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Z Flip 3 Pokemon

Samsungs Pokmon Edition Galaxy Z Flip 3 Is A Must

Pokemon Themed Galaxy Z Flip 3 – Launching Soon

No matter which Pokémon trainer level youre at, the Samsungs Pokémon edition Galaxy Z Flip 3 is something you would want to catch. Priced at KRW1,280,400 , the phone is currently only available in South Korea, but fingers crossed that it would make its way to Singapore soon. For more information about the phone, you can visit Samungs official website.

All images courtesy of Samsung.

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Samsung Announces The Galaxy Z Flip 3 Pokemon Edition

As another effort at themed smartphone editions, Samsung has released a new special Pokemon Edition of the Galaxy Z Flip 3. This one has Pokemon-themed features throughout, including the folding phone. It joins the companys other special edition phones, such as the Bespoke Galaxy Z Flip 3 and the BTS-themed Z Flip 3. Take a peek at it.

The Galaxy Z Flip 3 Pokemon Edition has been released.

In South Korea, a new special version of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 has been announced, which comes in a large hamper. This kit contains a black foldable phone, a Pikachu transparent cover set with stickers , a Pokemon purse with a lanyard strap, a Pikachu keychain, and a Pokemon custom pack, and a Poke Ball-shaped stand.

In addition to the Pokemon-themed gift package, consumers may download Pokemon-inspired themes, wallpapers, and ringtones. The Galaxy Z Flip 3 Pokemon Edition is already mentioned on the companys website, but more information will be available in a few days.

Theres also no information on cost or availability as of yet. Furthermore, we dont know whether or not this allegedly limited edition version of the phone will be available in other countries.

Specifications for the Z Flip 3 Pokemon Edition

So, where can you get the new Pokemon Edition of the Z Flip 3? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

The Galaxy Z Flip 3 Pokemon Edition Is Already Out Of Stock

The Galaxy Z Flip 3 Pokemon Edition went on sale in South Korea on April 25. The device was available to purchase through the companys official website as well as the Korean online marketplace 11 Street and the Galaxy Campus Store. People buying the phone through Samsungs website also get a year of Samsung Care+ for damage cover at no extra cost.

Unfortunately for some Pokemon enthusiasts, the device was reportedly sold out within minutes of going on sale. Its unclear how many units of the phone were available. But it does show the craze for Pokemon in the country. The new report says Samsung will soon put some more units of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 Pokemon Edition on sale in South Korea.

Samsung also plans to collaborate with more brands for limited edition products in the future. Time will tell whether any of those devices will come to other markets. We will keep you posted.

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Samsung Unveils Pokemon Edition Of Its Foldable Galaxy Z Flip 3 Smartphone Includes A Bunch Of Pokemon

Samsung has just teased its new custom-themed Pokemon Edition of its foldable Galaxy Z Flip 3 smartphone, something that will sell out in a second to collectors across the world… gotta catch ’em all, right?

The new Pokemon Edition version of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 looks incredible, with the foldable smartphone looking like an actual Pokedex, but there’s a plethora of Pokemon-themed accessories. You’ll get a Pikachu picture case , a Pikachu Clear Cover Set, a Pokemon Pouch with a lanyard strap, a Pikachu keychain, and a Poke Ball stand.

On the actual phone itself, you’ll also get some Pokemon Edition ringtones, themes, and wallpapers. For the diehard Pokemon fans out there, this is going to be one of those collector’s items that will make it hard to pass… especially because it’s a foldable smartphone + Pokemon Edition. Samsung’s new Galaxy Z Flip 3 Pokemon Edition launches on April 25, and will be available only in South Korea.

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Catch Em All With A Pokmon

For Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Clear Hard Case with Pokemon characters ...

If youre a Pokémon fan whos tired of searching high and low for the best gaming-themed phone cases for your device, we got something exciting for you. Samsung has announced a Pokémon Edition of the Galaxy Z Flip 3, which looks to be more valuable than your Pokémon trading cards and Pokémon gym badges combined. Theres just one catch: It might be available exclusively in South Korea.

This special edition Galaxy Z Flip 3 comes with the phone itself and various Pokémon accessories, including a Pokédex-themed phone pouch with a lanyard strap, a set of two Pikachu cases with rings one clear and the other bold yellow a Pikachu keychain, a set of six mini Pokémon cards, and a Poké Ball phone stand. The phone will also be equipped with Pokémon-themed ringtones, themes, and wallpapers.

The announcement of the Pokémon-themed device comes on the heels of Samsungs collaboration with designer Thom Browne late last year, which added his signature red, white, and blue stripes to the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Galaxy Z Fold 3, which cost $2,350 and $3,350, respectively. Those phones were sold alongside the Thom Browne Edition of the Galaxy 4 Watch Classic, which cost a merciful $800.

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Can’t Catch ’em All: Samsung’s Pokmon

Read update
  • The phone is sold out in South Korea

A new Pokémon tie-in version of one of Samsungs best foldable phones is official, and it seems to be the ultimate package for anyone who wants to theme their next phone around the iconic franchise. This new version of the Galaxy Z Flip3 is titled the Pokémon Edition. It comes with a swathe of accessories to make you feel like the ultimate Pokémon trainer.

