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How To Change Weather In Pokemon Shield

Changing The Weather In The Wild Area

How to change WEATHER in Pokemon Sword & Shield

First and foremost, youll want to completely close any launched game on your Nintendo Switch. You can do this by hovering over the game on your Switchs home screen, pressing the X button on your Joy-Con, then selecting Close.

Next, from the Switchs home screen, go to the consoles System Settings. The System Settings icon looks like a gear and is located between the Joy-Con icon and the Power button in the bottom toolbar.

Once youre inside the System Settings menu, scroll all the way down and select the System menu. Next, select the Date and Time option by pressing the A button on the right Joy-Con.

This submenu is where you change all of your time settings on the Nintendo Switch.

To customize the current time, select Synchronize Clock Via Internet to turn Off the automatic clock.

Change the date or the time to whatever you want and press OK. It doesnt matter what time you pick, so long as its different from the current time.

Navigate back to the Nintendo Switch home screen by pressing the physical Home button on your right Switch Joy-Con and then launch the game.

When you launch Pokémon Sword and Shield and enter the Wild Area, the time of day and weather will change, depending on what you set your date and time to.

To turn the real-time sync back on, save and close the Pokémon Sword and Shield game and navigate back to the Date and Time menu. Select Synchronize Clock via Internet to set it back to the On position.

Weather Changes On A Daily Basis

Weather changes on a daily basis, so every 24 hours, the weather will change throughout the Wild Area. The game measures this time using the setting on the Switch console. This means that players can freely change the weather by changing the time on their Switch.

For our daily Weather report covering all areas in the Wild Area, check the link below.

Pokemon Spawns Vary During Certain Weather

There are some Pokemon that spawn far more readily when there’s a certain weather type. Fog appears to be one of the harder ones to spawn, and some interesting Pokemon come out during that weather type. That means if you see Fog at a location on your map, you will likely want to drop everything and head there to see what Pokemon are lurking about!

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What Should You Keep In Mind

To be able to know how to change the weather in pokemon shield You must bear in mind that you have to know the console settings but not only this, but you must also think about other things which are:

  • The weather will not always be unlocked.
  • Hail and Storm are unlocked in the middle of the story or so
  • You must pass the entire story mode of the game to unlock all climates
  • The last weather to unlock is the mist at the end of the game
  • The climate is based on the seasons in real life, don’t be surprised to have a strong sun in summer time.
  • It is not an illegal trick but it can be considered a shortcut to get the Pokémon.
  • You should write down the dates when a certain weather is in order to be able to return to it in case it changes suddenly because it is not always accurate according to the date.

Change Your Nintendo Switch Time And Date

Pokemon Sword and Shield: How to Change Weather

Weather in Pokemon Sword and Shield is dictated by a couple of things: how far you are into the game, and your Nintendo Switchs Time and Date. The first portion of the equation requires beating the game to access all weather types. Fog is one example of a type of weather that unlocks after youve become Galar region champion. The second portion of the equation involves changing the Time and Date on your Nintendo Switch. To do this follow the directions below:

  • Home Screen > System Settings .
  • From System Settings select System.
  • From System select Date and Time.
  • Turn off Synchronize Clock via Internet.
  • Manually input date and time below.
  • So now that you know how to change the date and time on your Nintendo Switch you are probably wondering what date and time to switch it to. To answer that it depends on what type of wheather you want. Consult the list below to get dates and their corresponding weather types:

    • Sunny May 1
    • Sandstorm April 1, 2020
    • Fog June 1, 2020

    Input the dates above to get their corresponding weather type. Note I like to set the time around 12:00 AM. If done correctly you will notice each area is the weather type listed above. This means you can grab all the Pokemon that correspond with the weather types without waiting for them to roll through.

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    Pokemon Sword And Shield Weather Symbols

    To find these Symbols, open your map and press the + button which will reveal the weather in every location. Under the right weather conditions, in wild areas, you might be able to find some strong and powerful Pokemon.

    Each weather symbol on your map represents a type of weather. There are 9 different weather conditions Snow, Thunderstorm, Rain, Cloudy, Sunny, Clear, Snowstorm, Sandstorm, and Fog.

    Change WeatherThere is no way you can change the weather in the game itself. It is dependent on the date and time set in your Nintendo Switch. Weather can vary drastically in between each area. One may have one weather while the other may have something entirely different.

    Although you cannot set the weather from within the game, you can change the date and time of your console to achieve specific weather conditions.

    You can change the weather Sword and Shield if you set the date to a particular time. But make sure you are a little far in the story before you try and tinker around with these options.

