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Mega Charizard Y Ex Has The Potential To Wipe Out An Opponents Deck

My Pokemon Mega EX Card Collection

In the history of the Pokémon TCG, Charizard has been the most desirable card for fans to have. When the Mega Charizard Y EX card was released, it was a game-changer for players. This card has an attack called Crimson Dive that does 300 damage, but with the consequence of dealing 50 damage to itself.

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With an HP of 220, this card can deal its attack five times before it goes down to its own attack. The amount of damage that this card can do in five turns is enough to wipe out an opponent’s whole deck.

Rare Candy: In Every Stage 2 Deck

Unlike in todays Pokémon TCG, Rare Candy in the EX format can be played both on your first turn and on the first turn a Pokémon has been played down. In a format filled with powerful Stage 2 Pokémon, like Pidgeot, youll no doubt want to max out on Rare Candy in pretty much any deck you build thats based around Stage 2 Pokémon. You should still typically run at least one Stage 1 of any Stage 2 Pokémon that plays an important role in your deck, though, as sometimes you either cant find Rare Candy.

Mega Gardevoir Ex Has The Potential To Do 400 Damage To An Opponent

The Mega Gardevoir EX card has an attack called the Brilliant Arrow that does 30 damage times the amount of energy attached to all the players’ Pokémon. This attack has no damage cap, meaning that it has the possibility to output a total of 400 damage and can one-shot any opponent’s Pokémon if the cards are set up correctly. One downside to Mega Gardevoir EX is the amount of energy needed and difficulty to set up, but the possible damage output makes this card all worth it.

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Cessation Crystal: Be Prepared

If your deck is reliant on Poké-Powers or Poké-Bodies, youre going to need an answer to Cessation Crystal. Your best bet is usually Windstorm, which doubles as a way to counter any pesky Stadium card your opponent has played.

There are some other ways to turn off a Cessation Crystal, though: Warp Point Cyclone Energy .

Since Cessation Crystal only works when attached to an Active Pokémon, anything that switches your opponents Active Pokémon can function as a counter to it. Youll want to keep a balance of these switching cards and Windstorm in your decks to give yourself the best chance at winning. If you play only Windstorm, youll miss out on some more versatile cards. And if you skip out on Windstorm entirely, your opponent will freely place as many Cessation Crystals as they please, never worried about losing two at a time.

How Much Are Ex And Gx Pokemon Cards Worth

18PC Pokemon EX Card All MEGA Holo Flash Trading Cards Charizard ...

Unlike other trading card games , Pokemon trading cards tend not to hold their value too well. Well, at least outside of the genuine rare cards such as Charizard.

This is because Pokemon does not really have a viable format outside of the standard format. Once a set has been rotated out, nobody ever really thinks about it again.

This has an impact on the value of an EX or GX card. If the card is getting a ton of use in the game, then you can expect to pay upwards of $20 for the card. Some have even been selling for closer to the $100 mark.

However, as soon as that card becomes useless in the main format of the game, then the price could drop to a couple of dollars.

If you are buying Pokemon cards with the intention of playing with them in tournaments, then you will likely have no choice but to pay the higher price for the cards. However, if you are planning to buy the cards as a collector, then we recommend that you wait until a set has rotated out of the current standard format.

Almost all of the cards are going to plummet here, with the only major exception being cards like Charizard. They rarely fall. In fact, they will mostly climb in price.

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Mega Gengar Ex’s Phantom Gate Attack Allows A Player To Steal Another Player’s Attack

The Mega Gengar EX card has an attack called Phantom Gate which allows the player to choose one attack from the opponent’s Pokémon cards and use it against them. This attack allows the player to eliminate one of their opponent’s attacks at the cost of just one Psychic energy card. This card can be deadly for opponents that have overpowered cards such as Mega Mewtwo X or Shadow Lugia that have extremely high damage.

The Ruby & Sapphirepower Keepersex Format

The Ruby & SapphirePower Keepers format was never one of TPCis competitive formats. Rather, it is a format composed of only the 16 EX sets , giving it every legal set from the 0405, 0506, and 0607 seasons, minus Diamond & Pearl. This expansive format plays most similarly to the Worlds 2006 format, as that format contained most of the strong cards from the era. However, adding the seven EX sets the Worlds 2006 format is missing not only increases the amount of playable decks, but also creates a more balanced and fun format, as there are more ways to counter the Mew Lock deck.

Legal sets for Ruby & SapphirePower Keepers EX format:

  • EX Ruby & Sapphire
  • EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua
  • EX Hidden Legends
  • POP Series 5
  • Nintendo Black Star Promos

Dont think of the Ruby & SapphirePower Keepers format as an arbitrary format. In fact, its actually the opposite, composed entirely of cards that were made to interact with one another. While TPCi chose to rotate out some EX sets following each season, Japans primary tournament format was a continuously growing Ruby & Sapphire-On that eventually grew to become Ruby & SapphirePower Keepers.

