determining your collection’s value, based on my experience appraising and buying old card collections.

  • Understand What Time Period Your Cards Are From
  • Check the Condition of Your Cards
  • Look for Exceptionally Rare Cards
  • What Pokemon Cards With Misprints Are Worth The Most Money

    There are some misprinted cards that some speculate to exist but there has been no proof of. The one that we do have proof of existing is the Mewtwo promo card that was handed out to anybody that went and saw the first Pokemon Movie in the cinema.

    Normally, these cards would have a promo logo to the right of the artwork. However, there are some misprint cards that have it to the left of the artwork.

    These cards can sell for several hundred dollars when they are in good condition. It is unknown how many of these cards are out there, likely due to the fact that many of those seeing the Pokemon Movie were children and they probably didnt keep their hands on their Pokemon cards.

    There are some cards which have For Position Only printed on the artwork. These cards are not misprints. They are positioning cards for the printers. They are not supposed to be included in the booster packs.

    Some people regarded them as misprints, though. These cards can easily sell for several thousand dollars. There arent that many out there. A few hundred, at the most.

    Pokemon Card Sold By Country

    With no surprise, 62.19% of Pokemon cards were sold from the United States and Japan coming in second with 19.62%. Canada came in third with 7.71% of total cards sold.

    $44,579.17 $68.27

    For the bigger countries like Japan, the United States, Canada and Australiait kind of got interesting.

    The United States sold the most at $44,579.17 but only had an average of $66.46. This is less than the total average sold.

    Japan and Australia had higher averages at $93.73 and $89.17 respectively.

    Canadas average was on the lower side at $55.53. Canadians seem to be selling their cards but arent selling valuable pokemon cards.

    It was also interesting to see that Canada and Australia had around the same number of items sold, but Australia had a 60% higher average than Canada.

    This could mean that Australians have more valuable Pokémon cards than Canadians.

    Same with Japan and the United States.

    Japan had a 27% higher average cost than the United States but only had 19.62% of items sold compared to the United States which had 62% of the items sold.

    We also looked at One37pm and found that the most valuable collector Pokemon cards are printed in Japanese .

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    How To Tell If Pokmon Cards Are Rare

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    Are you are Pokemon card collector and wonder if your card is rare and valuable? From Colorless to Foil and Dragons, there are different types of Pokemon cards to perform special abilities that are helpful when building a custom deck.

    All these collector cards are either commercial or printed in small amounts, which create rarity and increase value in the marketplace.

    How do you tell if Pokemon cards are rare? In order to tell if Pokemon cards are rare or not, a player should learn specific details to look for. The symbol located at the bottom right corner of any card represents the rarity of the card.

    Common cards are always marked with a black circle, uncommon cards have black diamonds, and rare cards are marked with a black star. Generally, this forms the basis of distinguishing rare cards.

    When buying Pokemon cards, it is worth understanding how rare each card is in case you would like to sell or trade them in the future. Owning a valuable cards to trade is vital and identifying the fake Pokemon cards is a priority so you can get fair deal.

    If you would like to know the rarity of your Pokemon cards, you will be learning how to tell specific details about Pokemon cards. Answered below are frequently asked questions to help you determine whether or not your Pokemon cards are rare, including the symbol chart to help understand your deck.

    Recently Updated Pokemon Card Values

    Pokemon Cards Value

    The following is a list of all Pokémon cards that have recently had their price values updated. Clicking on a specific Pokémon card image will take you to that card’s listing. Selecting the card’s name will bring you to the individual Pokemon listing pages which are further broken down by TCG set.

    Card Image

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    Pokemon Card Set Symbols

    Use this handy guide to look up Pokemon card set symbols, set names, and set years.

    The most common way to organize Pokemon cards is by set. To identify the set, look for a little symbol at the bottom of the card, next to the card number. There are a bunch of these set symbols 5-6 sets are released every year, each with a different set symbol, and theyve been printing cards since 1999!

    The following table is a complete list of Pokemon card sets, sorted by date the newest sets are at the top the oldest are at the bottom. If I missed something, let me know if the comments! I want this to be THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE FOR POKEMON CARD SETS!

    How Much Are Your Pokemon Cards Worth On Ebay

    Please note that all dollar values are in CAD.

    We scraped a total of 1,050 Pokemon cards which were sold for a total cost of $77,807.42 CAD on eBay. An average of $74.10 .

