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How To Become Lucky Friends In Pokemon Go

What Is The New Pokemon Go Lucky Friends Feature


The patch notes for this latest version of Pokemon Go read as follows: Trainers who are Best Friends will have a chance of becoming Lucky Friends. So what does this mean?

In Pokemon Go, friendship isnt just a simple list of players youve added its a changing, growing list, with different levels of friendship depending on how much time youve spent doing things with another player. By sending gifts, playing through Pokemon raid encounter battles and trading Pokemon, players can level up their friendship, with the top tier being Best Friends.

Lucky Friends are basically a temporary buff to your friendship status. Once youre best friends with someone, youll have a chance to be temporarily made each others special friend each time you perform a friendship-based act with them. That means each time you trade Pokemon, open gifts from each other, team up in raid battles or gym encounters, or even have a one-on-one trainer battle. Each time will give you a chance this will happen, and when it does Pokemon Go will make a big song and dance about it, notifying you that youre now lucky friends.

Once you are Lucky Friends, the buff is simple: the first trade you make with that player is guaranteed to create a Lucky Pokemon. Lucky Pokemon are buffed Pokemon that have cheaper stat upgrades and generally better performance across the board, so this is well worthwhile.

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How To Get Lucky Friends In Pokemon Go

First of all, getting lucky friends at all is restricted to trainers you have the best friends relationship level with, so even if you have 200 friends, if theyre all below that relationship level it just wont happen until you improve that.

If you do have best friends, then youre set to proceed. From that relationship level and onwards, every time you interact with them in a way that improves the relationship level meaning gifts, raids or trading for the first time each day, for example you have a chance to become lucky friends with them. This chance is small, but fires frequently, as you can send someone a gift once a day, which means you can roll the dice on getting a lucky friend quite regularly.

And why only try one at once? You can send plenty of gifts a day, and that means plenty of lucky friends chances.

The chance to become lucky friends during each interaction is believed to be around 5%, as listed on the game wiki page.

Stardust Cost Reduction To Power Up

Its also important to recall that lucky Pokémon are also a great way to reduce the amount of stardustyou need to spend in order to power up a Pokémon. In fact, its split in half, which is very good news for trainers with less resources or newcomers.

You might think that IVs are overrated and so on, and perhaps youre right. Most Pokémon wont lose any particular breakpoint if they have an ATK IV of 14 or 13. All in all, its situational. However, for those trainers who want to power up the best Pokémon, getting a 13/12/14 out of a lucky trade would be a disappointment. Imagine that you spend 50 raid passes to get only one shiny Rayquaza, then it takes you around 60 interactions with a specific person to become Lucky Friends, and when you do the lucky trade you end up getting that 13/12/14 shiny Rayquaza. That would be a bit of a letdown, wouldnt it?

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How To Get Lucky Pokmon In Pokmon Go

Lucky Pokémon come from the game’s trading feature. When you trade, there’s a chance both creatures will have the Lucky status afterwards.

The success rate isn’t yet known, but the longer the Pokémon has been in storage – in other words, the longer you’ve owned the Pokémon – the higher the chances of it becoming Lucky by the end of it.

So if the Pokémon are from when the game launched in 2016, your chances of them being Lucky will be much higher than if they were caught this year.

If they are caught at different periods, it’s suspected the game will take the average age of both creatures in the trade as the calculation, as either both will or won’t be Lucky together.

That’s not to say a freshly caught Pokémon can’t be Lucky – members of the community have been successful with trading recent catches. But the older it is the better, and since you can only trade one of a specific Pokémon, you want those chances to be as high as possible.

Our Research Into Lucky Pokemon And Mechanics Weve Observed

Lucky Friends &  Avatar Poses Are Coming to Pokémon GO ...

GO Hub has a data form available online through which more than 3600 trades were recorded at the moment of writing this article. We analysed the results and came to the following conclusions:

  • We strongly believe that the game only takes into account age of the older Pokemon participating in the trade. This is the only hypothesis we tested that supports Niantics official statement that older Pokemon yield higher chance to get a Lucky.
  • According to our testing and observations, trading two old Pokemon doesnt benefit you in any substantial way, as the game will take into account only 1 age the age of the oldest Pokemon in the trade
  • We did not observe any correlation between Lucky Pokemon and following data points:
  • Pilot medal level
  • Friendship level
  • Trainer level
  • For those wondering, Lucky Pokémon were introduced in Pokémon GO in July 2018, as part of the Friendship System update.

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    Players Who Reach Lucky Friend Status In Pokemon Go Will Get Some Pretty Sweet Benefits Heres How It All Works

    Published June 24, 2020, 3:18 p.m.aboutPokemon Go

    by Andrew Smith

    Friends are great, right? Well in the world of Pokemon GO, there are five levels of friendships that can be obtained, with each level offering better incentives when trading Pokemon with each other. In this guide, we are going to take a look at how to become Pokemon GO Lucky friends, which is the highest level of friends in the game. It has some pretty great incentives, but wont be easy to obtain. Heres how it all works.

