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How Do You Get Battle Points In Pokemon Sword

Effort Values: What Are They

How to earn BP (Battle Points) in Pokémon Sword and Shield

Every Pokémon battle you win yields effort values ! So, for those of you unfamiliar, you have already been gaining EVs! Generally speaking, Defeated Pokémon give effort values consistent with their highest stat. For example, Ponyta gives 1 speed EV each time you defeat it as its highest base stat is speed!

Redeem This Code For Another 20 Battle Points In Pokemon Sword/shield


Need more Battle Points in Pokemon Sword/Shield? Well, youre in luck!

The official Pokemon Sword/Shield news channel on Nintendo Switch has distributed another mystery gift code. This time, players can enter KAMPFTEAM in order to redeem 20 Battle Points which can be exchanged for useful in-game items.

Dont tarry for too long, however. The code will only stay active until 28 February 2020 !

Well report back when more mystery gift codes drop in the future. Stay tuned!

Pokmon Sword And Shield: How To Get Battle Points To Buy Bottle Caps

A short guide for how to get Battle Points in Pokemon Sword and Shield in order to buy Bottle Caps.

Despite all the hoopla prior to its launch about the reduced Pokedex, Pokémon Sword and Shield has been a massive success with a large number of fans thoroughly enjoying the instalment. If youre one of the many people enjoying it but are confused about how to buy items that require the in-game currency of BP, in this article youll discover everything you must know about how to get and earn Battle Points for Bottle Caps.

Theres plenty of endgame content in Pokémon Sword and Shield for once youve completed the main campaign and narrative, and one of the many things you can do includes frequenting the Battle Tower.

The Battle Tower is necessary to getting the IV Checker, and as youve probably already predicted its the place where you get and earn Battle Points.

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How Do You Get Free Bp In Pokemon Sword

Select Mystery Gift from the menu screen, then select Get A Mystery Gift, hit Get Gift via Code/Password, continue to follow the prompts in order to connect online, and then enter the download code G1GANTAMAX or KAMPFTEAM when asked to do so, then presto, those 20 Battle Points should now be yours.

Earn Rare Dynamax And Xp Candy

What are Max Raid Battles in Pokémon Sword and Shield?

Getting around 300 000 experience in one go is insanely easy

Each Max Raid Battle, depending on the difficulty will drop various items. The most important for you are the rare, Dynamax and XP candies. XP candies are the most abundant and come in medium, large and extra-large sizes that are worth different amounts of experience. Rare candy immediately levels up a selected Pokemon, while Dynamax candies make his Dynamax form stronger. Rinse and repeat the XP farm until you have a fair amount.

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How To Claim Mystery Gift

Those who took part in the Armor Beginnings event are now able to get a 50 battle points bonus.

Follow the guide below to redeem:

  • Load Pokemon Sword and Shield
  • Go into the menu and press the VS option, then go into the Battle Stadium section
  • Check here for your results of the Armor Beginnings Online competition
  • Now exit into the main menu and press the Mystery Gifts option
  • You should now have the 50 battle points gift

Use Best Tier Pokemon For Single Battle To Win

Since the Battle Tower is a level playing field, you cannot simply defeat opponents by over-leveling. Organize a good team in order to win! Though the provided link is for ranked battle, they are the best among all Pokemon!

Legendary Pokemon & Starter Pokemon Are Options

Our team of writers were able to reach the last rank using just Legendaries and starter Pokemon! They are also viable team options too!

Breed Strong Pokemon

Breeding Pokemon is a good way to smoothly navigate the Battle Tower. By breeding, you will be able to ensure your Pokemon have the right nature & individual strengths to thrive.

Base Points Count

You will get a massive advantage by properly EV training your Pokemon before taking them to the Battle Tower – this is highly recommended.

Have Wide Move Coverage

To be able to counter various types of Pokemon, it is recommended to bring moves of many types. You can use TM/TR’s to greatly improve your overall coverage.

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How Do You Get Bottle Caps In Pokmon Sword And Shield

You can get Bottle Caps in Pokémon Sword and Shield by exchanging 25 Battle Points at the Battle Tower.

The Digging Duo can also dig Bottle Caps up, but the most common method is to simply buy them with BP.

As for why you want the rare item, its because theyre essentially fundamental to maxing out one of your Pokémons IVs.

Individual Values are stats your Pokémon is born with and once you unlock the Battle Tower any level 100 Pokémon of yours can get one of their IVs maxed with the use of a Bottle Cap and Hyper Training.

  • WILD SIDE:How to Quick Balls in the Wild Area of Pokémon Sword and Shield

Pokémon Sword and Shield is available on Nintendo Switch.

Battle Points Bp Farming

Fastest way to get Battle Points Pokemon Sword and Shield

Battle Points BP farming in Pokemon Sword and Shield is as easy as grinding single and double battles in Battle Tower and defeating trainers by raising your rank in the game.

