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Is Digimon A Ripoff Of Pokemon

Ripped Off: Existed Outside Of The Game

Digimon – MORE Than A Pokemon Rip-Off

The very first episode of the Pokémon anime series debuted in 1997. Young viewers were captivated by Ash, Misty, and Brock’s adventures in the Kanto region. Ash was well on his way to earning every gym badge and becoming a Pokémon master.

Two years later, Digimon Adventures debuted on Fox Kids that would compete with Pokémon.

The show featured seven kids who were trapped in the Digital World. They also worked with cute animal-like creatures to overcome their enemies. Both animated series was targeted towards children. The showrunners hoped that children would become so interested in Digimon that they would rush to buy their merchandise, just like Pokémon.

Who Is Stronger Digimon Or Pokemon

In short Digimon are way stronger. Both Pokémon and Digimon divide their creatures in different groups, which could be summed up as regular and special. These Pokémon are very rare and extremely powerful. The strongest among them is Arceus, who is considered to be the creator and god of the world of Pokémon.

Taken From Pokmon: Fire Reptile

The final entry on our list is also the final instance of a Pokémon and a Digimon sharing traits, elements, and concepts that we’ve chosen to point out. In this case, we’re talking about Agumon, who is similar to Pokémon‘s Charmander and his various evolutions.

Agumon, like Charmander, is an orange reptile creature with claws, green eyes, and fire-powered attacks. Agumon’s next digi-volution form, Greymon, is also pretty similar in concept and appearance to Charmeleona darker, bigger and longer-tailed version of the first formand Charizardstanding tall as a big lizard-like creature with three-clawed hands. These similarities wouldn’t be so bad if both creatures weren’t some of their respective franchise’s most prominent, which is why we have to call out Digimon for appearing to copy Pokémon.

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Taken From Digimon: Tree Turtles

Another example of shared creature concepts that may or may not be a coincidence comes in the form of Pokémon‘s Torterra, which looks like, and is similar in concept to, two different turtle Digimon: ElDradimon and Ebonwumon. Again, this one could easily be a coincidence, since the three creatures don’t look identical, but it’s still interesting to point out.

The two turtle Digimon predate Torterra’s debut in Generation Four of Pokémon, so if the concept was inspired by these two Digimon, then one might call the creature a ripoff, however, the idea of a Turtle supporting some form of life on its backwhich can be seen in all three creaturesis present in various mythologies, so this is likely a coincidence.

Did Digimon Rip Off Pokemon

Micromon: The Pokemon/Digimon Ripoff for the iPhone!

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You say it by yourself Digimon = degital monster and pokemon are not so no Digimon is not a rip off of pokemon. Just because an anime has monsters fighting each other is not a ripoff. Which is older Digimon or Pokemon? The first Pokémon game came out in 1996, while the first Digimon toy was released in 1997.

FAQ: When Did Digimon Come Out?

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Which Digimon Season Is The Best

Digimon: All Seasons Ranked, Including X-Evolution

  • 8 Data Squad.
  • 5 Xros Wars: The Young Hunters Who Leapt Through Time.
  • 4 Frontier.
  • 3 Adventure 02.
  • 2 Adventure.
  • 1 Tamers. Most likely the least shocking choice for number one, Tamers was a much darker and more realistic look at the idea of Digimon.

Ripped Off: Almost Like Looking Into A Mirror

The world of Pokémon contains several different creatures. Many of them are combinations of animals, such as the “electric mouse,” Pikachu. Meowth also resembles a cat with a few golden accessories. Charmander looks similar to a dinosaur: the brontosaurus.

When Digimon was released, many accused Bandai of ripping-off the adorable characters of Pokémon. While Pokémon has a white cat-like creature named Meowth, Digimon also has a white cat-like character named Gatomon. Digimon’s Agumon is a small, orange dinosaur-like monster that is very similar to Pokémon Charmander. There’s no doubt that some of the creatures from Digimon look like Pokémon characters.

