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How To Get Melmetal In Pokemon Shield

How To Transfer Gigantamax Melmetal To Pokemon Shield Or Sword

How to Get G-Max Melmetal in Pokemon Sword & Shield & Transfer Pokemon From GO to HOME

Now that the gamer has their Gigantamax Melmetal, you might want to transfer it into pokemon shield or sword. With the transfer made possible, it would be easy to bring the big guy into action.

Here are practical gaming steps to follow when you want to transfer gigantamax to shield and sword:

  • Go ahead to login to your Pokemon HOME with your Nintendo switch console.
  • Go ahead to select the pokemon that you want to transfer.
  • Then select either pokemon Shield or Pokemon sword.
  • The next step for the gamer to take would be to click Yes to be able to connect to the game.
  • Go ahead to select Melmetal in your pokemon HOME.
  • With the aid of a D-pad, move Melmetal into one your boxes that is in pokemon Shield or Pokemon sword.
  • After this go-ahead to press the + button in other to quit.
  • Then select save changes and then exit.

After following the above-elucidated steps, the gigantamax Melmetal of the gamer would be waiting for you.

Transfer Meltan To Pokmon Home

Since Meltan can only be caught with the Mystery Box in Pokémon GO, players will need to make several transfers to get it to the world of Sword/Shield. The first transfer is from GO to Let’s Go. As mentioned above, players can use bluetooth to send Pokémon from the mobile game to the Switch. Meltan is eligible for this transfer.

From there, players can connect Let’s Go to Pokémon Home. All it takes is a good internet connection to send Meltan from Let’s Go to Home‘s cloud-based storage. Similarly, Home seamlessly links to Sword/Shield. Open the Home app on your Switch to transfer Meltan into Galar.

Wondering How To Get Melmetal In Pokemon Sword And Shield It’s Not The Most Difficult Task But We Can’t Say It’s The Most Convenient Thing We’ve Ever Done

by Ginny Woo

Now that Pokemon Home has been out for a little bit and it actually enjoyed more than during its debut week, there have been a ton of Trainers keen to see their Pokemon safely from one game to another. We definitely don’t blame them – who wouldn’t want to enjoy all the functionality of Pokemon Sword and Shield with some of your favorite Pokemon of the past decade? People have also been curious about what Pokemon are now obtainable in certain games, and we’re here with a guide on how to get Melmetal in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

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Getting Gigantamax Melmetal From Pokemon Go To Sword & Shield

The method of obtaining your very own Gigantamax Melmetal is simple, but it takes a few steps before you can get it in Sword and Shield.

First, youll need to transfer at least one Pokemon from Pokemon GO to Pokemon Home. You can read the full steps on how to do that here, but well summarize it for you:

Go into settings in Pokemon GO and tap Pokemon Home. Itll ask you to connect your Nintendo Account before selecting a Pokemon to transfer.

Once youve picked one to transfer, youll need to go to the Pokemon Home app to accept it. All you have to do is open the mobile Home app and choose to accept the special Pokemon distribution reward.

Doing so will deposit a special Melmetal with Gigantamax capabilities into one of your Home storage boxes.

From there, you can transfer the Gigantamax Melmetal into your copy of Pokemon Sword or Shield to use it in battle. You can read the steps on how to do that here.

In summary, you need the Switch version of the Pokemon Home app, select Pokemon at the top of the main menu, and pick which game you want to move the Pokemon to.

The special Melmetal will come at level 100, and its Steel-type attacks will change to G-Max Meltdown in battle. This exclusive move deals damage and prevents foes from using the same move consecutively.

You can only receive one Gigantamax Melmetal, but theres no apparent time limit on how long you have to claim it.

Transfer Melmetal To Pokemon Sword And Shield

Shiny Melmetal Giveaway

Lastly, Trainers can apply the same homemade method to transfer Meltan and Melmetal to Sword and Shield, officially welcoming the unique Pokémon to the Galar Region.

Keep in mind that this process is final and that both types of steel cannot be transferred back to Pokemon: Let’s go from HOME. Coaches should also keep in mind that Meltan and Melmetal’s stats and abilities will not appear until the Pokemon are in Sword and Shield.

We hope this guide has been useful to get these two unique Pokémon on your Switch.

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How To Evolve Meltan Into Melmetal In Pokmon Sword And Shield

You won’t like the answer.

Meltan and Melmetal can finally be added to Pokemon Sword and Shield today thanks to Pokémon Home, even if the method to get the Pokémon into the game is tedious.

Meltan is easy to obtain in Pokémon Go, but trainers are looking for easy ways to get it to evolve to Melmetal. Theres no method to evolve the Pokémon on Nintendo Switch similar to Lets Go, but there is a way to get Melmetal.

The only way to get a Melmetal is through Pokémon Go by getting 400 Candies to evolve Meltan.

Then you need to transfer the Melmetal into Pokémon: Lets Go, transfer it to Home, and finally pass it along to Pokemon Sword and Shield through Home.

Its obviously not ideal and a little time-consuming, but thats the only way to do it at this time. There might be a way to evolve it in the future DLC expansions, but right now, you might need to wait weeks to get enough candy in Pokémon Go to get Melmetal in the first place.

