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Why Is Pokemon Go Not Working

Pokmon Go Not Working For You Check Out Common Errors And Fixes

Pokémon GO Adventure Sync not Working | Fixed on iPhone & Android 2022

Pokémon GO has been released yesterday and is now available to download for Android and iOS. Of course, the game is available in the Play Store in some certain regions only, but that can easily be bypassed by . Thousands of users have already downloaded the game and are playing it, while many people seem to be having some issues. If you still struggling with installation, check out how to install Pokemon GO.

A lot of players have reported that Pokémon GO is not working on their smartphone. While many have been able to install the game, they are not able to launch it, and many are not able to install the game itself. If you are having such issues, we will be outlining the possible reasons for the Pokémon GO issues and problems and will be telling you some fixes for it.

Pokemon Go Is Killing My Battery

Pokemon Go uses your phone to the max. It wants the screen on, data connected and regular GPS points, as well as the AR view through the camera. If you’re walking around for an hour with the screen on, that will kill the battery. It’s part of the game, and part of having a smartphone, so it’s completely normal.

You can try reducing the brightness, closing other apps that might be running in the background, or the safest bet, is to get a battery case or external battery to recharge your device so you can keep playing. There is a battery saver mode, however, and that’s well worth using.

How To Fix Pokstops Not Spinning Or Try Again Later Error

There’s a speed limit imposed by Pokémon Go: If you’re traveling more than 30 KM an hour you’re locked out of PokéStops. It’s designed to prevent people from playing while in a car.

So, if you’re in a car or bus and you get a “Try again later” error when spinning a Stop, you need to slow down and try again. You can tell you’re going slowly enough when you see Pokémon in your Sightings. The same lock that prevents Stops from spinning also prevents Sightings from working at speed.

There’s also a bug where a PokéStop spins but doesn’t change color from Blue to Purple, so you think it hasn’t spun. If you attempt to re-sping, though, you’ll get the “Try again later” error.

Right now this bug is self-correcting and, if you wait a few seconds, you’ll see the proper change take place. If not, or you want to force it, you can kill Pokémon Go and restart.

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Fix Pokemon Go Shop Not Working

If the shop in Pokemon Go is not working for you, you do not need to worry.

You have come to the right place, and I will show you how to fix the issue.

There are a lot of gamers who have faced the same issue. Luckily, the fixes are pretty easy to follow.


Why is the shop not working in Pokemon Go?

The main reason why no Shop is working on Pokemon GO is due to a bug in the game that causes the shop not to load or purchase to not complete. Other reasons are related to internet/connectivity issues. Reset the game to fix the error

Keep reading the post to learn more.

Why Did My Pokmon Go Stop Working

pokemon go not working on ios 14 here is your reason why

If Pokémon Go is crashing or freezing consistently, you should check that youre running the most up to date version of the app. Newer versions may have fixes for the problems youre experiencing. Follow the steps below to update Pokémon Go to the latest version. Tap Update next to Pokémon Go, if available.

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Updating Or Reverting To Another Os Version

If you play Pokemon Go on an iOS device, you might have updated to iOS 10. A lot of users have reported problems when trying to play the game in AR mode after theyve updated to early versions of iOS 10. Even more, it seems like iOS 11 beta is still vulnerable to this error.

This issue is non-existent on iOS 9 and the latest versions of iOS 10. If you have this issue, you have two ways forward. You either update to the latest version of iOS or revert to iOS 9.

For the sake of being at the forefront of technology, you should start by updating to the latest version of iOS available for your device. Heres how:

  • Plug in your device into power and make sure its connected to Wi-Fi or Mobile data.
  • Go to Settings > General > Software Update. Update Software on an iOS device
  • Tap on and enter your passcode if you have one.
  • Once you have the latest iOS, fire up Pokemon GO and see whether AR is working. If its still displaying the same error, you should consider downgrading to iOS 9 if you want to continue your Pokemon Go career.
  • Unfortunately, downgrading on iOS is a lot more complicated than updating. But if you were lucky enough to back up your phone while it was running on iOS 9, reinstalling will be a lot easier. Heres how to do it:
  • Open up iTunes and connect your Apple device to your PC or Mac.
  • Select your device from iTunes and click on Summary.
  • Hold down the option key on Mac and click the Restore button. Restore iPhone in iTunes
  • I Get The You Already Own This Item Error Message

    If you are in the middle of buying PokéCoins and Pokémon Go loses internet connectivity, you may get an error message that says “You already own this item” when you try to continue with the purchase.

    Luckily, this is an easy problem to solve – just power off and restart your device, and you’ll be able to buy them without problem when Pokémon Go loads up.

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    How To Fix When Pokemon Go Stuck And Frozen

    At this time, they should try the following steps:

    Step 1: close unnecessary apps running on your device.

    Step 2: close Pokémon Go.