Sadly, you won’t be able to buy one right now. The main reason is that the device only went on sale in South Korea, and even those in the country struggled to buy the new Poké-themed device. According to SamMobile, the device sold out in a matter of minutes. Samsung hasn’t shared how many units the company sold, but it did confirm that it hadn’t yet decided whether to sell this phone in other markets like the US. That means there’s still hope it may come to other regions one day. However, don’t hold out hope for this to arrive in the US Samsung often keeps these unique edition phones exclusive to South Korea.

The Z Flip3 Pokémon Edition costs KRW 1,280,000 in South Korea, which is just over $1,000 and a touch more than the standard version of the Z Flip3. If it ever does come to the US, you should expect a similar price.

A Treat For Pokmon Fans

For its collaboration with The Pokémon Company, Samsung appears to be keeping the customizations tied to just accessories. The microsite shows the phone will ship in a red box along with several Pokémon-themed accessories and gifts. Unfortunately, the phone itself doesn’t have any customization as it is just the Phantom Black colorway. However, those who get the chance to purchase it can expect to be greeted with a customized Pokémon theme complete with icons and wallpapers when they power it on.

Additionally, users will be able to customize the phone’s exterior with the included accessories. There is a Clear Cover with a Ring Case with two Pikachu-themed accessories that can be attached to it. There is also a pop socket with a design similar to a Poké Ball, a Pokémon-themed pouch, a key holder shaped like Pikachu’s lightning-shaped tail included in the box, and a set of Pokémon cards. If Samsung wasn’t trying to make more money from selling a limited edition, Samsung could sell these accessories separately. Unfortunately, there is currently no information about the price of the Galaxy Z Flip Pokémon Edition, and nor are there details about its availability outside of South Korea.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Pokemon Edition And Collectible Accessories Launched

When something is mass-produced, it is always wise for a brand to release limited versions or collectibles. They improve the chance of a company to increase sales because of the novelty and uniqueness of an object.

For Samsung, it doesnt really need to do much to increase sales and revenue, but it always comes up with special editions of its premium flagship devices. The latest offering is for the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and for fans of Pokemon. Young and old alike who cant get enough of the little pocket monsters will take delight in this particular version of the foldable phone.

Designer: Samsung

The Pokemon Edition of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 also comes with special accessories, including a Clear Cover With Ring, Pokemon Palette, Pikachu Keychain, Monster Ball 3D Grip Talk, and a Pokemon Book Cover Leather Pouch. In addition, stickers of popular Pokemons are also available as part of a set.

The special edition offering has just been launched this week in South Korea. The Galaxy Z Flip 3 Pokemon Edition is listed with a KRW 1,284,000 price tag which is about $1,025. You can purchase online on the Samsung website, the Galaxy Campus Store, or 11th Street. If you buy from the South Korean tech giants online store, your purchase will come with a free one-year Samsung Care+. The brands special damage protection plan may be helpful when the phone is damaged or defective.

Pokmon Fans Will Probably Have To Pay A Hefty Sum

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Pokémon Edition – Is it worth buying the Limited Edition?

With all the good news out of the way, it’s time to talk about the bad news this cartoonish iteration of the Galaxy Z Flip3 may not even make it to markets outside of South Korea. Samsung hasn’t specified this yet, but given that the release announcement comes from the company’s Korean website and the lack of advertising on the Western market, it’s pretty safe to assume that might be the case.

This isn’t the first special-edition Galaxy Z to be released. Samsung has already unveiled various Galaxy accessories, including a Galaxy Z Flip3 designed by Thom Browne. Featuring a stylish, minimalistic design with red and blue stripes over a white background, the limited edition phone costs a whopping $2,349 for the device alone. That could give us an indication of just how expensive this Pokémon bundle might be when it hits the shelves.

Even if the Pokémon-themed Galaxy Z Flip3 were to find its way to the U.S., it’d bound to be a tricky product to attain, much like any custom edition. Limited release numbers, plus an undoubtedly fairly high price, will be enough to put off most fans even if your inner Pokémon fan is making grabby hands at the screen.

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Samsung Pokmon Edition Galaxy Z Flip 3

Pokémon fans wallets probably didnt sign up for this many releases of Pokémon merchandise. After the latest kitchenware collection by Pokémon Center Singapore, there is now a Pokémon-themed phone by Samsung as well.

Enter the Pokémon edition Galaxy Z Flip 3, which features additional adorable phone accessories, ringtones, and wallpapers that make you go uwu. Continue reading to find out what is included in this exclusive drop.

What You Need To Know

  • Samsung is preparing to launch a Pokémon Edition of the Galaxy Z Flip 3.
  • The phone may include a Pikachu cover set, Pokéball stand, Pokédex pouch, a keychain, and more.
  • The device will fully launch on April 25 and appears to only be available in South Korea.

