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Best Games Like Pokemon Go

The Walking Dead: Our World

Top 5 Games Like Pokemon GO (Pokemon GO Alternatives iOS & Android)

The Walking Dead: Our World had the difficult task of encouraging players to go outside instead of hiding from the zombies indoors. The game asks you to save survivors and makes zombie encounters quick, so you dont feel like you are wasting time standing still. This is a great way to kill zombies while youre walking, and it has become so popular that one billion zombies have already been killed. The only downside is that the game aggressively encourages you to spend more money once you reach a certain level. It would be much better if they could ease off asking you to get the pay-to-win content.

The Changing Landscape Of Gaming Apps

Its important to note that the July 2016 release of Pokémon GO in the U.S, Australia, and New Zealand shook up the app world.. For instance, a strikingly similar app, Citymon Go, was the most downloaded iOS app in China in that July.

As app developers rush to make similar games, the opportunities to combine virtual gameplay and exercise will continue to expand.

How Does Pokmon Work

For starters, Pokémon is a kind of a virtual pet that needs training and which players must take good care of. This is in itself fascinating, but other than that, a user can join any of the three global teams to fight for a territory. After downloading the application and creating their own character, players gain access to animated Google Maps, where actual names of squares and streets are hidden. These places have comparable real buildings associated with specific Pokémon. As players move in the real world, their character repeats the movement and the route. At this point, you can randomly encounter Pokémon, capture, and add them to your collection.

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What Is Augmented Reality

Before we dive into the complicated dynamics of Pokémon, it is good to first understand augmented reality and what it entails. In simple terms, augmented reality is the integration of pertinent digital information with the surrounding environment in real time. AR can be experienced through a tablet, smartphone, or headset. The incorporation of AR technology in the game, Pokémon Go has encouraged players to go outside and interact with their environment as well as with one another. In the process, users have been able to explore their towns and cities more.

Want A Game That Will Get You Out Of The House For An Adventure Look No Further

Games Like Pokemon Go

When you talk about viral, massively popular social games, you cant avoid mentioning Pokemon Go, a game where you use your phone to locate various Pokemon in your area with the goal of going to capture them. This game gave so many people a good reason to get out of the house and be happy, but its popularity has decreased a bit over the years.

Nevertheless, we will still provide you with a solid list of the best games like Pokemon Go that you can enjoy immediately. While they do not have the same level of depth as the original, they still provide you with an excellent experience that can be revisited on a day-to-day basis.

If you find yourself still in need of new games to play, be it mobile or PC, you dont have to look any further. For the mobile gamers, we have a nice selection of the best mobile RPG games, as well as the best free PC games for members of the PC master race!

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Fun Alternative Games For People Who Love Pokemon Go

After launching in Pokémon Go has become a massive success among both kids and adults alike. The augmented reality game that involves locating Pokémon, carrying out raids, and interacting with other players in the real world. If youre a big Pokémon Go fan but want to switch up your gaming experience a little, then there are thousands of alternative AR games out there.

Whether you want another augmented adventuring game or something you can play from the comfort of your own home, theres a mobile game out there for you. Some of these games take a little more effort, knowledge, and strategy than others, but they can all be excellent fun.

Best Augmented Reality Games Like Pokemon Go

This post is all about similar games to Pokemon Go. A few years ago, Pokémon Go was an increased reality game that was launched by Niantic Studios. Just after the launch, the geolocation games surprised the entire mobile gaming market community. Besides, there are so many GPS based games like Pokemon Go. They will be a great augmented reality mobile games experience. So select the suitable games for you and Have fun!

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Dragon Quest Walk A Dragon Quest Ar Game

Dragon Quest was another classic RPG series turned into an augmented reality game. Heroes must battle monsters to fulfill objectives and level up their characters in Dragon Quest Walk.

We can find quests in various real-world locales that the player can visit. Furthermore, each locale has its collection of opponents and collectibles to contend with.

If necessary, some areas will even heal the player. Like Pokemon GO, you might fight boss bouts with other players. Depending on the adversary, up to 12 players can take part.

Best Games Like Pokmon Go

Top 10 Games Like Pokemon GO for mobile

Discover new worlds while exploring your own.

You wouldnt think Pokémon Go would do as well as it did since most gamers prefer to stay home and play on a PC or console. But Pokémon is a series that extends well beyond regular gamers the game uses Augmented Reality to make Pokémon appear through the phones camera. The camera is how players view the world of Pokémon Go, making it easy to learn how to play.

The success of Pokémon Go spurred other games to follow suit, and it really helped advance the AR industry as a whole. Many other games have found ways to put their world or ideas into a phone through AR and added more features. This has caused even more players to get into different AR-focused worlds where they compete against each other or work together for a common goal. They are generally prohibited in cars, so players dont get into collisions or cheat their way to more steps. As time has passed, games that took inspiration from Pokémon Go have become fit contenders.