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Mega Venusaur Ex Can Poison And Paralyze The Opponent’s Active Card

The Mega Venusaur EX is a dangerous card for any opponents affected by it. It’s attack is called Crisis Vine, and it paralyzes and poisons the opponent’s active Pokémon. Though this card only has a 120 damage output, it’s best used for locking down an opponent’s strongest Pokémon so the player’s other cards can easily finish it off. Mega Venusaur EX is proof that damage output doesn’t equal how deadly a card can be.

Just Like In The Anime Mega Mewtwo Ex Is The Most Powerful Card In The Trading Card Game


In the Pokémon anime series, Mewtwo is known to be one of the strongest Pokémon, meaning it is no surprise that it is also the strongest card in the TCG. The Mega Mewtwo EX card has 10+ Physic Infinity, meaning that this attack does 30 more damage times the amount of energy attached to both active Pokémon. The damage of this attack isn’t affected by weakness. The damage potential of this card is deadly if a player has enough energy cards

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Holons Magnemite/holons Voltorb: Worth The Spot

If youre going to play the Holon Engine, your first turn will often involve playing Holon Mentor, where youll retrieve two Basic Pokémon and Jirachi, with the plan being to retreat to Jirachi. However, youll occasionally find yourself with an opening hand that doesnt have an Energy to retreat. Reduce the likelihood of being stuck with a weak Active Pokémon by including either Holons Magnemite or Holons Voltorb in your deck, which allows you to use Holon Mentor to grab both Jirachi and the Energy needed to retreat to it. Though youll occasionally have the misfortune of being forced to start with these Holons Pokémon, their easy accessibility make them worth playing.

Tsuguyoshi Yamatos Magma Spirit Deck

1st Place World Championships 2004

2x Rainbow Energy

As the season came to a close, it was clear TPCis first year running the Pokémon TCG was a success. They had created a fun and skill-based format and hosted an exciting and truly international World Championships. They had already awarded bigger and better prizes than Wizards of the Coast ever had, including new scholarship prizes. To create even more hype, TPCi eternalized their World Champions by making replicas of their winning decks that could be bought in stores across the world. Most important of all, by the time the season finished, there was no longer any doubt that people still wanted to play the Pokémon TCG.

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Shadow Lugia Is The Most Powerful Shadow Pokmon In The Trading Card Game

In the Pokémon franchise, Lugia is a Flying and Psychic legendary Pokémon that appears in an alternate Shadow form in the spinoff game Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness. The Shadow Lugia card is the most powerful Shadow Pokémon in the TCG. It has an attack called Shadow Storm that deals 1,000 damage to the opponent’s Pokémon if the cardholder has four Psychic energy cards. This card also has a hefty HP of 300. Shadow Lugia is a must-have for players wanting to have a big damage output card.

How Do You Get Gx Pokemon Cards

18PC Pokemon EX Card All MEGA Holo Flash Trading Cards Charizard ...

Pokemon GX cards were first introduced in the Sun Moon expansion. They have been available in most sets since then. If you want to get your hands on a Pokemon GX card, then you will want to open booster packs that contain the card that you are after. Although, this is not going to be a guaranteed way to pull the card that you want.

If you want to guarantee a particular GX Pokemon card, then you can always purchase it from the open market. There are plenty of sites out there that allow you to purchase individual GX cards.

Although, at the time of writing, many of these cards are still viable in the standard format of the game. This means that they may be a little bit more expensive than you were hoping.

To check the current price and availability of Pokemon EX/GX card lots, click here to view the listing on Amazon.

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Jirachi: The Key To Getting Set Up

By far, the best starting Pokémon in the EX format is Deoxys Jirachi. Since its Wishing Star Poké-Power is not an attack that requires Energy, youre not even required to start with Jirachi to use Wishing Star on the first turn. Simply retrieve Jirachi with a card like Holon Mentor, bench it and retreat. Jirachi is such a powerful card in the EX format that nearly every deck you build should either play it, or, if you think your deck doesnt require Wishing Star to set up, play Girafarig or Cessation Crystal to counter it. To further emphasize just how powerful Jirachi is, when choosing which version of an evolving Basic Pokémon to usesomething that usually seems trivialyoull want to pick the one that can potentially prevent your opponent from using Wishing Star. Anything that can inflict a Special Condition or prevent a retreat to a Jirachi should usually be your first choice.

Malamar Ex Is Another Card That Relies On The Luck Of A Coin Flip

Although Malamar is quite underrated in the franchise, the Malamar EX card in the TCG is one that fans shouldn’t sleep on. The main attack on this card is called Maxmar, and it has the player flip a coin for every energy card attached to this Pokémom, daling 60 damage every time the coin lands on heads. This attack needs luck to be on a player’s side, but Malamar EX’s second attack is more reliable. It puts the opponent’s active Pokémon to sleep when a new energy card is added to the it.

