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Pokemon Legends Arceus Deals

Get Triangle Strategy On Nintendo Switch For $4994

The BEST Shiny Hunting Methods in Pokemon Legends Arceus V1.0 – V1.0.2

Triangle Strategy is a great strategy/tactics RPG on Nintendo Switch, and you can save $10 on it today at Walmart. If you like the classic Fire Emblem games, or Final Fantasy Tactics, this game should scratch that itch. And, it looks beautiful thanks to Square Enix’s fantastic HD 2D artstyle, as seen in games like Octopath Traveler and Live A Live.

Nintendo Switch Online Family Membership And 128gb Memory Card

Best Buy is offering a free 128Gb Micro SDXC Memory Card when you pick up a 12 month Nintendo Switch Online Family Membership. Nintendo Switch Online is required for online play in games like Super Mario Kart or Splatoon, downloading custom maps in Super Mario Maker 2, playing free retro SNES games, saving your game data to the cloud, and much more. The “Family” membership allows for up to 8 different account holders, not necessarily in the same household. The 128GB memory card is basically required as well it will increase your storage capacity by quadruple the stock amount.

Deals: Pokmon Legends: Arceus Drops To Just 3499 In The Uk On Launch Day

Update : The deal has now changed, with that SWNEXTDAY code now reducing the game’s new and increased £44.99 price to £39.99.

Amazingly, Pokémon Legends: Arceus is already available for an absolute steal in the UK on launch day, with one retailer dropping the product’s price down to just £34.99.

The retailer in question is Currys, which recently confirmed that Legends: Arceus has just become its most pre-ordered game of all time. Perhaps the new, super-low price point is in celebration of this fact but it doesn’t matter why, just get on this deal while it’s still live!

Make sure you enter code SWNEXTDAY at checkout to knock the item’s £39.99 price down to £34.99. :

Please note that some external links on this page are affiliate links, which means if you click them and make a purchase we may receive a small percentage of the sale. Please read our FTC Disclosure for more information.

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Easystore 16tb External Usb 30 Hard Drive

If you need a ton of storage, this external hard drive comes with a whopping 16 terabytes of external storage to back up anything you may need. It’s a great option for video editors looking to store current or old project files on an external place. This storage comes with a USB cable and an AC adapter, and it’s compatible with most systems.

Three Starter Pokmon From Across Different Generations arceus

Pokémon Legends: Arceus is the first game in the popular JRPG series to let you pick between three starters from totally different generations. In this case you have the choice of Rowlet , Oshawott and Cyndaquil . All three still fall into the tradition of being a grass, fire and water type Pokémon.

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Explore The History Of Sinnoh In Pokmon Legends: Arceus On Nintendo Switch

Set in a feudal Japan-inspired version of the Sinnoh region, Pokémon Legends: Arceus documents your journey to create the very first Pokedex. This you do by travelling freely across a range of terrain types, carefully sneaking up behind wild Pokémon and engaging them in battle. It takes place at a time when not everything was known about the worlds favourite collectible creatures, imbuing you with a sense of unknown discovery. For all these reasons and more, Pokémon Legends: Arceus is a first for the franchise.

Blue Yeti Nano Premium Usb Microphone

Blue Yeti microphones are one of the most popular choices for streamers, YouTubers, and podcasters, and you can grab the Blue Yeti Nano USB mic on sale for $69.99 today. This mic comes with multiple pickup patterns, meaning you can adjust how it picks up audio for your needs. It works for multiple people podcasting, interviews, or for just one person streaming on their own. And, it works seamlessly with platforms like Twitch and Discord, making it an easy plug and play option for folks looking to take their audio quality to the next level.

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Jbl Xtreme 3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker For Over 20% Off

Get ready for summer by grabbing a portable bluetooth speaker for your house party ,beach trip, or whatever other social plans you have brewing. The JBL Xtreme 3 provides powerful sound and a deep bass, making it perfect for jamming out while hanging with friends. You can grab it on sale for $80 off today. It’s also waterproof, making it perfect for taking to the beach or setting up by the pool. Or, if you just need a new speaker for the house, it’s great for that too.

Arena Moto Motorized Desk

Warden Palina! – Pokemon Legends: Arceus – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 8 (Nintendo Switch)

Home offices have become even more popular over the last two years, so you may find yourself needing a great desk. This motorized sit/standing desk hybrid at Best Buy is $400 off today only. Once you find the two heights you like for sitting and standing, you can program them into the desk so you can swap between them at the simple push of a button. The desk is also large enough to fit anything you may need for the work day, and for leisure time once work is over. It’s even wide enough to fit your huge, ultra wide monitor!

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Catch The Mythical Pokmon Shaymin

Pokémon Sword or Pokémon Shield game data required. Youll be able to take on a research request in Pokémon Legends: Arceus in which youll have a chance to add the Mythical Pokémon Shaymin to your team.