How To Get Meltan And Melmetal In Pokmon Sword And Shield Thanks To Pokmon Home

The mythicals finally arrive.

Thanks to Pokémon Home and some crazy, convoluted trading mechanics, trainers can finally get Meltan and Melmetal in Pokémon Sword and Shieldbut itll require you to own another Pokémon game in the series.

Since Pokémon Go transfers arent available to Pokémon Home at time of writing, youll need to go through a long drawn-out process using the Lets Go games to add these creatures to your teams.

First, you need to have captured a Meltan or Melmetal in Pokémon Go through the weird mystery box feature of the game and transferred either Pokémon to Pokémon: Lets Go, Pikachu! or Lets Go, Eevee! on your Nintendo Switch.

Next, after opening Pokémon Home, you need to transfer that Meltan from the Lets Go games into a Home box. Then, transfer it from Pokémon Home to Sword and Shield, where youll finally be able to use it.

Meltan and Melmetal will only receive their abilities after being transferred to Sword and Shield, so you wont know its stats until then. You also cant transfer it back to Lets Go after doing this process.

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Pokemon Go + Pokemon Home Link Up Event

For the first time ever, it will be possible to obtain a Gigantamax version of the mythical Pokemon Melmetal! This will only be doable by obtaining a Meltan in Pokemon Go and transferring it via Pokemon Home! After doing this, you’ll be able to get Melmetal in Sword and Shield.

Release Date Later This Year

It’s important to note that this Melmetal is not currently obtainable! Link capabilities for Pokemon Go and Home are planned to go live later this year.

How To Get Gigantamax Melmetal

How to Get G-Max Melmetal in Pokemon Sword & Shield! PLUS Pokemon Go to Pokemon Home Transfer LIVE!

Obtain as a Mystery Gift from Pokemon HOME

One Gigantamax Melmetal will be available as a free Mystery Gift for players who have linked Pokemon GO to their Pokemon HOME account, and sent at least one Pokemon from Pokemon GO to Pokemon HOME. The connectivity between Pokemon GO and Pokemon HOME was announced on September 29th, and will be available during 2020 by the end of the year.

Use Max Soup

As of November 12, 2020, Melmetal which were evolved in Pokemon GO are unable to Gigantamax even after feeding them Max Soup. This might still be possible in the future, so we will add more information when it is confirmed.

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Pick Up Lets Go Eevee Or Pikachu

This isnt an easy one given the price, but picking up Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu or Lets Go Eevee may be the easiest way for you to obtain your Melmetal. Evolving Meltan into Melmetal is a lot easier with Lets Go Pikachu or Eevee for reasons that will be covered later on in this list.

If youve not played a Pokemon game before outside of Pokemon Go, the Lets Go games are actually a really good introduction to the core Pokemon series. It marries the mechanics of the core games with many of the mechanics of Pokemon Go and does so in a game that is a good bit easier than the other Pokemon games of its kind.

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How To Get G

To obtain your Gigantamax Melmetal trainers simply have to transfer at least one Pokémon from Pokémon Go to the Pokémon Home app.

Trainers have to connect their Pokémon Go app to Pokémon Home using the same Nintendo account log-in. Once you’ve done that, find the “Pokémon Home” feature in your Pokémon Go settings.

After accessing the feature, select one Pokémon to transfer over to Pokémon Home. To learn more about how the transfer process works, read our in-depth guide.

Once you’ve transferred at least one Pokémon to Pokémon Home, access the Pokémon Home mobile app. Select green button on the bottom of the screen and then the “Mystery Gifts” tab.

Select the “Gift Box” button to see a list of gifts that are ready to claim. If you transferred a Pokémon using Pokémon Go, G-Max Melmetal should appear at the top of the list. Select it, and then select “claim” to move the special Pokémon to your box in Pokémon Home.

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How To Get Meltan Into Pokmon Sword & Shield

Meltan is strange, even by Pokémon standards. It was the first Pokémon to be revealed in Pokémon GO instead of being announced for the main games. It technically belongs to Gen VII despite not appearing in the Alola games. Even now, it can only be caught by linking Pokémon GO to Pokémon Let’s Go, Pikachu and Eevee. That makes Meltan a pretty rare find unless you’re the type who needs to play every Pokémon game. Adding it to your Sword or Shield team won’t be an easy task, but we’re here to help you figure it out.

Pokmon Go Home And A Nintendo Account

Gigantamax Melmetal Showcase (Pokemon Sword &  Shield ...

Step 1: Link both the Pokémon Home apps to your Nintendo account in both the devices

Step 2: In Pokémon Go, click on the Pokéball button, and open SETTINGS.

Step 3: Scroll down to the Pokémon HOME option, and select Send Pokémon

Step 4: Continue on the GO Transporter Energy page, and select any Pokémon you want to transport

Step 5: Open the Pokémon Home app in your mobile and receive the transported to Pokémon to complete the transfer

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Pokemon Sword And Shield Melmetal

Pokemon Sword and Shield Melmetal is a Steel Type Hex Nut Pokémon, which makes it weak against Fighting, Ground, Fire type moves. You can find and catch Melmetal using our guide below on How To Obtain this pokemon. The Max IV Stats of Melmetal are 135 HP, 143 Attack, 80 SP Attack, 143 Defense, 65 SP Defense, and 34 Speed.

