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Games Similar To Pokemon

Dragon: Marked For Death

*NEW* Top 5 Roblox Pokemon Games of 2022

Dragon Marked For Death is a side-scrolling 2D action RPG that can played solo or with up to four players in local or online multiplayer.

Use your newly acquired powers to take on quests from villagers and raise your status in the kingdom. How you perform in these quests can have a direct effect on the game’s final outcome. Choose from four playable characters and defeat your enemies to gain experience and level up. You’ll receive points as you level up that can increase your attack power, defense, agility, and other parameters. Customize your character in a way that best suits your individual playstyle!

Chocobos Mystery Dungeon: Every Buddy

Developer: h.a.n.dAvailable on: PS4, Nintendo Switch

The latest in the Mystery Dungeon series, you play as a Chocobo and his pal Cid who are treasure hunters journeying through dungeons in order to help the town of Lostime. The townspeople have lost their memories thanks to the Bell of Oblivion that causes them to forget every time it rings. As the lovable Final Fantasy bird and his buddy, you have to recover their memories and restore what was once lost. Each person’s memory is locked in different dungeons which are randomly generated, so you never know what traps or challenges await you. The dungeons and battles arent too dissimilar to those you find in Pokemon RPGs. As you traverse through the dungeons youll encounter various monsters who you can befriend using the buddy system. The monsters will then fight with you in the dungeons and help ease your way through some tough battles. Pokemon has already popped up in this long-running series, with the latest version being Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon on the 3DS back in 2016, so if you enjoyed that, you’ll love this just as much.

Games Like Pokemon For The Discerning Trainer

If you’ve caught them all, why not catch these games like Pokemon to scratch your trainer itch

The best games like Pokemon are those that capture the same spirit of the beloved RPG series, or share some similar features such as creature collecting, or battling with a party. Given the success of Pokemon over the years, it’s gone on inspire lots of games like it, with lots several clones also popping up to play on its signature mechanics. With the release of Pokemon Legends Arceus this year, and the upcoming arrival of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, the world of Pokemon continues to bring us exciting new experiences.

But if you’re ready to put your Pokeballs away and hang up your trainer hat for a spell, there are lots of entertaining games like Pokemon out there for you to try. From creature collecting adventures that do things a little differently, to RPGs that you might enjoy, and games that draw a lot of inspiration from the series, read on below to find our pick of the best games like Pokemon you can play right now.

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/10 Pokemon: Let’s Go

If players are looking to take the next step into the Pokemon fandom, Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go: Eevee! are probably the best options. The games are a remake of the 1998 title Pokemon Yellow.

While the game does have the usual battles against other trainers, wild encounters play similarly to Pokemon GO where players can automatically tame or capture a Pokemon out of the gate instead of battle it. It’s a perfect game for beginners to get a gist of the normal Pokemon games without it reaching the standard of the mainline games.

Avoid This Fake Nft Pokmon Game Like The Plague

Pocket Monsters Diamond &  Pearl: Pokémon wo Sagase! Meiro de DaibÅ?ken ...

An NFT-themed Pokémon card game has been revealed to be a fake game, used by hackers to gain access to your computer. The game, somewhat simply titled Pokémon Card Game, infects a target computer by having victims click a compromised link, which installs remote control software that can be used to harvest data and make the device more vulnerable to other attacks.

Its a pretty convincing fake, by most accounts. NFTs and Pokémon are two things that could, at a distance, work together pretty well. So, an NFT Pokémon game isnt outside of the realms of possibility for many people. Nintendo has also expressed a cautious interest in NFT games, but hasnt announced any projects.

The hackers behind the Pokémon Card Game have also created a pretty convincing website and an NFT marketplace to trade Pokémon. The install even creates a somewhat official looking install icon and information.

Of course, it isnt anywhere close to official, and clicking the Install now button actually just downloads an installer that hides a tool named NetSupport into your file system, creating a vulnerable back door into your system. At the front end, the official looking and colorful install icon just makes it more likely a victim buys into the scam.

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Games Like Pokmon For The Nintendo Switch

Many Pokémon fans find themselves stuck on what to play. Which Nintendo Switch games like Pokémon are fans sure to love, and what makes them similar?

With the highly anticipated Pokémon Scarlet and Violet games set for release on Nintendo Switch in the latter half of 2022, many fans of the Pokémon game franchise could find themselves searching for similar games to play while waiting for this latest title to be available to play.

Many Pokémon games feature a lot of fun exploration mechanics, as well as raising creature-like companions and participating in battles or combat of some form. These games on the Nintendo Switch emulate these aspects in similar ways and bring an enjoyable gameplay experience that Pokémon fans will love.