    Is There Anything Else To It

    Thats everything to answer how you can become lucky friends with other trainers in Pokemon Go, hopefully, this has helped explain a relatively obscure mechanic to you.

    If youve got any lucky friends already, make sure to get the trades going as soon as you can, the powered-up Pokemon can give your team quite the boost and as always, if youd like more guides or articles about Pokemon Go, you can find them right here on The Click, while if youd instead like to see more by me specifically, a list of my articles is available here.

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    How To Recognize A Shinny

    Generally speaking, the most important thing to remember about Pokémon Shiny, is that they have a different color than normal. Sometimes very similar to usual, and sometimes not at all. So the Pikachu Shiny is orange instead of yellow, but Charizard Shiny is black instead of orange.

    How to recognize a Shiny on Pokémon Go?

    When it is chromatic, it then takes on a red color. Same for Dracaufeu, with traditionally orange skin, his version shiny is completely black. Each Pokémon therefore has a version shiny which is identical to it in every way with a change of color for only difference.

    What are Shiny Pokémon? The Shiny Pokémon are rare variants that have different colors than others Pokémon of their species. If you are lucky, you may encounter pokemon chromatiques in nature, and especially during special events such as Community Days or Pokémon GO Fest.

    How are the chromatic Pikachu compared to the normal colored ones? Q4: How Are Chromatic Pikachu Compared our Pikachu de normal color? A: Darker.

    Can Lucky Friends Trade From A Distance


    This allows you to trade with practically any Trainer as long as you are 100 meters or less from one another, adding onto that comes Lucky Pokémon which you are randomly granted through Trading, and then to round it all off you now even have the chance to reach Lucky Friends status which guarantees your very next trade

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    Pokmon Go Friendship Levels And Trade Costs

    When adding a friend in Pokémon Go, there are four levels: Good, Great, Ultra, and Best. Raising friendship every day will improve this level over time. The higher your friendship is with somebody, the better. Youll be able to trade Pokémon for less Stardust, do more damage if you raid together, and even get a bonus Premier Ball or two when you complete a raid.

    Special trades that feature Legendary or Shiny Pokémon not in your Pokédex can cost up to 1,000,000 Stardust to trade, so get your friendship levels up first. The trade cost decreases to 800,000 for Great Friends, 80,000 for Ultra Friends, and 40,000 for Best Friends. Higher friendship has no effect on trade distance.

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    Can You Become Lucky Friends By Battling

    Essentially, once players become friends in-game, they can raise their friendship level by battling each other, completing raids together, trading pokemon, sending gifts, and a few other things. To become Lucky friends in Pokemon GO, players will first need to become Best friends with another player.

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    How Do You Trade A Pokmon To Try And Get A Lucky

    Assuming both you and the person you want to trade with are level 10 and higher:

  • Become Friends with the person you want to trade with.
  • Meet up with the Friend you want to trade with.
  • Select the Pokémon you want to trade and have your Friend select the Pokémon they want to trade for it.
  • Review the Trade Details and make sure youre happy with them, including the CP and HP ranges.
  • Tap Next.
  • Review the Trade one last time.
  • Tap Confirm.
  • Pokemon Go Update 01392 11072

    How to get lucky friends in pokemon go 2020

    Update: The latest Pokemon Go update on both iOS and Android have confirmed that the datamine regarding the new lucky friends feature was correct. The lucky friends feature had previously been speculated but has now been confirmed in the Pokemon Go patches notes. Specifically it says: Trainers who are Best Friends will have a chance of becoming Lucky Friends.

    Niantic have now more revealed more details about the mechanics of lucky friends. Firstly, you need to best friends to have a chance of becoming lucky friends. The chance of becoming lucky friends will only happen once per day when you do the following:

    • Open a gift from each other
    • Team up in a raid battle or gym battle
    • Challenge each other in a trainer battle

    If you are fortunate enough to become lucky friends, then much like when you reach a new friendship level, you will receive a notification telling you. This means your next trade is guaranteed to result in lucky Pokemon for the both of you. Following this trade you will revert back to best friends but can become lucky friends again in subsequent days.

    This means that when you become best friends with a fellow trainer, you could become lucky friends. The best way to become best friends is by sending each other a gift once a day for 90 days.


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    What Does Lucky Friends Do In Pokemon Go

    Having your relationship level set to lucky friends in Pokemon Go will mean that your next trade with that friend is certain to be a lucky trade. Lucky trades upgrade the traded Pokemon to a lucky Pokemon for both trainers. You will lose your lucky friends status after the trade, however.