Below are the best games that are a lot like Pokémon Go.

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Pokemon Go Test Your Mettle Timed Research & Field Research Tasks And Rewards

Trainers, the Test Your Mettle event has started in Pokemon Go and you can now complete the new Timed Research and the new Field Research tasks and earn cool rewards such as Aggron Mega Energy, Togemaru, and Aron.

The Test Your Mettle Timed Research brings a new set of tasks, and when completed players can earn different rewards. The tasks are focusing on catching Steel-type Pokemon, making Nice, Great, and Curveball throws, and more. The tasks are not that hard and you can complete the Timed Research in no time.

That said, lets take a look at the list of all tasks and rewards for the Test Your Mettle Timed Research quest. Please have in mind that there are two different stages one must complete.

Want A Relaxing Mobile Game Try Pikmin Bloom

Pikmin Bloom is a recently-released game made by Niantic, the developer of Pokemon Go. Its a cute adventure game that encourages players to get out in the real world and explore. Players are rewarded with items like flowers, Pikmin food, and special materials that encourage Pikmin to grow. This is an excellent option for anyone who wants a relaxing game that encourages them to get out of the house. The relaxing nature and simple gameplay make it a great way to relax.

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Arrrrrgh Turns Your Living Room Into A Treasure Hunt

ARrrrrgh is a hide-and-seek mobile game that two or more people can play at a time. Players must search for a digitally-hidden treasure somewhere nearby. It can be played in a smaller space like a living room or out in the wider world. Its a great and silly game for adults and kids alike, though its definitely aimed at younger audiences. Its a great way to keep the kids occupied during the summer months or spend some time exploring with friends. One player buries the treasure while other participants use the app to find it.

How Much Does It Cost

Games Like Pokemon Go

When it comes to creating applications, the question of how much the whole procedure costs is often asked. To make things clear, there isnt a precise cost of developing such an application. The amount to pay highly depends on the features and the functionality that you would like to add in the application. The cost of this kind of a game can only be calculated according to its functionality.

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Shin Megami Tensei: Liberation Dx2

Available on Android and iOS.

Turn the real world into the post-apocalypse. If you want monster-collecting gameplay on your phone, Shin Megami Tensei is a great choice and has a darker, mature aesthetic.

The game actually added augmented reality features because of the success of Pokémon GO. You can summon the monsters you catch and pose them for photos around the real world.

Instead of cute, cuddly animalsShin Megami Tensei offers you Demons to battle with instead. Their designs range from horrifying to sexy and absolutely wicked.

Shin Megami Tensei draws inspiration from all kinds of supernatural beings, whether it be biblical demons or deities. If youre a huge nerd for mythology, youll love the monster designs.

The battle system in SMT is somewhat similar to Pokémon GO, in the way that its team-centric and turn-based. Theres also a PvP mode, where you can battle other players online.

Parties in this game consist of four demons, and a liberator. Liberators are human party leaders, which you unlock more as you progress through the game.

Demons can either be summoned through a Gacha-styled system, or negotiated to join your team after a battle. Convincing a demon to join your team? Its a very different, interesting twist in the monster-catching genre.

Shin Megami Tensei is similarly played in a portrait mode, so youll find the UI familiar. It also has a huge focus on story, with a diverse range of characters and gripping plot to play through.

What You Need To Create A Basic Pokmon Go Type Game

The following are some simple things that you might need to create a basic Pokémon Go like app:

  • Come up with a way to authenticate users. You could implement Facebook or Google login. Having a proper way to identify users helps you track progress
  • Have access to earth map data. This allows you to present a map to players.
  • Be knowledgeable about points of interest by the longitude and latitude coordinates. In the game, Pokémon Go, points of interest are Gyms or Poke Stops.
  • Create virtual objects at the points of interests. This enables players to interact with these virtual objects when they are near a point of interest.
  • Develop an app that has access to GPS and one that draws a basic map with the player at the center of it.
  • Build a web service which when given a user id, retrieves nearby points of interests and virtual objects. Additionally, the web service will help to keep track of the players progress, and experience points.

As earlier stated, Unity is one of the best engines to build a Pokémon type game. Unity can be combined with Vuforia, a Virtual Reality library tasked with integrating objects in the real world and mapping the environment. You will also need a good server that you will use to retrieve what is around a specific player. For quick retrieval, you will need to index virtual objects and points of interest by their coordinates. You will also need to have a background process that repeatedly shapes the virtual world.

