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How To Get A Water Stone In Pokemon Shield

Pokemon Sword And Shield: How To Get Dawn Stones

Where to Find a Water Stone in Pokemon Sword and Shield

The Dawn Stones are an evolution item in Pokemon Sword and Shield. The Evolution Stone is used by Trainers to combine with a select few Pokemon to help them evolve into their next form. This guide will show you where you can find this item and which Pokemon it can be combined with.

The Dawn Stone can be used to evolve:

  • Kirlia -> Gallade

How To Evolve Eevee In Pokmon Sword And Shield

Evolving Eevee in Pokémon Sword and Shield is relatively easy. There are eight Eeveelutions, but each one has a different way of evolving:

Level up Eevee until it’s at least level 15 and then use an Ice Stone.
Espeon Raise Eevee’s friendship level by playing with it and feeding it. The next time Eevee levels up during the day, it’ll evolve.
Umbreon Raise Eevee’s friendship level by playing with it and feeding it. The next time Eevee levels up at night, it’ll evolve.
Sylveon Teach Eevee a Fairy-type move and then raise its friendship level by playing with it and feeding it. Once friendship is high enough, it’ll evolve.

Where To Find Water Stones

  • Water Stones can sometimes be found behind the large rocks across from the Lake of Outrage. A Rotom Bike upgrade is required to cross the water. There is a daily drop of a different evolution stone.
  • There is a Water Stone in the Wild Area in Bridge Field. Go to the Pokemon Nursery and go straight until reaching a brick wall on the left.
  • The Digging Duo at the Bridge Field Wild Area also can sometimes dig up Water Stones. They do require Watts as payment.
  • Type: Water
  • Generation Introduced: Black and White.
  • Base Stats: Strongest in Attack, Special Attack, and Speed. Weakest in HP, Defense, and Special Defense.
  • Interesting Fact: In the Personality Assessment and Horoscope show in the Black and White games, Simipour is said to be corresponding with Aquarius.

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How Evolve Lombre Shellder And Eevee In Pokemon Sword And Shield

Now youve grabbed a Water Stone, open up the old bag menu and select the Other Items tab. From there, use it on one of the Pokemon listed below to evolve them into their final fishy form. Dont make them hold it, that wont amount to anything.

Lombre is the evolution of Lotad and can be evolved into Ludicolo with a Water Stone. Shellder on the other hand is exclusive to the Wild Area and can evolve into Cloyster with a Water Stone. Finally, if you catch yourself an Eevee on Route 4, you can evolve it into Vaporeon with one.

Where To Find Fire Stones

  • They can sometimes be dug up from the Digging Duo.
  • Sometimes, one will appear on the other side of the Lake of Outragebehind one of the large stones.
  • A specific location where one is found is to the right of Motostoke in the Wild Area. Cross the bridge and on the left in the corner of a brick wall is a Fire Stone.

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Evolve Charjabug To Vikavolt

Evolving Charjabug to Vikavolt includes a three-stage process. First, you start with a Grubbin, then with Charjabug, and finally, Vikavolt, with a Thunder Stone.

Charjabug spawns in the Axews Eye area only during rain, while in the Dusty Bowl and Hammerlocke Hills during thunderstorms.

Remember that Grubbin pops up in any weather. So, you might find it easier to evolve Charjabug from a Grubbin.

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How To Find The Thunder Stone In Pokemon Sword And Shield

For a quick route to the Thunder Stone, get yourself over to the Lake of Outrage in the Pokemon Sword and Shield Wild Area. Once youre there, look out on the left for a body of water full of Gyarados and other creatures. There should be a Watt Trader on the shore, and you can most likely see a spot on the other side with some rocks jutting out. Pick up the Rotom Bike upgrade on Route 9 then return here to cross the water and youll find an evolutionary stone under every base of the rocks in this stone circle. One of them will most likely be a Thunder Stone, but if not these stones do respawn.

Eager beavers can also head to the North Lake Miloch quadrant of the Wild Area where youll find a hill south of the bridge with a Pokeball nestled in the grass. Pick it up for an easy Thunder Stone!

Theres also your good friends in the Digging Duo who knock about in the Bridge Field part of the Wild Area. Trade them some Watts and theyll get to excavating, hopefully unearthing the stone that youre looking for!

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Pokedex Info On Simipour

  • Type: Water
  • Generation Introduced: Black and White.
  • Base Stats: Strongest in Attack, Special Attack, and Speed. Weakest in HP, Defense, and Special Defense.
  • Interesting Fact: In the Personality Assessment and Horoscope show in the Black and White games, Simipour is said to be corresponding with Aquarius.

Thunder Stone Location 2

Water Stone Location In Pokemon Sword & Shield (Early Game)

In the Lake of Outrage, youll get daily drops of different evolution stones. Pick up the shiny sparks to get a random evolution stone.