    To achieve this, go to System Settings, then System, and then Date and Time. Uncheck the option to Synchronize the Clock via the internet. Now simply change the Date and Time to one of the ones mentioned below to achieve the desired weather. If you want to get a Sandstorm and Snowstorm, you should be done with the game at least 50 percent. And for fog, you will need to have completed the story.

    The format for these dates is DD/MM/YY.

    • Snow: 12/1/2020

    How To Change Weather And Get Fog Sandstorm Snowstorm

    If you want check weather type in a specific area, open your map and press the + key to toggle weather icons on and off. As we already told you, in order to unlock Foggy weather youll need to finish the story first. For other weather types you should set the following dates:

    • Clear Weather: 1st May 2020
    • Sunny: 1st July 2020

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    How To Change The Weather In Pokemon Sword & Shield Isle Of Armor

    In the overworld of Isle of Armor, there are many different types of weather conditions. The conditions affect which Pokemon may spawn, so knowing how to control it can come in handy. You cannot technically choose the weather, per se, but there is a method you can use to change it.

    When looking at a Pokemon in the Pokedex, you can see their habitats. On the top left of the screen, there is a list of weather conditions. Certain Pokemon may only show up when its raining, for instance. If you hit the plus button while on this map, you can see what the weather looks like across the Isle of Armor.

    To effectively change the weather on your islands, follow these steps:

    • Go into your Nintendo Switch home screen
    • Head to the System Settings menu
    • Scroll down to System
    • Change your Date and Time

    The date and time will affect weather conditions in the Isle of Armor overworld. You can change this to whatever you want. It will help to know that on the 15th of every month, the weather pattern changes. The only areas that do not follow this weather pattern are the Potbottom Desert and the cave systems.

    Another thing to note is that not every weather condition is available in the Isle of Armor. For instance, it cannot snow or hail in any location on the island due to its tropical climate.

    How To View Current Weather

    How to CHOOSE / Change the Weather in Pokemon Sword and Shield (Also Fog, Sandstorm & Hail)

    If you are curious to see the current weather in the Galar region you can use a nifty feature on your map. Open the map then press + to toggle weather on/off. This allows you to see the current weather in each area of the region. Use this to your advantage.

    Thats everything you need to know to change the weather in Pokemon Sword and Shield. When you are done simply Synchronize Time with internet to revert back to normal.

    As mentioned above this could be viewed as a bit of an exploit so keep that in mind if you decide to use. I dont think anything will happen because of it, but I feel I should give that warning to you.

    Thoughts on our how to change the weather in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield guide? Drop a comment in The Pit below.

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    How To Change The Weather In Pokemon Sword & Shield’s Wild Area

    Weather is essentially an element you can’t completely control in Pokemon Sword & Shield, but you can manipulate it – and just like the classic Animal Crossing cheats of old, it’s all accomplished by messing with your Nintendo Switch’s real-world clock. You see, the wild area weather is changed every day at midnight, with the switch at midnight based on your Switch’s local clock time.

    In real terms, this means you can manipulate the game by opening your Switch settings and changing the clock in order to keep ‘cycling’ the days in order to force the game to re-roll the weather for you until you get what you want. The date and time options can be found in the System tab of your Switch system settings, for the record. There is no punishment for changing the system date like this, but you will have some strange things on record, like Pokemon caught in the past or the future. Just tell people you have a TARDIS, or Delorean, or what have you…

    Changing The Weather In Sword And Shield

    To change the weather in Pokémon Sword and Shield, follow these simple steps:

    • Save your Pokémon Sword or Pokémon Shield game, press the Home button to return to the Nintendo Switch home screen.
    • Press X on the Pokémon Sword or Pokémon Shield tile and close the game.
    • Go to the bottom bar and over to System Settings, and then press A to enter.
    • In System Settings, scroll all the way down the left-hand side to the System option, and then press A.
    • Within the System menu, select Date and Time by hovering over the option and pressing A.
    • Here, youll see that the option to Synchronise Clock via Internet is switched to On. Press A here to unlock the option to change the Date and Time setting. If youre offline, you can go down to Date and Time straight away.
    • Go down to the Date and Time option and change the date to the day and month of your choice to get different weather conditions in the Wild Area.
    • Once youve changed the date, back out of the settings menus and get back into the game.

    Going through these motions to find your desired weather conditions each time is a tedious process, but thankfully a fellow Pokémon Sword and Shield player has found the perfect dates for each weather condition.

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    Each Pokemon Type Has Preferred Weather

    Each Pokemon type has its own favored or preferred weather type which will greatly benefit them if they are in battle under that weather type. This is based mainly on the Pokemon’s natural preference water Pokemon love the rain, Ice Pokemon like Snow, etc!