This research request will be available for you to accept in Jubilife Village after viewing the games end credits.

Save On Nintendo Switch Pokemon Games Including Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl

Nintendo Switch games rarely go on sale, and that includes offerings from the Pokemon franchise. Today is the exception to the rule, as you can grab a handful of Nintendo Switch Pokemon games on sale. From Pokemon mainline games, to remakes, to spinoffs, there’s something for every PokeFan discounted. 2021’s Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are discounted to $39.99, along with Pokemon Sword and Shield and the excellent Pokemon Snap. If you need to catch up on these pocket monster adventures, don’t hesitate to pick these up.

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Top Pokemon Legends Arceus Black Friday Deals

Pokemon Legends Arceus is the latest iteration of a Pokemon game that introduces a lot of new stuff to the series.

The game takes us to the Hisui . The world also known from Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl, and their remakes with Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Brilliant Pearl.

The main mechanic is an exploration of mysterious islands and creating the first Pokedex for this region.

Considering its the first time Pokemon Legends Arceus will be featured on Black Friday we prepared some of the best deals to help you out!

% Off $50 Nintendo Eshop Gift Card Arceus (Fighting Type) ~1.5"  Figure

Save $5 off any game at the eShop with this digital gift card from Amazon. Use it to pick up rarely discounted favorites like Super Smash Bros Ultimate or Metroid Dread, recent new releases like Kirby and the Forgotten Land or Triangle Strategy, or DLC like the new one for Animal Crossing: New Horizon. Or you can just hold onto the card and use it during the next eShop sale, since it stacks with instant discounts.

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Adjustable Standing Desk With Electronic Controls

Tired of sitting all day during work? Check out this adjustable standing desk from Insignia. The adjustable nature allows the desk to be used sitting or standing. There’s plenty of room on this desk, and it can hold anything you’ll need during work, supporting up to 110 pounds. And, don’t worry about cluttered cords, because cable ties are included to help manage your cords.

Black Friday Pokemon Legends: Arceus Deals

Here’s all the juicy details about Pokemon Legends Arceus Black Friday deals!

Pokémon Legends: Arceus, launched on Nintendo Switch in early 2022. This Black Friday is your chance to catch yourself a cheap deal. Not only that, but Nintendo put out an array of pre-order bonuses from various regions, from a steelbook to figurines and Poké ball cartridges. With the game nearly a year old nows definitely the time to cast your eyes around and see if you can snag a great deal on the game, and maybe some of the pre-order bonus leftovers.

Black Friday is here:Grab the best deals at and Best Buy and be sure to check out our top Black Friday deals below.

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Insignia 24 Hd 720p Class F20 Series Smart Tv For $9999

If you need a small, secondary TV for your office or bedroom, check out this 24 inch 720p television from Insigina. The 24 inch size is perfect for those who want another TV, but don’t want it to dominate the room, while the 720p resolution keeps the price down. Even at the $99.99 price point, the TV comes equipped with Fire TV, Alexa voice commands, and more Smart TV features.

Razer Anzu Smart Glasses

Pokemon Legends Arceus Is A Video Game

These Razer smart glasses retail for a ridiculous $199.99. Fortunately, they’re on sale today for a much more reasonable price of $59.99. The Razer Anzu glasses comes with two types of interchangeable lenses blue-light filtering lenses for PC use and polarized lenses for outdoor use. They also feature a built-in mic and bluetooth speaker for hands-free calling.

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Preorder Pokemon Legends: Arceus And Save $5

The newest Pokemon game for the Nintendo Switch comes out in just 2 weeks on January 28. Preorder it on Amazon and you’ll save $5. You’ll also receive a download code for an exclusive in-game Garchomp Kimono Set. Pokemon Legends: Arceus will be an open world RPG that will take place in the Sinnoh region long before the era of the Diamond and Pearl games. You’ll be tasked with building the region’s first Pokedex.

Lenovo Legion 5i Intel Core I5 Alder Lake Rtx 3060 Gaming Pc For $119999

This Legion 5i tower comes equipped with the new 12th generation Intel Core i5 Alder Lake processor. The Alder Lake processors are currently the best gaming CPUs on the market, far superior in performance to any of its predecessors. The only drawback of this new processor is that it requires a new motherboard and new DDR5 RAM. Fortunately, both issues are negated when you buy a prebuilt the Legion 5i tower boasts an LGA 1700 motherboard and 16GB of DDR5 RAM. The RTX 3060 is about 20% faster than the RTX 2060 SUPER and is on par with the RTX 2070. That means it handles 1080p gaming beautifully and has the chops to take on 1440p and VR gaming as well.