/18 Chocobos Mystery Dungeon: Every Buddy

Although it’s perhaps best associated with the Pokemon franchise these days, the Mystery Dungeon series actually predates Pokemon by several years. It was in 1997 that the first Chocobo-themed Mystery Dungeon game was released, with several more having followed in the decades since.

The most recent of these is Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon: Every Buddy!, which is available for the Nintendo Switch and PS4. It doesn’t allow players to catch monsters as they can in Pokemon games, but creatures can be befriended using the Buddy system and will then fight alongside players as they make their way through the game’s many dungeons.

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The Witcher: Monster Slayer

Available on Android and iOS.

CD Projekt Red struck a gold mine when they decided to fuse their flagship franchise with map-based augmented reality gameplay. Its perfect if you wanted more RPG elements from Pokémon GO.

Monster Slayer is an augmented reality title that combines the best of Pokémon GO and Witcher 3. It turns our world into a high-fantasy adventure, and you even get to create your own Witcher. This is the first time in The Witcher series where you get to create your own character. Monster Slayer even has a deep leveling and equipment system.

As youd expect from games like Pokémon GO, this has you exploring the real world tracking down monsters and completing quests. However, Monster Slayer is a more action-focused take.

Combat in The Witcher: Monster Slayer is fast-paced and real-time. Its similar to the mobile Infinity Blade series. Youll swipe your finger to attack, time blocks/parries, and even cast signs.

Visually, the game captures The Witchers aesthetic perfectly. The in-game map turns our world into a gritty, medieval universe. The user interface is also well-designed and responsive.

Along with the skill trees and leveling system, where Monster Slayer shines above Pokémon GO is with its questing. Theyre more than just catch X Pokémon and theres a proper main storyline.

If you enjoy games like Pokémon GO and wanted to try something new with an RPG flavor, youre sure to fall in love with this game.

/10 Pokmon Master Trainer

Games Like Pokemon Legends: Arceus To Play On PC

The 2005 version of Pokémon Master Trainer is a completely different game from the 1999 version. The object of this game is to make it through your journey with the most Pokémon Chips , which are like currency. Along the way, you catch pokémon and participate in battles. The game uses a spinner and includes Pokémon Cards, Rare Pokémon Cards, Gym Leader Cards, Item Cards, Event Cards, and Smile Loan Cards, which allow you to borrow up to 100 PCs from the bank that you must pay back before you come to the end of your journey.

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/18 Ni No Kuni Ii: Revenant Kingdom

There are nowhere near as many, but it’s hard to look at the Higgledies found in Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom and not be reminded of Pokemon. Each has its own elemental affinity and a set of four moves that can be used in battle. There’s also a ‘catch ’em all’ type feeling to them, although there aren’t quite as many.

Collecting Higgeldies might not be the central focus in Ni No Kuni II‘s story, but the creatures play an integral role in its gameplay. What’s more, deciding which four Higgeldies to take into battle requires similar planning to selecting a team of Pokemon. There may not be as much depth, but there’s just as much charm.

Games To Play If You Like Pokemon

It’s not easy finding a selection of games that tick all the same boxes that Pokémon does, but fans of the franchise should love these titles.

The Pokemon series is one of gaming’s true juggernauts. It’s the best-selling video game series of all time and has been adapted into just about every medium known to man. Pokemon Sword and Shieldare the most recent entries in the franchise and are its best selling since Gold and Silver back in 1999. They’re also the first Pokemon games to feature paid DLC packs, the second of which was released in late 2020.

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The Crown Tundraadded both new and old legendary Pokemon to the game as well as Galarian forms for many Pokemon. It’s sure to keep players busy for quite some time, but with no further content announced as of yet, it’s only a matter of time before players have Pokemon sized hole in their lives. Thankfully, there are plenty of titles just like Pokemon, and while none have been able to match the series in terms of success, many have come close when it comes to gameplay.

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Monster Taming Games To Play If You Love Pokemon

Pokemon fans have plenty of great games to play that aren’t made by Nintendo.

When it comes to the monster taming genre, Pokemon seems to have a monopoly in terms of player base, something that should be expected considering the series will be celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2021. That being said, Pokemon isn’t the only monster taming game out there worth playing, especially if you weren’t happy with how Sword & Shield turned out.

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While we wait for the inevitable Sinnoh remakes or Let’s Go Johto games, there are plenty of other games that allow you to tame and battle with various monsters found around the world, some better than others, that can fill the need for a good monster taming game before the next Pokemon release.

/10 Balder’s Gate: Dark Alliance

Similar To Pokemon Browser Based Online Indie RPG Game Monster MMORPG ...

This franchise is renowned for its insane amount of depth, along with captivating fantasy settings strengthened by its classic Dungeons & Dragons settings.