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Guide For The Best Counters Against Celesteela During Battle Raids

Celesteela is an Ultra Beast which has a large bodily construction in Pokémon Go. Its body looks like a space shuttle and its hands are like a bamboo shoot. Celesteelas huge hands radiate high energy, and they also can fly in the sky with incredible speed. It has no evolutionary line. In this Pokémon Go guide, we are going to talk about the best ways and counters to defeat Celesteela in a battle raid.

Real Strike The Original 3d Augmented Reality Fps Gun App


Developed by Yii International, this awesome app turns reality into a military base and brings first person shooting in the real world. It combines your real-life surroundings with 3D gun animation with 25 weapons to choose from. The firing, reloading, and animations are sensitive and cool. Combat items include night vision, thermal vision, and more. Its an awesome game for FPS lovers, but its available for iOS only.

One of those very few apps like Pokemon Go which lets you experience the full power of augmented reality. In fact, the experience is different from Pokemon Go in the sense that get to go around the world shooting with the weapons of your choice.

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Army Of Robots Is One Of The Best Games Like Pokemon Go

The game aims to collect and combat robots. Anyone at any age may play without special equipment.

The robots in the game are based on characters from the popular anime series Gundam. There are over 100 different types of robots to collect.

And each one has its unique abilities. Players can battle against others either locally or online.

One of the best things about Army of Robots is that it is free to play. No in-app purchases are required.

Players can progress through the game without spending any money.

Option #: Wikitude Ar Sdk

Wikitude offers a comprehensive AR app SDK. The SDK offers all the key features, e.g.:

  • Object and scene recognition
  • Cloud recognition: developers can work with thousands of images hosted in the cloud
  • 3D augmentations.

For a complete list of features, visit their features webpage.

Your team needs to sign-up with Wikitude. Create your AR designs using the Wikitude Studio. You can create and manage target collections besides, you can create and publish AR experiences here.

Wikitude Studio is a drag-and-drop tool to create an AR experience, furthermore, the company also has a Studio Editor with intuitive navigation. The web-based studio is easy-to-use, additionally, you can easily work on image recognition, object and scene recognition, augmentations, etc.

Visit the studio webpage for more details.

AR apps requiring more than 1,000 target image recognition can use the Wikitude Cloud Recognition. This offers a lot more space, hence, there is a greater target image recognition capability.

Wikitude offers different features in their different pricing plans. For e.g., the higher-priced plans include object recognition, scene recognition, cloud recognition, etc. Wikitude supports iOS, Android, and Windows platforms. Visit their pricing page for details.

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Angry Birds Ar: Isle Of Pigs

Angry Birds AR: Isle of Pigs is a game that takes the AR formula and adds it to an already established franchise without copying Pokémon Gos main objective to get players to walk around. Angry Birds AR: Isle of Pigs turns the world of Angry Birds into a 3D game, where the pigs have set up their fortress directly in front of the player. Players use bird catapults to knock down fortresses and kill birds like in the regular game.

There are over 70 levels with the developers, Rovio Entertainment, adding more over time. You may find Angry Birds AR: Isle of Pigs more enjoyable and affordable than others on this list if you run out of Pokéballs.

Games Like Pokemon Go You Must Know

16 Games Like

The rising popularity of AR games like Pokemon Go is rapidly increasing. With the limitless opportunities to enter into a fantasy world where players get to be any creature they want to be and go on adventures that are virtually out of this world, AR games are leading the ranks in the gaming industry. The best thing about it is that you only need a good mobile data connection and your smartphone to enjoy all the adventures that await you in all the best AR games.

Unlike many mobile games that have been criticized for causing gamers and other frequent mobile players to spend hours at home, leading a sedentary lifestyle, AR games merge the real and the virtual. It gets people moving!

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The Witcher: Monster Slayer

The Witcher: Monster Slayer makes players feel like they are a part of the world of The Witcher. When players open the app, they see their world with units marked in different locations. Units are either NPCs who sell you items and give you quests or Monsters you need to kill. There are the same monsters as in the games, so you should prepare yourself with oils and potions beforehand. In the same way you can attack monsters, they can also attack you, so be ready to spend time healing after every encounter. Overall, its a fun experience that quickly attracted a lot of players upon release.

Sharks In The Park Is One Of The Best Games Like Pokemon Go

Most people know about the popular game Pokémon Go. Its a smartphone game that utilizes GPS to monitor your position.

Then lets you catch Pokémon in real life. There are also Pokéstops located in various places where you can collect items and gyms where you can battle other players.

Sharks in the Park is very similar to Pokémon Go. However, there are a few key differences.

For starters, there are sharks instead of Pokémon. And instead of Pokéstops and gyms, there are food sources and breeding grounds.

Find and feed as many sharks as you can before they reach the parks finish. Sharks in the Park is a fun Pokémon Go alternative.

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