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Ring Fit Adventure For Switch

Do you want to work out but simply don’t enjoy working out? Ring Fit Adventure is one way to get around this hurdle. Ring Fit incorporates a huge variety of excellent workout exercises disguised as an RPG game. An epic adventure awaits you slaying monsters and dragons, tackling new levels, traversing different environments, acquiring powerups and skills, all the while toning your abs and burning calories.

Grab Ps5 Exclusive Ghostwire: Tokyo For $3999

Shining Arceus

Ghostwire: Tokyo hasn’t even been out two months yet, and you can already grab it on sale for $39.99. Featuring elemental combat in a Tokyo overtaken by Yokai spirits, Ghostwire: Tokyo is a very unique first-person game. And, it is only on Sony’s next-gen PlayStation, eaning the game takes advantage of PS5 features like haptic feedback on the DualSense, and more. If you’ve been waiting to jump in, today is a great day to pick the game up.

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Interact With The Environments Like Never Before

Exploration and discovery are core to the experience in Pokémon Legends: Arceus, and being inspired by Links latest Nintendo Switch outing means youll be doing so in ways that are new for a Pokémon game. Expect to be climbing mountains, flying over the ground below you and using tall grass to sneak around enemies and Pokémon. These actions have appeared in the series before, but Pokémon Legends: Arceus will have you doing it in real-time within the open world setting.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Nintendo Switch Black Friday Deals

Pokemon Legends Arceus is an exclusive game released only on Nintendo Switch. With that in mind, if you do not have that console just yet here is where we come in.

We have prepared some deals for Nintendo Switch for the best prices out there. There is also a chance of grabbing a bundle of Nintendo Switch with Pokemon Legends Arceus included or maybe even more Pokemon games or a Pokemon Edition of Nintendo Switch.

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With This Pokmon Legends: Arceus Deal You Can Get Out There And Explore The Sprawling Hisui Region A Place Thats Home To Many Different Mon

Its that time of the week again. You know, the one where we go out on the prowl to bring you a Switch deal that you simply cant ignore, and, on this occasion, we think its a pretty good one. We swear to Arceus that it is. Thats right, on Amazon US, you can pick up Pokémon Legends: Arceus for $49.99 thats a lovely saving of 17%.

Unlike other Pokémon games, Arceus has open world features that allow you to explore various locations in the Hisui region, each of which is home to different types of Pokémon. Some you might recognise, while others appear slightly different to what youre used to. For example, Arcanine has a fresh look and is both a rock and fire-type mon.

Furthermore, the game has a heavy emphasis on research, with each species of Pokémon needing to be caught more than once to discover everything there is to learn about it. Better still, the battling and catching system is different, but this works in the games favour and serves as a fun alternative to what you see in the main series of titles.

If you want to discover even more about the game, check out our Pokémon Legends: Arceus review or take a look at the official trailer on YouTube.

Where To Find The Best Pokemon Legends Arceus Black Friday Deals

Research Tasks! – Pokemon Legends: Arceus – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 2 (Nintendo Switch)

The best Black Friday deals for Pokemon Legends Arceus can be found digitally on the official Nintendo Shop. You can access the story via the official website or the app installed on Nintendo Switch.

Apart from digital versions of the game, you can also look for a physical copy of the title. Here are some of the other websites that will take part in Black Friday 2022 to help you start looking for the best deals to date.

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Go Fest Print At Home Kit

This printable kit of Pokémon GO Fest activities and decorations can be used to help fans get ready for this major weekend-long celebration.

For now, players may want to keep hunting down the best Unova Pokemon in the game if improving their Battle Raid rosters is their primary goal. Be sure to check back in the near future for more Pokemon GO strategy guides, news, and updates. Until then, good luck out there, trainers!

Pokemon GO is available now in select regions on Android and iOS devices.

Pokmon Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl Also Up For Pre

If youd rather stick with a traditional Pokémon outing, youll be happy to know that both Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are also up for pre-order and are scheduled to launch on November 19th.Better yet, all pre-orders include a free Manaphy Egg that can be accessed through the Mystery Gift function. Youll need to put in about two hours of game time to unlock the cool feature, although were sure most fans will clock that much playtime within 24 hours of its release.Pokémon CenterPick up the Double Pack containing both games and youll get plush key chains of all three Sinnoh starters. Pick up either Brilliant Diamond or Shining Pearl and youll get one random plush keychain.


Best Buy



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Dont Miss Out On This Exclusive Pokmon

As if three Pokémon games werent enough, The Pokémon Company and Nintendo also revealed a new Switch Lite console that features Dialga and Palkia. Its not currently up for pre-order, although it is officially listed on Nintendos website. If youre hoping to pick it up before it sells out, youll need to move fast when its listing finally opens up.Expect to see the product listed at other retailers such as , GameStop, and Walmart so make sure youre shopping around if it sells out on your preferred storefront.More to consider:


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