Pokémon fans, get your Pokéballs wallets ready, because Samsung is gearing up to release a special edition of the Galaxy Z Flip 3. The company teased the upcoming Pokémon Edition foldable with a full launch expected on April 25.

From the looks of it , the Galaxy Z Flip 3 Pokémon Edition will come in a special box that holds not only the phone but a handful of Pokémon-related accessories. That includes a clear cover set with Pikachu stickers, a Pokéball stand, a Pikachu tail keychain, a custom pack of Pokémon “cards,” and a Pokédex-style pouch. It will also feature exclusive themes, ringtones, and wallpapers.

The Galaxy Z Flip 3 is one of our favorite foldables, mainly due to its simple, yet stylish and compact design. Samsung has banked on this and a cheaper price point to target the device at the younger generation, even partnering up with clothing brands to promote the phone. It’s also the featured smartphone as part of Samsung’s new #YouMake campaign, which lets buyers customize the device through its Bespoke Studio. This makes the Galaxy Z Flip 3 the perfect device for a Pokémon collaboration and one that we hope to get our hands on.

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Samsung Is Launching A Pokmon Themed Galaxy Z Flip 3 In South Korea

If youre looking to pick up a foldable phone and are also a massive fan of Pokémon, then you might be in luck if you live in South Korea. Samsung is launching a special Pokémon edition of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 in just a couple of days, though theres no sign of it having an international release yet. Given the companys track record for exclusive releases in its home country too, its probably unlikely to have a wider release.

Samsung is paying special attention to the presentation of this device, with a special Pokéball-themed box, a Pokémon carry pouch, and additional peripherals. The phone itself is a normal black Galaxy Z Flip 3, though theres a special protective case in the box. On top of that, you also get a Pikachu keychain, a Pokéball pop socket, and stickers. Theres no indication of there being anything special in software either, though the box itself and the additional items that come inside of it will be sought after by both collectors and fans of the series alike.


Samsung hasnt referenced anything regarding the availability or even the price of this kit just yet. It arrives on April 25th, which is when we expect to learn more. To be honest, while I love the concept of a Pokémon-themed Galaxy Z Flip 3 , this feels like nothing more than Samsung sticking a bunch of Pokémon-themed accessories in a box and calling it a day. Not even having a custom paint job on the phone is disappointing.

Samsung Teases Pokmon Edition Galaxy Z Flip 3 To Make Your Own Pocket Monster

For Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Clear Hard Case with Pokemon characters ...

Image via Samsung Korea

Wish to take on the big leagues one day? Samsung has announced a Pokémon Edition Galaxy Z Flip 3 smartphone to bring with you through tufts of tall grass, the mart, and more.

Since this sidekick is a foldable phone, you can easily fit it in your pocket as you battle the day. But wait, theres more the Pokémon Edition comes equipped with an assortment of Pokémon-themed accessories, including a Poké Ball-like box for the phone, a clear Pikachu case, a second Pikachu cover, a Pokédex-inspired pouch with a lanyard strap, Pokémon stickers, a Pikachu tail keychain, and a Poké Ball pop socket.

As GSMArena points out, the handset itself just appears to be a regular Galaxy Z Flip 3 with a black finish. No matter, as its software makes it the very best that no one ever was thanks to customizable Pokémon themes, ringtones, and wallpapers. This is a brilliant touch, as Samsung prides its flip phones on their allowance for self-expression.

A critical hit on the rest of the world is the fact that the special edition, which Samsung touts as the greatest collaboration ever, will only be released in South Korea.

The evolved pocket monster will be available on April 25.

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Samsung Announces New Pokmon

Samsung is releasing a special edition of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and it’s got an electric vibe to it.

On Wednesday , Samsung Korea announced the Galaxy Z Flip 3 Pokémon Edition, a new version of the foldable mobile phone, featuring a customizable Pokémon design. It comes wiht a Pikachu Clear Cover Set, a Pokémon Custom Pack, a Pikachu keychain, Poké Ball-shaped stand, and a Pokémon Pouch with a lanyard strap.

The Galaxy Z Flip 3 Pokémon Edition also comes with Pokémon themes, ringtones, and wallpapers. It will go on sale exclusively in South Korea on 25 April . Its release and price in other countries has yet to be revealed.

This past February, Nintendo announced the new open-world RPG title Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. While an exact date has yet to be revealed, The Pokémon Company assures fans that Pokémon Scarlet and Violet is scheduled for release in late 2022.

Galaxy Z Flip 3 Pokemon Edition Details

While this special edition of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 goes for different looks, the hardware part remains the same. So, you will get a clamshell design with a 6.7-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2X display and a 1.9-inch AMOLED secondary display present on its outer cover. The main display supports a 120Hz refresh rate.

It is powered by a Snapdragon 888 mobile platform, paired with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. On the camera front, there are dual rear snappers, both rated at 12MP and a 10MP selfie shooter. It comes with a 3,300mAh battery with 15W fast charging, has IPX8 water and dust resistance, supports 5G, and more.

So, how do find the new Pokemon Edition of the Galaxy Z Flip 3? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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