Pick Up Shining Spots Below Large Rocks

A random evolution stone can be picked up in every shiny spot below large rocks in Lake of Outrage. Check these daily to get the evolution stone youre searching for.

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How To Evolve Eevee Into Leafeon

Leafeon is a Grass-type Eevee evolution introduced in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

You no longer have to bring Eevee to a certain location with a Moss Rock to evolve it into Leafeon in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Simply give it a Leaf Stone so it will evolve!

Like the other evolutionary stones, you can get a Leaf Stone by the circle of rocks in the Lake of Outrage region of the Wild Area, or as a reward from the Digging Duo.

How To Evolve Eevee Into Glaceon

Glaceon is an Ice-type Eevee evolution first introduced in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

Like Leafeon, Glaceons evolution method was also changed in Pokemon Sword and Shield. You no longer have to bring it to a location with an Ice Rock. Instead, give it an Ice Stone to make it evolve.

Yes you can also obtain an Ice Stone from the set of rocks on the hill in the Lake of Outrage region in the Wild Area, or, as a reward from the Digging Duo.

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How To Catch A Growlithe And Arcanine

In Sword and Shield, Growlithe can actually be found in many locations. These places include the Rolling Fields, Dappled Grove, Watchtower Ruins, East Lake Axewell, West Lake Axewell, Axews Eye, South Lake Miloch, Giants Seat, North Lake Miloch, Route 3, the Dusty Bowl, and Hammerlocke Hills. Nearly all locations require for the weather to have Intense Sun. For the highest spawn rate, players should look for Growlithe at the Rolling Fields during Intense Sun. To get them at their highest wild level , the Dusty Bowl during intense sun is the place to look.

While Arcanine is obtainable in both games, actually catching one is Shield Exclusive. One can sometimes spawn at the Lake of Outrage during Intense Sun. For Sword players, they will need to evolve one from a Growlithe.

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How To Evolve Charjabug In Pokemon Sword & Shield

Put simply, players will need to use a Thunder Stone in order to evolve Charjabug in Generation 8. This is a great change, as having to level them up in a specific area was annoying and tedious, as it always is when trying to evolve a pokemon via leveling up. Some of the reasons why this is disliked by many are that most players would rather farm wild pokemon in areas that yield greater Exp or wish to allow Charjabug to gain specific Effort Values .

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Another nice thing about this change is that players dont have to guess or time when to evolve their Charjabug, as the mechanics revolving around its previous evolution method were always obscure at best. Utilizing a Thunder Stone gives trainers a lot more control when thinking about ascending Charjabug into a Vikavolt, which is ideal for letting gamers level up Charjabug until they learn specific moves before evolving them.

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Pokemon Sword And Shield: All Evolution Stones Locations

This is our guide on all the Evolution Stones locations found within Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Guideby Hirun Cryer, Staff Writer

If youre looking to advance the growth of your favorite Pokemon, then look no further than the special Evolution Stones. You can use the stones to immediately evolve any Pokemon to its next form, so you could use a Fire Stone to procure yourself a Charizard from a Charmeleon. In our Pokemon Sword and Shield Evolution Stones guide, well be detailing the locations of every Evolution Stone in both games.

On this page:

How To Get Glaceon And Leafeon During Community Day

Eevees Leaf and Ice-type evolutions both have their standard methods of evolutions during the event.

Players will need to use a Mossy Lure Module on a Pokestop and evolve Eevee within the radius to get a Leafeon or repeat the trick with a Glacial Lure Module to get a Glaceon.

While these items do cost, Niantic has confirmed that there will be some Research during Community Day that rewards a Mossy Lure Module and a Glacial Lure Module.

Leafeon and Glaceons naming trick is Linnea or Rea .

Which of these Pokémon hatching during the Ultra Unlock Part 2: Space event have you hatched? Let us know below!

Pokémon GO

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Pokemon Sword And Shield Evolution Stones Locations

For each element Pokemon, there is an evolution stone available. And we will list the location of all of them below

Fire StoneTo get ahold of the fire stone, you will have to go near the Lake Miloch in the first wild area. Head towards the north of Lake Miloch and you will reach a bridge that you will use to cross the river. After crossing the river, look towards the wall on the left. The fire stone will be present in the base of the large wall.

Fire stone can be used to evolve the following Pokemon, while Scorbunny evolves without needing one

  • Eevee evolves to Flareon.
  • Growlithe evolves to Arcanine.

Leaf StoneTo find the Leaf stone location, head to Turffield which is the first major city you will come across in the game. Go up the slope that leads out of Turffield to the right, and youll come to a female NPC. On the short path adjacent to her to the right, you can find the Leaf Stone on the ground.

The Leaf stone can be used to evolve the following Pokemon.

  • Eevee evolves to Leafeon.
  • Gloom evolve to Vileplume.