Raise your RankRaise your rank up in Single and Double battles and beat trainers in Single Battle as much as you can to efficiently farm battle points. Doing this will gain you various rewards. However, if you get stuck on certain fights, go ahead and rent Pokemon from the available roster, or simply breed stronger Pokemon to stand your ground against the stronger Pokemon.

Grind Single BattlesBoth Single Battles and Double Battles will reward you with the same amount of Battle Points , therefore, it is wise and recommended that you continuously defeat trainers in Single Battle for maximum efficiency.

Get EternatusEternatus is a Pokemon that will be able to handle most of the early stages of the Battle Tower due to its High Speed and Special Attack very easily. So if you want to farm, best catch yourself the legendary Eternatus.

Renting Pokemon TeamsIf you are stuck at some point in the Battle Tower and your Pokemon Team is just quite not cutting it, then you can go for an alternative option which is renting a Pokemon Team. The following teams are available to use by the players:

  • Skill Team
  • Rain Team
  • Slow Team

While Duraludon is a bit useless in this roster, Tyranitar with Dragon Dance and Falinks are two of the most useful Pokemon in this composition.

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Battle Tower Unlocks After Beating The Game

The Battle Tower lets trainers push their Pokemon’s abilities in battle. The tower is located on the northern part of the map.

Battle Tower Location

The Battle Tower is located in the Northernmost part of the map. If you’ve been there once, you will be able to use the Flying Taxi to fast travel to it.

How To Exchange Pokmon Home Points For Battle Points

Theres a new way to earn battle points

Image via The Pokémon Company

Pokémon Homegives you the chance to keep all of your Pokémon in one place in a digital format. You can transfer them over from your Pokémon Bank, Pokémon Go, Lets Go Eevee or Lets Go Pikachu, and Pokémon Sword and Shield. When you download the mobile application, you can also trade them with strangers or friends, create labels, participate in the wonder box, gain mystery boxes, and have the application judge your Pokémon if you have the premium subscription. For those using the Nintendo Switch version of Pokémon Home, you can earn points to give yourself battle points to use in Pokémon Sword and Shield.

To gain access to Pokémon Home points, you need to open up your Nintendo Switch and . It shouldnt take you too long, and it only takes up 707MB of space. When you have it downloaded you need to go through the tutorial process for the first time, which takes about as long as the download.

When that wraps up, you are free to start exploring Pokémon Home. The first thing you can do is transfer Pokémon over to your new system, and when you do, you can start completing challenges and research tasks. You can check what research tasks are in the Pokémon Home application by viewing them in the Pokédex option on the main menu, to the right of the National Pokédex. You should see a list of available research tasks from the games connected to Pokémon Home.

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What Is Bp And What You Can Buy

Pokemon Sword and Shield takes a lot of liberties with the franchise. Dynamaxing, the Wild Area, and many other aspects have been totally reworked or created out of whole cloth. But its still a Pokemon game at its core, which means theres a lot of things carried over from previous titles. The Battle Tower is one of these, with the usual gauntlet of trainers to take on. The reward is the same too, but many players arent sure how it all works. Heres how to get BP in Pokemon Sword and Shield. But first we should explain what is BP.

How To Get Battle Points

Pokemon Sword And Shield Will Have Ranked Battles

The main way to get battle points is to grind through all the battles at the battle tower. You can participate in either Single or Double Battles and hence, earn these rewards twice. Here is the amount of BP you get at each level, as well as other rewards.

MAX Rare Candy x 10, Mint, Ability Capsule, Bottle Cap x3, Gold Bottle Cap, 50 BP

If you wish to buy anything from the BP shop, you’d need to at least progress to the ‘Poke Ball’ tier, as even the cheapest item in the BP store costs 5 BP. However, playing through the ‘Beginner’ tier twice, once in Single Battle and again in Double Battle, should earn you just enough BP to get started with shopping.

As you grind through the ranks, the battles will become increasingly difficult. If you can’t face the challenge with your own roster, then you can approach the man in the green shirt in the Battle Tower to ‘rent’ Pokemon. The rental Pokemon are well-trained, with phenomenal Individual Values and know the right moves to synergize with their teams.

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Cramorant Special Max Raid Event Reward

Distribution Start Date
Distribution End Date

Players can now receive their reward from defeating Cramorant on Max Raid Event for 1 million times! Since the players reached 1M, they will receive both sets of rewards. Don’t forget to claim yours!

Item Set Gift
Until February 28, 2020 8:59

You can receive a Bottle Cap by inputting this serial code in receiving Mystery Gifts.

Bottle Caps are essential in training your Pokemon to increase their IVs.

Where Do You Get Battle Points In Pokemon Black 2

BP can be exchanged for items at one of the Exchange Service Corners located on each of the platforms at Gear Station. In Pokémon Black 2 and White 2, they can also be spent at the Exchange Service Corner at the Pokémon World Tournament. In Generation VI, the player can earn Battle Points at the Battle Maison and Battle Institute.