Though D& D branded RPGs and strategy games tend to translate better on the PC, this ’01 Xbox variant makes for a surprisingly admirable rendition. The dungeon-crawling and isometric perspective definitely make Dark Alliance feel like a Westernized Pokémon experience that never was. The myriad of cool spells and satisfying combat will remind players of busting out beastly moves in Sword & Shield battles.

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Persona : Innocent Sin & Eternal Punishment

Before the Persona series was the high school relationships simulator weve all come to know and love, it was actually all about encountering, breeding, and bonding with the titlar Persona. While some of these elements are still present in the game today, nothing screams Pokémon more than going to a dungeon and grinding for hours to find the 1% spawn. However, much like Pokémon, these rare Persona are some of the best in the game and well worth leveling up to get the best moves. What links the two most closely is that they are both absolute bangers.


/10 Pokmon Champion Island

Pokémon Champion Island is a DVD supplemented game based on the Pokémon anime. In this game, you travel through the Johto, Kanto, and Hoenn regions to “catch and train Pokémon, answer trivia questions, and battle against the three Pokemon academies.” A special edition of this game can still be purchased on Amazon or at Wal-Mart. It seems fun, but who even has a DVD player anymore?

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Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth

Hey, theres no way Digimons wouldnt have made it here! Begin your adventure in EDEN, a digital world controlled by hackers. Youre a newbie, and you want to prove your worth and be able to tame digital monsters. Similar to Digimons greatest rival, there are three starter creatures to choose from, and you will have plenty more to catch along the way.

While looking for Pokemon-like games, you definitely should include this title. After all, its incredibly similar to the other series: turn-based battles, a whole lot of monsters to catch, and absolutely stunning visuals. What else do you need in a game like that?

/10 Dragon Quest Walk

Top 5 ROBLOX Games Like Pokemon & Loomian Legacy

Another popular RPG series that was made into an augmented reality game was Dragon Quest. In Dragon Quest Walk, heroes must battle monsters to complete quests and level up their character. Quests are located at different real-life locations that the player can visit locally.

Each location has its own set of enemies to fight and items to collect. Some locations will even heal the player if they need to. Boss battles could be fought with other players, just like Pokemon GO. Up to 12 players can participate depending on the enemy.

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The Chocobos Dungeon Series

Players take on the role of a Chocobo in Chocobos Dungeon as they explore a dungeon to kill monsters and gain loot. Despite not looking like everyday Pokémon, it resembles the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series. Players fight in turn-based combat with a preset group of allies, except in Chocobos Mystery Dungeon EVERY BUDDY! where players can make allies as they play through the game.

‘jade Cocoon: Story Of The Tamamayu’

Jade Cocoon: Story of the Tamamayu is a game that fans of it will swear is one of the best RPGs of all time. In North America, it was released in 1999, so visually it does look very dated. But if youre willing to look past that, youll find a treat in the story. Here, you can breed and fuse together Minions, and depending on how many youve already caught, its easier to catch them in the future.

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‘shin Megami Tensei V’

Once again, although the entire game doesnt have the same atmosphere as a Pokémon game here, some key elements in it will definitely be familiar to Pokémon fans. Namely, catching demons, raising them, and using them in battle. One key difference here is that the battle systems are more complex, which might be something you welcome.

Games Like Pokemon That Fans Should Check Out

Iâm currently working on a game similar to loomian legacy/Pokémon. Here ...

You have to obtain each of them.

Pokemon. You’ve gotta catch “em” all, as the old slogan goes. But what do you do once you have caught them all? Explore other interests? Better yourself through learning? Don’t be ridiculous. What you should do is play other games that are sort of similar to Pokemon. And boy do we have you covered on that front, with a wide array of games that hit the spot for Pokemon fans. Not all of these recommendations follow the Pokemon formula, but they all capture some piece of what makes Pokemon such an enduring sensation. Check out our list and shout “I choose you!”

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/10 Pokemon Sword And Shield

Pokemon GO was the first entry in the franchise for a lot of people, so it’s understandable that they may want to dip their toes into the mainline games. The latest entry in that vein is Pokemon Sword and Shield. Set in the Galar region, players are competing to dethrone the Pokemon League Champion Leon.

To do so, players much catch and train pokemon by putting them in battles both in the wild and against other trainers. Players must also build up teams that are strong enough to take on various Gym Leaders throughout the region.

Pokmon Trading Card Game Online

Were not saying its a classic, but its an official Pokémon game thats officially available on PC. Battle against your rival Trainers in the free-to-play Pokémon Trading Card Game Online. While there is a wide range of popular online card game alternatives out there, the charming Pokémon artwork and the characters we all know and love make this one stand out from the pack.

If that doesnt quite satisfy your creature-collecting urges, were sadly not expecting Pokémon on Steam any time soon, but there are many alternatives to Pokémon available on PC and all of them are built on the core components of collection and cute beasts.

Here are the best games like Pokémon for PC:

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