    Favored Types Appear More Often

    In the Wild Area, if a certain weather is active, then the Pokemon that favor it will appear more often. Use this to target certain types of Pokemon to catch or fight.

    Outside Weather May Not Affect Raids

    Raids and the Pokemon in them are sometimes unaffected by outside weather. Some Pokemons may appear in raids even if the weather is different from their stated conditions.

    How To Change The Weather In Pokemon Sword And Shield Isle Of Armor

    Pokemon Sword/Shield Players Discover How To Manipulate ...

    Weather is an important aspect of Pokemon Sword and Shield. Weather influences certain Pokemon in the game to appear in the overworld. Apart from the habitat location of such Pokemon, the weather also plays an important role in the spawning of these Pokemon. Hence, it is vital that you do not miss the weather in order to catch a particular Pokemon.

    In this guide today, well take you through the precise steps that you need to apply to change the weather in Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC. So if youve missed certain weather in the game, you can always choose to change the weather to your choice. Weve also included the weather pattern of the Isle of Armor DLC and the base game for your reference. So without any further ado, lets look at how to change the weather in Pokemon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor.

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    How To Change The Weather In Pokemon Sword & Shield

    To change the weather in Pokemon Sword & Shield, all you need to do is access your Nintendo Switch system menu and change the time. This will randomize the weather to a different condition.

    You need to go to your System Settings and scroll down to the System tab at the bottom. From there, click Date and Time and change the time zone you are in.

    Time needed: 1 minute.

    To sum up how to change the weather in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

  • Press the Home button on your Nintendo Switch
  • Access System Settings
  • Access Change Time and change it by at least a few hours
  • However, you can also choose which weather conditions youd like by changing the date to something specific. This process is the same as the above, except you are obviously changing the date rather than the time.

    There are several dates that actually give you the same weather conditions across the entire of Galar.

    These are as follows:

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    Random Effects That Influence Gameplay

    Weather affects Pokemon with regards to how they move & how they interact with the environment. Weather changes can be manipulated with specific Pokemon moves, or changes automatically in wild area.

    Certain Weather Locked Behind Game Progression

    Hail, Thunder and Fogs are unique weather which are only unlocked as you progress through the game. These weather will not appear during early game, until you progress to acquire a certain number of Gym Badges or become the Champion.

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    How To Change The Weather In Pokemon Sword And Pokemon Shield

    Pokemon Swordand Pokemon Shield features a weather system that impacts the type of Pokemon you may encounter. Because of this system it can be hard to find Pokemon you may want to get, but cant seem to get the right weather for it to spawn. Unfortunately there is no real in-game way to change weather, but I have the next best thing for you. Continue reading below to learn how to change the weather in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

    NOTE: The following may be viewed as an exploit. If you are worried about ruining your experience, dont use it.

    Pokmon Sword And Shield: How To Change The Weather

    HOW TO CHANGE WEATHER in Pokemon Sword & Shield! Overcast, Fog and More!

    The Wild Area in Pokémon Sword and Shield is where players will spend countless hours, catching Pokémon in raids or just encountering them naturally throughout the environment. It’s also…well, wild, completely unpredictable in terms of both the weather and the Pokémon you’ll encounter. This can be frustrating as the type of weather you’re in directly affects the kinds of Pokémon that are out and about.

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    Certain Dates Have Fixed Weather

    It has also been discovered by the YouTube Content Creator “Austin John Plays“, that certain days in the calendar have been programmed to always have a certain weather for all areas on that specific date. By setting your Nintendo Switch’s system calendar to that date, you can change the weather to any of your liking.

    How To Get One Weather Condition Across All Of The Wild Area

    Discovered by Austin John Plays, there are specific dates that you can put into your Nintendo Switch that will cause the weather across the whole Wild Area to be the same.

    While some of these weather conditions are locked to certain stages of progression in the game , these are the dates to put in to guarantee one weather condition all over the Wild Area:

    • 1 May 2020: Normal Weather
    • 1 July 2020: Sunny Weather
    • 1 March 2020: Overcast Weather
    • 1 October 2020: Raining
    • 1 February 2020: Hailing
    • 1 December 2020: Snowing

    In Pokémon Sword and Shield, the weather conditions of Snowstorms and Sandstorms will not occur until you have defeated the first three Gym Leaders in the game. To unlock the foggy weather conditions, youll need to defeat Leon and become the Champion of Galar.

    Now that you know how to change the weather in Sword and Shield as well as what dates yield certain weather types, all thats left to do is go out and catch the Pokémon.

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