List of Melmetal Max IV Stats in Pokemon SW SH.

Speed 34

Based on this pokemon’s stats we consider the best nature for Melmetal to have is Relaxed, this will increase it’s Defense and decrease it’s Speed stats.

Melmetal Abilities

Gigantamax Melmetal

Gigantamax Sword Pokedex Entry

In a distant land, there are legends about a cyclopean giant. In fact, the giant was a Melmetal that was flooded with Gigantamax energy.

Gigantamax Shield Pokedex Entry

It can send electric beams streaking out from the hole in its belly. The beams’ tremendous energy can vaporize an opponent in one shot.

How To Get Meltan In Pokmon: Lets Go

Planning on playing Pokémon: Lets Go Pikachu or Pokémon: Lets go Eevee! Later this month? Good! The games will be fun and bring joy to many-a passionate Pokémon trainer.

And you passionate trainers likely want to catch as many Pokémon as you can, but dont miss out on catching one that has very peculiar prerequisites. Namely, a little metal friend called Meltan and the need to play both Pokémon Lets Go and Pokémon GO to catch it. Heres how youll be able to do that once you have the game for yourself.

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How To Find Shiny Meltan In Pokemon Go

Shiny Meltan will begin to appear in the game from Tuesday, July 6th to July 15th. This is the window where the game is celebrating its 5th anniversary. Meltan will appear if players have access to the Mystery Box item. To obtain it, players will need to send a Pokemon from Pokemon Go to either Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu, Lets Go Eevee, or Pokemon Home. This item will exclusively spawn Meltan on the map for an hour. Once the hour is over, players will have to wait 3 days to send another Pokemon to one of these other games to use the box again.

The best way to increase the chances of finding a Shiny Meltan is to use the Mystery Box and focus solely on capturing Meltan. Its completely up to chance if it will make an appearance. Players will still need 400 candy in order to evolve it into Melmetal so capture as many of these as possible. Its Shiny form will be taken away again once the anniversary celebration is over on the 15th. Dont miss out on the chance to capture it. Its unknown when it will return again.

Pokemon Gois available now on iOS and Android.

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Keep An Eye Out For Events

How to Get Gigantamax Melmetal in Pokemon Sword and Shield & Pokemon Home!

This is a fairly passive action in relation to collecting Meltans, but it’s a truth that carries over across all Pokemon media. Nintendo and, by extension, Niantic enjoy their promotional events that keep player attention focused on their games and keep people coming back.

There may yet be an event for Meltan and Melmetal on the horizon that we don’t know about. Heck, they may even put out an event to give a Melmetal to Sword and Shield. Both are easily within the realm of possibility.

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Send Melmetal To Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu / Eevee

You can access your transferred Pokemon from Pokemon Go in Fuchsia City Go Park. From there you will need to grab Melmeal, but don’t worry, there is no chance he will get away from you. If you talk to the Fortune Teller in the Pokemon Center in Celadon City before catching Melmetal in Go Park, you can change the nature of your Melmetal when you send it to Pokemon Sword and Shield!

How To Catch Meltan In Pokmon Go With The Mystery Pack

Here are all the steps to capture Meltan thanks to the Mysterious Pack obtained through Pokémon Lets Go:

  • First, you need to connect your copy of Pokémon Lets Go for Nintendo Switch to your smartphone.
  • Transfer a Pokémon from Go to Lets Go, keeping in mind that this is not reversible.
  • At this point you will receive an item in Pokémon Go called the Mystery Pack.
  • Upon opening the Mystery Pack, Meltan will spawn next to you for 30 minutes.
  • Catch as many Meltan as you can, because to get Melmetal you will need 400 candies!
  • You can only open one pack per week, so play your chance well!
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    Pick Up Let’s Go Eevee Or Pikachu

    This isn’t an easy one given the price, but picking up Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu or Let’s Go Eevee may be the easiest way for you to obtain your Melmetal. Evolving Meltan into Melmetal is a lot easier with Let’s Go Pikachu or Eevee for reasons that will be covered later on in this list.

    If you’ve not played a Pokemon game before outside of Pokemon Go, the Let’s Go games are actually a really good introduction to the core Pokemon series. It marries the mechanics of the core games with many of the mechanics of Pokemon Go and does so in a game that is a good bit easier than the other Pokemon games of its kind.

    How To Get Meltan And Melmetal In Pokmon Lets Go Pikachu & Eevee

    Pokemon Sword &  Shield Shiny Melmetal + MasterBall ...

    The only way to get Meltan and its evolution in Pokémon Lets Go is to transfer it via the Fuchsia City Go Park, and you cant catch it in any other way. Also, it is not possible to evolve Meltan once transferred, so think carefully about how to act if you want both, you must forcibly capture a Meltan, evolve it, and capture another one to transfer into the basic form. Fortunately, you can open a Mystery Pack every week in Pokémon Go, so its only a matter of time before you can get your hands on the newest Pokémon!

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