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Did Better: No Collateral Damage

The Digi-Destined children were transported from Summer Camp into the Digital World. In this land, there are few modern luxuries. The kids have to travel through dangerous environments on foot to make their way home. Since these battles can’t hurt innocent bystanders or accidentally demolish buildings, it means that Digimon can go all out when they fight. The battles are not restricted to land. Digimon can fight anywhere in the Digital World without worrying they might hurt someone. The Digi-Destined stay close by to their friends, even though being eliminated in the Digital World means disappearing from the real world. These kids also know that the battling monsters are more interested in destroying each other than humans.

Medabots Is Pokmon With Robots

Pokemon Ripoff Summary – Digimon World

Like Pokémon, Medabots started as a video game and was released just a year after Pokémon Red & Blue. In response to the game’s popularity, it was eventually adapted into a manga series and anime in 1999. The plot revolves around Ikki Tenry, who, like Ash Ketchum, starts his journey when he’s 10 years old.

Tenry wants to “be the very best” and become the next World Robattle Tournament champion however, he is unable to afford a Medabot to compete with. He eventually purchases an obsolete Medabot and stumbles upon a special medal, allowing him to activate his Medabot.

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In Keitai Denj Telefang 2


  • Ky The protagonist and main T-Fanger of Keitai Denj Telefang 2. He is a blue-haired 10-year-old boy who goes to the Denj world to look for his missing father.
  • Midori She is a friend of Ky who travels the Denj world with him.
  • Y and Otome Two characters that appear in Power Version and Speed Version, respectively. They serve as Kys rival in the corresponding versions.
  • Matsukiyo The child prodigy who entered the Denj world along with Shigeki in Keitai Denj Telefang is now a professor living in the human world, where he runs a laboratory and pays Ky for collecting information on certain Denj.


  • Rex The first partner Denj of Ky.
  • Chakor The first partner Denj of Midori. It appears to be based on the chukar partridge.
  • Doon The partner Denj of Y, the rival in Power Version.
  • Gyuun The partner Denj of Otome, the rival in Speed Version.
  • Diablos A Denj who is unhappy with the presence and influence of humans in the Denj world. He is killing off the antenna trees to prevent contact between the Denj world and the human world.

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Who Owns Digimon And Pokemon

Theres a major misconception that both Pokemon and Digimon are owned by the same company. Its time to put that misconception to rest. They are both owned by completely different creators and companies.

As mentioned above, Pokemon was commenced as a gaming company and was initially owned only by Nintendo. Later, Nintendo formed a joint venture between two other companies called Creatures, Inc and Gamefreaks to expand the Pokemon franchise. Currently, the franchise is referred to as The Pokemon Company.

Meanwhile, Digimon is created and owned by three other companies. The first creator of Digimon is Akiyoshi Hongo and later the franchise was controlled by Toei Animation which is responsible for the production of Digimon anime and Bandai which mostly controls the game and merchandise.

Another misconception regarding both the anime franchises is if one or the other is a ripoff. This is a false claim or theory that was speculated without a basis. Just because Pokemon and Digimon end with mon it doesnt necessarily make them ripoffs of each other.

Pokemon is focused on the protagonist acquiring Pocket Monsters to become a Pokemon Master whereas Digimon is solely based on a group of kids using the Digital Monsters to save the world.

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Hokker Is Better Digimon Of Pokemon

Wylst Pokemon de populêrste fan ‘e twa kin wêze, Digimon is eins de bettere franchise. Digimon is in folle bettere show en hoewol ik persoanlik de Digimon-spultsjes leaver, wit ik dat ik yn ‘e minderheid bin. De pokemon-spultsjes binne gewoan populêrder, sels as se net folle binne feroare sûnt se begon.

Is Khan Academy Better Than Prodigy

Pokémon Rip

Ive used Khan Academy in the past for the same purpose, but students have a more positive reaction and are more motivated to play Prodigy than they are to watch a Khan Academy video. The data allows you to better differentiate to meet the needs of your students and helps planning for future lessons.

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Did Better: Dont Expect Plot Armor

The Pokémon anime series has been ongoing since the late 90s. The series always features Ash Ketchum and his loyal Pikachu. They come across two new companions, have a few adventures, Ash loses the Pokémon Championship, and the cycle repeats itself.