    • For iPhone: please swipe up from the bottom to the right -> find Pokémon Go -> swipe up if you’re using iPhone.
    • For Android phone: please swipe up from the bottom -> find Pokémon Go -> Swipe up on the app.

    Step 3: turn the Airplane mode On and Off.

    Step 4: open Pokémon Go again.

    Users also complained about the aPokemon Go blue screen, Pokemon Go lagging, and Pokemon Go running slow. When that happens to you, you should try above steps. If the problem persists, you should go to clear Pokemon Go cache.

    Pokemon Go Clear Cache

    How to clear cache on iOS:

    Open Pokemon Go -> click Me -> click Settings -> find Clear Pokemon Go cache .

    How to clear cache on Android:

    Open Settings -> select Apps -> choose -> select Pokémon Go -> click on the Clear cache button.

    Turn On Google Location Accuracy

    How to Fix Pokemon Go Adventure Sync not Working on iPhone & Android – 2021

    You must have proper location access for your Android apps to use GPS-based applications without any trouble. In some cases, switching to Google Location Accuracy might help you fix adventure sync not working Android issue. Here are a few instructions to do the same.

    1. Pull down the Notification panel of your Android.

    2. Now, ensure that the Location is turned on, as depicted.

    3. Then, press and hold the Location icon to open the Location settings menu.

    4. Tap the Google Location Accuracy option.

    5. Now, toggle on Improve Location Accuracy option, as depicted.

    Once you have turned on location accuracy in your Android mobile, check if you have fixed adventure sync not working Pokémon Go issue.

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    If Pokmon Go Keeps Crashing How To Fix It

    Pokémon Go is one of the most popular mobile games people like to play on their iOS and Android devices. It brings a lot of fun to users. However, people are disappointed when they find the Pokemon Go keeps crashing on their devices: Pokemon Go wont open, Pokemon Go freeze, Pokemon Go runs slow, etc. How to fix these issues properly?

    As you know, Pokémon Go is a mobile game released in 2016. Its developed and published by Niantic in collaboration with Nintendo and The Pokémon Company. Pokémon Go is mainly played on iOS and Android devices, but you can still download & play the game on PC & Mac with special tools and methods.


    Data recovery software iOS:

    The Pokemon Go keeps crashing on iOS and Android devices is a popular problem among users. There are many causes and solutions for fixing it. Is your Pokemon Go crashing? The following content shows you the common cases you may encounter.

    How Do I Turn Off My Iphone 12

    Turn off your iPhone 11 or iPhone 12

    It wont take long just a couple of seconds. Youll feel a haptic vibration and then see the power slider on the top of your screen, as well as a Medical ID and an Emergency SOS slider near the bottom. Slide the power switch from left to right and your phone will power off.

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    How To Fix Pokemon Go Make A New Friend Task

    The Misunderstood Mischief questline in Pokemon GO has 16 steps for players to complete. And one of them, the 13th task, should be rather easy on paper. All you need to do is to add a new friend, and thats it task done! Unfortunately, while it does sound easy, theres currently a bug going on that prevents players from progressing further as it does not register your new friend for this task.

    So, how to fix this issue and finish the task? None of the basic debugging steps works here, unfortunately. Players have tried restarting the game, their phone, unfriending and re-adding people, resynchronization of game data simply nothing works. For now, the only solution is to contact Niantics customer support for Pokemon GO and explain the issue. According to reports from players, they will complete the mission for you, and you will be able to progress. The usual wait between your report and them fixing the bug is around 24 hours, so you will not need to wait for long.

    Contacting support is easy, and you can do it directly from the game. Open the menu, then go to Settings, and in the top right corner youll see a speech bubble icon with a question mark. Just tap there, type in your problem, and send the report. We hope this Pokemon GO Make a New Friend Not Working Fix helped you!

    Pokmon Go Frozen Or Stuck

    How To Fix Pokemon Go Not Opening Problem

    There are a couple of situations where Pokémon Go is known to freeze. It could be as early as the loading screen when first opening the app. It could also be when playing the game, just after catching a Pokémon for example.

    There are no pop-ups indicating any errors or issues, Pokémon Go just stops working altogether.

    In either case, the only solution is to close and restart the game. On Android Pie and up, this is quick and simple. The steps may vary slightly depending on which software your phone is running, but you shouldnt lose any game progress in most situations.

    How to fix Pokémon Go by restarting the app

  • Tap the square icon on the bottom right of the screen, or swipe up and hold your finger on the screen.
  • Swipe the Pokémon Go app up to eliminate it.
  • Return to your home screen and reopen Pokémon Go.
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    Pokmon Go Freezes When I Try To Catch A Pokmon

    There’s little more frustrating then trying to catch a Pokémon you’ve been after for a long time, only for the Pokémon Go app to freeze and crash. It can also happen when you’re in the middle of a battle.