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Find And Participate In The Max Raid Battles

Wild Area will feature a ton of Pokemon but you can ignore all of them. What you should be interested in are the glowing lights coming out of rock formations on the ground. These are the Max Raid battles against the giant Dynamaxed and Gigantamaxed Pokemon. They come in either red or purple color, designating the rarity and strength of the Pokemon within. Your goal here is to defeat or capture each one of these Pokemon as theyll drop XP and other valuable items. Here is where your Pokemon from step 1 comes into play. He should be more than equipped to take down almost any Dynamaxed Pokemon and their cheap barriers.

Where Is The Gear Station In Pokemon Black

How to Get Easy BP in Pokemon Sword and Shield! Best BP Grinding Method

The Gear Station is the building East of the Pokemon Center in Nimbasa City . Unlike real battles, the Battle Subway does not reward you with Experience Points or Money. Instead, you battle lines of trainers with select Pokemon to earn Battle Points . The Battle Points can then be spent on items at the counter near each Subway.

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Prepare To Face Your First Pokmon Gym

Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield isn’t justabout camping and catching Pokémon, though. You’ll need to toughen up and dosome battling in the many Gyms that dot the Galar region. It won’t be long intoyour adventure before you encounter your first Gym in the town of Turffield.

You can’t just stroll into a Galar region Gym and get a GymBadge, however. You’ll first have to complete a Gym mission and challenge a fewTrainers before reaching the pitch where you’ll confront the real protheGym Leader. Whenever you head into a Gym, be sure to bring along some Potions andother healing items so you don’t have to hoof it back to a Pokémon Center to healany damage your Pokémon incurred.

Once you’vedefeated the first Gym Leader, you’ll earn a Gym Badge along with a couple ofother valuable items. And although you’ll be prompted to head off to the next Gym, don’t ever be afraid to continue exploring the Galarregion first. As you earn more Gym Badges, for example, Pokémon Centers willbegin stocking new merchandise. The Wild Area will change as wellyou’ll evenbegin to find higher-level Max Raid Battles there. New weather conditions mayappear as you proceed through your adventure, which will influence whichPokémon appear.

Remember that you can find valuable tips like these and much more in Pokémon Sword & Pokémon Shield: The Official Galar Region Strategy Guide, available now in book stores and soon in the Pokémon Center.

Beat The Stuffing Out Of Chansey And Audino

In past games, the Pokémon Audino was added as a somewhat rare encounter. In Black and White, it was most commonly found in rustling grass, allowing it to be found on a regular basis. This was useful, because Audino gives a ridiculous amount of experience when defeated. It rivals Chansey in terms of experience gained.

Fortunately for trainers, both of those two normal-types can be found in the two DLC areas. Chansey can be found and beaten down during The Isle of Armor , while Audino are found during The Crown Tundra and serve well for post-game grinds. For trainers who don’t mind a lopsided EV spread, or are just looking for quick exp., these two Pokémon are a blessing from the heavens.

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How To Get Zacian And Zamazenta In Pokemon Sword And Shield

Pokemon Sword and Shield provoked a lot of questions regarding how it stacks up against other mainline Pokemon titles.

The one area where Pokemon Sword and Shield stands comfortably at the top of the series is in the strength of its legendaries. Alongside Eternatus standing as the strongest Pokemon in the history of the franchise, cover Pokemon Zacian and Zamazenta statistically stand in second and third place, respectively. As such, its worth taking a deep dive into the Pokemon that have been fondly labeled the sword doggo and shield pupper. Here is how to catch Zacian and Zamazenta, and how to best utilize them.

Purchase Items At Battle Tower

How to earn Battle Points (BP) in Pokémon Sword and Shield ...

Acquired BP can be spent at the BP Shop at the Battle Tower. Look for the man and woman in the middle of the left counter. The man sells items while the woman sells Mints.

Change Pokemon Nature With Mints

Natures are a Pokemon’s unique personality, which affects how their stats develop. This can be changed by using Mints, letting players choose which stats to emphasize.

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Where Do You Exchange Battle Points In Pokemon Heartgold

Battle Points can be exchanged for items at the Exchange Service Corner or scratch cards at the Pokémon Scratch-Off Corner. In Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, the player can also spend BP at Move Tutors located in Frontier Access . In Black, White, Black 2, and White 2, the player can earn Battle Points at the Battle Subway.

Bulbasaur And Squirtle With Gigantamax Factor


Following the recent Pokemon Home update, Bulbasaur and Squirtle with the Gigantamax Factor are available for redemption via Mystery Gift!

No end date has been announced yet, but best redeem it as soon as you can!

Mystery Gifts

Virtual Concert on Pokemon Day

You can watch the virtual concert on February 27th for free! Just tune in to Pokemon’s 25th Anniversary website, the official Pokémon YouTube channel, or the official Pokémon Twitch channel starting at 12:00 a.m. GMT.

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