Digimon actually has a set story for each new season. Seasons 1 and 2 are intertwined. The first batch of kids from the beginning are now older. They help the kids in the second series. At the end of each Digimon season, their story concludes, and a new one begins in the next season. Fans actually feel some tension since they know the story won’t start with the same protagonist from the previous series.

Is Bakugan A Ripoff Of Pokemon

  • You know what’s just as exciting as kids battling each other using colorful, interesting-looking little monsters? …
  • Bakugan Battle Brawlers is such an obvious Pokémon rip-off that even Japan hated it. …
  • Sure, hardcore Cardcaptors, aka Cardcaptor Sakura, fans can defend the show from being a Pokémon rip-off.

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Is Digimon A Ripoff Of Pokemon

Although both anime series have some similarities such as young characters, targeted towards children and fictional monsters, they are completely distinct from one another. Digimon is based on characters saving the world from impending doom and Pokemon focuses on trainers attempting to acquire the best Pokemon.

Is Digimon 02 Ending Canon


and Last Evolution Kizuna ensured that the epilogue that was shown at the end of 02 is canon: Matt somehow becomes an astronaut and Davis achieves his dream of owning a ramen shop. They could have easily retconned the epilogue but instead, they now exist and contradict each other.

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Anime That Tried To Rip Off Pokmon & Failed

When an anime gets as huge as quickly as Pokémon did, it goes without saying that other companies are going to try to get in on the action.

In 1996, Pokémon swept the world with its unparalleled popularity. In an attempt to cash in on the overwhelming success of the Pokémon franchise, other studios began releasing anime series that share many unmistakable similarities with the influential franchise.

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Considering how saturated the market became with Pokémon clones, it’s no surprise that some franchises were more successful than others. Though many of these anime are impressive and unique in their own right, they simply fall short when attempting to capture the undeniably enduring nature of Pokémon. However, for anyone looking to scratch that Pokémon itch, some of these franchises may still be worth checking out.

Taken From Digimon: Scary Trees

Well, thanks for the dreams that will assuredly keep us from ever going into a forest! These two scary tree monsters look both eery and eerily similar, but one of them came first: Digimon‘s Cherrymon, which may or may not have inspired Pokémon‘s Trevenant’s appearance and/or concept.

Cherrymon is something of a frightening forest guardian that could very well have served as the basis for Trevenant, though their shared scary tree concepts could also have just been a coincidence. As with other cases in this list, it’s not hard to see similarities, but there are also plenty of differences that cancel out those similarities. Regardless, it’s interesting to note that both franchises have frightening tree monsters in their midst.

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Is Naruto A Pokmon

While Pokémon do not exist in the Naruto universe, there are actually plenty of ninjas in the Pokémon universe. These ninjas become not only Pokémon trainers but also Gym Leaders and members of the Elite Four, such as Koga of Fuchsia City. Therefore, Naruto himself would fit right in as a Pokémon master.

Does It Better: Best Of The Bunch

15 Hilarious Pokémon Rip

Despite the negative reaction of Transformers: Armada from older fans, the show was still a big hit for young children like me at the time. It led to Transformers: Energon, a far more awful show. While Energon didnt have the Pokémon elements that fans despised in Armada, it was overall a bigger mess story-wise and makes Armada look better in comparison. Transformers: Cybertron, the second sequel to Armada and the final part of the self-titled Unicron Trilogy, is probably the most well received.

Instead of Mini-Cons, the transformers are collecting the four Cyber Planet Keys that can save their home planet from a black hole. Many older fans admit Cybertron is definitely an improvement over its predecessors, but most of those same fans will only ever say the show is just okay. However, I thought the show was awesome as a kid, and is probably my personal favorite Transformers series yet.

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Did Better: Being The Best Isnt Everything

Pokémon has focused on the journeys of Ash and Pikachu for over a decade. Ash has remained a youthful 10-year-old kid who hasn’t changed much.

Digimon is a much more serious show. The original seven DigiDestined were all going through tough issues. The leader, Tai, is coping with almost causing his sister’s passing when he was younger. Joe had to decide if he wanted to follow family tradition and become a doctor or follow his own path. The characters all have a hidden issue that they bring into the Digital World. By working together, they manage to overcome their problems and emerge as stronger people.