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Mega Charizard X Ex’s Damage Output Is Worth Losing Five Cards

The Mega Charizard X EX is another powerful Charizard card is even more powerful than its counterpart. This card has an attack called Wild Blaze that does amazing 300 damage, but instead of doing damage to itself, this card will have the cardholder discard five of their own cards. Losing cards might not be ideal, but if the player plays their cards right then doing big damage to the opponents will be worth losing five cards. This card also has more HP than the other Mega Charizard card and fewer weaknesses.

Choosing Your Supporters: The Classic Engine Versus The Holon Engine

My Entire EX GX & FULL ART Pokemon Card Collection

Before we compare the two Supporter engines most decks will choose between, lets talk about the best Supporter in the EX format: Rockets Admin. The earliest version of N, Rockets Admin. is an effective response following one of your Pokémon being knocked out, particularly after your opponent has drawn multiple prize cards. It also serves as a solid Supporter early in the game, where it gives you six new cards. Rockets Admin. belongs in every EX-format deck, and most decks will want four.

The Classic Engine

Before the release of EX Delta Species, decks relied on some combination of Stevens Advice, TV Reporter and Copycat as their source of draw. Then, depending on whether or not the deck played Pokémon-ex, they chose from either Celios Network or Professor Elms Training Method.

The amount of Basic Pokémon a deck needed to set up determined whether players would run Lanettes Net Search, Dual Ball or Great Ball. Decks that needed more Basic Pokémon to set up would favor Lanettes Net Search, while decks that didnt need as many could get by with either Dual Ball or Great Ball. These Basic Pokémon-fetching Trainers combined with the Supporters above to function as a reliable engine for decks.

The Holon Engine

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Mega Aggron Ex’s Damage Output Relies On The Luck Of A Coin Flip

The Mega Aggron EX card is a tank that has an attack called Megaton Slam. This attack allows the player to flip a coin, and if the coin lands on the head then it adds 120 damage to the already high 120 base attack. However, if the coin land on tails, then it does 20 damage to the cardholder’s own benched Pokémon.

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If luck is on the cardholder’s side, then this card has the potential to one-shot any of the opponent’s Pokémon. This damage output is worth it even if the player might have to risk the chance of hurting their own benched cards in the process.

What Are The Chances Of Getting An Ex Pokemon Card

EX Pokemon were a lot rarer than GX Pokemon were. The average pull rate was 1 in every 18 booster packs. This means that you may only pull 1 or two per booster box.

The low pull rate did mean that EX Pokemon didnt quite have the same impact on the game that their GX counterparts did. Although, of course, a lot of people just collect Pokemon cards. This means that the rarity meant that EX cards, viable or not, were some of the most expensive cards that you could purchase at the time.

If you are looking out for an EX Pokemon Card, then we would never suggest trying to pick them up from booster packs. Your chances of pulling the card that you want are ridiculously low.

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How Do You Get Ex Pokemon Cards

Pokemon EX Pokemon Cards are no longer produced. They have been replaced by Pokemon GX cards. EX Pokemon cards had a minor use in the New Destinies expansion pack. However, they really came into their own when the XY series of expansions came out.

This is because the EX Pokemon become M EX Pokemon, which were even more powerful versions than the original EX cards.

Of course, if you want to pull EX Pokemon cards, then you are going to need to pick up some of the original booster packs that they were included in.

This includes most of the sets that came under the XY banner. You are not guaranteed any pulls here, so it may not be the best route to go down if you have a particular trading card in mind.

If there is a specific EX Pokemon that you are after, then your safest bet is to pick it up from an open market site e.g. eBay, Amazon, or a site that is dedicated to trading card game purchases.

Because these cards are no longer viable in the game, they are going to be nowhere near as expensive as they were when the sets were first released.

The Season Of Powerhouse Cards

pokemon EX cards

Format: EX Ruby & SapphireEX Emerald

By the time TPCi had crowned their first World Champions, they were already readying the release of their sixth expansion, EX FireRed LeafGreen. With six sets now to their name, TPCi decided their second competitive format could rotate out Wizards of the Coasts three e-Card sets, making 20042005s Ruby & SapphireOn format the first to use only sets released by TPCi.

The 0405 season oversaw the release of many of the eras most powerful cards. Pidgeot instantly made its way into nearly every Stage 2-based deck players constructed, with its Quick Search Poké-Power making their decks run more smoothly. In November 2004, the game saw one of its most impactful sets ever, Team Rocket Returns. Team Rocket Returns added powerful Stage 2 Pokémon and Trainers, including Rockets Admin, which created a new and exciting element of hand disruption. Team Rocket Returns also marked the debut of Pokémon-, powerful Basic Pokémon limited to one per deck.

Following EX Team Rocket Returns was the EX Deoxys set, whose Jirachi quickly replaced Dunsparce as the games best starting Pokémon. Also in EX Deoxys was Scramble Energy, which drastically weakened aggressive decks that aimed to draw fast prize cards.

Or, Dark Dragonite and Dark Electrode from Team Rocket Returns.

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