    The lowest-priced items were sold for $0.01 which was:

    • Pyroar BREAK 24/114 – Ultra Rare Holo – Steam Siege 2016 – Pokemon Card
    • 1st Ed English Venonat 63/64 Jungle Set Nintendo WOTC Card Pokemon 1999

    Both from the United States

    The most expensive item was Pokemon Card Game Sword Shield High-Class Pack Shiny Star V 20BOX which was sold for $2189.71 from Japan

    But since this is a pack the highest single card sold was a

    The median of the sample was $20.10, and the mode was $1.29.

    So who knows, maybe those old cards you have lying around can give you some extra cash. But then again, the median and the mode price is on the lower side.

    With the data we extracted, we also wanted to see the average cost sold by country and the card type.

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    Ex Dragon Frontiers Charizard Gold Star

    Sold in November, 2020 for $30,300

    Released in November 2006, the EX Dragon Frontiers set marked the fifteenth main expansion of the EX Series.

    Of the 101 cards in the set checklist, there are two rare Gold Star cards: Charizard and Mew .

    With the odds of pulling a Charizard thought to be roughly 1 in 144 packs, many collectors never had the fortune of pulling this card from a pack, giving it a reputation as one of the toughest Charizard pulls of any set.

    Featuring a stunning image penned by the gifted hands of Masakazu Fukuda, the eye-appeal of this card is also tough to match as the powerful creature breathes fire onto the edge of the card.

    Top Tips In This Article

    Pokemon Cards Value – How To Tell What Your Pokemon Cards Are Worth! (Prices Outdated)

    Scott Pratte, our expert card trader and collector, provided lots of tips to make money selling Pokemon cards. Here is his best advice:

    • First edition or New Edition? All kidding aside, we know that you know New Edition is a boy band from the 70s and 80s. Still, you need to know what you have in that box of Pokemon cards. In other words, which are the rare cards and which are not. Do you have one of the original holographic cards? Cha-ching.
    • Whats the condition of your cards? If theyve been under the bed in a box so light didnt fade them or the dog didnt get to them, you may be in good shape. Never taken out of the wrapper? More cha-ching. That is whats called mint. All cards in good condition are likely worth more than what you paid for them.
    • The best place to sell Pokemon cards? Its eBay all the way. It would be great to sell one card for oodles of money and eBay has facilitated some of that. But if you want a big audience and buyers willing to shell out $30 a pop for your cards, you can rack up sales.
    • Think youve got something valuable? Consult the Professional Sports Authenticator and get an estimate. This will put you in a good position to haggle with a buyer, which you should expect to do.

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    Use Free Valuation Sites

    Another great way to figure out how much a Pokemon card is worth is to use card valuation sites. These websites allow a user to input a couple details about their card, such as its name and number, and be returned with results about its estimated value.

    Websites like CardMavin compile up-to-date information about how much individual cards are selling for across the internet and use that information to make an estimate about the cards current value. This is the easiest way to check what a Pokemon card is going for in the present market.

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    Are Your Pokmon Cards Centered

    Usually, the artwork of the Pokémon on your card is centered right inside the borders of the card.

    Pokémon cards pulled straight from a booster pack will look like they have their artwork perfectly centered, but its actually not that uncommon for the art of a Pokémon card to be slightly misaligned.

    Sometimes these cards are classified as Misprints and there are Pokémon card collectors that are willing to pay for cards with printing errors from the factory.

    However, if you are looking to get your Pokémon cards professionally graded and valued, then artwork being off-centered will deduct points from the final evaluation score of your cards decreasing its general market value.

    Off-centered printings can also occur on the back art of a card as well as the front. The Poke Ball art and logo that are present on the back of the card can also sometimes sit too far left or right of the cards center.

    So its best to double-check these factors if you do happen to find a card that you might think is worth some cash!

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    Check The Cards Details

    Name of the Pokémon

    It may seem too obvious to mention, but, with all the identifying minutiae involved in counterfeit trading cards, its all too easy to overlook perhaps the biggest possible mistake: the actual card name.

    Sometimes its simply a spelling error, sometimes the entire name may be totally incorrect. With nearly 900 types of Pokémon on the loose now its harder than ever for the casual punter to tell whats a real Pokémon and whats not and that makes fakers jobs easier.

    So, just you make extra sure your Blacephalon is titled Blacephalon, not Barcelonion, eh?

    HP and Damage values

    Likewise, fake cards may have obviously, absurdly incorrect numbers for the Pokémons HP or attack damage . In that case, its a dead giveaway you have a fake in your hands.