    If the app becomes unresponsive, and you can’t open up any menus or the Pokéball you’ve thrown stops spinning, then first see if you can get it to work again by turning your data connection off and on again.You can do this by switching on Airplane mode on.

    If that doesn’t work, you’ll need to restart Pokémon Go. Make sure the app is closed completely, then turn on Airplane mode on your device to switch off the internet connection.

    Now restart the app, and wait until you see a message that says there’s no internet connection.

    Now switch off airplane mode and your internet and WiFi connection will turn back on. When the Pokémon Go app loads up you should see the Pokémon you were trying to catch safely stored in your Poké bag.

    Tip 5 Reduce Motion On Iphone

    We all know that games require high-end graphics for smooth gameplay. So, if Pokémon Go freezes when catching Pokémon, it is a sign that you need to tweak the Motion & Graphics in the device.

    Open Settings> Accessibility > Motion > Enable Reduce Motion feature. Once the feature activates, see if the app runs normally or continue having the problem.

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    What Happens When Shop Is Not Working In Pokemon Go

    Pokemon Go is one of the best mobile AR games. It achieved massive success in a small time span. The game allows you to move around the real world and use AR to find and collect Pokemons. It is a one-of-a-kind game.

    Since its inception in 2016, developer Niantic has added a lot of features to the game. You have an in-game shop where you can buy PokeBalls and other stuff. But sometimes, the shop does not work. It happens primarily due to a bug in the game.

    Heres a complete guide on how to fix Pokemon Go AR not working in.

    When the shop does not work, it creates two issues.

    Firstly, the shop does not load at all. When you try to enter the shop, it shows a blank white screen, and thats it.

    There is no progress, and it feels like the app has frozen. But that is not the case. The game does not freeze, but only the shop is not loading.

    Secondly, if you are able to enter the shop, another issue comes out. After browsing for a while, you find the item you want to buy. But once you try to buy the item, a loading PokeBall will show up, which is standard. But the loading PokeBall will not go away. Instead, it will continue spinning.

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    At that point, you have no choice but to close the app and try again, only to find the same issue. Shop not working is quite a frustrating issue, especially if you need to buy something quickly. If you have something important to buy, the shop issue can stop you from doing so.

    What To Do If Pokmon Go Won’t Open

    Camera not working in Pokemon Go ?

    Before you try other solutions, make sure the servers are working. You can see the current server status on the Pokémon GO Server Status web page or do a google search “Pokémon GO Down” sites like the DownDectector are great to use.

    If you can open the app but see a spinning Pokéball, your smartphone is trying to connect to the server. The spinning ball usually vanishes in a couple of seconds, but if it stays, it means the servers are down at the moment.

    Other workarounds:

    • Update the app
    • Restart your smartphone
    • Remove the app from your device and install it again. Data of the game is stored on the cloud, meaning once you sign into the game, you will be able to start where you left off.

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    Fix 2 Force Quit The App And Launch Again Pokmon Go

    • Step 1. Press the Home button two times to enter the multitasking screen.
    • Step 2. Now Swipe the Pokémon Go card upside to force quiet.

    Re-launch again and keep continue. However, it may be panic what we can do in front of the head of this bug.

    In addition, take the Visit of the Pokémon Go issue page to know all about it.

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    How To Fix Pokemon Go Not Opening

    A spinning Pokéball will appear after you clicked to open the game, it means your device is trying to connecting to the server. If the spinning ball stays for a while and dont vanish, its probably the servers are down at that moment .

    If Pokémon Go wont open but the server works well, you should try these workarounds:

    • Restart your device and try again.
    • Update your Pokemon Go app to the latest version.
    • Uninstall the app and then try to install it again.

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    Turn Off Battery Saving Mode

    All new smartphone devices have battery saver features that will help you save the battery with limited operations of services, sensors, and apps. If you have enabled the battery saver option on your device, Pokémon Go and other health apps may be turned off. This may lead to the discussed issue and the distance traveled will not be recorded by your app. Hence, you are advised to turn off battery-saving mode in your device as instructed below.

    1. Pull down the Notification drawer on your Android device.

    2. Now, turn off the Battery saver setting if it is turned on.

    Kill Pokmon Go When You’re Not Playing It Best Ways Pokemon Go Ar Plus Not Working ...

    High battery consumption is one thing when you’re out playing with the screen on, GPS going, data moving, and you’re actually having fun. It’s quite another when you’ve finished playing and just need your phone to stay powered on and, you know, work as a phone. So, until Pokémon Go gets its background act together, you can kill it just to watch its process die:

  • Double-press the Home button to enter the multitasking screen.
  • Swipe to the Pokémon Go card, then swipe up on the card to force quit the app.
  • Relaunch Pokémon Go.
  • There are also a few things you can do while you’re playing.

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