    A lucky Pokemon will have minimum stat values of 12 in each stat, meaning they are certain to be at least fairly strong, and much more likely to have top-tier standards than Pokemon traded without the lucky bonus in play.

    Make sure to cash in on that free lucky Pokemon when you can trainers and dont worry about losing the lucky friends status, you can always get it back, you just need to be lucky again.

    Pokemon Go: How To Become Lucky Friends What Does It Do

    If youve used the friends system in Pokemon Go before, you might have a lucky friend already, but how do you get them, anyway?

    It is after all entirely possible youve got one or two just by, well, being lucky. Though with that said if you intend to try to get more, just be aware that lucky friends arent the most reliable to get, so dont expect to get one straight away, persistence is key if you really want to know how to become lucky friends in Pokemon Go.

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    How Do I Trigger Lucky Friends

    How do you become Lucky Friends? Once you become Best Friends, you will have a chance to become Lucky Friends! You will have this chance once per day when you and your Best Friend trade Pokémon, open a Gift from each other, team up in raids and Gym battles, or challenge each other to a Trainer Battle.

    Lucky Friends: Understanding Feature Mechanics

    How To Get Lucky Friends in Pokemon Go Guide

    The Lucky Friends feature was introduced six months ago. The initial thought was that this feature would be a bit too overpowered. However, things seemed to turn out differently due to the apparently low odds of becoming Lucky Friends with one of your in-game friends. Lets analyze whether or not this is true.

    On this page

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    Leveling Up Friendship Levels

    After adding a friend, you must level your friendship level to start unlocking and increasing various perks. To do so, go back to your friends list and select a name. You can then view there profile, and also send them a gift. Select “send gift” to pick a gift from your inventory to send to them. If you don’t have a gift, simply spin Pokestops until you have some. You can hold a maximum of 10. After your friend OPENS your gift, you will level up for the first time!

    You can level up your friendship once per day with various activities. These activities include:

    • Opening a gift from a friend
    • Doing a raid with a friend
    • Trading with a friend
    • Battling with a friend

    Gifting is the primary way to level up your friendship level as it can be done at any time, from any distance. It’s also, by far, the best way to level up. For some gifting details:

    How To Become Lucky Friends In Pokemon Go

    Along with lucky Pokemon, you can also become lucky friends with someone in Pokemon Go. This is essentially completely random once youve reached the best friends stage by sending gifts back and forth, theres a small chance that every time you open a gift from a best friend, you become lucky friends.

    When youre lucky friends with someone, all this means is that the next trade between the two of you will be a lucky trade, resulting in two lucky Pokemon. Once youve completed the lucky trade, your lucky friend status will disappear, but can be regained by sending gifts back and forth again.

    Good luck obtaining those lucky Pokemon!

    One of the resident guide writers around these parts, give me a game and I will write every how to I possibly can or die trying. When Im not knee-deep in a game to write guides on, youll find me hurtling round the track in F1 2020, flinging balls on my phone in Pokemon Go, pretending to know what Im doing in Football Manager 2020, clicking on heads in Valorant, or mowing down hordes of enemies in Outriders.

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    Pokemon Go Lucky Friend Odds

    Pokemon Go Lucky Friend odds are something youll want to know if youre using this new feature in Niantics game. If you want to learn how to unlock the Pokemon Go Lucky Friend feature, and what the probability of getting one is, youve come to the right place. Learn everything about Pokemon Go Lucky Friend odds with our guide.

    Guide To Lucky Pokmon In Pokmon Go

    " Pokémon GO"  Friends and Lucky Friends Guide

    Lucky Pokémon are a special form of Pokémon in Pokémon GO that require less Stardust to power-up and have minimum IV values of 12. Lucky Pokémon are not available in the wild, and they are only available from Trading.

    Lucky Pokémon are quite rare in GO, but you can get a guaranteed Lucky Pokémon by trading with a Lucky friend, or by trading Pokémon caught in July and August of 2016. This makes getting them easier, but this is usually used to get Lucky Legendary Pokémon.

    Trainer Tips has an excellent video that explains most of the Lucky Pokémon mechanics in one sitting:

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    How To Become Lucky Friends

    • In order to become Lucky Friends with someone, you need to be Best Friends with them first. Our Friends guide describes how to reach Best Friends with someone
    • Once you become Best Friends, you will have a chance to become Lucky Friends by interacting with that Trainer
    • You will have this chance once per day when you and your Best Friend do the following:
    • trade Pokémon,
    • open a Gift from each other,
    • team up in raids and Gym battles,
    • or challenge each other to a Trainer Battle.
  • If successful, the game will notify that you are Lucky Friends, and it will say as such in your Friends listing.
  • Once the trade is completed, you will return to being regular Best Friends again.

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