Meanwhile, Ash remains the same kid who wants to be the best Pokémon trainer.

Taken From Pokmon: Two Game Releases

We mentioned earlier that Pokémon‘s main marketing strategy when it comes to games has always been about releasing two versions of the same generation of Pokémon, doubling the product with some slight variations between them. It’s a smart marketing strategy that other franchises would incorporate, including Digimon.

Specifically, we are talking about the games that quite possibly “inspired” Pokémon’s Sun and Moon titles, Digimon World: Dusk and Digimon World: Dawn. This dual release was clearly inspired by Pokémon‘s marketing strategy, since this was the first instance in which a Digimon game incorporated it after Pokémon had been doing it for years.

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Digimon Vs Pokemon: Initial Releases Seasons And Episodes

Since weve covered the storylines and history of both the anime shows its time we speak about their initial releases, ideas, and how the franchises have become one of the most famous cultures worldwide.

Although Nintendo brags about the ownership of the Pokemon franchise, the masterminds behind this successful project are Satoshi Tajiri, Ken Sugimori, and Junichi Masuda.

As mentioned before, Pokemon was initially released to the world as a game with its first game being Pocket Monsters Red and Green in 1996. The animated series was released in 1997 with the first season named Pokemon: Indigo League.

It features the story of how Ash Ketchum is introduced to his first Pokemon and his adventures. The first season consists of 55 episodes with some episodes being banned.

As of 2021, the Pokemon anime has 24 seasons with over 1000 episodes that were watched tirelessly by Pokemon fans.

Digimon was released in 1999 with its first season being named Digimon Adventures. The first season consists of 54 episodes and was written by Reiko Yoshida and directed by Mamoru Hosada.

Its focused on seven teenagers who are transported to the Digiworld through their Digivices where they meet Digital Monsters. The teenagers use the Digimon to save the Digiworld and the world they came from.

The anime series expanded with a total of 10 seasons that were released in the following years and has over 500 episodes which are comparatively less to Pokemon.

Is Digimon 02 Einigjend Canon

Detective Pikachu Means Pokemon is A Digimon Ripoff? | @GatorEXP

en Last Evolution Kizuna soarge derfoar dat de epilooch dat waard toand oan ‘e ein fan 02 is canon: Matt wurdt op ien of oare manier in astronaut en Davis berikt syn dream fan it besit fan in ramenwinkel. Se koenen de epilooch maklik opnij hawwe, mar ynstee bestean se no en tsjinsprekke inoar.

Lêst bywurke: 17 dagen lyn – Auteurs: 7 – Bydragen: 15 – Referinsjes: 45 ynterviews en berjochten 13 Fideo’s.

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Digimon Is A Ripoff Of Pokemon

Hah. Yeah of course that’s completely incorrect. I’ve noticed there has been quite a good number of people say that Digimon is a ripoff of Pokemon and such, but imma just prove this wrong.

First of all, Pokemon was first created on February 22, 1996. Digimon was first created on June 26, 1997. These are way too close of a time span to fully say Digimon copied Pokemon. Plus let’s look back to Digimon’s origins. Although the anime came out 1999, Digimon was created 2 years earlier, influenced and similar to Tamagotchi, in which you have to raise a monster, but you were able to fight other v-pets, which is what they were called at the time. So tell me, how exactly does Digimon copy Pokemon?

But wait, there’s more. Next let us compare the two animes. We all know the plot of the Pokemon anime. 10-year-old Ash Ketchum sets off to become the very best Pokemon trainer in all the land and become a Pokemon master. Pretty basic plot. Now let’s look at Digimon. But I’ll specifically look at the very first season, Adventure, as the plot in the other seasons are different each time. Digimon Adventure follows the journeys of 7 kids from summer camp who gets wound up in the Digital World, a place full of digital monsters, or Digimon. They soon meet their partner Digimon and, without any sense of direction, go. But they end up finding out they are here for a reason: to save the Digital World and, later, their own world. Umm. Yeah how is Digimon a ripoff of Pokemon again?


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