    Even if the numbers arent self-evidently out of this world, you can still check the Pokémon TCG database to find the correct stat range for the card, and make sure yours matches up. If that fails, in a pinch, a google search will often turn up an authoritative picture of the authentic card to compare against just make sure youre confident in the photos source.

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    Tropical Mega Battle Trainer Number 1 Card

    Pokemon Card Price Guide Cardmavin

    There was a tournament that was held in Hawaii from 1999-2001, which was replaced by the world championships. These cards were given out at the first tournament, making them some of the rarer cards that you can find out there.

    These cards are valued at anywhere around $5,000 but have been known to sell for more depending on the card. So if your Pokémon seems to be wearing a sunhat or a lei wreath, you just might have a valuable card.

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    Inverted & Misaligned Backs:

    While this error can visually resemble miscuts, it happens due to an entirely different reason. The backs of MTG cards are printed first. During the printing of either side, if the sheet is fed incorrectly one of the sides will not be properly aligned. Sometimes sheets can be inverted and misaligned ! The miscut rule of thumb applies on non-inverted back versions of this error .

    Flipped back on a Masques Swamp!

    The back on this disfigure is miscut but this happened because of how the sheet was fed during printing!

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    Common Uncommon And Rare

    First, we need to show you how to find out a cards rarity just by looking at it. This is represented by a symbol located in the bottom right corner of every card. There should be a shape that indicates what rarity the card is.

    Common cards are marked with a black circle, uncommon cards have a black diamond, and rare cards always have a black star. This is the basic way to tell the rarity of a card.

    Rare cards, for instance, are split into multiple different kinds of rarities. There are the standard rare plain-looking cards, but theres so much more after that.

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    Where Do You Find Pokemon Cards In Tcg

    As the TCG has gone on, some Unnumbered Promotional cards began to use the black star PROMO symbol, while some also use the suffix of a current numbered promotional set. This collection contains some of the rarest Pokémon cards in the world, as they were only available through exclusive events and limited to extremely small print runs.

    Find The Set Number Of The Pokemon Card

    How much are your Pokemon cards worth? *SIMPLE and EASY*

    Look at the bottom right or bottom left corner of the card for a number, typically in the format ###/###.

    In this case, the set number is RC21/RC25. Note that the set number does not normally contain letters, but it can sometimes. As long as theres a / symbol, or a number on its own, then thats the set symbol.

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    Find The Set The Card Belongs To

    If there is no logo on the right side, its Base. Every other set has an indicator.

    When looking into what set a card belongs to, make sure to see if there is any logo on the right side, just underneath and to the right of the illustration. If there is no symbol, the likelihood is that its a Base set card.

    There have been error cards that do not have a symbol, so make sure the year matches with the set.

    How Much Are Pokmon Cards With Typos Worth

    Probably not for a whole lot, and there are actually a couple of decent reasons for this.

    The main reason is because Pokemon cards very, very rarely have typos. Any typo tends to be caught during the early part of the manufacturing process. There are just too many people looking at Pokemon cards for those laden with typos to be released out there into the wild.

    To be honest with you, the vast majority of cards out there with typos will actually be fake Pokemon cards. As you can imagine, this means that the vast majority of people are going to be steering clear of them anyway. They do not want to have to deal with cards that have typos on them. It isnt worth their time or money.

    Secondly, if a card did just so happen to have a typo on it, this is not going to be unique to a specific card. Every card of that type in the print run will have the same typo on it.

    This means that even with the rarest of cards in the set, there will still be thousands of that card out there. This means that you do not really have anything that is all that unique. You just have your normal Pokemon card.

    There may be some lower selling sets that have cards with typos on them. These cards may sell for a little bit more. However, once again, they are not especially unique, so you probably shouldnt count on earning the big bucks from them.

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    How To Tell If Pokmon Cards Are Worth Money

    Identifying if your Pokemon cards are worth money is quite important. It will help you determine the value when trading or selling to others to get the most out of it.

    The more rare the card is, the higher value it holds. In general, if the year in which the Pokémon cards was made is between 1999 and 2000, as indicated at the bottom of the card, then chances are the card has significantly increased value.

    To find out if the Pokemon cards are worth money or not is by simply looking at the bottom right corner of the card, the rarity symbol is next to the card number.

    A black circle represents the card is common, while a diamond shape means the card is uncommon, and a black star symbol indicates that the card is rare.

    As time passes by, the first edition of Pokemon cards are still extremely valuable in the present day. These cards will be marked with the same stamp that you will see near the bottom left corner of the card.

    If there is no stamp there, double check the copyright dates because it may be rarer than you think.


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