Water StoneTo find the water stone, go to the wild area in Bridge Field. Look to the large wall that surrounds Motostoke in this area. At the base of this wall, look for an energy well, and youll find the Water Stone just a few meters nearby at the base of the wall.

The Water stone can be used to evolve the following Pokemons.

  • Eevee evolves to Vaporeon.

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Pokmon Sword & Shield: Every Eeveelution

Where to Find Water Stone – Pokemon Sword & Shield (All Methods)

Eeveelutions are all over the Galar region for players to catch. This guide will help players capture every Eeveelution in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Every Eeveelution can be captured in Pokemon Sword & Shield. This guide will help players capture every Eeveelution in the game. Eevee is one of the most iconic Pokemon to exist in the series. The unique ability of this Pokemon is the ability to change into 8 different Pokemon when compared to others. When the series first began, Eevee could only evolve into 3 different Pokemon, Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Flareon. As the generations went on, certain generations included new evolutions for Eevee. Fortunately, Pokemon Sword & Shield allows players to capture every Eeveelution available. Heres how players can capture every Eeveelution in the game.

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Where To Catch Eevee In Pokmon Sword And Shield

In Pokémon Sword and Shield, you can find Eevee on Route 4. After you exit Galar Mine, youll come across some rolling fields that lead to Turffield. Eevee will appear randomly in the tall grass in this area.

Alternatively, head to the Wild Area and take part in some Max Raid Battles to get your hands on an Eevee. Jumping into battles in Bridge Field, East Lake Axewell, Motostoke Riverbank, or Rolling Fields could land you an Eevee. Defeat the powerful Dynamax Eevee using Fighting-type Pokémon and then throw your best ball to capture it. We find Dusk Balls or Ultra Balls work best on Dynamax Pokémon.

How To Find Dawn Stones In Pokemon Sword And Shield

Unlike the Shiny Stones,which can be found in a few locations, there is only one place you can find the Dawn Stone:

Dawn Stone Location: First, unlock the Water Rotom Bike on Route 9 so you are able to drive through a blocked area and reach the lake in the northwest of the Wild Area. This is the Lake of Outrage. There, you will find a circle of large rocks where many Evolution Stones are hidinghere you will discover a Dawn Stone. Just tap on the stone to harvest the Evolution Stone you require.

Happy hunting!

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Final Words: Shiny Stone In Pokemon

Finding the Shiny Stone to upgrade your Pokemon characters can be quite tough and might eventually get frustrating. We hope that this guide helped you in finding the Shiny Stone and leveling up your Pokemon. Donât forget to share your thoughts with us by dropping comment below!

Now that you have your go-to guide to find the Shiny Stone, getting this evolution stone must have become quite easy for you. So, when are you going on an adventure of finding the Shiny Stone in Pokemon?

Pokmon Sword And Shield: Where To Find Thunder Stones

Raichu is better than Pikachu.

If you want to evolve your Pikachu into a Raichu or your Eevee into a Jolteon in Pokémon Sword and Shield, youre going to have to track down some Thunder Stones. These have been a part of Pokémon games since Gen I, but where can they be found in Gen VIII?

The Wild Area is your best bet to find some Thunder Stones with there being three different opportunities to pick one up with one of the methods regularly giving you new ones, though you will need to have made some story progress.

The first Pokémon Sword and Shield Thunder Stone you can find will be available almost immediately after entering your first Wild Area.

Heres the location for the most immediately accessible Thunder Stone in Pokémon Sword and Shield.

Head northeast until you see a small hill, then walk along its ridge until you see the Thunder Stone as an item just sitting there.

The other method needs you to have had made significant story progress before you can even access it. Right in the northwest point of the Wild Area, theres a small island featuring loads of rocks in a formation, the games likely nod to Stonehenge.

Behind each of these rocks, you can find a different evolution stone, one of them being a Thunder Stone.

The good thing about these evolution stones is that they will sporadically regenerate, so you have plenty of opportunities to farm up some evolved Electric-type Pokémon.

Pikachu -> Raichu

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Which Pokemons Evolve With The Shiny Stone

There are multiple ways you can evolve a Pokemon. One of the ways is by using an Evolution Stone like the Shiny Stone or an item. The only difference between using a stone and item is that the former causes instant evolution of your Pokemon while the later waits for a particular event for a Pokemon to be evolved or traded up!

Here are the Pokemons that have evolved with the Shiny Stone and their evolved character.

  • A Togetic Pokemon is evolved into Togekiss Pokemon .
  • Roselia levels up to become Roserade .
  • Minccino Pokemon turns into Cinccino .
  • A Floette Pokemon levels up into Florges Pokemon .

As you can see, the Sped and Hit Points of your Pokemon characters significantly increase after using the Shiny Stone. Besides, these characters also become heavier and, in most cases, taller upon evolving.

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